My name is Adrian Meredith, and I currently live in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia with my wife Vivian.

My resume:

  • 2002 - My first job, working as a tutor in an Aboriginal school in Mt Liebig, 400km south west of Alice Springs, Northern Territory
  • 2003 - My first full-time job, working as a typist at Alice Springs Hospital
  • 2004 - My first Information Technology job (also combined with Human Resources), for Ngaanyatjarra Health Services, 700 km west of Alice Springs
  • 2005 - My biggest job to date, working as a paralegal for the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, Alice Springs. I met the Director, Rex Wild, QC, and for a time acted as his personal assistant.
  • 2007 - The start of my longest period of employment to date, working as a typist for North West Regional Hospital in Tasmania
  • 2011 - I got one of the hard to get jobs in covert operations within Victoria Police, working for Purana taskforce, albeit only as a typist. I met some of the detectives who had worked with the real organised crime figureheads that appeared in the "Underbelly" TV show, and worked on similar kinds of work.

I have founded the following major internet websites:

  • 1996 - Founded Planes of Existence along with my girlfriend at the time, an internet chat system for chat on various philosophical topics, in an attempt to bridge the gap between "adult" chat sites and more legitimate ones. After splitting from my girlfriend, I offered to give it up, but then it fell through, only to be hacked in mid 1999 by rival site Crystal Palace as part of that a year later, due to vulnerabilities exposed.
  • 2005 - Helped to found the web forum Wikipedia Review, along with Igor Alexander, Lir, Qwerty and Blu Aardvark. This was stolen by our tech support person, Selina, after she was convinced by Wikipedia administrator and enemy of the site SlimVirgin that founder Igor Alexander was secretly Alex Linder and that the site was secretly a front for anti-Semitic activities. Selina later got the help of Somey (who was widely believed to be the same person as Selina) to hack all the other founding members, including myself, away from the site in 2007, banning all of us from our own site, in spite of proof that at the time of the ban, I was the legal owner of the site.
  • 2007 - I started the online game World of Naruto, which still continues to this day.

Major interests:

  • 1993 - Philosophy became a major interest for me after studying it at university.
  • 1995 - After a violent attack on me in which the attacker told me of his plans for serial killing, I devoted a lot of time to try to stop his eventual attack.
  • 1996 - I finally discovered what I believed to be the first day of the attack, on the Sorell Bakery in Hobart, only to discover that my earlier suggestion of Port Arthur had in fact been correct (the issue that thwarted me was that I was told it was a bakery and there is no bakery in Port Arthur - though Broad Arrow Cafe does act in many ways similar to one). I had tried to stop it but was in the wrong place and too few people believed that it was actually going to happen.
  • 1997 - I was told the names of the 8 people responsible for the backpacker murders, one of whom was framed by the other 7 because they believed he was gay. That man, Ivan Milat, was framed by the others, with the help of police, who covered it up to make it look like there was only one murderer.
  • 2000 - The man responsible for the Port Arthur massacre murders was finally confronted by police and ASIO agents in Ulverstone, Tasmania, in relation to his suspected involvement in the Bodies in the Wheelie Bin murder mystery [1]. While he was not involved in those murders, the investigation nonetheless uncovered that he was the man responsible for the Port Arthur massacre, and he was shot and killed by ASIO agents.
  • 2005 - I became aware of a third major cover up in Australia, that of the apparent murder of British tourist Peter Falconio by drug dealer Bradley John Murdoch. Peter Falconio actually didn't die, but ASIO decided to convict Bradley John Murdoch just so that people would stop asking questions.
  • 2007 - I became aware that the Lockerbie bombing, a major cover up in the United Kingdom, was covered up by a major Wikipedia administrator who had MI5 connections, highlighting Wikipedia's involvement with secret service cover ups.