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‎ Arcot is the Cloud Authentication Leader. Our solutions make Web transactions and online access safe for millions of consumer, enterprise, and e-Commerce users. Organizations can transparently protect their users from fraud without requiring expensive hardware. Arcot fraud prevention, strong authentication, and e-Document security solutions can be deployed with SaaS, internal or mobile applications delivering the right balance of cost, convenience and strength.

Arcot fraud prevention, strong authentication and e-Document security solutions are easily deployed, low-cost, and extremely scalable. Organizations can transparently protect their users from fraud without changing user behavior or requiring expensive hardware.

ArcotID® provides one secure software credential for each user that can be used for strong authentication, secure eDocument delivery and digital signing across multiple applications.



  • Arcot solutions protect over 100 million users worldwide.Patented technology prevents Man-in-the Middle, Man-in-the-Browser,brute force and other internet attacks.
  • Co-inventor of the 3-D Secure protocol for online payment security with Visa. Three major card brands use the 3-D Secure protocol in their cardholder authentication programs: Verified by Visa™, MasterCard® SecureCode™, and JCB J/Secure™.
  • 3-D Secure market leader with thousands of financial institutions and all sizes of merchants using Arcot solutions to protect the identities of millions of consumers worldwide.
  • Industry leading Partners – Adobe, CA, Google, IBM, Sun, and others work with Arcot to deliver Arcot's authentication and signing solutions to the market.
  • Proven innovation with over 35 patents awarded and pending.


  • Online Shopping Identity Verification
  • Mobile Authentication
  • Web Portal Protection
  • Identity Management
  • Internet Threat Protection
  • VPN Authentication
  • Secure Electronic Correspondence – Go Green

Products Overwiew

  • ArcotID Secure Token
  • ArcotOTP Mobile Authentication
  • RegFort Credential Management
  • RiskFort Fraud Detection
  • SignFort Digital Signing
  • TransFort 3-D Secure Protection
  • WebFort Versatile Authentication

Differentiators Arcot develops software-based digital signature and identity solutions for more than 8,000 enterprises with the most challenging security needs. Its customers include financial institutions and e-payment-focused organizations, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, among others.

Arcot - "The Industry's Largest Cloud-based Authentication System"