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Motorious (MTRS) is an American online magazine concentrating on collector automobiles including classic, sport, exotic, import, and muscle cars. The website launched on January 10, 2019 and publishes news, reviews, and features catered to automobile enthusiast in addition to a large classified advertisements section for collector car purchasers and sellers.[1] Motorious is operated by Charlotte, NC based parent company, Speed Digital, a provider of dealer management systems for collector car dealers and auctions.[2]


My Classic Garage

Motorious's predecessor, My Classic Garage (originally stylized as MyClassicGarage), was founded in May 2012.[3] The site originally launched as a social network focused on collector car enthusiast providing tools for managing personal car collections. MCG Marketplace was launched in December 2012 as a free online classified.[4]

A redesign of MyClassicGarage.com occurred in October 2017 which removed the social media features of the previous site and now primarily focused on dealer classified listings and reference articles of popular classic cars.[5]

Joint Venture and Motorious

A joint venture between Speed Digital and Motorsport Network was announced on January 10, 2019.[6] The partnership consolidated My Classic Garage with Motorsport Network's similarly focused collector car platforms, AutoClassics.com and MotorGT.com, under the new Motorious brand.[7] The new website featured a similar dealer sourced classified section but now included editorial content written by an in-house editorial staff.


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