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Carolyn Doran

Carolyn Bothwell Doran is the former Chief Operating Officer of the Wikimedia Foundation, the parent non-profit organization of the family of Wikipedia and other wiki websites.

Doran was the subject of a report in The Register, an online publication in the UK, which discovered that she was a convicted felon and left the Wikimedia Foundation in part because she was arrested on a federal warrant upon returning from a Wikimedia-related trip to Amsterdam.[1]

Her checkered past included a criminal record citing four convictions for driving under the influence, two of check fraud and petty larceny, one hit and run with fatality, and one charge of unlawful wounding for shooting former boyfriend Philip L. Brown in the chest in 1990. Brown, the father of her son, later asked that no charges be brought against her, and they resumed dating each other. Two of the arrests for driving under the influence occurred in 2007, once in May while she was working for the Foundation and once a month after she resigned. It is rumored that she used the Wikimedia Foundation's credit card to post bail when she was charged in 2007, but the money was repaid to the Foundation's account within a business day.

Doran's husband, Sean H. Doran, a former intelligence officer and major in the U.S. Air Force, to whom she was married for only five days, accidentally drowned on their honeymoon on Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands in 1999.


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