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�08[16:41] * derp slips a 20$ bill on Fluffernutter
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[16:41] <Fluffernutter> gee thanks
�06[16:41] * Fluffernutter buys dinner
�08[16:41] <derp> with mushrooms?
�03[16:42] * KFP (~KFP@wikipedia/KFP) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[16:42] <derp> I require mushrooms :P
[16:42] <Snowolf> Mushrooms are good.
[16:42] <Beria> magic mushrooms derp ?
[16:42] <Fluffernutter> mushrooms taste like dirt
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[16:42] <Fluffernutter> and i do not like the taste of dirt
[16:43] <Snowolf> Fluffernutter: o_O what? What kind of mushroom did you ate?
[16:43] <Fluffernutter> all of them
[16:43] <Snowolf> *did you eat
[16:43] <Snowolf> :S
[16:43] <Fluffernutter> every mushroom ui've ever tried
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[16:44] <Snowolf> Have you tried fresh parasol mushrooms breaded?
[16:44] <Snowolf> They're soooooo good
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[16:45] <KFP> <3 mushrooms.
[16:45] <KFP> Fluffernutter is just wrong.
�06[16:45] * Fluffernutter is always right
[16:45] <Fluffernutter> ask the guys i date
[16:46] <KFP> \o GorillaWarfare.  I'm sure you <3 mushrooms too?
[16:46] <GorillaWarfare> Yech
[16:46] <GorillaWarfare> No thank you
[16:47] <Snowolf> o_O
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[16:47] <Snowolf> KFP: where did we end up
[16:47] <KFP> Snowolf: They're crazy.
[16:47] <Snowolf> Yep, I ate pasta with mushrooms yesterday, was great!
[16:48] <Fluffernutter> see, GorillaWarfare is smart too
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[16:48] <NuckingFuts> Fluffernutter can never be wrong KFP.
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[16:48] <NuckingFuts> If she said that I was dead, I would die instantly
�08[16:48] * derp is gone christmas shopping!
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[16:49] <Snowolf> derp|shopping: come back here
�08[16:49] * derp|shopping doesn't take Fluffernutter.
�06[16:49] * Fluffernutter wonders who NuckingFuts is
[16:49] <Snowolf> You need to to support the mushrooms!
�08[16:49] <derp|shopping> a canadian!
�08[16:49] <derp|shopping> Snowolf, i <3 mushrooms :D
[16:49] <NuckingFuts> derp|shopping: Correct
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[16:49] <GorillaWarfare> Mushrooms are weird
[16:49] <GorillaWarfare> I think it's mostly the texture that grosses me out
[16:49] <Fluffernutter> also icky
[16:49] <Snowolf> No, you two are weird :P
[16:49] <Fluffernutter> i am opposed to fungus
[16:49] <NuckingFuts> Damn corrupted hard drive made me lose my chatzilla settings
�08[16:50] <derp|shopping> NuckingFuts, Saskatchewan?
[16:50] <Snowolf> Mushrooms are awesome :D
[16:50] <NuckingFuts> derp|shopping: For a bit...
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[16:51] <NuckingFuts> Snowolf: You reminded me of a movie.
[16:51] <Snowolf> :o
[16:51] <NuckingFuts> "Fuck you donuts are awesome!" "They're amazing"
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[16:57] <NuckingFuts> Snowolf: and by the way mushrooms are gross
[16:57] <QueenOfFrance> ...
[16:57] <NuckingFuts> It's the texture for me as well.
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[16:57] <QueenOfFrance> I don't get it :S
[16:57] <KFP> Mushrooms are awesome.
[16:57] <NuckingFuts> They don't taste
[16:57] <NuckingFuts> They just feel gross
[16:57] <ryanag> i </3 mushrooms
[16:57] <QueenOfFrance> KFP: I guess that just means more mushrooms for us :)
[16:57] <KFP> QueenOfFrance: :D
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[17:09] <BarkingFish> lol...
[17:09] <log> lmao
[17:10] <BarkingFish> conversation between student, and his tutor on facebook...
[17:10] <BarkingFish>
[17:11] <NuckingFuts> BarkingFish: lol
�06[17:11] * Peter-C eats bark
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[17:13] <BarkingFish> I'd dearly love to have that tutor to work with... that guy has a good sense of humor
[17:13] <NuckingFuts> BarkingFish: I don't need a tutor. I'm natually a gucking fenius.
[17:13] <NuckingFuts> naturally*
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[17:36] <Qcoder00> Evening BarkingFish
�03[17:36] * Monchoman45 (6c02c3d1@wikia/Monchoman45) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:37] <BarkingFish> Hi again Qcoder00
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[17:38] <KFP> \o BarKingFish.
[17:38] <Qcoder00> See my question in #defocus ;)
[17:38] <log> KFP: Hola.
[17:38] <KFP> lol log.
[17:38] <KFP> ...Also, \o
[17:38] <log> .gol lol
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[17:39] <geniice> Gayle Karen Young is a seasoned HR consultant and organizational psychologist with expertise in leadership development, change management, facilitation, group dynamics, and Agile team effectiveness training.
[17:39] <Fluffernutter> o_O
[17:39] <Fluffernutter> thank you for sharing
[17:39] <BarkingFish> Hi KFP :)
[17:40] <geniice> she's also the WMF's new Chief Talent and Culture Officer
[17:40] <Fluffernutter> we have a Chief Talent and Culture Officer?
[17:40] <ToAruShiroiNeko> officer?
[17:40] <geniice> we have now
[17:40] <ToAruShiroiNeko> mmm
[17:40] <KFP> ToAruShiroiNeko?
[17:40] <geniice> will someone tell sue that wikipedians don't respond well to business speak
[17:40] <ToAruShiroiNeko> do we have WMF generals? :p
�15[17:41] * zscout370 (~Kagami@wikipedia/Zscout370) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
�06[17:42] * ToAruShiroiNeko wants WMF admirals and stealth flying arcraft carriers
[17:43] <BlastHardcheese> we need to reallocate our paradigms and foster a mentality of adeptness
[17:43] <abartov> "Officer" was funny to me too, at first, but it's standard business/organization language in the US.
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[17:47] <Qcoder00> ToAruShiroiNeko:  There's already  Jimbo's Yacht ;)
[17:47] <Qcoder00> But the name 'Freewinds' is already taken I hear ;)
[17:48] <KFP> "Raymond Luxury-yacht"?
[17:48] <juancarlos> oh god, I learned today that the brits spell it "traveller"
[17:48] <Snowolf> As opposed to?
[17:49] <juancarlos> traveler :(
[17:49] <Snowolf> Looks weird with one l
[17:49] <TParis> Anyone like my close rationale?
[17:49] <log> I beg to differ, wolfy.
[17:50] <The359> Why not simply tell people to take it to DRV?
[17:50] <geniice> I love the way this book assumes that its readers know what a Palfrey is
[17:50] <The359> Why the nonsense about not discussing it with you?
�03[17:52] * Ktr101 (183cd9f9@wikipedia/Ktr101) has joined #wikipedia-en
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[17:54] <TParis> The359: Because DRV says "discuss it with the closing admin first"
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[18:00] <The359> So then suck it up and deal with people?
[18:00] <TParis> Well you're no fun :P
[18:01] <The359> You asked
[18:01] <TParis> But yes, I am quite a social butterfly.  However, from that AFD I can already imagine the passion of the participants of that game and I'd rather not argue in a pointless debate with someone who is so engrossed in what they do to see reason.
�15[18:02] * seanw (swhitton@freenode/staff-emeritus/wikimedia.sean-whitton) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[18:02] <TParis> It's not like I close all my AFDs with a "dont bug me about this"
[18:02] <The359> Isn't that your job as an admin?
�15[18:02] * southpark ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[18:02] <The359> To deal with people, even the ones who can't see reason?
[18:03] <juancarlos> what.
[18:03] <juancarlos> sorry
�15[18:03] * Thogo (Thogo@wikimedia/Thogo) Quit (Quit: Tleemu aa xáy!�)
[18:03] <TParis> It's a volunteer job and it doesn't require I waste my time with people who doubtfully would listen to reason.
[18:03] <log> juancarlos: The tinyurl is correct, though.
[18:03] <juancarlos> Right. I just don't think people always like tinyurls in irc. :)
[18:04] <log> That guy makes way too many edits for small changes.
[18:04] <The359> I now it's volunteer, but you volunteered for it knowing what it involved
[18:04] <log> Edit count junkie, I bet.
[18:04] <log> Wait, wtf.
[18:04] <log> Just removing line breaks? o_O
�03[18:05] * Qcoder00_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:05] <The359> Automated process maybe?
�15[18:05] * Qcoder00 (~chatzilla@unaffiliated/qcoder00) Quit (Disconnected by services�)
[18:05] <TParis> Yes, and in 99.9% of cases, I address concerns brought to me.  Having said "don't bother me" in a few circumstances doesn't mean I have failed to fulfil the requirements of the position I volunteered for.
�03[18:05] * Qcoder00_ is now known as Qcoder00
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[18:06] <The359> Seems a bit silly to do it 99% of the time and then just decide not to this time
[18:06] <The359> Especially when you came here asking about what you had said
�15[18:07] * Jarry1250 (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Jarry1250) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 8.0.1/20111120135848]�)
[18:08] <TParis> Well I was posting it looking for a laugh at the arguments of the keep !voters.  I hadn't expected anyone to take it seriously.  But given your serious question about my willingness to discuss issues with other editors, I explained that I generally do.
[18:08] <The359> You asked people their opinion of your close
[18:09] <Fluffernutter> juancarlos: apparently he strongly believes in white space
[18:09] <juancarlos> I think he disapproves :-P
[18:10] <Snowolf> lol
[18:10] <Fluffernutter> or that
[18:10] <Snowolf> How on earth did 22% of the users in that study
[18:10] <Snowolf> prefer Windows ME
[18:10] <Snowolf> to Windows XP
�06[18:10] * ryanag  
[18:10] <TParis> The359: Meh, well next time I'll specify I only want commentary from folks that share my sense of humor.
[18:12] <Moe_Epsilon> I had Windows ME one time, it lasted about 6 months before blue screen of death
�15[18:12] * Queen (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) Quit (Quit: We are Wikipedia, we are legion, here, have some wikilove, come help us edit?�)
[18:13] <ryanag> :P
�15[18:13] * Shrek (~tanvir@wikimedia/wikitanvir) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds�)
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[18:15] <juancarlos> I had windows ME as my first computer at my place of employment. It was horrible.
�15[18:16] * Jayflux ( Quit (Remote host closed the connection�)
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[18:17] <KFP> juancarlos: "I had Windows. It was horrible".    <-- There, removed redundant words for you.
[18:17] <juancarlos> I like windows 7!
�03[18:17] * Fluffernutter is now known as Fluff|dishes
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[18:21] <BarkingFish> I like windows too, only when they're closed and keeping the bloody cold out :)
�15[18:22] * swarfega|away ( Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds�)
[18:23] <KFP> BarkingFish: Well, MS Windows is certainly closed!
�03[18:23] * Gfoley4 (~Gfoley4@wikipedia/Gfoley4) has joined #wikipedia-en
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�08[18:23] Clones detected from unaffiliated/rudyvalencia:�8 RudyValencia RudyValencia-
[18:23] <Fluttershy-ENG> lmfao
[18:23] <BarkingFish> KFP: I personally can't stand anything with an MS branding. It's all bad.
�03[18:24] * Logan_ (~log@wikimedia/Logan) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[18:24] Clones detected from wikimedia/Logan:�8 log Logan_
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[18:24] <KFP> BarkingFish: I used to have a MS keyboard.   I had to file the logo off of it before I could stand it.
[18:24] <BarkingFish> lol
[18:24] <KFP> BarkingFish: ...Have been using other brands for years now, though. :)
�15[18:25] * Timotheus_Canens (~tcanens@wikipedia/Tim-Song) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[18:25] <BarkingFish> Well as soon as the guarantee ran out on my Laptop, I had vista off it and put Kubuntu on.
�03[18:25] * GorillaWarfare ( has joined #wikipedia-en
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�06[18:25] * thingg <3 windows 7
[18:25] <BarkingFish> If it comes with Windows, it doesn't stay with windows - not here anyway
[18:25] <thingg> even though it is windows, it's a damn fine OS imo
�15[18:26] * tdubellz_ (~tdubellz@freenode/staff/tdubellz) Quit (Client Quit�)
�06[18:26] * thingg also dual-boots ubuntu 11.10 ^_^
�06[18:26] * BarkingFish rips open his 6th bottle of australian root beer and settles down with a mince pie
�15[18:26] * RudyValencia (me@unaffiliated/rudyvalencia) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
�06[18:26] * KFP uses Ubuntu these days. Previously Fedora. 
�15[18:26] * log (~log@wikimedia/Logan) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
�06[18:26] * thingg is not hardcore enough to use fedora
[18:26] <thingg> :P
[18:27] <KFP> ...Although I must admit, the previous version's (11.04) Unity interface was pretty bad.
�03[18:27] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:27] <thingg> lol yeah
[18:27] <thingg> I use gnome 3 classic
[18:27] <thingg> it's not too bad
[18:27] <thingg> but gnome 3 standard sucks. hard
[18:27] <KFP> ...But it's better in 11.10.
�03[18:27] * Logan__ (~log@wikimedia/Logan) has joined #wikipedia-en
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�06[18:28] * thingg nukes it into oblivion regardless
[18:28] <thingg> :P
[18:28] <Steven_Zhang> Howdy
[18:28] <KFP> thingg: I've actually found myself missing Unity features when I'm on other computers.
[18:28] <thingg> really?
[18:28] <thingg> what features did you miss?
[18:28] <KFP> thingg: Really!   I'm constantly looking for the launcher on the left.
[18:28] <thingg> XD
[18:29] <KFP> (...On Windows machines at work, for example.)
[18:29] <BarkingFish> I went to Kubuntu, KFP - I couldn't face anything which even remotely resembled Gnome or Unity in any form
[18:29] <thingg> heh yeah... I'm constantly looking for the launcher/applet bar at the top of the screen
[18:29] <BarkingFish> Every linux system I've had for the last 10+ years, I've had KDE on
[18:30] <KFP> BarkingFish: I was initially  :( when I upgraded from 10.10.
[18:30] <KFP> BarkingFish, thingg: ...But then I decided "Challenge accepted!"
[18:30] <thingg> I tried kubuntu firt, but I liked gnome 2.x better
[18:30] <thingg> hell yeah
[18:30] <BarkingFish> KFP: ah, I never experienced 10.10 - I joined at 11.04, now on 11.10 and working on 12.04
�03[18:31] * log (~log@wikimedia/Logan) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[18:31] Clones detected from wikimedia/Logan:�8 Logan_ Logan__ log
[18:31] <thingg> BarkingFish: after seeing gnome 3..... ugh. I almost went back to KDE
[18:31] <BarkingFish> almost???  Nah, you didn't go far enough :)
[18:32] <BarkingFish> Gnome to me is the epitome of "blaargh."
[18:32] <BarkingFish> Regardless of which one, they all sucked
[18:32] <thingg> gnome 3: where they took every possible bad thing about GUI design from both windows, mac, and linux and combined them together while simultaneously throwing out all the features that make said GUI usable
[18:32] <BarkingFish> :)
�15[18:32] * erikhaugen (~erikhauge@wikipedia/ErikHaugen) Quit (Quit: erikhaugen�)
[18:32] <KFP> BarkingFish, thingg: Unity does make more efficient use of screen real estate.
�15[18:32] * LtNOWIS|sleep ( Quit (Quit: Leaving�)
[18:33] <thingg> BarkingFish: I cut my linux teeth on debian in junior college, so yeah...
�15[18:33] * Logan__ (~log@wikimedia/Logan) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[18:33] <geniice> usability is for the weak
[18:33] <PiRSquared17>
[18:33] <thingg> XD
[18:33] <KFP> My first Linux was Fedora Core 3.
[18:33] <thingg> O_o
[18:33] <thingg> damn
[18:33] <BarkingFish> geniice: usability may be for the weak, but it helps
[18:33] <geniice> real men wrestle with their OS
�15[18:33] * Logan_ (~log@wikimedia/Logan) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds�)
�03[18:33] * swarfega ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[18:33] * swarfega ( Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds�)
[18:33] <KFP> Used Fedora till 8, then switched to Ubuntu 8.04 by chance.
[18:33] <thingg> geniice: lemme tell you the people at gnome agree with you 105%
[18:33] <PiRSquared17> Can you delete Mixing-sailors/Green mummy talk pages?
[18:34] <KFP> PiRSquared17: Links?  And why?
[18:34] <PiRSquared17> the link above
[18:34] <PiRSquared17> It's an xwiki vandalbot
[18:35] <PiRSquared17> "1. A rich mummy, usually green or bald. 2. To overbreak toes, i.e. to put a cat into a fish or into a dog. 3. To stab an elephant with a nostril."
[18:35] <thingg> deleted
�06[18:36] * thingg was too lazy to come up with a good reason..
[18:36] <PiRSquared17>
[18:36] <thingg> so I put "useless" as the reason >_>
[18:36] <PiRSquared17> it's a spambot
[18:36] <PiRSquared17>
[18:36] <thingg> darn you kfp
[18:36] <PiRSquared17> lolno
[18:37] <KFP> thingg: ._.
[18:37] <PiRSquared17> heh no
[18:37] <PiRSquared17>,_Fourth_Series&action=history of course not
�03[18:37] * Logan_ (~log@wikimedia/Logan) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[18:37] Clones detected from wikimedia/Logan:�8 log Logan_
[18:38] <PiRSquared17> created by a different IP
�03[18:38] * TParis-mobile ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:38] <TParis-mobile> Hi guys :-)
[18:39] <TParis> Yay for new tablet :D
[18:39] <KFP> Hay TParis-mobile.
[18:39] <TParis-mobile> My location: Converse, United States
[18:39] <TParis> hmm, that's an interesting feature
[18:39] <TParis> I say feature with quotation marks
[18:39] <KFP> TParis-mobile: Shoez?
[18:40] <PiRSquared17> Did someone delete all those?
[18:40] <GorillaWarfare> Haha, with the hyphenation in "TParis-mobile", I read "Paris-mobile" like you would read "Batmobile"...
�15[18:40] * log (~log@wikimedia/Logan) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[18:41] <KFP> PiRSquared17: Yups.
[18:41] <KFP> PiRSquared17: Thingg mostly.
[18:41] <PiRSquared17> another
[18:42] <PiRSquared17> It's a fake edit summary btw
�03[18:42] * Magog_the_Ogre ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[18:42] * Magog_the_Ogre ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[18:42] * Magog_the_Ogre (~Magog_the@wikipedia/Magog-the-Ogre) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:43] <PiRSquared17> just finished all the ones on fr.wikipedia
�15[18:43] * bep (~britishen@reddit/operator/bep) Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds�)
�06[18:45] * thingg thanks PiRSquared17 for finding those
[18:45] <tommorris> jorm: just for giggles,
�03[18:45] * Sceptre (~sceptre@unaffiliated/sceptre) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:46] <PiRSquared17> Now all that's left are the ones to revert, not delete;  I can do those
[18:46] <PiRSquared17> I was wrong
[18:46] <PiRSquared17>
�15[18:47] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
�15[18:47] * CKtravel_ ( Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
[18:47] <TParis> Tom Morris: You win +1 interwebs
[18:47] <KFP> PiRSquared17: There.
[18:47] <TParis> Move it to WP:WikiHate
[18:47] <tommorris> TParis: there's already [[Wikipedia:WikiHate]]
�03[18:47] * mabdul|food is now known as mabdul|busy
�15[18:48] * Courcelles ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[18:48] * Courcelles (~Courcelle@wikipedia/courcelles) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:48] <tommorris> I did think about doing it as a fake Signpost report
�03[18:48] * dungodung is now known as dungodungaway
�03[18:48] * dungodungaway is now known as dungodung|away
�03[18:48] * bep (~britishen@reddit/operator/bep) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:49] <PiRSquared17> Can you delete user talk ones?
[18:49] <PiRSquared17> Like
[18:50] <Magog_the_Ogre> what's the what is the best Grandtheft Auto to buy for my system? My specs: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 640 Processor
[18:50] <KFP> Magog_the_Ogre: Hehe.
[18:51] <Magog_the_Ogre> I wish i was kidding :(
�15[18:51] * AntiSpamMeta (~MetaBot@AntiSpamMeta/.) Quit (Excess Flood�)
[18:51] <Sceptre> Magog_the_Ogre: buy ALL the GTAs
[18:51] <Sceptre> and clean ALL the things
[18:51] <Magog_the_Ogre> I can't find my video card though in my specs
[18:51] <Magog_the_Ogre> right
[18:51] <RaspberryAlison> Magog_the_Ogre: lspci -vvvvvvvv
[18:51] <KFP> Magog_the_Ogre: I've only played the original!
[18:51] <Sceptre> Magog_the_Ogre:
[18:51] <Magog_the_Ogre> actually I did this: sudo lshw -html > ~/Desktop/myspecs.htm
[18:52] <KFP> Sceptre: Clean *all* the things? :(
�15[18:52] * Bsadowski1 (~dabtd@wikipedia/Bsadowski1) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
�03[18:52] * AntiSpamMeta (~MetaBot@AntiSpamMeta/.) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:52] <Sceptre> <3
�03[18:52] * Bsadowski1 (~dabtd@wikipedia/Bsadowski1) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:52] <KFP> Sceptre: I did go to the bank once this week, though!
[18:52] <PiRSquared17> "A cute fall is a flat domino that is unaware of its color. It especially loves pink knights and another teddy eye because siphoning has no heralds." ???
[18:53] <KFP> No wait, last week.
�03[18:53] * Fluff|dishes is now known as Fluffernutter
[18:53] <RaspberryAlison> Magog_the_Ogre: look at "vga compatible controller"
[18:53] <Magog_the_Ogre> ha, thanks Alison
[18:53] <Magog_the_Ogre> ahem
[18:54] <Magog_the_Ogre> oh dear it's bad
[18:54] <Magog_the_Ogre> RS880 [Radeon HD 4200]
[18:54] <RaspberryAlison> OH GOD
[18:54] <Magog_the_Ogre> lawl
�06[18:55] * KFP had to upgrade his graphics card for Skyrim. >.>
[18:55] <Sceptre> Magog_the_Ogre: eh, I have a Nvidia 9 series and 2008 games still work
[18:55] <Magog_the_Ogre> well I bought the computer for $400; I wasn't expecting a gaming computer
�06[18:55] * tommorris adds a "gender" section to the WikiHate
[18:55] <Magog_the_Ogre> but I can probably upgrade by getting a good video card
[18:56] <RaspberryAlison> wiki hate?
[18:56] <tommorris> RaspberryAlison:
[18:56] <BarkingFish> night guys, I'm outta here. I need sleep :)
�03[18:56] * Queen (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:56] <Magog_the_Ogre> FYI, Sceptre, that website is freezing the shit out of my webbrowser
[18:56] <tommorris> night BarkingFish
[18:56] <Sceptre> get a better browser :p
[18:57] <Magog_the_Ogre> pfft
[18:57] <Magog_the_Ogre> how about
[18:57] <RaspberryAlison> Nice.
[18:57] <Magog_the_Ogre> don't try running Windows ActiveX in Linux, apparently
[18:57] <GorillaWarfare> tommorris: You proofreading The Interpretation of Dreams too?
[18:58] <tommorris> GorillaWarfare: only as part of my cross-wiki, completely non-sexual stalking efforts
[18:58] <KFP> o.o
[18:58] <KFP> O.O
�06[18:58] * GorillaWarfare wonders how she can take advantage of this
[18:59] <Magog_the_Ogre> so which GTA could I run on my bare-bones system? I can run old games, I know.
�15[18:59] * Ktr101 (183cd9f9@wikipedia/Ktr101) Quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds�)
�15[18:59] * BarkingFish (~piglet@openglobe/BarkingFish) Quit (Quit: Whatever doesn't kill you, will probably have another go later. (Xchat 2.8.8)�)
[18:59] <Sceptre> Magog_the_Ogre: you could probably run GTA IV
[18:59] <Magog_the_Ogre> huh
�06[19:00] * RaspberryAlison pokes GorillaWarfare 
[19:00] <Sceptre> and you'd probably be able to run most big title games that came out up to about 18 months ago
[19:00] <Sceptre> except crysis
[19:00] <Magog_the_Ogre> mmk brb going into Windows
�15[19:00] * Magog_the_Ogre (~Magog_the@wikipedia/Magog-the-Ogre) Quit (Remote host closed the connection�)
[19:03] <PiRSquared17> mmk?
�03[19:03] * ryanag|away is now known as ryanag
�03[19:04] * Ktr101 (183cd9f9@wikipedia/Ktr101) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:05] * GorillaWarfare (~quassel@wikipedia/GorillaWarfare) Quit (Remote host closed the connection�)
[19:05] <KFP> PiRSquared17: Presumably short for "mmkay", a combination of "hmm" and "okay".
�03[19:07] * NuckingFuts ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[19:07] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:07] <KFP> Hi Keegs.
�15[19:08] * IShadowed (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
�15[19:08] * IShadowed_ (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
�15[19:09] * Barras (~Barras@wikimedia/barras) Quit (Quit: Leaving.�)
�03[19:09] * Thehelpfulone (~Helper@wikimedia/Thehelpfulone) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:11] * Kagami_ ( Quit (Quit: Leaving�)
[19:11] <Qcoder00> - Being bold
�15[19:11] * agk-wiki (~agk-wiki@wikipedia/AGK) Quit (Quit: I flipped a three-sided coin: it came up "no consensus"�)
[19:12] <Qcoder00> I'm going to update all instance of {{Non-free mugshot}} with {{Mughsot}} and an appropriate 'fair-use' tag
[19:12] <Qcoder00> This means that the issue of mugshots isn;t a copyright one but a 'restriction' one
�15[19:14] * pticochon ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�15[19:14] * jayne (~jayne@freenode/staff/jayne) Quit (Ping timeout: 612 seconds�)
[19:15] <Qcoder00> - Looks better with the 2 template approach
�15[19:22] * NuckingFuts ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[19:22] * NuckingFuts (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Addihockey10) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[19:23] * harej (~chatzilla@wikipedia/MessedRocker) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:26] * Iamred ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
�15[19:27] * Thorncrag (~Thorncrag@wikimedia/Thorncrag) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�03[19:27] * Jeske_Merensky (~chatzilla@unaffiliated/jeske-couriano/x-0000001) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[19:27] * Magog_the_Ogre ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:27] * Magog_the_Ogre ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[19:27] * Magog_the_Ogre (~Magog_the@wikipedia/Magog-the-Ogre) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:27] * KFP (~KFP@wikipedia/KFP) Quit (Read error: Operation timed out�)
�03[19:28] * ryanag (~satx@wikipedia/yrtneg) has left #wikipedia-en
[19:28] <Jeske_Merensky> *RAEG*
�03[19:28] * ryanag (~satx@wikipedia/yrtneg) has joined #wikipedia-en
�06[19:28] * Jeske_Merensky kills Fluttershy-ENG
�06[19:29] * ryanag kills Jeske_Merensky
[19:31] <The359> lol
[19:31] <The359> apparently the last known photo of Kim Jong-Il had him on an escalator in a grocery store
[19:31] <The359> Now North Koreans are mourning at the escalator as a shrine
[19:33] <Tannerbaum> The359: North Korea will ban escalators because they killed him!
�06[19:33] * ryanag listens to The Who's "Eminence Front"
�03[19:33] * Thorncrag ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:33] * Thorncrag ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[19:33] * Thorncrag (~Thorncrag@wikimedia/Thorncrag) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:34] <The359> Actually I think you could argue a train killed him
[19:34] <Mike_H> :o
[19:35] <Mike_H> The359 is here
[19:35] <The359> Where the fuck else would I be?
�15[19:35] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
[19:35] <Mike_H> Not here because you usually aren't
[19:35] <The359> I tended to stay in #wikipedia
[19:36] <The359> Now I have an extra window space in mIRC
[19:36] <Mike_H> #wikipedia became a cesspool
[19:36] <Mike_H> I left
[19:36] <ryanag> ;) o.o
[19:36] <The359> Ah, so that's why it's been so nice lately
[19:37] <Mike_H> Child please.
�15[19:37] * TParis-mobile ( Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
�15[19:38] * Ktr101 (183cd9f9@wikipedia/Ktr101) Quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds�)
�15[19:39] * Sceptre (~sceptre@unaffiliated/sceptre) Quit (Quit: There's a battle outside and it is ragin'. It'll soon shake your windows and rattle your walls for the times they are a-changin'�)
[19:40] <Steven_Zhang> hai
�03[19:40] * erikhaugen (~erikhauge@2620:0:1cfe:28:129a:ddff:fe5c:c937) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:40] * erikhaugen (~erikhauge@2620:0:1cfe:28:129a:ddff:fe5c:c937) Quit (Changing host�)
�03[19:40] * erikhaugen (~erikhauge@wikipedia/ErikHaugen) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:40] <ryanag> hello.
[19:41] <ryanag> Mike_H: "Child please"?
[19:41] <The359> That sounds a little Sandusky
[19:44] <Gfoley4> I WANT YOU…to come into my basement.
[19:46] <Mike_H> The359: It sounds a little Ochocinco.
[19:47] <Joan> Mike_H: Did he really start that?
[19:47] <Joan> Some people at work say it.
[19:47] <Joan> I saw it occasionally.
[19:47] <Joan> Say, too.
�03[19:47] * Masconomet (Masconomet@unaffiliated/bashaba) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:47] <Fluffernutter> who broke my 'pedia?
�03[19:47] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:47] <juancarlos> The blacks.
[19:48] <The359> The juice
[19:48] <harej> Speaking of which,
�06[19:49] * Fluffernutter can't log in
�06[19:49] * Queen broke it
[19:49] <juancarlos> Have you restarted?
[19:49] <Mike_H> Joan: I think black women started it.
[19:49] <Mike_H> Big funny ones, like Nell Carter.
[19:49] <Queen> Fluffernutter, your password was weak so we disabled your account. :D
[19:49] <harej> Are you Nell? From the movie Nell?
[19:49] <Qcoder00> Admin please
[19:49] <Mike_H> No, I'm Nell Carter from Gimme a Break!
[19:49] <Mike_H> except alive.
[19:50] <Qcoder00> Any admins awake?
[19:50] <Joan> harej: ;-)
[19:50] <Joan> juancarlos: ;-)
[19:50] <Joan> Mike_H: ;-)
[19:50] <Joan> Qcoder00: Try !admin.
[19:50] <juancarlos> [;
[19:50] <Qcoder00> Joan: It's not that urgent
[19:50] <Joan> Mike_H: Black people do love saying it.
[19:50] <Thehelpfulone> :|
[19:50] <Mike_H> Joan:
[19:50] <Mike_H> ;)
[19:50] <Tannerbaum> :|
[19:51] <Qcoder00> The screamer admin call is for SERIOUS things like someone posting Penis to 300 pages
[19:51] <juancarlos> multiplayer notepad
[19:51] <Thehelpfulone> Joan: please don't use that word unless it's an emergency..
[19:51] <Joan> Thehelpfulone: Lovely to see you. :-)
[19:51] <Thehelpfulone> but Qcoder00 now that you have some admins around, what's up? ;)
[19:51] <mabdul|busy> Mike_H: Joan: better is that: We Should Be Lovers
[19:51] <Joan> I hadn't realized you were back.
[19:51] <Thehelpfulone> Joan: and you :)
[19:51] <juancarlos> I read that as "black"
[19:51] <Gfoley4> EMERGENCY.
[19:51] <Joan> Mike_H: You watch some turrible television.
[19:51] <Joan> Simply turrible.
[19:51] <juancarlos> Gfoley4: Email 911.
[19:51] <QueenOfFrance> 'evening Mz
[19:51] <Qcoder00> All I need is an admin to check that what i was doing with {{Non-free mughsot}} wasn't breaking stuff
[19:51] <Gfoley4> I heard you can text them too
[19:52] <Joan> Sup?
[19:52] <Qcoder00> I'm converting {{Non-free mughot}} uage back to {{mugshot}} and an appropiate Fair use tag
[19:52] <Joan>
[19:52] <Joan> So good.
[19:52] <Qcoder00> I.E Trying to seperate the mughshot restriction on use from the Copyright issues
[19:52] <mabdul|busy> err
[19:52] <Joan> That's a turrible idea.
[19:52] <Joan> Hahaha
[19:52] <mabdul|busy>
[19:52] <mabdul|busy> sry
[19:52] <Mike_H> Joan: How dare you say that about Nell Carter.
[19:52] <mabdul|busy> wrong ling
[19:52] <mabdul|busy> *link
[19:53] <harej> Joan: [;
�15[19:53] * ryanag (~satx@wikipedia/yrtneg) Quit (Quit: ryanag�)
[19:53] <Mike_H> It isn't easy taking care of three girls with the police chief's wife dead!
[19:53] <mabdul|busy> copy fail XD
�03[19:55] * Ktr101 (183cd9f9@wikipedia/Ktr101) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[19:57] * Fumika (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[19:57] Clones detected from wikia/ZamorakO-o:�8 Fumika Queen
�03[19:58] * Alpha_Quadrant (~opera@wikipedia/Alpha-Quadrant) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[19:59] * Sp33dyphil is now known as Sp33dyphil|dead
�03[19:59] * DeltaQuad (~stfltcmd@TechEssentials/DeltaQuad) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:01] * Qcoder00 (~chatzilla@unaffiliated/qcoder00) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 8.0/20111104165243]�)
�03[20:03] * Ryu-AFK is now known as Ryulong
�15[20:03] * Fumika (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) Quit (Quit: We are Wikipedia, we are legion, here, have some wikilove, come help us edit?�)
�15[20:07] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
�15[20:08] * erikhaugen (~erikhauge@wikipedia/ErikHaugen) Quit (Quit: erikhaugen�)
�03[20:10] * TParis-mobile ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:11] * geniice (~chatzilla@wikipedia/geniice) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [SeaMonkey 2.5/20111121045514]�)
�03[20:12] * raindrift (~Adium@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:12] * raindrift (~Adium@ Quit (Changing host�)
�03[20:12] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:12] * TParis (~TParis@wikipedia/TParis) Quit (Disconnected by services�)
�03[20:12] * TParis-mobile is now known as tparis
�15[20:12] * Magog_the_Ogre (~Magog_the@wikipedia/Magog-the-Ogre) Quit (Quit: Leaving�)
�15[20:12] * tparis ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[20:12] * tparis (~androirc@wikipedia/TParis) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:13] * Mufka (~irc@unaffiliated/mufka) Quit (Quit: I go now.�)
�03[20:13] * TParis_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[20:17] * Eyore is now known as JoeGazz84
�03[20:18] * stf ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[20:18] * purplebackpack89 (476a9587@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:19] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
[20:19] <purplebackpack89> can I get a third set of eyes on the back-and-forth between LuciferWildcat and me at,_California)?
�03[20:19] * DeltaQuad (~stfltcmd@TechEssentials/DeltaQuad) has left #wikipedia-en
[20:21] <purplebackpack89> i tagged the article b/c I believed it to be borderline notable and questionably sourced, he think's that's balderdash
[20:21] <stf> how can i combinate to jumping to a capital over the index and uncollabsing only the selecting capital
�15[20:21] * tparis (~androirc@wikipedia/TParis) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
[20:21] <purplebackpack89> we've had similar back and forth relating to [[Mindell Penn]], a podunk councilmember
[20:22] <stf> aim is this site:
[20:23] <The359> That sentence made no sense, stf
�03[20:23] * MindstormsKid (~msk@Wikipedia/MindstormsKid) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:23] <stf> sry for my bad english
�03[20:25] * damon98xp ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:26] <stf> On this site i want that all entries "A", "B", "C", ... are being hidden until i jump to one of it <- is this explanation more understandble?
�03[20:26] * KFP ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:26] * KFP ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[20:26] * KFP (~KFP@wikipedia/KFP) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:27] <Peter-C>
�03[20:28] * TParis (~androirc@wikipedia/TParis) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:29] <stf> The359: is it now more understandble?
[20:29] <The359> This room is for Wikipedia, stf, not for MediaWiki software
[20:29] <stf> okay
[20:29] <stf> do they have also a freenode chan?
[20:30] <The359> I believe you want #mediawiki
[20:30] <stf> thx
[20:33] <Tannerbaum> my roku came today
[20:34] <TParis> My acer iconia ca,e today
[20:34] <TParis> Hint: im chatting with you on it
[20:34] <Tannerbaum> TParis: install Swype
�15[20:35] * Thehelpfulone (~Helper@wikimedia/Thehelpfulone) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
�03[20:35] * IShadowed_ (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[20:35] * IShadowed (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) has joined #wikipedia-en
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[20:36] <NuckingFuts> Dude it's fucking 3D
�03[20:37] * PiRSquared17 (~PiRSquare@wikipedia/PiRSquared17) has left #wikipedia-en
[20:37] <NuckingFuts> I have red and blue glasses
�03[20:38] * BarkingFish (~thor@openglobe/BarkingFish) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:39] <BarkingFish> well this is a first. i actually found a working irc client for my cellphone :)
�03[20:39] * IShadowed__ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:39] * IShadowed__ ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[20:39] * IShadowed__ (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) has joined #wikipedia-en
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�15[20:40] * bep (~britishen@reddit/operator/bep) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�15[20:40] * IShadowed (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) Quit (Disconnected by services�)
�15[20:40] * IShadowed_ (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) Quit (Disconnected by services�)
�03[20:40] * IShadowed__ is now known as IShadowed
�03[20:41] * bep (~britishen@reddit/operator/bep) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[20:44] * erikhaugen ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:44] * erikhaugen ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[20:44] * erikhaugen (~erikhauge@wikipedia/ErikHaugen) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:44] <BarkingFish> can anyone actually see me? cause i can't see you
[20:44] <KFP> BarkingFish: No.
[20:44] <KFP> BarkingFish: You're infishible.
[20:45] <TParis_> Tannerbaum: I have skype
[20:45] <BarkingFish> ah, that's better. i thought my new client was buggered. cheers KFP
�06[20:45] * Fluffernutter fishes
[20:45] <TParis_> Wow
�03[20:45] * lucasoutloud ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:45] <TParis_> I thought that said "Fluffernutter flashes"
[20:45] <Gfoley4> you see right through meeeeeee
[20:45] <Fluffernutter> TParis, for shame!
[20:46] <Gfoley4> lolwut
[20:46] <TParis_> haha
[20:46] <Peter-C> Gfoley4!
[20:46] <BarkingFish> the only thing i have which is armed with windows, and i can't change it.
[20:46] <Gfoley4> whatuwant
[20:46] <Tannerbaum> TParis: swype, not skype
[20:47] <lucasoutloud> Oh, that android keyboard thing?
[20:47] <TParis> Ohh
[20:47] <TParis_> What is swype?
[20:47] <BarkingFish> unless anyone knows how to get wm6 off my HTC. I'd prefer linux.
[20:47] <lucasoutloud> It lets you type fast on android devices, TParis
�15[20:48] * Monchoman45 (6c02c3d1@wikia/Monchoman45) Quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds�)
[20:48] <TParis_> Ohh, that comes built into the OS :P
[20:49] <lucasoutloud> TParis: Are you sure about that?
[20:50] <TParis> No your right
[20:50] <TParis_> it doesnt
[20:50] <lucasoutloud> You're.  Not your.
[20:50] <TParis_> But thats ok, I dont like swipe anyway.  my wife uses it but meh
�15[20:50] * Falcorian (~Falcorian@wikipedia/Falcorian) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
[20:50] <BarkingFish> ah well, i know it's working, so i'n gonna bugger off. see ya
[20:51] <TParis_> When I become the editor and chief of a major English dictionary, I'll be sure to get my your and you're right.
�15[20:51] * BarkingFish (~thor@openglobe/BarkingFish) Quit (Remote host closed the connection�)
[20:52] <lucasoutloud> Oh, and on the subject of smartphones:
�03[20:53] * Falcorian (~Falcorian@wikipedia/Falcorian) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:53] <Snowolf> You do realize most people around here will never click on a 4chan link, right? :D
[20:54] <lucasoutloud>  /g/ is not /b/, come on.
[20:54] <Snowolf> What's Bada?
[20:54] <Snowolf> apparently proprietary samsung thing
�03[20:55] * Monchoman45 (6c10340a@wikia/Monchoman45) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[20:56] * Fumika (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[20:56] Clones detected from wikia/ZamorakO-o:�8 Fumika Queen
[20:57] <lucasoutloud> So, did anyone else hear that 9gag is getting raided by reddit and 4chan?
�15[20:58] * mabdul|busy (~mabdul@wikipedia/mabdul) Quit (Quit:�)
�03[20:58] * sonia (~sonia@wikipedia/sonia) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:58] <LauraHale> sonia!
[20:58] <LauraHale> Have I invited you to WikiWomenCamp ? :D
�03[20:59] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:59] <LauraHale> sonia:
[20:59] <LauraHale> Go and party. ;)
[20:59] <Snowolf> lucasoutloud: I don't even know what 9gag is
�15[20:59] * Queen (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds�)
[21:00] <lucasoutloud> Snowolf: It's another one of those 15 minutes of fame meme websites.
[21:00] <lucasoutloud> Apparently they take credit for producing such memes, but that confuses me because Reddit's model is the exact same.
[21:02] <lucasoutloud> There's also a Chilean blog that does the same thing called Porlaputa and from what I hear Chileans actually believe they created many memes.
[21:02] <lucasoutloud> But memes are crap anyway.
[21:02] <lucasoutloud>  /rant
�03[21:02] * damon98x` ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[21:02] Clones detected from�8 damon98xp damon98x`
�15[21:03] * damon98xp ( Quit (Remote host closed the connection�)
[21:04] <Snowolf> I... I see.
[21:05] <lucasoutloud> Oh, how cute, someone blanked a userpage.
�15[21:05] * thingg (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Thingg) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 8.0.1/20111120135848]�)
[21:06] <KFP> Snowolf sees much.
[21:06] <Snowolf> I got good eyesight :)
�03[21:10] * Fluffernutter is now known as Fluff|movie
�15[21:11] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) Quit (Quit: Leaving.�)
[21:13] <Tannerbaum> Does anybody here use Wikia?
[21:14] <juancarlos> use or edit
[21:14] <Tannerbaum> both
[21:14] <lucasoutloud> I watch 4chan vandalize it sometimes.
[21:14] <Tannerbaum> *Does anyone here host their site on Wikia?
[21:15] <Snowolf> No
[21:15] <Snowolf> I thought everybody got angry at wikia
[21:15] <Snowolf> 'cause of their dumb templates
[21:15] <juancarlos> wikia is seriously worse than wikimedia
[21:15] <Snowolf> and moved off it
[21:16] <Tannerbaum> well, I'm launching a wikia-like site and would like some feedback on what needs to change
[21:16] <Snowolf> and by dumb templates I actually mean the wikilayout thingyu
[21:16] <lucasoutloud> Wikia is really lame.  The only good thing on there is /lit/'s wiki.
�15[21:16] * LauraHale (895cb15e@wikipedia/LauraHale) Quit (Quit: Wikia webchat:�)
[21:16] <Mike_H> Joan: Can women who use surrogates still be MILFs?
[21:16] <Snowolf> like the-whatever-it-is-that-is-worse-than-vector-which-is-saying-a-lot
[21:16] <lucasoutloud> >quit from wikia webchat
[21:16] <lucasoutloud> ha ha ha
[21:16] <Tannerbaum> I = Netalarm, JoeGazz84, DeltaQuad, and myself
[21:16] <juancarlos> laurahale is a wikipedian :P
[21:16] <harej> I like vector :v
[21:16] <juancarlos> wikia doesn't use vector
[21:17] <Prodego> what's the new skin?
[21:17] <Prodego> the one for after vector?
�03[21:17] * Logan_ is now known as log
[21:17] <Snowolf> Prodego: was talking about wikia
[21:17] <Prodego> Athena or something?
[21:17] <Snowolf> oh no clue
[21:17] <harej> I propose that the next Wikimedia-wide skin be called "Four," as it would come fourth after classic, monobook, and vector.
[21:17] <Prodego> yep
[21:18] <Snowolf> I wonder where they'll put the search box this time, bottom of the page?
[21:18] <juancarlos> oh no.
[21:18] <log> harej: Let's not copy Apple product naming schemes.
[21:18] <juancarlos> that's worse than vector :(
[21:18] <Snowolf> That is...
[21:18] <Snowolf> That's actually quite a feat.
[21:18] <harej> log: Apple's product naming scheme is using the letter "i" and naming operating systems after cats.
�15[21:18] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[21:18] <harej> Version numbers, otherwise, aren't really an Apple thing so much as they're an "everyone" thing.
[21:18] <lucasoutloud> Cats <3
[21:18] <Tannerbaum> what we have now is: checkuser access, no ads, though very small donations requested (About $5 from each wiki each month)...
[21:18] <Snowolf> t
[21:19] <Tannerbaum> oh, and whatever extensions/themes people want, as long as they're safe
[21:19] <harej> Tannerbaum: How are you looking to profit?
[21:19] <Snowolf> Tannerbaum: why not just get one of those cheap hostings and whip out mediawiki?
[21:19] <Tannerbaum> harej: we're not
[21:19] <harej> Perfect!
[21:19] <harej> So you're the credit unions of wiki farms.
[21:19] <harej> #shitharejsays
[21:19] <Tannerbaum> exactly!
[21:19] <Tannerbaum> OH, and CentralAuth
[21:19] <log> harej: But you can't beat the wonderful decision that went into the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch's naming.
[21:19] <harej> Except credit unions have compulsory fees :v
[21:20] <Tannerbaum> harej: we *request* donations
[21:20] <juancarlos> which are sometime waived
[21:20] <Snowolf> Tannerbaum: only thing I know about wikia is that Italy is blocked from editing Wookieepedia :(
[21:20] <harej> juancarlos: My credit union requires a minimum $25 balance in savings.
[21:20] <Tannerbaum> but small donations, as I said, about $5 per month per wiki
[21:20] <harej> I can't imagine many are different.
[21:20] <juancarlos> banks have rules like that
[21:20] <juancarlos> that's not a fee
[21:20] <juancarlos> [[wikt:fee]]
[21:20] <lucasoutloud> Android phones have horrible names, but Apple's naming scheme is even worse.
[21:20] <harej> juancarlos: Behave, please.
[21:21] <Tannerbaum> so, anyone have feedback on what we should have?
[21:21] <juancarlos> content
[21:21] <Tannerbaum> Features?
[21:21] <Snowolf> Content is the only important feature.
[21:21] <Prodego> Tannerbaum: a plan that isn't based entirely on wanting to have something to administrate :)
[21:21] <Snowolf> What technical feature would depend on the nature of the project
[21:22] <Snowolf> unless you're just asking for a list of useful extensions or something
[21:22] <Snowolf> Tannerbaum: just ask for Extension:Sudo
[21:22] <Snowolf> it's fun
[21:23] <Tannerbaum> Prodego: we already have stuff to administrate, so we're going to launch it, get it going, then give it off to a group of others
[21:23] <Tannerbaum> but we'll still be *legally* responsible
�06[21:23] * Snowolf is confused
[21:23] <Tannerbaum> ?
[21:24] <Snowolf> I mean feature would depend on what you're doing with it, wouldn't they?
[21:24] <Snowolf> *needed features
[21:24] <Tannerbaum> But out of the box, what would you like to see with a wiki host?
�03[21:26] * derp|shopping is now known as derp
[21:26] <harej> Tannerbaum: The kinds of things I'd like to have are the kinds of things I would normally pay for :)
[21:26] <Tannerbaum> harej: such as what?
[21:26] <harej> Shell access?
[21:26] <harej> Perhaps you shouldn't listen to me too much because I'm not in your target demo at all :)
[21:27] <lucasoutloud> I love twinkle.
[21:27] <Tannerbaum> Eh, I don't like giving shell access out to others
[21:27] <Tannerbaum> lucasoutloud: Got it. We can port Twinkle over
[21:27] <juancarlos> I have a wiki.
[21:27] <juancarlos> It is a nice wiki with an article about our friend harej.
[21:27] <lucasoutloud> Tannerbaum: Yes, dewott!
[21:27] <sonia> o_O.
�06[21:27] * sonia has a wiki
[21:28] <harej> juancarlos is my personal historian.
[21:28] <KFP> juancarlos: Such a nice wiki indeed...
[21:28] <Netalarm> but Twinkle is used to deal with problematic users/spam/vandalism
[21:28] <Tannerbaum> Netalarm: It's used for other things now, too.
[21:28] <juancarlos>
[21:28] <lucasoutloud> Netalarm: Hey, it makes greeting new users easy too.
[21:28] <Tannerbaum> in case anyone is interested :P
�03[21:28] * barts1a (~barts1a@wikipedia/barts1a) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:28] <juancarlos> My site logo is missing. I'm not sure what happened there.
[21:28] <lucasoutloud> >using amazon s3
[21:29] <lucasoutloud> Good call!
�08[21:29] * derp drops his shopping bags in frony of juancarlos and Fluff|movie
[21:29] <Netalarm> hmm
�08[21:29] * derp snggles Netalarm
[21:29] <Netalarm> but iirc, porting Twinkle is quite difficult
�06[21:29] * Netalarm hands derp a tainted cupcake
�08[21:29] <derp> Netalarm, to what OS framework?
[21:29] <Tannerbaum> Netalarm: We could have a wiki full of just administrative templates
[21:29] <Tannerbaum> that Twinkle goes off of
[21:30] <Netalarm> i haven't actually looked @ Twinkle code
[21:30] <Tannerbaum> So instead of a bunch of wikis with those templates, one wiki that Twinkle accesses them from
[21:30] <Netalarm> cross wiki transclusion?
[21:30] <Tannerbaum> It'll subst, but yeah
�03[21:30] * Sp33dyphil|dead is now known as Sp33dyphil
[21:31] <Netalarm> whatever the NXNS people do is their business...
[21:31] <Tannerbaum> juancarlos: You're not fun.
�15[21:31] * Thorncrag (~Thorncrag@wikimedia/Thorncrag) Quit (Quit: Disconnected by Smurfs.�)
[21:31] <juancarlos> wut
[21:31] <Netalarm> oh, add free SSL, unlimited bandwidth, etc.
[21:31] <Steven_Zhang> hi sonia
[21:31] <Steven_Zhang> :)
[21:31] <sonia> hi
[21:31] <Tannerbaum> My new hobby is looking at robots.txt and visiting where robots shall not go
[21:31] <Steven_Zhang> no smiley? :(
�15[21:31] * jorm (~bharris@wikimedia/jorm) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
[21:31] <Tannerbaum> But when people do this: Disallow: /
[21:31] <sonia> :P
[21:31] <Tannerbaum> I'm unhappy
[21:32] <Netalarm> my friend and I once wrote a crawler that just crawled where it wasn't allowed
[21:32] <Netalarm> proof of concept only of course...
[21:32] <juancarlos> I don't want Google picking up my article on James Hare.
[21:32] <Tannerbaum> Netalarm: did it crawl where it was allowed?
[21:32] <juancarlos> Nor Matthew Bisanz o;
[21:32] <Netalarm> Tannerbaum, nope
[21:32] <Netalarm> results were... quite boring
[21:33] <harej> juancarlos: That's a good article I wrote about MBisanz.
�15[21:33] * Sp33dyphil (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Sp33dyphil) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 8.0.1/20111120135848]�)
[21:33] <juancarlos> I'm not sure how you know about his osteological state.
[21:34] <lucasoutloud> I didn't know you could tag talk pages and user talk pages for CSD.
[21:34] <harej> juancarlos: He's discussed it before.
�03[21:34] * Thorncrag (~Thorncrag@wikimedia/Thorncrag) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:34] <harej> Though I wasn't the one who added that.
[21:34] <Tannerbaum> hi Thayora
[21:34] <Tannerbaum> and Thorncrag
[21:34] <Steven_Zhang> I want a smiley, sonia
[21:34] <barts1a> AFAIK you can tag talk pages and user pages for CSD if they meet the criteria
[21:34] <Tannerbaum> Netalarm: do you still have it?
[21:34] <Netalarm> Thorncrag, sir, I have not seen you in a year
[21:35] <juancarlos> harej, are you {{user|H}}"?
[21:35] <Thorncrag> Ahoy
[21:35] <barts1a> the only space you can't tag for CSD in is Wikipedia:* space AFAIK
[21:35] <Netalarm> THORNCRAG!
[21:35] <harej> juancarlos: The H stands for Hare.
�06[21:35] * Netalarm climbs on Thorncrag and rides him around the room
[21:35] <Tannerbaum> :O
[21:35] <Tannerbaum> \o/
[21:35] <Netalarm> Tannerbaum, nope.
[21:35] <lucasoutloud> Snowolf: Thanks.
�06[21:35] * Tannerbaum mounts Netalarm and rides him around the room
[21:35] <Thorncrag> I'm no expert, but that sounds like assault
[21:35] <Thorncrag> ;)
[21:35] <Tannerbaum> Netalarm: What language was it in?
[21:35] <Netalarm> Tannerbaum, although I also have the IP scan results of the school
[21:36] <Snowolf> lucasoutloud: what for? *confused*
[21:36] <sonia> Steven_Zhang: :D
[21:36] <Netalarm> Tannerbaum, gotta ask my friend
[21:36] <Tannerbaum> Netalarm: ..didn't you get banned from school computers?
[21:36] <Steven_Zhang> :D :D
[21:36] <lucasoutloud> Snowolf: Deleting the article I marked for CSD
[21:36] <Netalarm> Tannerbaum, I got the scan before I got banned
[21:36] <Snowolf> oh lol
[21:36] <Tannerbaum> Why were you banned?
[21:36] <Snowolf> Athene's cool tho
[21:38] <Snowolf> LL2|JedIRC: poke
[21:40] <Tannerbaum> hehe.
�03[21:40] * Prodego_ (~Prodego@wikipedia/Prodego) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[21:40] Clones detected from wikipedia/Prodego:�8 Prodego Prodego_
�15[21:40] * Prodego_ (~Prodego@wikipedia/Prodego) Quit (Excess Flood�)
[21:40] <barts1a> Tannerbaum: ROFL!
[21:40] <Snowolf> loooooool
�03[21:40] * Guerillero ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:40] <Tannerbaum> barts1a: I showed that to my friends at school during lunch, and people thought we were crazy
�15[21:40] * Guerillero ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[21:40] * Guerillero (~Gueriller@wikipedia/Guerillero) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:40] <Snowolf> I'm Snowolf and I approve that message.
�03[21:40] * Prodego_ (~Prodego@wikipedia/Prodego) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[21:40] Clones detected from wikipedia/Prodego:�8 Prodego Prodego_
[21:41] <Thorncrag> You don't have to run if you also use a chain and a handrail
[21:41] <barts1a> do they have the tunnel plugs?
[21:41] <Tannerbaum> no
[21:41] <Tannerbaum> my brother does though
[21:41] <Steven_Zhang> Snowolf: looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
[21:42] <Tannerbaum> Snowolf: forever alone?
�15[21:42] * Prodego (~Prodego@wikipedia/Prodego) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[21:42] <Guerillero> i need some help looking for template vandalism
�03[21:42] * Prodego_ is now known as elapse
[21:42] <Tannerbaum> Guerillero: Which one?
[21:43] <Guerillero>
[21:43] <Guerillero> brings up a CSD template
[21:43] <Netalarm>
[21:43] <Guerillero> it is across several talk pages
[21:43] <Netalarm> \o/ TestWiki is #1
�15[21:43] * Ottre (~user@wikipedia/Ottre) Quit (Quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
[21:43] <Guerillero> i can't find the source of the vandalism
[21:44] <Snowolf> Let's see
[21:44] <Steven_Zhang> Guerillero: i cant see the CSD
�03[21:44] * Ottre (~user@wikipedia/Ottre) has joined #wikipedia-en
�06[21:44] * barts1a cannot see any evidence a CSD was ever on that page
[21:44] <Alpha_Quadrant> Guerillero: looking
[21:45] <Guerillero> its in the code
[21:45] <Guerillero>
[21:45] <Guerillero> there is not CSD template but a CSD tag
[21:45] <Snowolf> Guerillero: there's no even autotranslate template
[21:45] <Snowolf> only at commons
[21:45] <barts1a> It's the image
[21:45] <Steven_Zhang> anyone remember the zodiac vandal?
[21:45] <Alpha_Quadrant> Guerillero: it is a caching issue. was just deleted
[21:46] <Tannerbaum> what he said
[21:46] <Tannerbaum> Someone just forgot to wrap in <noinclude>
[21:46] <Guerillero> thank you
�15[21:46] * Reedy (~Reedy@wikimedia/ Quit (Quit: Leaving�)
[21:46] <Steven_Zhang> no-one?
[21:46] <Tannerbaum> ?
[21:47] <Snowolf> Steven_Zhang: name's familiar, but only the name
�06[21:47] * Snowolf only gets to deal with nameless vandals :(
�08[21:47] <derp> Snowolf, Steve Crossin.
[21:48] <Tannerbaum> Snowolf: I've had a run-in with the MyWikiBiz guy
[21:48] <Snowolf> derp: derp -.- I mean the name zodiac vandal is familiar :P
�08[21:48] <derp> Ah :P
�08[21:48] <derp> you mean
�08[21:49] <derp> black trigag?
�03[21:49] * funnyfarm299 ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[21:49] * GabrielF (~GabrielF@wikipedia/GabrielF) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[21:50] * tanngbinscadam (b7115657@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[21:50] * Amgine (~amgine@wikinews/Amgine) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:50] <funnyfarm299> can someone take a look at this and tell me if it qualifies for G11?
�08[21:50] <derp> yep
�08[21:50] <derp> G11
[21:51] <lucasoutloud> funnyfarm299: yerp
[21:51] <funnyfarm299> tagged.
�08[21:51] <derp> a XfD is better
[21:51] <Tannerbaum> indeed it does, funnyfarm299, indeed it does.
[21:51] <Tannerbaum> derp: no, this time G11 is fine
[21:51] <Steven_Zhang> lol
[21:51] <lucasoutloud> Ah man, I was about to snipe you on tagging it.
[21:51] <Alpha_Quadrant> wow, three different deletion tags
[21:51] <Amgine> <sighs> I need a copy of Special:AbuseFilter/354 for the occupy wiki farm. Anyone able to pm the contents?
[21:52] <Alpha_Quadrant> *two
[21:52] <funnyfarm299> DID SOMEONE REALLY SEND IT TO MFD?
[21:52] <Tannerbaum> any oversighters around who wanna discuss something I just came across?
[21:52] <Peter-C> Hello all
[21:52] <Tannerbaum> funnyfarm299: yes, that was derp
[21:52] <Peter-C> Is anyone here located in the tri-state NYC area?
[21:52] <funnyfarm299> I was...
�06[21:52] * Tannerbaum pokes Fluff|movie 
[21:52] <Peter-C> And willing to help the NYC chapter out?
[21:52] <Tannerbaum> oh she's at a movie
[21:52] <barts1a> Not there yet. Subpage still needs to be created
[21:52] <GabrielF> I am for the next week or so
[21:52] <funnyfarm299> Used to live in NW CT.
[21:52] <barts1a> wait... it has been
�08[21:53] * derp wonders where funnyfarm299 lives...
�08[21:53] * derp is not in the NYC aera.
�08[21:53] * derp will be in the NYC area for one night only.
[21:53] <Amgine> <pokes harej>
[21:53] <GabrielF> Peter-C I'm in CT this week
[21:53] <juancarlos> Sounds like a plot to a movie.
[21:53] <juancarlos> <angled brackets>
[21:53] <harej> Amgina
[21:54] <Amgine> harej: could you gimme Special:AbuseFilter/354 ?
[21:54] <Amgine> need for farm.
[21:54] <harej> I don't know what that means so I'll decline your request.
[21:54] <lucasoutloud>
�06[21:54] * funnyfarm299 lived in,_Connecticut
[21:54] <Peter-C> GabrielF - I am looking for people to fill some committee spots for the NYC chapter
[21:54] <Amgine> <glares> It means I'd like an export of the the filter text, which I cannot see because I'm not an adminish type.
[21:55] <funnyfarm299> looking for votes on notability:
[21:55] <elapse> Tannerbaum: why don't you just show me, and I'll give you my opinion. Since oversighters tend to not know what they are doing anyway
�03[21:55] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:55] * sonia (~sonia@wikipedia/sonia) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
[21:55] <GabrielF> I see. I live in Boston so that probably doesn't make a lot of sense
�15[21:55] * NuckingFuts (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Addihockey10) Quit (Max SendQ exceeded�)
[21:55] <lucasoutloud> funnyfarm299: This person is not relevant at all.
�15[21:56] * purplebackpack89 (476a9587@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed�)
[21:56] <Peter-C> GabrielF - we are annexing Boston
[21:56] <funnyfarm299> lucasoutloud, you can tag this one
[21:56] <Peter-C> You guys should make a chapter
�08[21:56] <derp> Peter-C, any tip for the I-95?
[21:56] <Peter-C> it sucks?
[21:56] <lucasoutloud> funnyfarm299: Thanks.  GOTTA LOVE THAT A7 TAG
[21:57] <GabrielF> we have a meet up group that SJ Klein runs but I usually can't go because they meet a night I have class
�03[21:57] * NuckingFuts ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:57] <funnyfarm299> Yeah. G11 is useful too.
[21:57] <GabrielF> I'm planning on going to our next meet up which is on the 9th
�03[21:57] * Eagles247 (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Eagles247) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:58] <GabrielF> we had a pretty good turnout for the 10th anniversary party in Boston too
�15[21:58] * TParis (~androirc@wikipedia/TParis) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds�)
[21:58] <GabrielF> not really sure what forming a chapter entails though
[22:00] <juancarlos> harej is a chapter forming master!
[22:00] <juancarlos> chapter-forming
�08[22:01] * derp forms juancarlos
[22:01] <harej> Hot.
[22:01] <juancarlos> harder
�08[22:01] * derp derps juancarlos.
�06[22:01] * juancarlos slaps derp with a ten pound trout.
�08[22:01] * derp has just �4BITCHSLAPPED� juancarlos across the face!
�15[22:02] * TParis_ ( Quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - ~�)
[22:02] <Steven_Zhang> aw
�03[22:02] * zscout370 (~Kagami@wikipedia/Zscout370) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:02] <funnyfarm299> I have the wierdest boner right now...
�06[22:02] * lucasoutloud sets up a stand selling trout with tags labeling them "Bitchslap9001™".
[22:03] <juancarlos> funnyfarm299: :-|
�15[22:03] * Netalarm (~Netalarm@TechEssentials/Netalarm) Quit (Quit: Off I go�)
[22:04] <Amgine> It's the fish, juancarlos.
[22:04] <lucasoutloud> Is it normal to refresh pages that you marked CSD until they die?
[22:04] <funnyfarm299> I do all the time :/
�06[22:05] * barts1a slaps lucasoutlound around a bit with a Bitchslap9001
[22:05] <funnyfarm299> Because if they fail CSD, I prod them.
[22:06] <Amgine> <goes all ocd on cleaning self, eyes, with alcohol wipes, and leaves channel assuming it's something to do with association>
�03[22:06] * Amgine (~amgine@wikinews/Amgine) has left #wikipedia-en ("Leaving"�)
�08[22:06] <derp> funnyfarm299, need someone to take care of it :P
�03[22:07] * ryanag (~satx@wikipedia/yrtneg) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[22:07] * ryanag (~satx@wikipedia/yrtneg) has left #wikipedia-en
�15[22:08] * tanngbinscadam (b7115657@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds�)
�03[22:08] * derp is now known as Quagmire
�08[22:08] <Quagmire> giggity
[22:08] <lucasoutloud> "I'm not vandalizing, it's called having a sense of humour"
[22:08] <lucasoutloud> Pff hahaha
[22:08] <barts1a> what user said that?
[22:09] <lucasoutloud>
[22:09] <barts1a> My reaction:
�03[22:10] * ryanag (~qpo@wikipedia/yrtneg) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:10] <elapse> barts1a:
�03[22:10] * jayne (~jayne@freenode/staff/jayne) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:10] <Guerillero> talk page access removed
[22:11] <elapse> though perhaps is an even better reaction
[22:11] <barts1a> nice try with the 'roll there
[22:11] <barts1a> I'd recognize that video ID anywhere
�08[22:11] <Quagmire>
�08[22:11] <Quagmire> teehee
�08[22:12] <Quagmire> cheap laughs  at wiki
[22:12] <lucasoutloud> From when Pokémon was good:
[22:12] <funnyfarm299> barts1a, the comment on that video was GREAT
[22:13] <Thorncrag> Anyone want to test Huggle Mac port! At least, until derp gets a native one done :)
[22:13] <elapse> haha yes
[22:13] <barts1a> funnyfarm299: which vid?
[22:13] <lucasoutloud> Thorncrag: Does it work on 10.5?
[22:13] <funnyfarm299> barts1a
[22:13] <Thorncrag> lucasoutloud: haven't tested that!
�03[22:13] * Jeff_G_ (~Jeff@wikipedia/Jeff-G.) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[22:13] Clones detected from wikipedia/Jeff-G.:�8 Jeff_G Jeff_G_
[22:14] <lucasoutloud> Thorncrag: Okay I'm in.
[22:14] <barts1a> I don't have a mac and I can't use huggle anyway
[22:14] <Thorncrag> lucasoutloud: looks like it should make no difference
[22:14] <ryanag> I want to use Huggle, although, I use a Meac.
[22:14] <ryanag> *Mac
[22:14] <lucasoutloud> Thorncrag: Hook me up.  By hte way, what is Huggle?
[22:14] <GabrielF> i've never used huggle but I'll test the mac version
[22:14] <Thorncrag> lucasoutloud: lol?
�06[22:14] * barts1a bangs his head repetedly against the wall
�08[22:14] <Quagmire> lucasoutloud, anti-vandalism tool.
�15[22:14] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
�08[22:14] <Quagmire> ryanag maybe one is coming in the future :)
�06[22:15] * Thorncrag facepalms
[22:15] <ryanag> :O
[22:15] <Guerillero> lol
[22:15] <funnyfarm299> Now THIS is a first for me. Used car dealers?
[22:15] <lucasoutloud> >me in charge of knowing about software
�06[22:15] * Jeff_G_ wants an Android version of Huggle
[22:15] <ryanag> YES!�
[22:15] <ryanag> So do I!
�06[22:15] * barts1a wants an iPhone version
[22:15] <ryanag> me too!
[22:15] <lucasoutloud> Thorncrag: Anyway, let me try out that port for you.
[22:15] <Thorncrag>
[22:15] <barts1a> There is no app for vandal fighting yet
[22:15] <Thorncrag> lucasoutloud: only if you have rollback rights
[22:16] <GabrielF> oh its not a native Mac app
[22:16] <lucasoutloud> Thorncrag: I do.
[22:16] <Snowolf> Thorncrag: interesting that you're using a wine wrapper
[22:16] <lucasoutloud> I think Gfoley4 gave that to me.
[22:16] <Thorncrag> Snowolf: I've used it and I haven't run into any problems (yet)
[22:17] <Gfoley4> Mac version? O_o
[22:17] <lucasoutloud> Gfoley4: EXPERIMENTAL
[22:17] <funnyfarm299> I ALMOST feel bad about CSDing an article about a guy that died two days ago.
[22:17] <Gfoley4> clicky clicky
[22:17] <Guerillero> was Teeth any good?
[22:17] <lucasoutloud> Oh and I have to wait an hour for it to download ;_;
[22:17] <Guerillero> link me
[22:17] <Guerillero> to the CSD
[22:17] <Thorncrag> I need to update it though, so that the browser redirects to the system default browser
[22:17] <Snowolf> Thorncrag: wasn't saying that you would or anything, I'm just interested in how I haven't seen a wine wrapped version for linux yet, despite how many linuxians we have around here; tho it might be just me not being up to date
[22:17] <ryanag> Gfoley4: Do you see this� as bold-underline-italic?
�03[22:17] * jorm (~bharris@wikimedia/jorm) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[22:17] <Quagmire> barts1a, i have a unfinished alpha of the Huggle for iPhone
[22:18] <Gfoley4> no�
[22:18] <Thorncrag> Snowolf: linux port should be just as easy
[22:18] <KFP> funnyfarm299: You're not CSDing Vaclav Havel I trust...
[22:18] <ryanag> no?
[22:18] <funnyfarm299> No, "Muzimal Khan"
[22:18] <Snowolf> funnyfarm299: if you tagged that car dealership, it's not promotional at all, it just doesn't say why it's notable, a7 material
[22:18] <Snowolf> cool name
[22:18] <barts1a> Quagmire: I would like to test it but I will need my huggle restriction removed first
�08[22:19] <Quagmire> barts1a. when i tested it on a iPhone 3G, it was a memory hog and drained the battery fast
[22:19] <lucasoutloud> The North Koreans are using their frying pans as crying pans.
[22:19] <KFP> Snowolf: It's late! Go to sleep!
�08[22:19] <Quagmire> now i need to recompile it again for 4S
[22:19] <Snowolf> KFP: my sleep schedule is not syncronized with my timezone
[22:19] <barts1a> Quagmire: Try to optimize memory and processor usage to as little as possible
[22:20] <barts1a> The 4S is a LOT faster than the 3GS so you should see a decent performance bump
�08[22:20] <Quagmire> barts1a, with raw IRC feed?
�08[22:20] <Quagmire> and computational analysis of feeds?
[22:20] <Snowolf> KFP: prolly gonna actually pull an all-nighter 'cause I have to do a bunch of stuff in the morning and I keep postponing because I wake up too late :D
[22:20] <barts1a> Quagmire Look at how many IRC clients and feed-readers there are on the app store
�08[22:20] <Quagmire> I know :)
�03[22:20] * SigMobile (46e7e5ce@wikipedia/Lowercase-Sigma) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[22:21] * Eagles247 (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Eagles247) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 8.0/20111104165243]�)
[22:21] <barts1a> Look at what they are doing to work within the hardware limits
[22:21] <barts1a> and take a few tricks from their books
�06[22:21] * SigMobile nudges everyone
[22:21] <funnyfarm299> Should I prod this for WP:NOT#DICT?
�08[22:21] <Quagmire> Mine is slightly outside the hardware limits
�15[22:21] * Moe_Epsilon (~David@wikipedia/Moe-Epsilon) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�03[22:21] * TParis ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[22:21] * Quagmire snuggles SigMobile
[22:21] <SigMobile> funnyfarm299: When in doubt, sentence it to Hell.
�06[22:21] * SigMobile hugs Quagmire 
[22:21] <KFP> Snowolf:      Me too.
[22:21] <barts1a> You can have it only working with 4th gen + hardware
[22:21] <SigMobile> Quagmire: :D
[22:21] <ryanag> tp: They're creating Huggle for mac!
[22:21] <elapse> barts1a: just do it all on a server and just send the app a diff and two buttons
[22:22] <Snowolf> KFP: lolol
[22:22] <barts1a> there are several apps that require iPhone 4/S features and processing speed
�08[22:22] <Quagmire> i need to update the codefirst
[22:22] <funnyfarm299> XKCD drives me NUTS. Always sends traffic to us without warning us...
[22:22] <barts1a> elapse: that is a damn good idea!
�08[22:22] <Quagmire> and i'm in the process of finishing a emergency update before the iTunes Connect closes :P
[22:23] <SigMobile> :O
[22:23] <ryanag> :O
[22:23] <Thorncrag> hmm
[22:23] <SigMobile> TWO TON COAL BALLS
�08[22:23] <Quagmire> iTunes Connect = portal for devs to upload their apps for review.
[22:23] <SigMobile> OF JUSTICE
�03[22:23] * raindrift ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[22:23] * raindrift ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[22:23] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) has joined #wikipedia-en
�06[22:24] * barts1a drops a coal ball onto SigMobile
[22:24] <funnyfarm299> OH GOD THE COAL BALLS
�06[22:24] * SigMobile has mastered the coal ball
[22:24] <SigMobile> Every aspect of
[22:24] <SigMobile> it
�06[22:24] * ryanag kills SigMobile with a coal ball
�06[22:24] * SigMobile expertly controls it with his mind, and sends it flying toward barts1a 
[22:25] <funnyfarm299> I feel like I coul write an essay on y'alls obsession with it.
[22:25] <SigMobile> Only my obsession
[22:25] <elapse> me too
[22:25] <KFP> ryanag: A coal ball made of... coal?
[22:25] <SigMobile> KFP: WRONG
[22:25] <KFP> SigMobile: Just testing. ;)
�08[22:25] <Quagmire> poop?
[22:25] <barts1a> Coal balls are actually a type of spherical fossil
[22:25] <barts1a> they get their name due to their coal-like color
[22:26] <ryanag> SigBot
[22:26] <ryanag> You need a bot called SigBot
[22:26] <ryanag> not
[22:26] <SigMobile> lowercase sigmabot
[22:26] <ryanag>  that Joh Paul something IV
[22:26] <SigMobile> :D
[22:26] <SigMobile> Oh
[22:26] <SigMobile> Yeah
[22:26] <SigMobile> John Paul Jones IV
[22:26] <SigMobile> He was some old dead American
[22:27] <SigMobile> Something to do with ironclads
[22:27] <ryanag> �Your bot's name should be someone who has to do with coal balls
�06[22:27] * barts1a facepalms
[22:27] <Thorncrag> Father of the U.S. Navy...
[22:27] <funnyfarm299> Why do people think we answer these?
[22:27] <barts1a>
�15[22:27] * Narodnik (~Severin@wikipedia/Skomorokh) Quit (Quit: Connection reset by beer�)
�03[22:28] * ryanag is now known as ryanag|away
�06[22:28] * SigMobile flexes his coal balls
�06[22:28] * barts1a gets a horrible picture in his head
�15[22:28] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) Quit (Client Quit�)
[22:28] <GabrielF> funnyfarm299 some people do NOT get technology, there was a gif on reddit the other day where someone was posting on Google's wall on Facebook thinking he was googling
[22:28] <Thorncrag> funnyfarm299: That's a perfectly legitimint question :)
�08[22:29] <Quagmire> spell check.
�03[22:29] * NuclearWarfare (chatzilla@wikipedia/NuclearWarfare) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:29] <SigMobile> GabrielF: The type of person we send to do manual labour
[22:29] <SigMobile> NuclearWarfare: Hello
[22:29] <SigMobile> Don't hate me
�08[22:29] <Quagmire> yes hello
[22:29] <SigMobile> It was all a mistake
[22:29] <NuclearWarfare> Evening
�08[22:29] <Quagmire> i hate you, SigMobile.
[22:29] <SigMobile> I'm not stupid anymore
[22:29] <barts1a>
[22:29] <barts1a> watch it
[22:29] <Alpha_Quadrant> evening NW
�08[22:29] <Quagmire> IT'S A RICKROLL!
[22:29] <funnyfarm299> GabrielF, I saw that too. And IIRC, people then ID'd his real name.
[22:29] <SigMobile> NuclearWarfare: Think of me as I act now, not the past
[22:30] <barts1a> No. It's the scrollwheel
[22:30] <GabrielF> I used to work for an ISP and went on a service call where someone was complaining her Internet had been out for a month
[22:30] <barts1a> made by Guy Collins
[22:30] <barts1a> quite good for expressing how geeks feel about non geeks
[22:30] <GabrielF> so I went to her apartment and it turned out she was in a wheelchair and her router was plugged into the same surge protector as her AC but the AC was so high up in the window she couldn't reach the control so she just shut off the power strip
[22:31] <GabrielF> so of course her Internet had been out for a month because it was late september and she hadn't needed the AC
[22:31] <Steven_Zhang> Peter-C: you work for WMF?
[22:31] <SigMobile> Steven_Zhang: Hi
[22:31] <Steven_Zhang> hello :p
[22:31] <Peter-C> Steven_Zhang - I am the Intern at Wikimedia NYC
[22:31] <Steven_Zhang> er?
[22:31] <Steven_Zhang>
�08[22:32] <Quagmire> Monica Lewinsky.
[22:32] <Peter-C> ^
[22:32] <KFP> Wikimedia = doomed.
[22:32] <lucasoutloud> Back.  My dad snagged the computer to make a cd :|
[22:32] <Peter-C> :3
�08[22:32] <Quagmire> cd's are dead.
[22:32] <harej> Is it a paid internship, Peter-C?
[22:32] <Peter-C> KFP - why the hate bro
�08[22:32] <Quagmire> blu-ray's in :D
�03[22:32] * tangbinscadam (b7115657@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:33] <Peter-C> harej - possibly, probably not
�03[22:33] * raindrift ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[22:33] * raindrift ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[22:33] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:33] <Peter-C> Depends on my work and how things turn out
[22:33] <funnyfarm299> can someone delete this under G10?
[22:34] <KFP> Peter-C: I'm just yanking your chain. :d
[22:34] <lucasoutloud> "how much of a loser you have to be a Wiki Admin"
[22:34] <Peter-C> :3
[22:34] <lucasoutloud> I think being a wiki admin is cool ;_;
[22:34] <Peter-C> ^^^
[22:34] <SigMobile> lucasoutloud: +1
[22:34] <funnyfarm299> ^^^^
[22:34] <KFP> lucasoutloud: It is. The parties are awesome, too.
[22:34] <elapse> and the benifits
[22:34] <lucasoutloud> Peter-C: I'm also jelly about your intern status :3
[22:35] <Peter-C> :3
[22:35] <funnyfarm299> FYI,
[22:35] <SigMobile> funnyfarm299: That never works
[22:35] <Snowolf> funnyfarm299: deleted upage and utalkpage and blocked
[22:35] <lucasoutloud> I am putting that on my userpage
[22:35] <KFP> lucasoutloud: ...Not to mention the generous salary!
[22:36] <SigMobile> lucasoutloud: Don't
[22:36] <SigMobile> lucasoutloud: When you RfA people are going to oppose
[22:36] <lucasoutloud> SigMobile: Well dicks.
[22:36] <SigMobile> "Candidate wanted adminship in 2011. Obviously he's a power-hungry nazi"
�06[22:36] * barts1a has a better userbox:
[22:36] <Snowolf> KFP, Peter-C: gold plated washing machine is complimentary, right?
[22:36] <GabrielF> yes you can make all of $30 for participating in a research survey
[22:36] <GabrielF> so the hourly rate is like $.000001
[22:37] <Peter-C> Snowolf - duh
[22:37] <KFP> Snowolf: Well, I chose the iridium-plated one, but...
�08[22:37] * Quagmire sends a angry cat to Peter-C
�06[22:37] * Peter-C puts his Snowolf into the washing machine and selectes the "snowolf" cycle
[22:37] <KFP> Quagmire: *an
[22:37] <Snowolf> You got better taste than our beloved leader then, KFP
[22:37] <SigMobile> Jimbo>
[22:37] <SigMobile> ?
[22:38] <KFP> Snowolf: Jimbo?  Mario?
[22:38] <Snowolf> KFP: was a reference to danny quoting anthere about jimbo
[22:38] <LL2|JedIRC> Wait
[22:38] <LL2|JedIRC> Snowolf: was I really msging you on wp?
[22:38] <Snowolf> Yes
[22:38] <LL2|JedIRC> When I coulda done it on irc?
�03[22:38] * Sam_Gold ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:38] <Snowolf> I poked you in here at the time
[22:39] <LL2|JedIRC> Yeh, I didn't see it
�15[22:39] * bep (~britishen@reddit/operator/bep) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�06[22:40] * KFP to zzz. Nights! 
[22:40] <funnyfarm299> Does anyone understand this redirect?
[22:40] <lucasoutloud> funnyfarm299: Nope.
�06[22:40] * LL2|JedIRC just added Nuy to akick for a couple chans
[22:40] <Snowolf> funnyfarm299: might be some episode / plot device related
�03[22:40] * KFP is now known as KFP_sleep
�15[22:41] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) Quit (Quit: Leaving.�)
[22:41] <funnyfarm299> There are a LOT of people CSDing things tonight.
�15[22:41] * Seddon (~chatzilla@Wikimedia/Seddon) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
[22:41] <SigMobile> funnyfarm299: There'd better be
[22:41] <SigMobile> Until I get my new computer
[22:41] <LL2|JedIRC> Or SigMobile is going insane
[22:41] <SigMobile> Then everyone had better piss off
[22:41] <SigMobile> Because I want 100+ tags on Christmas
�03[22:41] * foks (~joseph@wikipedia/fox) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:42] <SigMobile> foks: Hello
[22:42] <LL2|JedIRC> Too bad, you can get 12 at max
[22:42] <LL2|JedIRC> :P
[22:42] <funnyfarm299> Is there an uptick on christmas?
[22:42] <foks> Hi
[22:42] <LL2|JedIRC> *porky pig-like stuttering here* "That's all, foks!"
[22:43] <NuclearWarfare> funnyfarm299: It's not in any of the recent Psych episodes, from what I can remember
[22:43] <funnyfarm299> I think my spacebar is starting to wear out from Huggle.
[22:43] <funnyfarm299> no google results- I'm going to CSD it.
[22:44] <NuclearWarfare> deleted
[22:44] <SigMobile> New signpost :D
[22:45] <lucasoutloud> >that feel when people make attack pages
[22:45] <lucasoutloud> Aww shit I forgot to add my signiture.
[22:46] <funnyfarm299> Guess what popped up again:
[22:46] <lucasoutloud> lolwat
[22:47] <funnyfarm299> We already deleted it once tonight
�03[22:47] * crazynas (~IceChat77@wikipedia/crazynas) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:47] <lucasoutloud> I marked it as a test page for CSD
�06[22:47] * crazynas blinks
�03[22:47] * Laura|Away is now known as LauraHale
[22:48] <lucasoutloud> Oh, and they put "obituary" in the title.
�03[22:48] * bep (~britishen@reddit/operator/bep) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:48] <lucasoutloud> HAR HAR
[22:48] <funnyfarm299> Prodego, that is a GREAT reason
[22:49] <barts1a> ^
[22:49] <crazynas> is there a way to get a random FA
[22:49] <crazynas> ?
[22:49] <lucasoutloud> Define FA
[22:50] <elapse> crazynas:
[22:50] <crazynas> elapse: thanks :)
[22:50] <elapse> with the appropriate cat
[22:50] <crazynas> ya
[22:50] <SigMobile> Just make sure the cat is Candidates for speedy deletion
[22:50] <SigMobile> When you get to one, fry it
�15[22:50] * GabrielF (~GabrielF@wikipedia/GabrielF) Quit (Quit: GabrielF�)
�08[22:50] <Quagmire> why are you pasting that vapid shit
�06[22:50] * crazynas a thows coal balls at SigMobile's (balls)
[22:51] <crazynas> o.O
[22:51] <crazynas> heh
�06[22:51] * SigMobile assimilates the coal balls
[22:51] <lucasoutloud> funnyfarm299: is still up :|
[22:51] <SigMobile> And now
�08[22:51] <Quagmire> time for derping
[22:51] <funnyfarm299> This is great:
[22:51] <barts1a> lucas: you tagged it under an hour ago. It usually takes AT LEAST an hour for an admin to get around to it
[22:53] <lucasoutloud> barts1a: usually when I do CSD it takes 20~ minutes
[22:53] <Tannerbaum> we need to make a bot
[22:53] <Tannerbaum> that's smart
[22:53] <Tannerbaum> like cluebot and cleverbot combined
[22:53] <Tannerbaum> and learns what should be deleted
[22:53] <Tannerbaum> then deletes it
[22:53] <SigMobile> Tannerbaum: Cobi did it already
Session Close: Tue Dec 20 22:53:49 2011