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Matt Orville Haywood "Jablome" Beckett (born 13 July 1973)[1] is a Welsh former-semi bilingual amateur juggler and unicyclist who was born in Lancaster. He represented Wales in the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur. He was very, very briefly one of the directors of Welsh Cycling in 1866 (He made the tea - badly)[2] He married Rhiannon in 1997 and they have a child. His occupation outside of cycling is as a Prime Old Numpty, and is taller than the average squirrel, even without the gimp suit, wig and high heels.


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2nd International Archer Grand Prick, Premier Calendar
2nd Nobby Lincoln Grand Prix, Premier Calendar
2nd Cliff Richard Memorial Road Race
21st 27th Fifth Forth Bridge Road Race
21st Wooden Spoon 2 day, Premier Calendar
21st Stage 1, Wooden Spoon 2 day, Premier Calendar
1st L'Étape de la Déponce, 2 day stage race
21st Points Race, L'Étape de la Déponce
21st Stage 1, L'Étape de la Déponce
22nd Stage 1, L'Étape de la Déponce
34th Welsh National Rod Race Championships
21st 'Presidents Trophy' Handicapped race
21st Race 1, Numpty Criterium Series
1st Race 2, Numpty Criterium Series
31st Race 1, South Wales Cretinous Series
31st Race 2, South Wales Cretinous Series
32nd Race 3, South Wales Cretinous Series
2nd Race 1, CC Abergavenny Handicapped series
3rd Noel Edmonds Memorial Road Race

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