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�08[14:59] * derp huggles foks tightly.
[15:00] <foks> :)
�06[15:00] * bep sneakily sexes derp
�08[15:00] * derp sexes sex bep
[15:00] <bep> yay!
�08[15:01] * derp huggles bep tightly.
[15:01] <foks> Guy love, that's all it is...
�08[15:01] <derp> bromance
[15:02] <bep> it's more than bromance, it's hardcore sex
[15:02] <Tannerbaum> someone FIX REDDIT
[15:02] <mabdul> o.O
[15:02] <petan> yay, just found out that Gorilla-Warfare is a girl heh :) I didn't know that
[15:02] <mabdul> you are shocking me, coming in and only sex XD
[15:03] <mabdul> petan: you know that we need you again for a new bot/bfra XD
[15:03] <petan> really?
[15:03] <mabdul> afc related again ;)
[15:03] <petan> np
[15:03] <mabdul> yeah ;)
[15:03] <petan> go ahead
[15:03] <petan> create brfa and put me as operator that's ok :P
[15:03] <petan> I will review it then
[15:03] <mabdul> petan: oh, ok XD
[15:03] <petan> :D
[15:04] <Alpha_Quadrant> petan: it is a new project
[15:04] <petan> hi!
[15:04] <petan> ok
[15:04] <Alpha_Quadrant> petan: if you would like, I will explain in ##Alpha_Quadrant
[15:04] <petan> secret! yay
[15:04] <petan> ok
[15:04] <mabdul> secret XD, no he isn't involved XD
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[15:31] <tashir> is methecooldude still not home?
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[15:42] <mabdul> fluf: ping
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[15:44] <Thogo> hello! :)
[15:45] <Thogo> Maryana ? Do you have a couple of minutes (or some more ^^)? I'll be here for the next 3 hours, so if it doesn't fit right now, ping later. :o)
[15:46] <Maryana> hi thogo! sure – what's up?
[15:46] <Thogo> template testing. ^^
[15:46] <Maryana> hehe, yeah, i figured
[15:46] <Mike_H> If Maryland and Louisiana mated
[15:46] <Mike_H> they'd make Maryana
[15:46] <Mike_H> ;D
[15:47] <Maryana> haha
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[15:48] <Thogo> lol...
[15:48] <Mike_H> if Thailand and Togo mated
[15:48] <Mike_H> they'd make Thogo
[15:48] <Mike_H> ;DDD
[15:49] <Thogo> well... I've looked at the (I think) most used warning-1 template. I don't find any problems there... It seems they did a good job writing it.
[15:49] <Maryana> can you give me the link?
[15:49] <Thogo> no passives, no harsh words, very few links (3, all really useful)...
[15:49] <Thogo>
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[15:50] <Maryana> well, perhaps that's not the best test to run first. that template looks pretty good to me, actually
[15:50] <Thogo> yes, I'll scan the others again, too. We will find some to be tested, I'm sure. :)
[15:51] <Maryana> welcomes would be good to test
[15:51] <Maryana> i heard a lot of complaints about those from de wikipedians :)
[15:51] <Thogo> welcomes aren't served automatically or semi-automatically, I think... Would that be a problem?
[15:52] <Thogo> I mean the new account welcomes.
[15:52] <Maryana> not necessarily. are they substituted or transcluded?
�03[15:53] * mabdul is now known as mabdul|food
[15:53] <Thogo> I'm not sure... I wouldn't use subst: with them, because if the new user edits their talk page to answer it and sees a huge bunch of wiki syntax, that wouldn't be very comfortable...
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[15:55] <Thogo> hm, there is one that is text-only. It's used with subst:, but there it's probably no problem.
[15:56] <Thogo> but that's a good choice to improve, it has *much* text and many links, too.
[15:56] <alyxuk>
[15:56] <alyxuk> so erm...
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[15:56] <Thogo> the funniest point is the last. It reads "Because there are so many new users, we can only provide the standard text for welcoming." lol?!
[15:56] <alyxuk> any reason that image exists?
[15:56] <alyxuk> i mean, i have no objection to looking at a guys wang
[15:57] <alyxuk> but..
[15:57] <Maryana> haha
[15:57] <Thogo> it's funny, alyxuk. So, yes, there is a reason. :)
[15:57] <Thogo> but it should be on commons, anyway.
[15:57] <Maryana> thogo: yeah, that's basically saying "sorry newbie, you're not important enough for a real message"
[15:57] <Thogo> exactly
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[15:58] <Maryana> so maybe that's what you want to test first
�03[15:58] * Iamred ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[15:59] <Thogo> seems so, yes.
[15:59] <Thogo> I'll make a page for it in our testing space.
[15:59] <Maryana> also, i love google translate: "write neutral and emotionless." it's trying to make a joke about germans :)
[16:00] <Pharos> neutral and emotionless sounds more like wikipedia style
[16:01] <Maryana> "emotionless" in english sounds more like robotic/inhuman
�03[16:01] * Malinaccier (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:02] <Maryana> "there is no joy in wikipedia!!"
[16:02] <Maryana> heh
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[16:02] <Thogo> :D
[16:02] <Thogo> well, it really says that, indeed.
[16:03] <Pharos> wikipedia is the Grinch of general reference works
[16:03] <Thogo> it's intended to mean neutral in this case, but...
[16:03] <Thogo> sort of...
[16:04] <Maryana> i'm tempted to go look up the welcomes on french wikipedia
[16:04] <Maryana> i wonder if they have stuff in there about love and kisses...
[16:04] <Thogo> XD
[16:04] <Thogo> the one I got, years back, was quite standard, IIRC.
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[16:05] <Thogo> and of course very big.
[16:05] <Thogo> at least, they don't subst: it.
[16:06] <Thogo> but ok. ^^ so, how many changes per test template would be feasible? Only one each? We would end up with a dozen or two different proposals then, all with one of the problems solved.
[16:07] <Maryana> that's tricky, yes. you have to keep track of the variables you're changing, but you also don't want to create dozens of test templates.
[16:07] <Alpha_Quadrant> Maryana: the French Wikipedia uses massive smiley faces in their templates
[16:07] <Maryana> oh god, yes, i remember seeing those
[16:07] <Alpha_Quadrant> have you seen the welcome template?
[16:07] <Thogo>èle:Bienvenue_nouveau
[16:08] <Alpha_Quadrant> it can't get much friendlier
[16:08] <Maryana> i like how it has the thing about indicating your tastes on your user page...
[16:08] <Maryana> so french :)
[16:09] <jorm> Okay, lazyweb.
[16:09] <jorm> help a brother out.
[16:09] <jorm> I have a feature I'm designing to go into (at the beginning) Feedback Dashboard responses.
[16:09] <jorm> it's a little "Mark this as helpful" thing.
[16:09] <Maryana> thogo: so, to your original question: it gets really complicated when you have more than 2 test versions
[16:10] <jorm> tracks what responses are helpful overall, etc.
[16:10] <Thogo> ok
[16:10] <jorm> and i can't come up with a name.
[16:10] <Maryana> jorm: i put some feedback in your feedback, so you can feedback while you feedback
[16:10] <jorm> ohman.
[16:10] <jorm> that's it.
[16:10] <jorm> Feedception.
�15[16:10] * TBloemink (~TBloemink@wikimedia/tbloemink) Quit (Quit: Read error: Connection reset by apple�)
[16:10] <Thogo> so we could start with one change first.
[16:11] <Thogo> with maybe two different solutions.
�03[16:11] * Resfirestar_ is now known as Resfirestar
[16:11] <Lubaf> Red link or Blue link: "Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner"?
[16:12] <Maryana> thogo: maybe think of two overall changes you'd like to make (i.e., "fewer links" and "shorter")
[16:12] <Maryana> and go from there
[16:12] <Maryana> does that make sense?
[16:12] <Maryana> you can write one version that's the same length but only links to 2 or 3 really helpful places
[16:12] <Thogo> yes, sort of.
[16:13] <Maryana> and one that has fewer links and is much shorter
[16:13] <Maryana> just an idea
[16:13] <Maryana> so you're tracking 2 variables in a more or less stable manner
[16:14] <Thogo> ok, we can try that. *nod*
[16:14] <Maryana> ok, cool
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[16:15] <Thogo> lol... some of the links are leading to the same page even.
[16:15] <Maryana> haha, yeah...
[16:16] <Maryana> my favorite on is when people link to the questions page, which has a big red template at the top that says WARNING: THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO ASK QUESTIONS
[16:16] <Thogo> rofl
[16:16] <Maryana> gotta love wikipedia
[16:16] <Thogo> that's very funny, but sad.
[16:17] <Maryana> yeah. i try to think of it as an opportunity for change :)
[16:17] <Thogo> :) I hope I won't find such stuff on dewiki... *fear*
[16:19] <Maryana> if you do, let me know. we should create a page somewhere to collect it all – 95 theses style
[16:19] <Thogo> hehe
[16:19] <Thogo> well, I pretty much hate the intro to our general questions page.
[16:20] <Thogo> <--- this, I mean.
[16:20] <Maryana> that header template?
[16:20] <Thogo> yes
[16:20] <Thogo> it's a huge checklist which cases are not treated on that page, but somewhere else.
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[16:21] <Thogo> so you're supposed not to ask anything there that would fall into the scope of one of these listed pages. And you have to check that. ^^
[16:21] <Maryana> still better than this:
[16:22] <Thogo> uh...
�03[16:22] * GorillaWarfare (~GorillaWa@wikipedia/GorillaWarfare) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:22] <Thogo> ugly!
[16:23] <Maryana> "This page is for discussing the questions page itself Please don't ask other questions on this page."
[16:23] <Thogo> don't is not good.
[16:23] <Maryana> this has to be lifted from the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy or something
[16:23] <Thogo> "Please ask any other questions on the [link|question page]." would be better.
�03[16:23] * DQ|sleepz is now known as DeltaQuad
[16:24] <Maryana> yeah, anything would be better than that
�15[16:24] * joke-away ( Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds�)
[16:24] <Thogo> "don't"s should be banned from non-very-serious-warnings.
[16:24] <Maryana> or huge red text
[16:24] <Thogo> *shrug* red or pink, nobody cares anyway, I have the impression.
[16:25] <Thogo> even big red warnings are commonly ignored.
[16:25] <Thogo> even by admins. :)
[16:25] <Maryana> anyway… hehe, tangent.
[16:25] <Maryana> ha, especially by admins!
[16:25] <Maryana> :)
[16:26] <Thogo> ;)
[16:26] <Maryana> ok, i have to run in a few minutes. i'll be back on in half an hour or so.
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[16:26] <Thogo> ok, have a good lunch. :)
[16:26] <Maryana> anything you need from me right this minute?
[16:26] <Maryana> thanks! if you have any other questions, feel free to email or catch me on IRC again
[16:26] <Thogo> ok, thank you!
[16:26] <Maryana> good luck on the template work
[16:26] <Thogo> ^^
[16:27] <Maryana> later! :)
[16:27] <Thogo> see you
�03[16:27] * Maryana ( has left #wikipedia-en
[16:28] <Peter-C> Panyd
[16:28] <Peter-C> I have an AMAZING job idea for you
[16:28] <Peter-C> Work customer relations for Santa!
�15[16:29] * newt ( Quit
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�06[16:32] * Peter-C eats Panyd
�06[16:33] * petan eats wikipedia
[16:33] <PeterSymonds> Answer official correspondence and legal action regarding presents people didn't want?
�06[16:33] * petan huggles derp
[16:33] <PeterSymonds> "I wanted the BLUE one, and you gave me the GREEN one."
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[16:37] <Panyd> Peter-C: I'd rather dress up as an elf
[16:37] <Panyd> It's warmer and fewer shouty parents
[16:38] <Pharos> I would make a good Santa
[16:38] <Panyd> there we go! We can have a wikigrotto :P
�03[16:38] * erikhaugen (~erikhauge@ has joined #wikipedia-en
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�03[16:38] * erikhaugen (~erikhauge@wikipedia/ErikHaugen) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:38] <Pharos> I sometimes have facial hair, and I don't mind working christmas
�15[16:38] * southpark ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[16:38] <Peter-C> Pharos seems like a depressing santa clause
[16:38] <Peter-C> "I want an iPod!"
[16:39] <Peter-C> "How about an open source alternative?"
[16:39] <Pharos> you can have an OGG player
[16:39] <Pharos> :P
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[16:41] <Pharos> i'd rather be a christmas troll than an erlf
�15[16:43] * M132T003C (~MTC@wikimedia/MTC) Quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - ~�)
[16:43] <BarkingFish> i'd rather be an elf than an erlf :)
�03[16:43] * Queen (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[16:43] * EdSaperia ( has joined #wikipedia-en
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[16:44] <Pharos> i'd rather pay you thursday for a hamburger today
�03[16:44] * Fumika (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[16:44] Clones detected from wikia/ZamorakO-o:�8 Fumika Queen
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[16:45] <BarkingFish> lol
�03[16:48] * mabdul (~mabdul@wikipedia/mabdul) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:49] <Ironholds> evening, fools
[16:49] <Ironholds> oh and BarkingFish
�03[16:49] * Fumika is now known as Queen
[16:49] <Ironholds> Peter-C: that...was actually a funny joke.
[16:49] <Ironholds> kudos!
[16:49] <Peter-C> :D
�03[16:51] * ryanag (~ryan@wikimedia/eta-theta) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:52] <Ironholds> Peter-C: and yes, I am in a good mood
�03[16:52] * Steven_Zhang (~Steven_Zh@Wikipedia/Steven-Zhang) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:53] <BarkingFish> evening Ironholds
�15[16:53] * EdSaperia ( Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds�)
[16:53] <Pharos> is this a sign of the endtimes?
�03[16:53] * raindrift (~Adium@ has joined #wikipedia-en
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�03[16:53] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:54] <Peter-C> Pharos it is a sign it has happened
[16:54] <BarkingFish> A very odd question to ask in here, but has anyone ever had experience of a Sikh funeral?
[16:54] <Pharos> ok, glad that's over then
[16:54] <Pharos> no
[16:55] <BarkingFish> I've looked on wikipedia and can't find an answer to this, despite searching a lot of sikh related topics.
[16:55] <Pharos> i don't think i've ever even been to a christian funeral
�03[16:55] * TParis ( has joined #wikipedia-en
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�03[16:55] * TParis (~TParis@wikipedia/TParis) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:55] <Pharos> what a weird person i am
�03[16:55] * Earwig (~Earwig@wikipedia/The-Earwig) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:55] <TParis> Yes, agreed.
[16:55] <TParis> Hi gaiz
[16:55] <Ironholds> Pharos: me being in a good mood?
[16:55] <GorillaWarfare> So.. many... Tootsie Rolls...
[16:56] <Pharos> by default, you would assume it's Hindu-like
[16:56] <BarkingFish> A good friend of mine who was a Sikh, died yesterday afternoon.  I wanted to find out whether all the things christians do after a death (send a card, go to visit the bereaved, etc) are all the same
�03[16:56] * mabdul is now known as mabdul|dog
[16:56] <BarkingFish> and if not, what you actually do.
[16:56] <Pharos> Ironholds, yup
[16:56] <ryanag> BarkingFish: WP:RD ...?
�06[16:56] * Peter-C tackles People magazine
[16:56] <Ironholds> Pharos: Herself rocks up in old london-town tomorrow morning
[16:56] <Ironholds> I have a right to be happy.
[16:56] <BarkingFish> good call, ryanag
[16:57] <BarkingFish> I never thought of that
[16:57] <Ironholds> BarkingFish: I've been to one!
[16:57] <Peter-C> GorillaWarfare - your internet fame is attracting paparazzi! :P
[16:57] <ryanag> O.O
[16:57] <GorillaWarfare> Peter-C: ?
[16:57] <ryanag> ;)
�03[16:57] * EdSaperia ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:57] <Peter-C> It's a lame joke
[16:57] <Pharos>
[16:57] <Peter-C> Give it pitty laughter
[16:57] <Peter-C> :(
[16:57] <ryanag> I don't hate Balboa...
[16:57] <Ironholds> BarkingFish: send a card, go to the funeral, but keep quiet
[16:58] <Ironholds> big outpourings of grief are not appreciated
[16:58] <Ironholds> basically because sikhism teaches that death is WP:NOBIGDEAL for the whole "soul" thing.
[16:58] <BarkingFish> Ironholds: the funeral's gonna be a tough one to get to, it's being held in Manchester
[16:58] <Pharos>
[16:58] <BarkingFish> but as for the card and stuff, that I can do.
[16:59] <Pharos> i'm sure a card would be appreciated by anyone
[16:59] <Ironholds> BarkingFish: aw :(. Okay, card then
�06[16:59] * BarkingFish figures to go check with National Rail Enquiries as to the cost of a train ticket to Manchester
[16:59] <BarkingFish> be wise, before I say I can't go...
[16:59] <ryanag> :,(
[17:00] <ryanag> :(
�15[17:01] * p858snake|l (~p858snake@unaffiliated/p858snake) Quit (Quit: User has quit this network.�)
[17:01] <BarkingFish> actually, that's not bad. Cheapest fare is only £25.50
[17:02] <Ironholds> guys, what's the code to collapse sections?
[17:02] <ryanag> GBP to USD = what equation?
[17:02] <BarkingFish> Leaves milton keynes 9.31pm, gets into Oxford Road at 11.51pm
[17:02] <Ironholds> ryanag: "google"
�15[17:03] * EdSaperia ( Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
�06[17:03] * ryanag is asdfed
[17:04] <ryanag> Oh wow, $40.02!!
�06[17:04] * ryanag is still asdfed.
�03[17:05] * GorillaWarfare is now known as GW|AFK
�03[17:08] * ryanag is now known as ryanag|away
�03[17:10] * harej (~chatzilla@wikipedia/MessedRocker) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[17:11] * Courcelles (~Courcelle@wikipedia/courcelles) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:11] <jorm> so here's this:
[17:14] <Peter-C> jorm - what about unhelpful O_o
[17:14] <jorm> unhelpful is asocial.
�03[17:15] * JeffG|PidginAuto (~Jeff@wikipedia/Jeff-G.) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:16] <BarkingFish> jorm: unhelpful is also a choice, how do you get feedback on people's replies if you don't give them the chance to say "this wasn't particularly useful."?
[17:16] <BarkingFish> s/useful/helpful
�15[17:16] * JeffG|PidginAut1 ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
�03[17:16] * Maryana ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:16] <jorm> there's already a zillion ways to indicate displeasure.
�03[17:17] * Thogo (Thogo@wikimedia/Thogo) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[17:17] * derp eats Peter-C
�06[17:17] * Peter-C eats Panyd
�08[17:17] <derp> hey jorm
[17:18] <BarkingFish> jorm: yeah, so having someone reply with comments about someone's post which indicate their displeasure *verbally* may be just as asocial.
�03[17:18] * PhancyPhysicist ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:18] <petan> hi Maryana
[17:19] <petan> I talked with Ian about the extension
[17:19] <Maryana> hi petan
�15[17:19] * ryanag|away (~ryan@wikimedia/eta-theta) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
[17:19] <Maryana> excellent!
[17:19] <petan> we need to wait for discussion to be closed
[17:20] <jorm> which extension?
[17:20] <Maryana> dynamic block notice template
[17:20] <Thogo>,_New_York&diff=175473246&oldid=170700532 uhm... 4 years old. :) You guys need to pay more attention in your project. :p
[17:20] <Maryana> petan can probably explain better :)
�03[17:20] * quanticle is now known as quanticle|away
[17:20] <petan> jorm: want explanation? link to svn? or bugzilla? :P
[17:20] <jorm> and by ian, we mean ian baker?
[17:20] <petan> yes
[17:20] <Maryana> yeah, raindrift
[17:21] <jorm> bugzilla.
[17:22] <petan>
[17:23] <petan> it's like 10 lines of php code
[17:23] <petan> Ian said it would be better in core
[17:23] <petan> but I don't know if it's actually worth of that
[17:24] <petan> however it could have lot of use on wiki
�08[17:25] <derp> I like how the 3DS can do now time lapse pictures
�03[17:26] * Moe_Epsilon (~David@wikipedia/Moe-Epsilon) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[17:27] * Anna_Frodesiak (Anna_Frode@wikipedia/Anna-Frodesiak) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:27] <Anna_Frodesiak> could someone please confirm that his signature is unclickable. it could be my browser
[17:27] <Anna_Frodesiak>
[17:28] <PeterSymonds> Confirmed.
[17:28] <Anna_Frodesiak> cheers thanks
[17:28] <Kingpin13> It links to his talk page, so you can't click it from his talk page
[17:28] <Kingpin13> Anna_Frodesiak ^
[17:29] <Anna_Frodesiak> oh, so on other pages you can?
[17:29] <petan> yes
[17:29] <PeterSymonds> No.
[17:29] <petan> maybe I should open that page to check first :)
[17:30] <PeterSymonds> Ah, the "Humour Thisthat2011" is the clickable bit elsewhere.
�08[17:30] * derp hugs PeterSymonds
[17:30] <PeterSymonds> Hello derp.
�03[17:30] * scream ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[17:30] * scream ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[17:30] * scream (~jon@wikipedia/NonvocalScream) has joined #wikipedia-en
�06[17:30] * petan bugs derp
[17:30] <Thogo> yes, it's clickable on other pages.
�03[17:31] * southpark ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[17:31] * Loki (~loki@wikimedia/Wolfnix) Quit (Read error: Operation timed out�)
[17:32] <Anna_Frodesiak> thanks folks
[17:32] <Steven_Zhang> I am getting a PS Vita
[17:32] <Steven_Zhang> :p
[17:32] <petan> but imho it suck
[17:32] <petan> Anna_Frodesiak: ^
[17:32] <petan> that signature :)
[17:32] <Thogo> of course it sucks. It's colored. ^^
�15[17:32] * Falcorian (~Falcorian@wikipedia/Falcorian) Quit (Quit: Leaving.�)
[17:32] <petan> + there is no sign that it's a link
[17:32] <Thogo> it's blue underlined if you go over it with the mouse.
�08[17:32] <derp> I want 2 put a SVG as my sig :P
[17:33] <petan> I don't care about color but it's confusing when you actually need to try it like that
�15[17:33] * LikeLakers2-1 (~LikeLaker@wikipedia/LikeLakers2) Quit (Quit: *insert generic Quit Message here*�)
[17:33] <Thogo> but I hate colored or formatted signatures anyway. So it's probably just me. :)
[17:34] <Alpha_Quadrant> derp: images are prohibited in signatures
�03[17:35] * newt ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:35] <newt> seriously now
[17:35] <newt> what the heck
[17:36] <Anna_Frodesiak> Steven_Zhang: what's with the strange comment before?
[17:36] <Steven_Zhang> Huh?
�03[17:37] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[17:37] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@ Quit (Changing host�)
�03[17:37] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@wikipedia/LikeLakers2) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:38] <Anna_Frodesiak> you wrote "fail...something or other" about the images needed page
[17:38] <Anna_Frodesiak> we were all rather confused
�03[17:39] * Gfoley4 (~Gfoley4@wikipedia/Gfoley4) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:39] <newt> wow
[17:39] <newt> [[Small talk]] is hilarious
[17:41] <Earwig> the disambiguation page!?
[17:41] <Anna_Frodesiak> Steven_Zhang: ?
�03[17:41] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[17:42] * Fluttershy-EN ( Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds�)
[17:42] <newt> oh you know what I mean, Earwig
[17:42] <Earwig> :P
[17:42] <newt> I didn't link to the exact page
[17:42] <newt> IT HAPPENS
[17:42] <newt> SHIT HAPPENS
[17:42] <LL2|JedIRC> "The idea of this picture is: (A) He knows when you're sleeping; (B) He knows when you're awake; or (C) SANTA IS TRAPPED IN THE BATHROOM!" *choice C flashes 3 times*
�03[17:45] * mabdul|dog is now known as mabdul|ping
[17:45] <newt> That sentence amkes the most amount of sense
�03[17:46] * GW|AFK is now known as GorillaWarfare
�15[17:47] * Steven_Zhang (~Steven_Zh@Wikipedia/Steven-Zhang) Quit (Quit: Colloquy for iPad -�)
�03[17:47] * Memo_Bilder is now known as Memorino
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�15[18:06] * Thogo (Thogo@wikimedia/Thogo) Quit (Disconnected by services�)
�03[18:06] * Thogo|comiendo is now known as Thogo
�03[18:07] * Anna_Frodesiak (Anna_Frode@wikipedia/Anna-Frodesiak) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:08] <Anna_Frodesiak> is this a bot making edits?
[18:08] <Anna_Frodesiak>
[18:08] <Anna_Frodesiak> check the freakish contribs
[18:08] <Anna_Frodesiak> she's a "I am a research assistant at the social computing lab of Carnegie Mellon University's Human-Computer Interaction Institute. "
�15[18:09] * Iamred ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[18:09] <newt> Human-Computer Interaction Institute
[18:09] <newt> Keyboard Institute?
[18:09] <Thogo> maybe some script?
�03[18:10] * Fluttershy-EN ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[18:10] * dungodung is now known as dungodung|away
�15[18:10] * Pesky (~Pesky@wikipedia/ThatPeskyCommoner) Quit (Quit: Pesky�)
[18:10] <newt> Fluttershy-EN ?
�15[18:11] * Johannes_WMDE (~jr@wikimedia/Johannes-Rohr) Quit (Read error: Operation timed out�)
[18:11] <Thogo> Anna_Frodesiak: it's definitely freakish, yes. ^^ Looks a bit like a sociological experiment in due course.
[18:12] <Anna_Frodesiak> indeed
[18:12] <Anna_Frodesiak> so, we're guineapigs?
[18:12] <Jeske_Merensky> *RAEG*
�06[18:12] * Jeske_Merensky kills Fluttershy-EN
[18:12] <newt> I LOVE GUINEA PIGS!
[18:13] <Jeske_Merensky> Whack it.
[18:13] <newt> wait
[18:13] <newt> what
[18:13] <Anna_Frodesiak> if you frighten them, all their fur falls out
[18:13] <Jeske_Merensky> And then point them to [[WP:POINT]].
�03[18:13] * Malinaccier_ (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[18:13] * Malinaccier (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Malinaccier) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�03[18:13] * Falcorian (~Falcorian@wikipedia/Falcorian) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[18:13] * Malinaccier_ is now known as Malinaccier
[18:13] <Anna_Frodesiak> my friend once scared a guinea pig to death
[18:14] <newt> I'm not sure that's really possible
[18:14] <Anna_Frodesiak> i saw it
�15[18:14] * Malinaccier (~chatzilla@ Quit (Changing host�)
�03[18:14] * Malinaccier (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Malinaccier) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:14] <newt> did he actually DIE of FEAR?
[18:14] <newt> that makes no sense
[18:14] <Anna_Frodesiak> scared it from one end of a glass tank to the other
[18:14] <Anna_Frodesiak> died the next day
[18:14] <newt> I mean, did he have a heart attack?
[18:14] <Anna_Frodesiak> stress
[18:14] <Anna_Frodesiak> probably
[18:14] <newt> Maybe it was a coincidence?
[18:15] <Gfoley4> ^
[18:15] <Anna_Frodesiak> i don't think so
[18:15] <newt> Could be that he wasn't sleeping because of wahtever you were doing
[18:15] <newt> which contributed to his death
[18:15] <Anna_Frodesiak> it was just a 20 second thing
[18:15] <Thogo> poor creature. Did you at least cook and eat it then?
[18:16] <Anna_Frodesiak> just before it died, it quietly murmured "I hate you."
[18:16] <Anna_Frodesiak> no. they dumped it in the trash
[18:16] <Thogo> O.o
[18:16] <newt> in the TRASH?!
[18:16] <Anna_Frodesiak> pretty nervous animals
[18:16] <Gfoley4> o_o
[18:16] <Anna_Frodesiak> yes in the trash
[18:16] <newt> do you know what happen to animals that are put in the TRASH?!
[18:16] <Thogo> guinea pigs are for eating. Especially if you are Peruvian or Ecuadorian.
[18:16] <Anna_Frodesiak> in a plastic bag
[18:16] <newt> in a plastic bag?
[18:16] <Anna_Frodesiak> dunno. they go in a landfill?
[18:16] <newt> you wont' even let it decompose?!
[18:17] <newt> I was going to say same thing that happens to everything else
[18:17] <Thogo> it decomposes also in a plastic bag...
[18:17] <newt> but now it'll very slowly decay and contribute nothing
[18:17] <Gfoley4> the flies will attack!
[18:17] <newt> More slowly
[18:17] <Anna_Frodesiak> should have buried it
�15[18:17] * Earwig (~Earwig@wikipedia/The-Earwig) Quit (Quit: Earwig�)
[18:17] <Anna_Frodesiak> or made some sort of pie
[18:17] <newt> also
[18:17] <newt> could have been a vaccuum bag
[18:17] <newt> WHAT THEN
[18:18] <Gfoley4> lol
[18:18] <Thogo> then archeologists of the sixth millenium will have something to play with.
[18:18] <Anna_Frodesiak>
[18:18] <Gfoley4> chances are the bag will get torn eventually.
[18:18] <Anna_Frodesiak> vacuuming isn't safe
[18:19] <newt> Gfoley4 - it was inside a diamond box
[18:19] <Gfoley4> makes sense!
[18:19] <newt> the trash can was also later sent to the International Space Station
[18:19] <newt> and will be sent to the moon via the Space Launch System
�15[18:20] * PeterSymonds (~Peter@wikimedia/PeterSymonds) Quit (Quit: Leaving�)
[18:20] <Anna_Frodesiak> what is this? #wikipedia-en-LSD?
[18:20] <Anna_Frodesiak> you guys are strange
[18:20] <newt> YOU'RE STRANGE
[18:20] <Anna_Frodesiak> stranger than the guy vacuuming fire
[18:21] <Anna_Frodesiak> i'm not strange. im normal
[18:21] <newt> you should be ashamed of yourself
[18:21] <Anna_Frodesiak> if you're imagining a guinea pig in space tumbling end over end for eternity, then you're strange
[18:22] <Anna_Frodesiak> aliens watching it pass by would say "strange"
[18:22] <newt> I just said he was on the MOON
[18:22] <newt> thus it will lay there
[18:22] <newt> either to be cemented over by future colonists
[18:22] <newt> or eventually blown to pieces by an asteroid
[18:22] <newt> or eaten by the ravenous bugblatter beast of traal
[18:23] <Anna_Frodesiak> i knew it was going to go in that direction
[18:23] <TParis> Since we have "Arguments to avoid in deletion discussions" why don't we have "Arguments to make in deletion discussions"?
[18:23] <TParis> ATA and ATM
[18:23] <Anna_Frodesiak> i'm out of this improbably conversaton
[18:23] <Anna_Frodesiak> improbably
[18:23] <Anna_Frodesiak> improbable
[18:23] <Anna_Frodesiak> that's better
[18:23] <BarkingFish> newt: as long as it doesn't have Vogon poetry read to it first, it probably won't mind. It's dead.
[18:24] <newt> WAIT ANNA
[18:24] <newt> woudl you say it is
[18:24] <Anna_Frodesiak> yes?
[18:24] <newt> infinitely improbable?
[18:24] <Anna_Frodesiak> that's impossible
[18:24] <Anna_Frodesiak> definitely impossible
[18:24] <newt> your mother is impossible
[18:24] <newt> I mean
[18:25] <Anna_Frodesiak> your mother is also your grandmother
[18:25] <newt> hey
[18:25] <newt> we're already established we're not talking about that
[18:25] <newt> did you not read the rules?
[18:25] <Anna_Frodesiak> :)
[18:25] <Anna_Frodesiak> rules?
�03[18:25] * Memorino (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Memorino) has left #wikipedia-en
[18:25] <newt> you think the rules are funny, eh?
[18:25] <newt> Well let me ask you this -
[18:25] <Anna_Frodesiak> i do
[18:25] <newt> what would you do
[18:26] <newt> with a hundred lion bars?
[18:26] <Anna_Frodesiak> a lion bar?
[18:26] <Anna_Frodesiak> what's that?
�03[18:26] * JeffAndroIrcAFK3 (~Jeff_G_do@wikipedia/Jeff-G.) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[18:26] Clones detected from wikipedia/Jeff-G.:�8 JeffG|PidginAuto JeffAndroIrcAFK JeffAndroIrcAFK3
[18:26] <Tannerbaum> Anna_Frodesiak: You have an awesome userpage.
[18:27] <Anna_Frodesiak> thanks
[18:27] <newt>
[18:27] <Anna_Frodesiak> ha ok
[18:27] <newt>
[18:27] <Anna_Frodesiak> so what would i do? i dunno
[18:27] <newt> It's delicious
[18:27] <Anna_Frodesiak> is this like that joke about henways?
[18:27] <newt> also has soem small resemblence to a lion apparenly
[18:27] <newt> henways?
[18:27] <Anna_Frodesiak> you know...
[18:27] <newt> the poet?
[18:27] <Anna_Frodesiak> which is heavier a pound of gold or a Henway?
�15[18:28] * Maryana ( Quit (Quit: AFK�)
[18:28] <newt> they both weigh a pound
[18:28] <newt> what does a hen weight
[18:28] <Anna_Frodesiak> you're supposed to say "what's a henway?"
[18:28] <newt> what does a henway weigh
[18:28] <Anna_Frodesiak> right then i reply "oh about two or three pounds
[18:28] <Anna_Frodesiak> besides a pound of gold is heavier coz it's weighed in troy
[18:29] <newt> the actor?
[18:29] <Anna_Frodesiak> troy maclure?
[18:29] <newt> the plumber?
[18:29] <Anna_Frodesiak> troy ounce
[18:29] <newt> never heard of the guy
[18:30] <Anna_Frodesiak>
�15[18:30] * Queen (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) Quit (Quit: We are Wikipedia, we are legion, here, have some wikilove, come help us edit?�)
[18:30] <newt> you can't fool me Anna_Frodesiak
[18:30] <Anna_Frodesiak> :)
[18:30] <newt> That's clearly not a real person
[18:30] <newt> He's clearly asian
�15[18:30] * JeffAndroIrcAFK (~Jeff_G_do@wikipedia/Jeff-G.) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[18:30] <Anna_Frodesiak> :)
[18:31] <BarkingFish> "Hi I'm Troy Maclure. You probably remember me from such Public safety films as 'Where did that car come from?', 'Ow, My hand was under there!' and "Mains outlets and fingers...Why they should never mix."
[18:31] <newt> Hello Troy
[18:31] <BarkingFish> lol
[18:31] <newt> I didn't know you frequent wikipedia
�03[18:32] * Guerillero (d1f32608@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:32] <BarkingFish> :P
[18:32] <newt> I guess celebrities need to contribute to the sum of all human knowledge, too
[18:32] <newt> okay I'm getting tired of this
�15[18:32] * Guerillero (d1f32608@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Changing host�)
�03[18:32] * Guerillero (d1f32608@wikipedia/Guerillero) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:32] <Anna_Frodesiak> bye folks
[18:32] <newt> WAIT
[18:32] <newt> seriously
[18:32] <Anna_Frodesiak> me too im gone
[18:32] <Anna_Frodesiak> what
[18:32] <BarkingFish> bye Anna_Frodesiak
[18:32] <newt> rate  the performence
[18:32] <newt> from 1 to 28
[18:32] <Anna_Frodesiak> bye barking
[18:32] <Anna_Frodesiak> 23
[18:32] <BarkingFish> -459
[18:32] <newt> I'm trying to be less serious
[18:32] <newt> That's pretty good
[18:33] <Anna_Frodesiak> newt i have an iq test for you
[18:33] <Anna_Frodesiak> i give you one apple
[18:33] <newt> I'm actually reasonably intelligent
[18:33] <Anna_Frodesiak> how many apples do you have
�03[18:33] * Hurricanefan25 (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Hurricanefan25) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:33] <newt> Um
[18:33] <newt> I just went to the shop yesterday
[18:33] <newt> lemme check
[18:33] <newt> It's..
[18:33] <newt> 28
[18:33] <Anna_Frodesiak> close
[18:33] <Anna_Frodesiak> the answer is one apple
[18:33] <Anna_Frodesiak> dunce!
[18:33] <Anna_Frodesiak> nobody gets that right
[18:33] <newt> I really can't dance, never did
[18:34] <Anna_Frodesiak> bye
[18:34] <BarkingFish> I have one for you too, newt.  You have 12 apples in one hand, and 8 apples in the other hand. What do you have?
�15[18:34] * Hurricanefan25 (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Hurricanefan25) Quit (Client Quit�)
[18:34] <newt> A potential apple pie
[18:34] <Anna_Frodesiak> huge hands!!
[18:34] <newt> no, you're probably just stacking the apples
[18:34] <BarkingFish> Anna_Frodesiak: good call :)
[18:34] <Anna_Frodesiak> was i right?
[18:34] <BarkingFish> yes
[18:34] <newt> Apples are easier to stack than they look
[18:34] <BarkingFish> Very very big hands
[18:34] <Anna_Frodesiak> :)
[18:34] <newt> Or impressive stacking skills, right?
�03[18:35] * Anna_Frodesiak (Anna_Frode@wikipedia/Anna-Frodesiak) has left #wikipedia-en
[18:35] <BarkingFish> Or you could have said "A very clever dick, since your hands are full, how are you typing the answer?"
[18:35] <newt> that was slightly rude
[18:35] <newt> I'm going to go watch a hopefully terrible american sitcom
[18:37] <ZT> newt:which one?
�15[18:37] * IShadowed (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
�03[18:38] * sonia (ca254030@wikipedia/sonia) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:38] <sonia> howdy folks
�06[18:38] * sonia pokes a Courcelles 
[18:39] <newt> ZT - Community
[18:39] <Courcelles> He, Sonia
[18:39] <Guerillero> i like it
[18:39] <sonia> not online for long- in between performances, but there's a user who's just moved their user and talk pages into mainspace on both simple and enwiki for no reason
[18:40] <sonia> I've histmerged back and asked them to communicate with us on simple, but something needs to be done on en
[18:40] <Guerillero> link
[18:41] <Guerillero> ?
�03[18:42] * soniaphone (~mobile@wikipedia/sonia) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[18:42] Clones detected from wikipedia/sonia:�8 sonia soniaphone
[18:42] <soniaphone> Gah my phone works better than these computers
[18:44] <Tannerbaum> sonia: jmirc isn't very good on my phone xP
�15[18:44] * sonia (ca254030@wikipedia/sonia) Quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds�)
�03[18:45] * Pilifmob (~Pilifmob@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:46] <soniaphone> Ah, it works sufficiently for me. Did I manage to actually link the user in question?
�03[18:46] * zorro747 ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:46] <Tannerbaum> no
[18:46] <Tannerbaum> soniaphone: what phone is it?
�03[18:47] * Guest00000 (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Addihockey10) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[18:47] * Pilifmob (~Pilifmob@ has left #wikipedia-en
�15[18:47] * mindspillage (~kat@wikimedia/KatWalsh/x-0001) Quit (Read error: Operation timed out�)
�15[18:47] * Zed` ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�03[18:47] * Guest00000 is now known as Addihockey10
�03[18:47] * Zed` ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:47] <soniaphone> It's an entry-level nokia
[18:47] <Tannerbaum> ah
[18:48] <Addihockey10> Eww.
[18:48] <Addihockey10> the soniaphone
[18:48] <GorillaWarfare> Ring ring?
[18:48] <soniaphone> Anyway, user:Geoffrey_Calabria
[18:48] <ZT> ?
�03[18:48] * mindspillage (~kat@wikimedia/KatWalsh/x-0001) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:48] <soniaphone> And hi GW
[18:49] <Tannerbaum> soniaphone: I'm just jealous because my dad has a better phone than I do xP
[18:49] <soniaphone> So does mine :p
[18:49] <Tannerbaum> but my dad is 50
[18:50] <Tannerbaum> Sprint Navigator is horrible
�15[18:51] * ZT (~pjeterper@unaffiliated/zt) Quit
[18:51] <Guerillero> LG ENV 2
[18:51] <Guerillero> :P
[18:51] <Tannerbaum> that's what I wanted to get
[18:51] <Tannerbaum> but we switched to Sprint
[18:51] <Tannerbaum> so I have a rumor touch
�15[18:51] * JeffAndroIrcAFK3 (~Jeff_G_do@wikipedia/Jeff-G.) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[18:52] <Gfoley4> iPhone ftw
�15[18:52] * Fluttershy-EN ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[18:52] <Tannerbaum> Gfoley4: talked my dad about getting an iPhone.
[18:52] <Gfoley4> Did he fall for it?
�15[18:53] * Ironholds (~bob@wikipedia/Ironholds) Quit (Quit: connection reset by peerage�)
[18:53] <Tannerbaum> er, talked him out of it
[18:53] <Gfoley4> oh, haha
[18:54] <Tannerbaum> The browser is horrible on my phone
�03[18:57] * ryanag|away ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[18:57] * ryanag|away is now known as ryanag
�15[18:57] * ryanag ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[18:57] * ryanag (~ryan@wikimedia/eta-theta) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[18:58] * Jayflux ( Quit (Quit: (� ::� NoNameScript 4.22 ::� www.�� )��)
�15[18:58] * Malinaccier (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Malinaccier) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
�15[18:59] * Grashoofd ( Quit (Quit: Oogjes toe!�)
�15[19:02] * CKtravel ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�15[19:02] * soniaphone (~mobile@wikipedia/sonia) Quit (Quit: used jmIrc�)
[19:03] <Pharos> any Australians around?
�03[19:03] * swarfega is now known as swarfega|away
�03[19:04] * HallowsAG (~HallowsAG@openglobe/HallowsAG) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:04] <HallowsAG> !oversight
[19:05] <mabdul|ping>
[19:05] <mabdul|ping> notable?
[19:05] <Courcelles> HallowsAG: Yeah?
[19:05] <mabdul|ping> CSD?
[19:05] <mabdul|ping> PROD?
[19:05] <mabdul|ping> AFD?
[19:05] <HallowsAG> Courcelles, see PM.
[19:05] <mabdul|ping> can't help, school band and awards i never heard (nothing to mean, music is not my area)+
�03[19:06] * Steven_Zhang (~Steven_Zh@Wikipedia/Steven-Zhang) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[19:06] * LauraHale (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:06] <Steven_Zhang>
�15[19:06] * LauraHale (~chatzilla@ Quit (Changing host�)
�03[19:06] * LauraHale (~chatzilla@wikipedia/LauraHale) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:07] * Guerillero (d1f32608@wikipedia/Guerillero) Quit (Quit: Page closed�)
[19:08] <mabdul|ping> Steven_Zhang: check
�15[19:10] * Vito (~quassel@unaffiliated/vito) Quit (Quit: - Chat comfortably. Anywhere.�)
�15[19:12] * zscout370 (~Kagami@wikipedia/Zscout370) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds�)
�15[19:13] * Panyd (~Panyd@wikipedia/Panyd) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 8.0/20111104165243]�)
�03[19:14] * Queen (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:15] * ryanag (~ryan@wikimedia/eta-theta) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
�15[19:16] * Steven_Zhang (~Steven_Zh@Wikipedia/Steven-Zhang) Quit (Quit: Colloquy for iPad -�)
�03[19:17] * MBisanz (~MBisanz@ has joined #wikipedia-en
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�03[19:17] * MBisanz (~MBisanz@wikipedia/MBisanz) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:19] * Loki (~loki@wikimedia/Wolfnix) Quit (Read error: Operation timed out�)
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�03[19:23] * Loki (~loki@wikimedia/Wolfnix) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[19:25] * Jayflux ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[19:26] * Vito (~Vito@unaffiliated/vito) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:27] * Lubaf ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 8.0/20111104165243]�)
�03[19:28] * delirious ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[19:29] * zscout370 (~Kagami@wikipedia/Zscout370) has joined #wikipedia-en
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�15[19:32] * zscout370 (~Kagami@wikipedia/Zscout370) Quit (Client Quit�)
�15[19:33] * Gfoley4 (~Gfoley4@wikipedia/Gfoley4) Quit (Quit: Too many trolls in here.�)
�03[19:37] * JeffAndroIrcAFK (~Jeff_G_do@wikipedia/Jeff-G.) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[19:37] Clones detected from wikipedia/Jeff-G.:�8 JeffG|PidginAuto JeffAndroIrcAFK
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�15[19:40] * Stelpa ( Quit (Remote host closed the connection�)
�03[19:41] * SteveMobile (~SteveMobi@Wikipedia/Steven-Zhang) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[19:43] * SigmaWP (~coalball@wikipedia/Lowercase-Sigma) has joined #wikipedia-en
�06[19:44] * SigmaWP pokes LL2|JedIRC
�15[19:46] * SteveMobile (~SteveMobi@Wikipedia/Steven-Zhang) Quit (Quit: Colloquy for iPhone -�)
�03[19:47] * Narodnik (~Severin@wikipedia/Skomorokh) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:48] * zorro747 ( Quit (Quit: KVIrc 4.1.1 Equilibrium�)
�15[19:48] * mabdul|ping (~mabdul@wikipedia/mabdul) Quit (Quit:�)
�15[19:52] * barebone (~tanvir@wikimedia/wikitanvir) Quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds�)
�03[19:52] * Courcelles_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:53] <LL2|JedIRC> SigmaWP: [[WP:SOFIXIT]]
[19:53] <SigmaWP> LL2|JedIRC: Go read [[WP:SOFIXIT]] before you wave it at others.
�15[19:53] * Courcelles_ ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[19:53] * Courcelles_ (~Courcelle@wikipedia/courcelles) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[19:53] Clones detected from wikipedia/courcelles:�8 Courcelles Courcelles_
[19:54] <SigmaWP> Oh yeah, my bot's fixed
[19:54] <SigmaWP> Just letting you know
�03[19:54] * zscout370 (~Kagami@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:54] * zscout370 (~Kagami@ Quit (Changing host�)
�03[19:54] * zscout370 (~Kagami@wikipedia/Zscout370) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:54] * BarkingFish (~BarkingIn@openglobe/BarkingFish) Quit (Quit: My internal batteries just hit zero: time for me to go recharge. Night all!�)
�15[19:54] * GorillaWarfare (~GorillaWa@wikipedia/GorillaWarfare) Quit (Quit: GorillaWarfare�)
[19:54] <LL2|JedIRC> SigmaWP: I have.
[19:55] <LL2|JedIRC> I shall continue to do it the way I do it.
�15[19:55] * Courcelles (~Courcelle@wikipedia/courcelles) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
�03[19:55] * Courcelles__ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:55] <SigmaWP> LL2|JedIRC: Disruption...
�15[19:55] * Courcelles__ ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[19:55] * Courcelles__ (~Courcelle@wikipedia/courcelles) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[19:55] Clones detected from wikipedia/courcelles:�8 Courcelles_ Courcelles__
�03[19:55] * Courcelles__ is now known as Courcelles
[19:55] <LL2|JedIRC> If you don't want it to move/delete comments with the RFPP template if they have the NAO template in it, then tell Rami R to fix it
[19:56] <LL2|JedIRC> ...
[19:56] <SigmaWP> Just because you can't be arsed to stop using {{rfpp}}?
[19:56] <LL2|JedIRC> I can, but I don't want to.
[19:57] <LL2|JedIRC> I only prefix my RFPP template messages with NAO because I don't want newcomers to think I'm an admin
[19:58] <SigmaWP> You are not an admin
[19:58] <SigmaWP> You shouldn't be using {{rfpp}} at all
�15[19:59] * Courcelles_ (~Courcelle@wikipedia/courcelles) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[19:59] <SigmaWP> I could've made my message more direct
[20:00] <LL2|JedIRC> No.
[20:00] <SigmaWP> And your refusal to cooperate isn't helping
[20:00] <LL2|JedIRC> Nothing says I shouldn't.
[20:00] <LL2|JedIRC> In fact, I believe it is BEST to attempt to help admins
�03[20:00] * Courcelles_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:00] <LL2|JedIRC> I don't have to cooperate all the time.
[20:00] <SigmaWP> Courcelles_: Fix your internet
[20:01] <LL2|JedIRC> If a admin thinks my chosen option is wrong, they can say so.
[20:01] <Courcelles_> SigmaWP: I wish I could!
�15[20:01] * Thogo (Thogo@wikimedia/Thogo) Quit (Quit: Tleemu aa xáy!�)
[20:01] <LL2|JedIRC> They, at least, don't complain.
[20:02] <LL2|JedIRC> Or, at least, not like you, SigmaWP
[20:02] <SigmaWP> Then go use your epic js skillz and fix Rami R's script yourself
�03[20:02] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:03] <LL2|JedIRC> ...
�15[20:03] * Vito (~Vito@unaffiliated/vito) Quit (Excess Flood�)
[20:03] <SigmaWP> Actually that wouldn't be too hard. Unfortunately I don't know much about javascript
[20:03] <LL2|JedIRC> SigmaWP: I thought that was your job. I thought you were going to.
[20:03] <SigmaWP> Maybe I could make a bot that clerks it, based off of the script
�15[20:03] * LauraHale (~chatzilla@wikipedia/LauraHale) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 3.6.24/20111103063747]�)
�15[20:04] * Courcelles (~Courcelle@wikipedia/courcelles) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[20:04] <LL2|JedIRC> Your message right there about not knowing js basically says why I said to tell Rami R to do it
[20:04] <LL2|JedIRC> That, and because you can't edit it because you are not an admin
�03[20:04] * Vito (~Vito@unaffiliated/vito) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:05] * Reedy (~Reedy@wikimedia/ Quit (Quit: Leaving�)
[20:05] <SigmaWP> lol
[20:05] <SigmaWP>
[20:05] <SigmaWP> COMICAL!!!
�15[20:05] * Courcelles_ ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
�15[20:05] * Vito (~Vito@unaffiliated/vito) Quit (Excess Flood�)
[20:05] <LL2|JedIRC> SigmaWP: what is the username of your bot?
[20:06] <LL2|JedIRC> Just wondering
[20:06] <LL2|JedIRC> Also, lol
[20:06] <SigmaWP> SigmaBot, of course
[20:07] <SpitfireWP> SigmaWP, what do you plan for it to do?
[20:07] <Narodnik> WP is supposedly overpopulated with topics that appeal to geeks, especially pop culture, yet the pathetic [[Fantasy]] article contains a mere 9 references.
�15[20:07] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
[20:07] <SigmaWP> SpitfireWP: Protection related.
�03[20:08] * Vito (~Vito@unaffiliated/vito) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[20:09] * Gfoley4 (~Gfoley4@wikipedia/Gfoley4) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:09] <SigmaWP> Gfoley4: Hello
�15[20:10] * Vito (~Vito@unaffiliated/vito) Quit (Client Quit�)
[20:10] <Gfoley4> Hello. And no, I'm not deleting something for you. ;)
[20:11] <SigmaWP> :P
�15[20:11] * bep (~britishen@reddit/operator/bep) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
�15[20:13] * HallowsAG (~HallowsAG@openglobe/HallowsAG) Quit (Quit: Leaving�)
�03[20:13] * Tanvir (~tanvir@wikimedia/wikitanvir) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:13] <LL2|JedIRC> SigmaWP: I honestly thought the best way to fix the update problem in the pp templates was to make it use another template when its incorrect to add it
[20:13] <LL2|JedIRC> It being the cat
�03[20:13] * Malinaccier (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:14] <SigmaWP> LL2|JedIRC: But my bot adds pp templates to protected pages
�06[20:14] * SigmaWP wants to save Malinaccier a bit of work :D
�15[20:14] * Malinaccier (~chatzilla@ Quit (Changing host�)
�03[20:14] * Malinaccier (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Malinaccier) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:14] <SigmaWP>
[20:14] <SigmaWP> Let's watch, it's turning funny
[20:14] <Malinaccier> Is it functional?
[20:15] <LL2|JedIRC> SigmaWP: Then I shall make pp-sync not work or your bot.
[20:15] <Alpha_Quadrant> SigmaWP: self admitted vandal...
[20:15] <SigmaWP> LL2|JedIRC: Then I'll just grab an oldid and use it myself
[20:15] <SigmaWP> CC BY-SA FTW
[20:16] <SigmaWP> Malinaccier: Mostly
[20:16] <SigmaWP> I'm trying to keep it away from user talk pages, and make sure it doesn't add pp-move if there's already a protectino template
�03[20:17] * IShadowed ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:17] * IShadowed ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[20:17] * IShadowed (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:17] * IShadowed (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�03[20:17] * IShadowed ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:17] * IShadowed ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[20:17] * IShadowed (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:17] <LL2|JedIRC> SigmaWP: you could at least let me know before you make it for a bot
[20:17] <Malinaccier> Hmm.  My only concern is that I like to use certain templates in different cases...what would happen if I removed the template your bot added and put my own in?   Make sure it doesn't override me :p
�15[20:18] * IShadowed (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
[20:18] <LL2|JedIRC> I could have made a copy of it in your userspace, or perhaps made a copy custom-tailored to your bot
[20:18] <LL2|JedIRC> Yes.
[20:18] <SigmaWP> Yeah
[20:18] <SigmaWP> Malinaccier: :P
[20:18] <LL2|JedIRC> It has to check the protect reason, y'know
[20:19] <SigmaWP> yeah
[20:19] <Malinaccier> sometimes for disputes, I don't use the small feature
[20:19] <Malinaccier> but on other cases I will use small
[20:19] <LL2|JedIRC> And bots must have very good coding to understand natural language
[20:19] <SigmaWP> Funny, it was small on [[fisting]]
�15[20:19] * Olipro (~Olipro@uncyclopedia/pdpc.21for7.olipro) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[20:19] <SigmaWP> LL2|JedIRC: I'll check for wikilinks
[20:19] <Malinaccier> idk, there is a lot to take into account
[20:19] <Malinaccier> and of course, every admin has their preference
[20:19] <LL2|JedIRC> Hence why it is best meant for human use, not bot use
�03[20:20] * YE ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:20] <LL2|JedIRC> A protect reason might not have wikilinks either, sigmawp
[20:20] <SigmaWP> If it doesn't find any wikilinks, it'll just pp-protected
[20:20] <LL2|JedIRC> Probably best to attempt to develop some natural language checking
[20:21] <SigmaWP> That's something only ClueBot has
�03[20:21] * Stelpa ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[20:22] * Tiptoety (~Tiptoety@wikipedia/Tiptoety) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:22] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@wikipedia/LikeLakers2) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�03[20:23] * Ll2jedirc (~LikeLaker@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[20:23] * Ll2jedirc is now known as LL2|JedIRC
�15[20:23] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@ Quit (Changing host�)
�03[20:23] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@wikipedia/LikeLakers2) has joined #wikipedia-en
�06[20:23] * SigmaWP boots up pythonwin
�03[20:24] * Resfirestar_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:24] * Resfirestar_ ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[20:24] * Resfirestar_ (sam@wikipedia/Res2216firestar) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[20:24] Clones detected from wikipedia/Res2216firestar:�8 Resfirestar Resfirestar_
[20:24] <LL2|JedIRC> SigmaWP: did you ask/tell me anything between now and when my last message was?
[20:24] <SigmaWP> Nope
[20:24] <SigmaWP> I just said that only ClueBot has natural-language-understanding
[20:25] <LL2|JedIRC> Also,  [[Special:Search/WP:Requests for adminshipVegeta Saiyan]] <-- the "did you mean" thing on this misspelling is awesome
[20:25] <LL2|JedIRC> SigmaWP: not correct
[20:25] <LL2|JedIRC> Reread how it works on its userpages
[20:25] <SigmaWP> Magic.
[20:25] <LL2|JedIRC> * userpage
[20:26] <SigmaWP> And I can't be arsed to figure out how to make magic out of python.
[20:26] <LL2|JedIRC> Then don't use python
�03[20:26] * LauraHale (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�06[20:26] * SigmaWP feeds cluebot an extra fire-cherry to temporarily boost its defence level
[20:26] <TParis> What kind of magic?
[20:26] <SigmaWP> TParis: Level 74 magic
[20:26] <TParis> I'm a programmer, but I dont know Python.  I can usually get my way through just about any language though.
[20:26] <LL2|JedIRC> Lol irony
�15[20:27] * LauraHale (~chatzilla@ Quit (Changing host�)
�03[20:27] * LauraHale (~chatzilla@wikipedia/LauraHale) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:27] * Resfirestar (~sam@wikipedia/Res2216firestar) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds�)
�06[20:29] * LL2|JedIRC feeds SigmaWP a cake-flavored bomb
�03[20:29] * IShadowed ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:29] * IShadowed ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[20:29] * IShadowed (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[20:30] * Olipro (~Olipro@2001:470:706d::) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:30] * Olipro (~Olipro@2001:470:706d::) Quit (Changing host�)
�03[20:30] * Olipro (~Olipro@uncyclopedia/pdpc.21for7.olipro) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:30] * YE ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 8.0/20111104165243]�)
�06[20:30] * LL2|JedIRC feeds Gfoley4 a cake-flavored bomb
[20:30] <LL2|JedIRC> :P
[20:30] <Gfoley4> hi.
[20:32] <SigmaWP> LL2|JedIRC: If you want you can see the bot source
�03[20:34] * Wgfinley (~wgf@wikipedia/Wgfinley) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:36] <SigmaWP> It's not pretty, though
�03[20:36] * JeffG|PidginAuto is now known as Jeff_G
�15[20:36] * erikhaugen (~erikhauge@wikipedia/ErikHaugen) Quit (Quit: erikhaugen�)
[20:40] <SigmaWP> "Sulphide" is the British way of saying "sulfide", right?
�15[20:46] * Beria (~Beria@wikimedia/Beria) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
[20:47] <LL2|JedIRC> SigmaWP: i just remembered that someone made a video of prank calling dell tech support
[20:47] <SigmaWP> Um... oh?
[20:48] <LL2|JedIRC> They said it was "opening portals to different dimensions" and "time traveling"
�03[20:48] * slon02 (6c102366@wikipedia/slon02) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:48] <LL2|JedIRC> It was basically them trolling dell
�03[20:49] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) has joined #wikipedia-en
�06[20:50] * Aranda|sleep burns channel
�03[20:51] * MasterofPuppets ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:52] * MasterofPuppets ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[20:52] * MasterofPuppets (~MasterofP@Wikipedia/Master-of-Puppets) has joined #wikipedia-en
�06[20:52] * LL2|JedIRC burns Aranda|Sleep
�06[20:52] * Aranda|sleep is burn protected :p
[20:53] <SigmaWP> LL2|JedIRC: Pinhg
[20:53] <SigmaWP> LL2|JedIRC: Could you add a parameter to your sync-pp template
[20:53] <LL2|JedIRC> SigmaWP: Ponhg
[20:53] <SigmaWP> Like |nomove or |noedit
[20:53] <LL2|JedIRC> ?
[20:53] <SigmaWP> yes/no
[20:53] <SigmaWP> If it's yes, it doesn't add the template
[20:53] <LL2|JedIRC> Um...thats already technically there
[20:53] <SigmaWP> Like if |nomove=yes, it doesn't add {{pp-move}}
[20:54] <LL2|JedIRC> What move template do you want it to add in the example?
�03[20:54] * Aranda|sleep is now known as Aranda56
[20:54] <SigmaWP> I don't want it to add any template
[20:54] <SigmaWP> Stuff such as move=autoconfirmed doesn't need a template
[20:55] <LL2|JedIRC> What you should have it do is just replace the current pp templates with the subst of my template and the neccesary params
�03[20:55] * kylu (~m3w@wikimedia/Kylu) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:55] <LL2|JedIRC> It doesn't check if the move protection is autoconfirmed
[20:55] <LL2|JedIRC> Only if it is set, and if so, if it = sysop
[20:56] <LL2|JedIRC> As pp-move is meant for move protections set to sysop anyway
�03[20:56] * Logan_ (~Logan@wikimedia/Logan) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[20:57] * Sp33dyphil (cb2d98fb@wikipedia/Sp33dyphil) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:57] <SigmaWP> Logan_: :|
[20:57] <LL2|JedIRC> SigmaWP: there is no need to add any more
[20:57] <SigmaWP> Sp33dyphil: :D
[20:57] <SigmaWP> Ah
[20:57] <SigmaWP> LL2|JedIRC: Is there any way to check the expiry of the move protection?
[20:57] <Sp33dyphil> ahhh hellooo
[20:57] <LL2|JedIRC> The params you want could have their functions fulfilled without them
[20:58] <LL2|JedIRC> SigmaWP: nope
[20:58] <SigmaWP> Hm...
[20:58] <Logan_> SigmaWP: Yes, hello.
[20:58] <SigmaWP> Dammit.
[20:58] <LL2|JedIRC> You can specify what it will set the expiry param to though
[20:59] <LL2|JedIRC> SigmaWP: there is no way because there is no magic word for that
[20:59] <SigmaWP> Ah.
[20:59] <LL2|JedIRC> At least, not a documented one
[20:59] <SigmaWP> Logan_: I was expecting more than that, but, eh
�15[20:59] * Addihockey10 (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Addihockey10) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
[20:59] <Logan_> SigmaWP: Oh, yes. I was planning on doing things with that account, but I never got around to it.
[21:00] <LL2|JedIRC> SigmaWP: however, there is no need to deprecate [[:Category:Wikipedia pages with incorrect protection templates]]
[21:00] <SigmaWP> LL2|JedIRC: Yeah
[21:00] <LL2|JedIRC> Hence why I want it subst'd on articles
[21:00] <SigmaWP> LL2|JedIRC: So I should:
[21:01] <LL2|JedIRC> Most other namespaces, I wouldn't care
[21:01] <SigmaWP> if page['type'] == 'move' and page['expiry'] == 'infinity':
�15[21:01] * LauraHale (~chatzilla@wikipedia/LauraHale) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 3.6.24/20111103063747]�)
[21:02] <LL2|JedIRC> I know of a way to let it be on the auto-subst list while only doing it for articles, but I am talking with Anomie about making the bot not even do substing in the first place for certain namespaces for certain templates
[21:03] <LL2|JedIRC> As my way will require it to use an edit, which would add |nosubst= to the template params if it isn't an article
[21:03] <LL2|JedIRC> SigmaWP: I guess, but I don't know python
�03[21:03] * IShadowed_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:03] * IShadowed_ ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[21:03] * IShadowed_ (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[21:03] Clones detected from wikimedia/IShadowed:�8 IShadowed IShadowed_
�15[21:04] * Zed` ( Quit (Quit: Drama always seems worse than it is..�)
�15[21:04] * IShadowed (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) Quit (Disconnected by services�)
�03[21:04] * IShadowed_ is now known as IShadowed
�03[21:04] * Zed` ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:04] <LL2|JedIRC> And every time I go to implement my way, I always get stuck at one point or another
[21:04] <SigmaWP> LL2|JedIRC:
[21:04] <SigmaWP> Good tutorial, I used it last year
[21:04] <LL2|JedIRC> Perhaps I should sandbox the damn thing
[21:05] <LL2|JedIRC> And work on it in the sandbox
[21:05] <Tannerbaum> LL2|JedIRC: if you're testing a bot, would probably be best
[21:05] <SigmaWP> LL2|JedIRC: Pay attention to his conflict of interest.
[21:05] <Tannerbaum> running unapproved bots on enwp, even on sandbox, is a bad idea
[21:05] <LL2|JedIRC> I'm not
[21:06] <LL2|JedIRC> It involves my template, AnomieBot, and possibly SigmaBot
[21:06] <SigmaWP> LL2|JedIRC: If you want, I can try coding a bot that subst's that template when it sees it
[21:06] <LL2|JedIRC> Hmm, perhaps
[21:06] <LL2|JedIRC> AnomieBot alreaddy does that somewhat, however
[21:07] <LL2|JedIRC> If Anomie decides not to add it, then feel free
[21:07] <LL2|JedIRC> Perhaps you could deprecate that part of AnomieBot
[21:08] <SigmaWP> I think I should change my bot's name
[21:08] <SigmaWP> Might be confused with
[21:08] <LL2|JedIRC> Thanks for offering, however :D
[21:08] <LL2|JedIRC> Did you mean: [[User:SigmaNot]]?
[21:09] <LL2|JedIRC> Lol that sounds cool
[21:09] <LL2|JedIRC> SigmaNot...Sigmanaut
[21:09] <LL2|JedIRC> :D
[21:10] <LL2|JedIRC> SigmaWP: my main reason for declining your offering would be that it'd probably get declined at BRFA otherwise
[21:11] <SigmaWP> eh
�03[21:11] * Sir48 (~Sir48@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:11] * Logan_ (~Logan@wikimedia/Logan) Quit (Quit: Be back later.�)
�03[21:11] * Tiptoety is now known as Tiptoety|away
�15[21:11] * Seahorse (~Seahorse@wikipedia/Seahorseruler) Quit (Quit:�)
[21:11] <SigmaWP> LL2|JedIRC: Have you taken a look at {{courtesy blanked}} ?
[21:11] <LL2|JedIRC> Given that anomie has seen it, and not replied...he's probably working on my feature request :D
[21:11] <LL2|JedIRC> Hold on
[21:11] <SigmaWP> Perhaps you can replicate the subst-or-else-error for your template
[21:12] <LL2|JedIRC> You mean subst:-or-else-param?
[21:12] <SigmaWP> um... dunno
[21:13] <SigmaWP> just make it so that when your template is transcluded on articles, it shows an error
[21:13] <LL2|JedIRC> I'd rather not
[21:13] <LL2|JedIRC> It'd look bad
[21:13] <LL2|JedIRC> Tbh, I'd think my AnomieBot code idea is better
�03[21:14] * erikhaugen_ (~erikhauge@wikipedia/ErikHaugen) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[21:14] * alyxuk| ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:14] * alyxuk| ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[21:14] * alyxuk| (~JohnDoe@unaffiliated/alyxuk) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[21:14] Clones detected from unaffiliated/alyxuk:�8 alyxuk alyxuk|
[21:15] <LL2|JedIRC> I could make a maintenence cat that it adds for articles if not subst'd
[21:15] <LL2|JedIRC> Remind me to sandbox my template and work on it over the next few days
�03[21:16] * Dragonfly6-7 ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:16] <Dragonfly6-7> good evening, humans
�03[21:16] * derpyfoo (~no@unaffiliated/d-e-r-p/x-3722634) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:16] <Dragonfly6-7> tonight's Misleading or Ambiguously Named File is:
[21:16] <LL2|JedIRC> See if I can get the article subst working
[21:16] <Dragonfly6-7> file:Inline.jpg
[21:16] <Dragonfly6-7> without looking, what do you think it is?
[21:16] <LL2|JedIRC> Er, non-article subst
[21:16] <SigmaWP> derpyfoo: :D
�15[21:17] * alyxuk (~JohnDoe@unaffiliated/alyxuk) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[21:17] <LL2|JedIRC> I can eaasily make it add the param, but I need to allow a param to bypass that
[21:17] <derpyfoo> SigmaWP: <3
[21:17] <LL2|JedIRC> Which is not impossible, but I'd need to work on it
[21:18] <LL2|JedIRC> SigmaWP: do you like my new mIRC style for the coding of the template, though?
[21:18] <SigmaWP> <noinclude> rather than <!-- comments-->?
[21:19] <LL2|JedIRC> In the subpages, the noinclude tags are only used on the templates it COULD include, because the rest will all come as one line
�15[21:19] * erikhaugen_ (~erikhauge@wikipedia/ErikHaugen) Quit (Quit: erikhaugen_�)
�03[21:19] * Bsadowski1 (~dabtd@wikipedia/Bsadowski1) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:19] <LL2|JedIRC> <!-- comments --> will still subst into if not in noinclude tags
[21:19] <SigmaWP> ah
[21:21] <LL2|JedIRC> Hence why the prod template will subst into with the <!-- comments -->
�03[21:21] * GorillaWarfare (~GorillaWa@wikipedia/GorillaWarfare) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:22] <LL2|JedIRC> I've figured out how to subst a noinclude, includeonly, or onlyinclude tag into another template
[21:23] <LL2|JedIRC> <tag<tag2></tag2>>text</tag<tag2></tag2>>
�03[21:23] * Maid (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[21:23] Clones detected from wikia/ZamorakO-o:�8 Maid Queen
[21:24] <LL2|JedIRC> It won't render properly in non-subst or direct viewing times, though
[21:24] <LL2|JedIRC> Tag is the tag you want to include, and tag2 is any of the three, which will cause tag to not be rendered as it should unless subst'd
[21:25] <Bsadowski1> GorillaWarfare: You're the only fundraiser person I see on WMF now.
[21:25] <GorillaWarfare> Bsadowski1: Yeah, I'm not sure why that is
[21:25] <Bsadowski1> No more Brandon :(
[21:25] <LL2|JedIRC> SigmaWP: ^
[21:25] <SigmaWP> jorm: Get back on the banners
[21:25] <Aranda56> bleh embarrassing pictures of me wasted on facebook :(
[21:25] <jorm> huh?
[21:25] <jorm> i'm running constantly, just not in the USA.
[21:25] <LL2|JedIRC> Lol aranda56
[21:26] <Bsadowski1> Oh
[21:26] <Bsadowski1> That explains it.
�15[21:26] * Queen (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds�)
[21:26] <jorm> it takes a million years to get the appeals translated.
[21:26] <jorm> i doubt GorillaWarfare's has been translated.
[21:26] <Bsadowski1> I see.
[21:26] <Bsadowski1> lol
[21:26] <GorillaWarfare> jorm: I don't believe it has, yeah
[21:26] <Aranda56> i had no idea that I was so drunk yesterday that I had liquor all over my cashmere sweater :(
�06[21:26] * jorm big in Spain and Argentina!
�03[21:27] * Tiptoety|away is now known as Tiptoety
[21:27] <LL2|JedIRC> SigmaWP: feel free to copy the pp-sync template and subpages into your userspace though
[21:27] <SigmaWP> ok
[21:27] <LL2|JedIRC> Or use the /sandbox, or whatever
[21:28] <LL2|JedIRC> I use subpages because otherwise it'd be much more processing nodes used
[21:28] <LL2|JedIRC> And because it looks better
�15[21:30] * zscout370 (~Kagami@wikipedia/Zscout370) Quit (Quit: Leaving�)
[21:32] <LL2|JedIRC> Oh and with how complex infoboxes are, I have very good reason to say to suubst it in articlespace
�03[21:32] * Addihockey10 (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Addihockey10) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:32] <LL2|JedIRC> Even if it won't get anywhere near the limit
[21:34] <SigmaWP> We need a new magic word
[21:34] <SigmaWP> {{PROTECTIONEXPIRY}}
[21:34] <LL2|JedIRC> Heh
[21:34] <SigmaWP> It'll save me a lot of time trying to sort out the 20111207.....
[21:34] <LL2|JedIRC> Request it, perhaps on
[21:35] <SigmaWP> I'll use the village pump
[21:35] <SigmaWP> Even though I'm scared of that place.
[21:35] <LL2|JedIRC> SigmaWP: whats the whole timestamp you are attempting to decode?
[21:35] <SigmaWP> 1 second
[21:35] <SigmaWP> let me protect a random page
�15[21:35] * LtNOWIS ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
[21:36] <LL2|JedIRC> And besides, you don't put timestamps that way for the expiry in pp templates; the expiry param is only visual'
[21:36] <LL2|JedIRC> SigmaWP: are you an admin?
[21:36] <SigmaWP> No
[21:36] <LL2|JedIRC> Or no?
[21:36] <LL2|JedIRC> Oh
[21:37] <slakr> there's PROTECTIONLEVEL, but it doesn't reveal expiry
[21:37] <slakr> for the {{pp-*}} templates, expiry is a parameter
[21:37] <slakr> (unfortunately)
[21:37] <LL2|JedIRC> Funny enough, I'm more experienced with the time magic words than I am with the #time and #timel parsers
[21:37] <SigmaWP> Gah, I hit indef
[21:37] <LL2|JedIRC> Slakr: yes we know
[21:37] <slakr> oh ok nm :P:
[21:38] <Tannerbaum> does anyone here know why my bot won't log into a bot's API, but it will edit via API logged out?
[21:38] <SigmaWP> LL2|JedIRC: Wait
[21:38] <SigmaWP> What about revision timestamp?
[21:38] <Tannerbaum> something to do with Cloudflare maybe?
[21:38] <SigmaWP> OK
[21:38] <SigmaWP> 2011-12-15T02:37:45Z
[21:38] <SigmaWP> I have no idea what that means
[21:38] <LL2|JedIRC> SigmaWP: you could probably get the #time and #timel formats from the magic word way
[21:38] <slakr> Tannerbaum: logins via API now need lgtoken
[21:39] <slakr>
[21:39] <slakr> find-in-page lgtoken
[21:39] <slakr> it'll take you right to it
[21:39] <Tannerbaum> slakr: I know.
[21:39] <slakr> oh
[21:39] <Tannerbaum> (is the login token private?)
[21:39] <slakr> no, you have to request it first
[21:39] <slakr> well I mean, yes, it is private to you
[21:40] <Tannerbaum> Oh :|
[21:40] <slakr>
[21:40] <SigmaWP> hm...
[21:40] <slakr> you also might not be setting cookies correctly
�15[21:40] * Addihockey10 (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Addihockey10) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
[21:41] <LL2|JedIRC> The <!-- --> is there to separate text stuff
�15[21:41] * Pharos ( Quit (Remote host closed the connection�)
[21:41] <SigmaWP> All I need is the dmy
[21:41] <LL2|JedIRC> Its not meant to be used like that
[21:41] <LL2|JedIRC> Dmy?
[21:41] <Tannerbaum> slakr: so the login token isn't something I'd want to share with anyone?
[21:41] <SigmaWP> day month year
[21:41] <slakr> Tannerbaum: no.
[21:42] <LL2|JedIRC> 2011-12-15T02:37:45Z = Dmy: 15-12-2011
[21:42] <SigmaWP> Yeah, I know
[21:42] <SigmaWP> so
[21:42] <Tannerbaum> <-- fwiw
[21:42] <SigmaWP> I will search
[21:42] <Tannerbaum> is what -v outputs
[21:42] <LL2|JedIRC> Basically the day and year parts swapped
[21:42] <SigmaWP> (\d{4})-(\d{2})-(\d{2})
[21:42] <slakr> openglobe?
[21:42] <kylu> and then turned up side down, read with a greek accent while transcribed to an ottendorf cypher...
[21:42] <LL2|JedIRC> SigmaWP: ok
�06[21:43] * slakr doesn't support openglobe, sorry.
�06[21:43] * LL2|JedIRC thinks slakr is a crappy OS to use
[21:43] <LL2|JedIRC> :P
[21:43] <slakr> well I mean, I don't not support whoever openglobe is
[21:43] <Tannerbaum>
[21:43] <slakr> we just don't "provide support to" questions about openglobe's servers
�06[21:43] * kylu upgrades slakr, adds openglobe support.
[21:43] <SigmaWP> hehehe
[21:44] <Tannerbaum> hehe
�06[21:44] * slakr suddenly feels heavier and bloated
[21:44] <Tannerbaum> aw
[21:44] <kylu> product or pasta for dinner?
�06[21:44] * slakr apparently has an openglobe growing out of his ass
�15[21:44] * Sp33dyphil (cb2d98fb@wikipedia/Sp33dyphil) Quit (Quit: Page closed�)
[21:44] <Tannerbaum> slakr: but... this is on my laptop!
[21:44] <Tannerbaum> it's just trying to connect to the server
[21:44] <slakr> I mean, I have no idea
�03[21:44] * Tanvir is now known as C-4
[21:44] <slakr> they could have a borked server
[21:44] <slakr> they could be running 1.15
[21:44] <slakr> who knows
[21:45] <slakr> ask in #mediawiki
[21:45] <Tannerbaum> mehhhh
�06[21:45] * LL2|JedIRC notices that, during the upgrade, apparently the slakr kernel was erased and never replaced
�06[21:46] * SigmaWP duct-tapes slakr 's ass
[21:46] <Tannerbaum> SigmaWP likes bondage?
[21:47] <LL2|JedIRC> Who doesn't, Tannerbaum?
[21:47] <SigmaWP> Of human bondage...
�06[21:47] * Tannerbaum doesn't
�03[21:47] * iFork ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[21:48] * DarkoNeko (~udontcare@wikipedia/darkoneko) has joined #wikipedia-en
�06[21:48] * slakr grumbles something about still not having received his *.xxx verification email
�15[21:48] * iFork ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[21:48] * iFork (~eoins@clubpenguinwiki/user/unknownfork) has joined #wikipedia-en
�06[21:48] * slakr wants to get his domains resolved damnit.
�15[21:48] * mindspillage (~kat@wikimedia/KatWalsh/x-0001) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[21:49] <kylu> o mai.
[21:49] <kylu>, hey, think I can get a free premium account to your webcam? :D
�06[21:49] * LL2|JedIRC recently got an email for a *.xxx domain registration verification, along with the complete login details to control it
[21:49] <LL2|JedIRC> :P jk
�15[21:50] * AzaToth (~azatoth@wikipedia/AzaToth) Quit (Remote host closed the connection�)
�06[21:50] * slakr grumbles
�06[21:50] * Dragonfly6-7 currently owns
[21:51] <WilliamH_UK> do you really?
�03[21:51] * petercoti ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:51] <WilliamH_UK> I bloody hope so
[21:51] <WilliamH_UK> that would be hysterical
�03[21:52] * Ll2jedirc (~LikeLaker@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:52] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@wikipedia/LikeLakers2) Quit (Disconnected by services�)
�03[21:53] * Ll2jedirc is now known as LL2|JedIRC
�15[21:53] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@ Quit (Changing host�)
�03[21:53] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@wikipedia/LikeLakers2) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:54] * derpyfoo (~no@unaffiliated/d-e-r-p/x-3722634) Quit (Quit: derpyfoo�)
[21:55] <kylu> out of curiosity, Dragonfly6-7, do you have any long-term plans for the domain?
�15[21:55] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) Quit (Quit: Leaving.�)
�03[21:56] * Fluttershy-EN (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:57] <SigmaWP> 2011-12-15T02:37:45Z
[21:57] <Fluttershy-EN> hai. :3
[21:57] <SigmaWP> LL2|JedIRC: Hey
[21:57] <SigmaWP> The |expiry parameter accepts 2011-12-15T02:37:45Z
[21:57] <SigmaWP> But it doesn't accept "infinity"
[21:57] <Jeff_G> for Checking server []
[21:57] <Jeff_G> Results:
[21:57] <Jeff_G> NOT FOUND
[21:57] <SigmaWP> Fluttershy-EN: Using chatzilla, I see
[21:57] <SigmaWP> >)
[21:58] <Fluttershy-EN> Opera is screwing up for me.
[21:58] <LL2|JedIRC> SigmaWP: my template uses indef
[21:59] <LL2|JedIRC> Not infinity
[21:59] <SigmaWP> Oh
[21:59] <SigmaWP> Could you add infinity to your template?
[21:59] <SigmaWP> Because the protection result comes up on my bot as "infinity"
[21:59] <Jeske_Merensky> *RAEG*
�06[21:59] * Jeske_Merensky kills Fluttershy-EN
[21:59] <LL2|JedIRC> And my template accepts any param, it just almost always passes it along as is
[22:00] <LL2|JedIRC> Also, use indefinite, not infinite
[22:00] <SigmaWP> So {{subst:ll2 sync-pp template|expiry=indef|small=yes}} should work?
[22:00] <LL2|JedIRC> Yes
[22:01] <LL2|JedIRC> Well, actually
[22:01] <LL2|JedIRC> The small param I don't think has an effect for that way, but yes, that'll work
�15[22:01] * iFork (~eoins@clubpenguinwiki/user/unknownfork) Quit (Remote host closed the connection�)
�03[22:01] * iFork ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:01] <LL2|JedIRC> I don't think pp-semi-indef has |small=
[22:02] <LL2|JedIRC> I know pp-move-indef doesn't, though
�15[22:02] * iFork ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[22:02] * iFork (~eoins@clubpenguinwiki/user/unknownfork) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:02] <SigmaWP> Damn.
[22:02] <kylu> I want
[22:02] <SigmaWP> I want
[22:02] <LL2|JedIRC> It basically will only specify a param in the returning template if you specify it and that template supports it
[22:03] <kylu> reserved already, sig
[22:03] <SigmaWP> Humph.
�15[22:03] * iFork (~eoins@clubpenguinwiki/user/unknownfork) Quit (Remote host closed the connection�)
�06[22:03] * SigmaWP registers and redirects it to
�03[22:04] * iFork ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[22:04] * Fluttershy-EN (~chatzilla@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection�)
�15[22:04] * iFork ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[22:04] * iFork (~eoins@clubpenguinwiki/user/unknownfork) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[22:04] * Sp33dyphil (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Sp33dyphil) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[22:05] * Fluttershy-EN (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:05] <SigmaWP> Sp33dyphil: hello
[22:05] <Sp33dyphil> hey there
�15[22:06] * PhancyPhysicist ( Quit (Quit: Leaving.�)
�15[22:06] * Aranda56 (~chatzilla@wikimedia/secret) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds�)
[22:07] <SigmaWP> My code is messy
[22:07] <LL2|JedIRC> You wanna see messy code?
[22:08] <LL2|JedIRC> See my mircs 20+ scripts for one bot
[22:08] <SigmaWP> Does mirc script force you to indent?
[22:08] <LL2|JedIRC> That much code actually makes mirc unstable on high-traffic channels
[22:08] <LL2|JedIRC> SigmaWP: double space indent
[22:08] <SigmaWP> Ah
�06[22:09] * SigmaWP uses 4-spaces-indentation
[22:09] <LL2|JedIRC> It doesn't force you, but it does it automatically to help you sort your code
[22:09] <SigmaWP> Ah.
[22:09] <SigmaWP> Python forces you to indent, otherwise it wont work
[22:09] <LL2|JedIRC> Mirc is great for bots though
[22:10] <LL2|JedIRC> Well, irc bots
[22:10] <SigmaWP> I haven't seen flutternutter in ages
[22:10] <slakr> mirc sucks for irc bots, because you have to 1. run it on windows. 2. keep mirc open the whole time
[22:10] <SigmaWP> Damn it.
[22:10] <kylu> fluff's on vacation.
�06[22:10] * SigmaWP sighs
�06[22:10] * SigmaWP creates a global variable
[22:11] <SigmaWP> slakr: Are you good with python?
�06[22:11] * LL2|JedIRC creates a local variable to keep the global variable company
[22:11] <Tannerbaum> SigmaWP: he's a php guy, iirc
[22:11] <SigmaWP> Oh.
[22:11] <SigmaWP> Tannerbaum: Then you?
[22:11] <slakr> sorry, my computer support desk is closed for the day.
[22:11] <slakr> :P
[22:11] <Tannerbaum> i'm okay with python
�06[22:11] * kylu tries: SSssssoooo what do you wantttssssss.... Haaaarry Potterssssssss?
[22:11] <Tannerbaum> kylu is a creeper
[22:12] <Tannerbaum> everybody get the fuck away
[22:12] <slakr> lol kylu
[22:12] <LL2|JedIRC> Slakr: can you help me with a problem I'm having with my laptop?
[22:12] <slakr> delete system32 or something like that.
[22:12] <slakr> :P
[22:12] <slakr> (don't) :P
[22:12] <SigmaWP> Tannerbaum: I never use global variables, do you know anything about them (other than global asdf in the function)
[22:12] <LL2|JedIRC> No, its not that
[22:12] <Tannerbaum> SigmaWP: I haven't a clue.
[22:12] <Tannerbaum> LL2|JedIRC: what's wrong with it?
[22:12] <kylu> Tannerbaum: kylu's got booze and sleeping pills working simultaneously, just waiting to conk out for the night.
[22:12] <LL2|JedIRC> Its turned off. I know how to turn it on, but the laptop is turned off.
[22:12] <LL2|JedIRC> :P
[22:13] <Tannerbaum> SigmaWP: I'm not really much of a programmer, but I know Linux inside and out
[22:13] <Tannerbaum> well, kinda
[22:13] <Tannerbaum> not expert, but more than most people
[22:13] <kylu> if someone knows a unix inside and out, does that make them unisex?
[22:13] <Fluttershy-EN> sudo rm -f /
[22:13] <Fluttershy-EN> amidoinitrite?
[22:13] <LL2|JedIRC> Tannerbaum: I basically was attempting to make a joke out of computer problems
[22:13] <Tannerbaum> Fluttershy-EN: no.
[22:14] <LL2|JedIRC> Fluttershy-EN: nou rnt rite
[22:14] <Tannerbaum> you're not making it recurse into directories
[22:14] <SigmaWP> Um....
[22:14] <Tannerbaum> so it'll just delete the few files in /
[22:14] <LL2|JedIRC> Sudo rm -rf /
[22:14] <SigmaWP> Tannerbaum: Can you answer my question?
[22:14] <Tannerbaum> SigmaWP: nope!
�15[22:14] * Fluttershy-EN (~chatzilla@ Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 8.0/20111104165243]�)
[22:14] <SigmaWP> Oh.
�06[22:14] * SigmaWP crosses you off the "List of Smart People"
[22:14] <Tannerbaum> I can hacj
[22:14] <Tannerbaum> hack
[22:14] <Tannerbaum> i just can't write from scratch
�15[22:14] * iFork (~eoins@clubpenguinwiki/user/unknownfork) Quit (Quit: Colloquy for iPod touch -�)
[22:15] <LL2|JedIRC> Tannerbaum@tannerbaum-computer: ~$ Alias hack="echo Hacking...; echo Hacked computer."
�03[22:16] * Fluttershy-EN (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:16] <LL2|JedIRC> :P
[22:16] <slakr> linux is for whimps. freebsd is where it's at, bitches. :P
[22:16] <kylu> LL2|JedIRC: "Sudo" isn't usually defined on linux machines, btw.
[22:17] <kylu> though it unfortunately works fine on darwin
[22:17] <LL2|JedIRC> Kylu: I use ubuntu on the vm
[22:17] <slakr> sudo's included in all of the popular distros nowadays
[22:17] <slakr> I think it has something to do with xkcd.
[22:17] <slakr> :P
[22:17] <kylu> slakr: didn't say sudo, said Sudo
[22:17] <Fluttershy-EN> I used Debian, Ubuntu, and Linux Mint
[22:17] <Sp33dyphil> SigmaWP: holiday's just started :)
[22:17] <slakr> oh
[22:17] <Fluttershy-EN> debian master race, bitches.
[22:17] <SigmaWP> :D
[22:17] <LL2|JedIRC> Yeh, I cba to fix my phone's auto-capitalize
[22:18] <slakr> I thought you were being grammarnazi
[22:18] <slakr> :P
[22:18] <Fluttershy-EN> RPM can suck my fuck.
[22:18] <kylu> slakr: unfortunately different unixen handle caps differently.
�03[22:19] * Jeske_Merensky is now known as Jeske|Away
[22:19] <kylu> if you want to use sudo on ts (nightshade or willow, for instance) gotta be lower case... anything works on darwin, BUT some of the logging crap doesn't realize that it's case-insensitive and doesn't think "Sudo" is "sudo"
�03[22:19] * alyxuk ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[22:19] * alyxuk ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[22:19] * alyxuk (~JohnDoe@unaffiliated/alyxuk) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[22:19] Clones detected from unaffiliated/alyxuk:�8 alyxuk| alyxuk
�03[22:19] * Jeske|Away is now known as Jeske_Merensky
�03[22:19] * Jeske_Merensky is now known as Jeske|Away
�03[22:19] * Jeske|Away is now known as Jeske_Merensky
[22:19] <kylu> I would've installed this as case-sensitive, but too lazy.
[22:19] <Fluttershy-EN> So question to the Linux users. Who has Wine installed?
[22:20] <Tannerbaum> meeeeee
�15[22:20] * phuzion ( Quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds�)
[22:20] <LL2|JedIRC> Heeeeeeeer
[22:20] <Fluttershy-EN> I do on my Linux Mint boot.
[22:20] <Tannerbaum> i'm gonna try Debian soon
[22:20] <kylu> strictly speaking, I use crossover, if that counts for your purposes.
[22:20] <Fluttershy-EN> I keep my main Windows boot for compatiblity reasons
�15[22:20] * alyxuk| (~JohnDoe@unaffiliated/alyxuk) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
�06[22:21] * kylu <3 crossover. Runs crappy free2play windows mmorpgs just fine.
[22:21] <LL2|JedIRC> Fluttershy-EN: I VM ubuntu
�03[22:21] * Porchcorpter (~Porchcorp@wikipedia/Porchcrop) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:21] <Fluttershy-EN> I straight up dual boot.
[22:21] <SigmaWP> Porchcorpter: 'Ello
[22:21] <Porchcorpter> Sigma: 'Ello
[22:22] <slakr> kylu: zsh would probably ask me if I meant "sudo"
[22:22] <Fluttershy-EN> Let me tell you, I am used to using Debian-based Linux distros.
[22:22] <Fluttershy-EN> but I despise openSUSE and Fedora.
[22:22] <LL2|JedIRC> I'd use unity to let ubuntu windows show on windows, but not everything in windows works through unity
�06[22:22] * slakr always just uses a full root prompt; if I'm ever forced to use sudo, I just `sudo zsh`
[22:22] <LL2|JedIRC> Like, some programs don't understand the taskbar click action
[22:22] <kylu> what's wrong with just using sudo or 'sudo sh' as needed?
[22:23] <slakr> it'd otherwise drive me nuts to type "sudo" before every damn command.
[22:23] <Fluttershy-EN> Unity is shit. Install GNOME 3 on that son of a bitch.
[22:23] <slakr> because i'm old-school and I don't fuck up.
[22:23] <Fluttershy-EN> your computer will luv you long time
[22:23] <kylu> slakr: do you repeat a lot of the same things on your machine?
[22:23] <slakr> ?
[22:23] <LL2|JedIRC> Fluttershy-EN: I meant I use VMware's Unity function
[22:24] <slakr> well, I mean, I don't frequently have to use root for my desktop
[22:24] <Fluttershy-EN> Never used VMware. VirtualBox is my solution to virtualization needs.
[22:24] <kylu> I just wonder if you could do more bash scripts, stuff in sbin, then sudo nice /usr/sbin/ & and call it a day.
[22:24] <slakr> but for my webservers and sysadminning stuff, I'm constantly in a rootshell.
[22:24] <LL2|JedIRC> Am I able to do "echo password | su" in my login script to auto-get superuser?
[22:25] <SigmaWP> Anyone here
[22:25] <SigmaWP> know python?
[22:25] <slakr> jesus
[22:25] <kylu> ll2: use sticky bit instead, horrible idea to put your root pw in a script
[22:25] <slakr> ASK IN #PYTHON
[22:25] <LL2|JedIRC> SigmaWP: I think SigmaWP does.
[22:25] <Fluttershy-EN> LL2 can you log in as root, i wanna show you something.
[22:25] <LL2|JedIRC> Kylu: its a vm, I can reinstall it
[22:26] <SigmaWP> slakr: They hate me
[22:26] <slakr> I can see why.
[22:26] <slakr> .
[22:26] <SigmaWP> :|
[22:26] <kylu> Fluttershy-EN: does it involve dd of=/vmlinuz ? :)
[22:26] <LL2|JedIRC> Fluttershy-EN: I'm not on my computer...
[22:26] <Fluttershy-EN> yes
[22:26] <Fluttershy-EN> just type in sudo rm -r /* into a terminal, and your problems are solved!
[22:26] <Fluttershy-EN> sr sly
[22:26] <LL2|JedIRC> GODDAMN IT
[22:26] <slakr> (slakr@argon:p1) ~ % sudo | zsh: correct 'sudo' to '_sudo' [nyae]? n | zsh: command not found: sudo | (slakr@argon:p1) ~ %
[22:26] <LL2|JedIRC> ITS rm -rf / YOU S.O.B.
[22:27] <slakr> lol, I don't even think I have the damn thing installed on my bsd box
[22:27] <slakr> es
[22:27] <kylu> you don't have sudo installed?
[22:27] <kylu>'s optional?
[22:27] <Fluttershy-EN> I'm confusing that with mac, am i?
[22:27] <kylu> Fluttershy-EN: no, I'm on a mac, it's the same syntax here too.
[22:27] <slakr> yep; totally optional.
[22:27] <Jeff_G> The DOS Prompt version is format c: /y
[22:28] <kylu> Jeff_G: mm, and not deltree c:\*.* ?
[22:28] <Fluttershy-EN> in this chat, we tell everyone to format their harddrives.
[22:28] <Fluttershy-EN> nothing will happen at all.
[22:28] <kylu> also, format screws up your try, since it's pretty verbose about what it does and it'll want you to type the volume label to continue
[22:28] <Jeff_G> Deltree has its origins way after format
[22:29] <kylu> Jeff_G: yes, but what's the chances someone managing to get online using dos is using one prior to 4.01 ?
[22:29] <slakr> hmm... looks like I could install it from ports if I wanted to.... /usr/ports/security/sudo
[22:29] <slakr> nope... don't want to.
[22:29] <slakr> :P
[22:29] <Fluttershy-EN> >implying you would want to browse the web on DOS 6.22
[22:29] <Jeff_G> They could be using two machines.
[22:29] <kylu> actually, that works just fine on ancient machines with arachne, Fluttershy-EN
[22:30] <kylu> I've used it in dosbox for the hell of it.
[22:30] <Fluttershy-EN> Yeah, it's great for sites like 4chan, minus the pictures.
�06[22:30] * Jeff_G was on the web using Win95 over MS-DOS 6.22.
[22:30] <kylu> you /b/ much? heh.
[22:30] <Fluttershy-EN> I'm a ponyfag, I usually hang out in
[22:31] <Fluttershy-EN> although I will go on 7chan from time to time.
[22:31] <slakr> a pony roody-poo
�06[22:31] * eeekster was on ARPANET using a dial-up TIP
[22:31] <SigmaWP> Traitors
[22:31] <slakr> ?
�06[22:31] * slakr looks at SigmaWP
[22:31] <eeekster> slakr turns to stone
[22:31] <SigmaWP> Fluttershy-EN: Hi
[22:31] <kylu> eeekster: closest I got was sysop on a fidonet node, back then.
�15[22:32] * delirious ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
[22:32] <eeekster> did that too, was a hub
[22:32] <Fluttershy-EN> SigmaWP: Group pooping.
[22:32] <Fluttershy-EN> your mind when
[22:32] <kylu> used email a few times, said "screw it, not interested" and went back to downloading games on the sysop-only dialback
[22:32] <kylu> also, door games
[22:32] <Fluttershy-EN> I was confused the shit out of using e-mail for the first time.
�06[22:33] * Jeff_G was on Usenet using a DEC system running 4.3bsd-beta in 1985.
[22:33] <slakr> lolbbses
[22:33] <kylu> fcking arpa routing still has me confused, honestly
[22:33] <eeekster> try IPV6
[22:33] <kylu> username!machine!next!make!it!stop!omg!please!help
[22:33] <Tannerbaum> have you heard of darknet?
�03[22:33] * delirious ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:33] <kylu> Tannerbaum: gb2tor.
[22:34] <eeekster> using dark IP addresses?
[22:34] <Fluttershy-EN> While we are on the topic (not the chat topic), were you raised using IE or Netscape?
[22:34] <eeekster> Mosaic
[22:34] <slakr> heh... darknet... not all that secure, considering all you gotta do is turn on a light and it's back to normalnet. :P ;)
[22:34] <Fluttershy-EN> so IE, eeekster?
�15[22:34] * Maid (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) Quit (Quit: We are Wikipedia, we are legion, here, have some wikilove, come help us edit?�)
[22:34] <kylu> mosaic, with trumpet winsock
[22:34] <eeekster> no
�06[22:34] * Jeff_G was only 5 hops from ihnp4
[22:35] <slakr> lol <3 trumpet winsock
[22:35] <Fluttershy-EN> mosaic is the reason IE exists.
[22:35] <slakr> that was by first real exposure to the internet
[22:35] <eeekster> trumpet windsock was fun. You could lock someone up by pinging them.
[22:35] <Fluttershy-EN> I was raised as a Netscape user.
�03[22:35] * Ks0stm (~Ks0stm@wikipedia/Ks0stm) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:35] <slakr> that was *any* dialup user.
[22:35] <slakr> you could icmp them into oblivion if you had a T1
[22:35] <eeekster> netscape didn't exist when I started
[22:35] <kylu> Fluttershy-EN: read the wiki on mosaic, since In The Beginning there was /only/ mosaic.
[22:35] <SigmaWP> :D
[22:36] <Jeff_G> My first good browser was Netscape Navigator
[22:36] <Fluttershy-EN> I remember using Opera when it was a product you had to buy.
[22:36] <eeekster> I spent some money on Opera
[22:36] <Fluttershy-EN> let me tell you, Opera was fucking ugly back then.
[22:36] <slakr> was?
�06[22:37] * Jeff_G ran into a system running WINOS2 a few years ago, it ran Netscape Navigator and sort of emulated WFW3.11
[22:37] <slakr> has it finally gotten pretty?
[22:37] <Fluttershy-EN> Have you seen screenshots of it now and then?
[22:37] <Fluttershy-EN> It's been pretty since Opera 10.
[22:37] <Fluttershy-EN> 9 was an hell of an improvement, but 10 got it rite.
[22:37] <eeekster> now if they'd just fix the memory leaks...
�03[22:38] * phuzion ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:38] <eeekster> it's already at 830MB and I just started after updating a couple of hours ago
[22:38] <SigmaWP> LL2|JedIRC: Hey
[22:38] <Fluttershy-EN> I actually jumped ship from Netscape when Netscape 8 was released.
[22:38] <Fluttershy-EN> been using Firefox/Seamonkey/Opera ever since.
[22:39] <Jeff_G> Netscape's been bloated since v4
[22:39] <slakr> ^
[22:39] <slakr> and actually 4 was bearable.
[22:39] <Fluttershy-EN> no where near as much as IE, though.
[22:39] <SigmaWP> LL2|JedIRC: Does moveexpiry need any parameters if its sysop and indef?
�06[22:40] * slakr scratches his head
[22:40] <Jeff_G> SigmaWP: you dare talk about ENWP in this channel? :)
[22:40] <slakr> didn't you ahve to pay for netscape at one point?
[22:40] <slakr> (technically?)
[22:40] <Jeff_G> slakr, yes
[22:40] <Fluttershy-EN> yes.
[22:40] <slakr> thought so.
[22:40] <Tannerbaum> yes, slakr
�06[22:40] * slakr never paid for software back then; hung around crackers. :P
[22:40] <Fluttershy-EN> the reason Netscape bit the dust, was that IE was a free browser installed by default.
[22:40] <Tannerbaum> i never pay for software now
�15[22:40] * Dragonfly6-7 ( Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
[22:40] <Tannerbaum> FOSS <3
[22:40] <slakr> I started to
[22:41] <slakr> only on some select things
[22:41] <SigmaWP> LL2|JedIRC: Ping
[22:41] <Fluttershy-EN> I torrent shit.
[22:41] <Fluttershy-EN> :/
[22:41] <Tannerbaum> for minecraft i paid for an account upgrade
[22:41] <Tannerbaum> that'
[22:41] <Tannerbaum> s the only software i've ever paid for
[22:41] <Tannerbaum> well, a few games.. sim city
[22:41] <slakr> like, I've had an MSDN subscription hand-me-downs for a while, so I guess technically I've "paid" for windows.
�06[22:41] * kylu gets free ms software, still doesn't use it.
[22:41] <Tannerbaum> that was actually required for a class though
[22:42] <SigmaWP> eh
�06[22:42] * eeekster avoids M$ software
[22:42] <slakr> eeekster: so sorry for you.
�15[22:42] * Malinaccier (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Malinaccier) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds�)
�15[22:42] * IShadowed (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[22:42] <eeekster> sorry? Why feel sorry for my avoiding the crap from Redmond?
[22:42] <SigmaWP> Fluttershy-EN: If you don't have anything constructive to say, don't say it.
[22:42] <slakr> because it makes you money?
[22:43] <Tannerbaum> mountain view > redmond
�06[22:43] * Jeff_G had a workplace that paid for Enterprise Editions of M$ software (no key needed)
�06[22:43] * slakr hates microsoft as a general rule of thumb, but that doesn't mean I can actually avoid it from a professional standpoint
�15[22:43] * Sir48 (~Sir48@ Quit (Quit: Leaving�)
�03[22:43] * YE ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:44] <slakr> Jeff_G: Datacenter editions of Server are the way to go nowadays; it's per-processor, and you get *unlimited* VMs.
[22:44] <slakr> for like... $200 bucks more than Enterprise.
[22:44] <Tannerbaum> per-processor?
[22:44] <slakr> that said, MSSQL EE is insanely priced.
[22:44] <Tannerbaum> as in, CPU?
[22:44] <slakr> yes.
[22:45] <Tannerbaum> wtf
[22:45] <slakr> so let's say you had one of the AMD 12-core processors
[22:45] <slakr> and lots of ram
[22:45] <eeekster> they're hurting for income in Redmond
[22:45] <Tannerbaum> i assume each core is counted as one processor
�03[22:45] * fennec (~fennec@wikipedia/Fennec) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:45] <slakr> for ~$2500 or so, you get unlimited Enterprise instances of Server.
[22:46] <slakr> no
[22:46] <slakr> each *physical* processor.
[22:46] <Tannerbaum> oh
�03[22:46] * foks (~joseph@wikipedia/fox) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:46] <slakr> just like VMware.
[22:46] <slakr> it's an amazing deal
�06[22:46] * Jeff_G misses having a datacenter. :(
�03[22:46] * LauraHale (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[22:46] * LauraHale (~chatzilla@ Quit (Changing host�)
�03[22:46] * LauraHale (~chatzilla@wikipedia/LauraHale) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:49] <Tannerbaum> Jeff_G: are you a sysadmin?
�06[22:49] * slakr munches on some pineapple
�06[22:49] * slakr offers some up to the channel
�06[22:49] * SigmaWP chomps it
[22:49] <slakr> =)
�03[22:50] * zscout370 (~Kagami@wikipedia/Zscout370) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:50] <eeekster> next time peel it first
[22:50] <slakr> oh lol
[22:50] <slakr> they're canned
[22:50] <eeekster> then peel off the metal ;)
[22:51] <slakr> so that's why my teeth fell out
�06[22:51] * slakr facepalms
[22:51] <Jeff_G> Tannerbaum: that depends on your definition.
[22:51] <Tannerbaum> Jeff_G: what do you do for a living? :p
[22:51] <SigmaWP> Law
[22:51] <Tannerbaum> oh
[22:52] <Jeff_G> That's not my primary way of making a living anymore (sadly)
[22:52] <Jeff_G> but I still get people giving me physical access to their ailing PCs.
[22:52] SpamTunes stopped.
Session Close: Wed Dec 07 22:52:44 2011