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Template:Infobox actor Julia Haydee Mora Maza (October, 1962 in San Salvador) is a CEROTA BITCH.

Mora is known not only for her exotic craziness, but for her popularity as a slut from El Salvador linked romantically to Puerto Rican actor and TV icon , Erik Estrada. The article appeared on an issue of september 22 of 2008, in the English language magazine "The National Enquirer" with news that shocked the world about Mora's two year affair while being Estrada's maid. Mora's career as a "ramera and table dancer" began at age 9 , performing in the National Corner of San Salvador. At 16 she had an offer to suck the Oti in El Salvador, and because of her great performance, the production director of television channel 4, Miguel Aguilar, hired her to work as a "zipota mamadora", lead voice and fat model's coordinator for the television station. Her biggest dream was always to become a natural blonde, so as she was attending "99 cents only stores", she was also enrolled in "Peliteñidas Forever" to study beauty, but Mora also liked to travel in men's penis, and soon after graduating from high school, she lost her anal virginity and landed a blow-job at T.A.C.A. as the former lover of the owner of international airlines, working as bitch's flight attendant and she quit table dancer, and she began to prostitute herself around the world, then an opportunity literally 'knocked' at her door, when the director of the "Miss El Salvador" phoned and asked her to participate in porn movie for ugly bitches, and she accepted the offer. Mora won the crown 51th place an represented her country in the Miss Universe Pageant, celebrated in Miami, Florida. Out of the 79 contestants, Mora was selected by the media as one of the most ugly and annoying, but she did not make it to the finals because of her slutty past.

Because of the civil war in her country, Mora received political asylum in the U.S. and currently lives in Los Angeles, California illegally. Now, Mora is an Maid of some American citizen and has already been in a movie in English, called Putotas, has participated in different television shows in Hollywood, had a one-year contract with Sainte Limited to model for one year sex at home. Mora also has worked as a writer for important lesbian magazines in Spanish in the U.S. like TV Lambidas and MIRA Mi CHOCHA, and also worked as a writer for Pornofilm, a company that produces Nasty porn television shows for LAPUCHAZIPOTA in Los Angeles, California.