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Microtima Ltd
Slogan Solutions by Engineers for Engineers.
Type Electrical Engineering
Founded 1985
Headquarters Newcastle upon Tyne
Industry Transport Engineering
Road-Traffic Safety
Products Series 5 Timer
School Safety Signals
Vehicle Activated Signs
Parking Guidance and Information Systems
Contact info@microtima.co.uk
Reference http://www.microtima.co.uk

Microtima Ltd is a British electrical engineering company specialising in manufacturing products with the aim of increasing road safety and reducing traffic congestion.


Microtima has over 20 years experience within the road traffic industry. Our continued success relies on using tried and tested technology, robust product design and quality assured manufacturing processes.

Microtima Traffic and Parking solutions focus on reducing congestion in urban areas. We specialise in LED Variable Message Signs for city wide and multi-storey Parking Guidance Systems.

Our comprehensive product range includes school crossing signs to enhance child road safety and vehicle activated signs for the protection of accident black spots.

We offer a broad spectrum of services to our customers: manufacture, supply, installation and maintenance all to ISO 9001 quality standards.

Road Safety

Microtima patented the original timer for automatic control of School Safety Signals in1986. Since then, we have continued to pioneer road engineering solutions designed to increase driver awareness and enhance pedestrian safety.

We now offer a comprehensive range of timer and vehicle activated traffic signs based on tried and tested technology manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards.

The success of our road safety solutions are based on robust, straightforward and innovative products. Recently, we were the first road-traffic company to utilise Bluetooth wireless technology for remote programming of control electronics.

We have 1000’s of systems in use today across the UK, Ireland, mainland Europe and the Middle East.

Vehicle Activated Signs

70% of road accidents resulting from excessive speed are more accurately defined as a result of speed inappropriate to the road characteristics or conditions. Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) alert drivers to road features or hazards where previously they would have failed to adapt their speed. Microtima’s VAS are an interactive driver feedback mechanism proven to reduce speed and accident rates at specific locations without enforcement.

Microtima have taken vehicle activated signs back to first principles and engineered the most cost-effective choice available for local authorities wishing to tackle locations at high-risk of inappropriate speed.

Low profile design and fully integrated radar detection create a self-contained, easy to install and vandal resistant unit.

Speed Feedback and Speed Reactive versions, with solar powered option, are available.

School Flashing Lights

The best-value choice in a School Warning Sign. Microtima’s low profile flashing signal has been designed to be the most cost-effective way to warn motorists entering school safety zones. The signal’s electronics are fully encapsulated within the aluminium housing, creating a self-contained, long lasting and durable unit.

Operation is automatically controlled by Microtima’s Bluetooth enabled Series 5 Timer located inside the housing. This provides superior protection from the elements compared to locating the electronics in the post.

The 140mm lens contains LED’s, which focus light towards oncoming traffic, whilst reducing power consumption to only 6W when fully operational. Our LED’s have a life expectancy in excess of 100,000 hours (over 150 years at 3 hours per day).

The complete unit can be fitted in minutes to various sizes of posts by means of sign-fix brackets and can be positioned vertically or horizontally. A low voltage solar powered version is available for sites where mains power is not accessible.