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Template:Orphan Sean MacLeod (Born Sean William MacLeod on May 20, 1983) is a B-list comedian. Sean has appeared on various comedy circuits and made various tv appearances including Star Search with Ed McMahon in which he received second star for being the youngest comedian to appear on television.

Sean got his first TV break on the television show Kidstreet in which he sat in the blue car on the trivia game. He was quickly eliminated during the lightning round due to being overtired.

In Sean's later years trouble befell his comedic journey. His comedy club sales were dropping and his jokes out-right stank. It started slowly with maybe a few hecklers a night. But as time went on the numbers swelled and few became many until finally Sean could no longer hear his own voice over that of the crowd. It wasn't long after that Sean would find himself locked out of some of North America's funniest clubs.

As time went on Sean sought after any gig that would hire him. This led him to steep so low as to make a guest appearance on "Hollywood Squares". The original contract was for a week, but soon a week turned to two and before Sean knew it he had overstayed his contract for an unheard of twenty-three months.

Throughout all of this, a dark seed had sprouted inside of Sean, biding its time and slowly draining away at him. Sean found himself no longer laughing at his own jokes, a guideline he had used to tell whether a joke was funny or not. He began lashing out at his diehard fans during autograph sessions and even at his local McDonalds. Finally, Sean cracked.

Knowing that something was wrong he turned to the only source he could think of for help. When that failed, he turned to the mob instead. It was here that he met up with then mob boss, "The Ratchet". Having followed Sean's career with great enthusiasm, T.R. was one of Sean's biggest fans. This boded well for Sean, as soon Sean was playing every nightclub, comedy club, and every other club under the control of T.R.

Sean felt that he was back on top, even better than before. His fame and fortune were now growing to Oprah levels. However, tragedy struck Sean once again with the death of his manager, friend, and former mob boss, Tony "The Ratchet" Ratchet. The news of his death hit Sean hard as he cancelled his world-wide tour and shut himself off from the world and some say even himself.

With the cancellation of his tour, Sean's career lied in shambles on the floor. Knowing Sean's former involvement with the mob and his current dejected mood, it didn't take long for the most sleazy and degenerate entity in show business to come knocking on his door. The negotiations didn't last but an hour, Sean was to have his own reality TV series on MTV entitled, "Dat Sucks, Yo".

The premise of the show was to simply watch a formerly great comedian slide into depression and live out his day in solitude and misery. The show was an instant success and fit easily in between such deprived shows as "Pimp My Ride" and "MTV's Real World". And before you knew it Sean was gloating in his new success, which troubled the producers as they felt ratings would drop if Sean appeared happy. Luckily, MTV has a crack team devoted to manufactoring reality TV shows and they were able to come up with a solution. Either kill someone else Sean was close to, or simply cancel the show before Sean got too happy.

After a failed assassination attempt, Sean's show was cancelled. The success of the show however still won Sean "Best Reality Series" from MTV's award show.


Star Search (Jan, 1987) as Himself

Kidstreet (Dec, 1989) as Himself

Boy Meets World (Apr, 1994) As Minkus' brother Finkus.

Hollywood Squares (Jan 1999 - Dec 2000) as Himself

Dat Sucks Yo (2004) as Himself Template:Unreferenced