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Shirelive Church
Country Template:AUS
Denomination Australian Christian Churches (Pentecostal)
Website www.shirelive.com
Senior pastor(s) Michael and Valery Murphy

Shirelive Church (formerly Christian growth center) is a Pentecostal Christian church affiliated with Australian Christian Churches, the Australian branch of the Assemblies of God denomination. The churchs main campus is located in the commercial district of Sutherland (known as the Shire), a Southern suburb of Sydney, Australia. It also has two smaller congregations located in Surry Hills and Brighton-Le-Sands and is attended by over 3100 people each week. The churchs senior pastors are Michael and Valery Murphy which took over leadership in 1995 [1]. Michael is also a member of the National Executive of the Australian Christian Churches, [2], which oversights more than 1,100 churches.

Shirelive Auditorium.

Senior Pastors Pastors Michael and Valery Murphy have over 20 years experiance in leadership and ministry. Their vision is to see people rise up by fulfilling there god given potential and dreams to be all that God has called them to be. Their down to earth approach to following Jesus has greatly impacted the shire and the nation alike. Michael's additional church responsibilities include, National Executive Member of Australian Christian Churches in Australia and National Executive Member of Australian Christian Churches in New South Wales and the director of New Churches Australia NSW.[3].

Shirelive Auditorium The Shirelive Auditorium can seat approximately 1,200 people. In 2008 the church undertook a building project which consisted of stage one, major demolition of existing auditorium, youth centre with the construction of a new 1200 seat auditorium. Stage two will commence in the near future which will involve lecture rooms, preschool area, primary area, and offices including associated services [4].

Shirelive Auditorium.
Shirelive Church.


The church was founded in 1957 by Pastor Norman Armstrong [5] the church grew to a size of 300 and remained small for a several decades. In the 1980s, through Pastor John Wilkinson's leadership the church established a new building to cater for 600 people, which has now been demolished and replaced with the Shirelive Auditorium. The church took a new vision with the leadership of Michael and Valery (former Hillsong pastors) in 1995.


Shirelive Church runs many different ministries in addition to weekend services and events.

Shirelive Kids

Shirelive Kids is the children's ministry of Shirelive Church. Shirelive Church provide a children's program for all weekend services at the Sutherand campus.

Shire Youth Shire Youth is the youth ministry of Shirelive Church.

  • Ignight (Years 6 to 8)
  • Impact(Years 9 to 10)
  • Insight (18+)


  • Nexus (40+)


Shirelive TV

Shirelive Church produces a half hour program which aims to spread the word of god beyond the church building. [6]

Bushfire benefit concert

On the 28/02/2009 Shirelive Church hosted a bushfire benefit concert which raised $33000 [7] for the victims of the Victorian Bushfires. Many big names attended including Shannon Noll, Kasey Chambers, Beccy Cole, New Empire, Jason Stevens, Glenn Wheeler, and several Australian Idol finalists.


The member for Cook, Scott Morrison (shadow housing minister) and family are part of the Shirelive congregation. The church has a neutral position on politics.[8]


The ABC recently produced a documentary on world youth day and interviewed Shirelive mainly on its sucesses with attracting youth back to church.[9]

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