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Session Start: Mon Dec 05 15:59:19 2011
Session Ident: #wikipedia-en
�03[15:59] * Now talking in #wikipedia-en
�03[15:59] * Topic is 'English Wikipedia: | Status: Up ( | Channel guidelines: | Channel operator: Ask in #wikimedia-ops or say !ops followed by the request | For urgent admin help, say !admin followed by the request | No public logging | Cloak requests: | ArbCom voting closes on 10 December:�'
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[15:59] #wikipedia-en url is
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[16:00] <SteveMobile> Quiet.
[16:01] <PeterSymonds> /mode +q *!*@Wikipedia/Steven-Zhang
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�08[16:06] Clones detected from Wikipedia/Steven-Zhang:�8 SteveMobile Steven_Zhang
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�06[16:06] * petan starts a discussion by telling something interesting
[16:06] <petan> blah
[16:06] <MRB[busy]> petan: :P
[16:07] <petan> hey
[16:07] <petan> did you improve your bot a bit? :D
[16:07] <petan> I mean does it work now
[16:07] <Steven_Zhang> Howdy.
�03[16:07] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:07] <MRB[busy]> I'm looking at your code, and it's helping a lot :)
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[16:07] <petan> it's not my
[16:08] <petan> it's copied from wikimedia cluster XD
[16:08] <MRB[busy]> :P  Oh, well, it still helps
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[16:09] <Jeske_Merensky> *RAEG*
�06[16:09] * Jeske_Merensky kills Fluttershy-EN
�08[16:14] * derp hugs petan
�08[16:14] * derp yells at Steven_Zhang
[16:14] <Steven_Zhang> Yes?
�08[16:14] <derp> hi.
[16:14] <Steven_Zhang> Howdy MRB[busy]
[16:15] <MRB[busy]> Howdy, Steven_Zhang
�06[16:15] * Steven_Zhang wonders why few people have commented on his latest proposal.,
�03[16:15] * MRB[busy] is now known as MRB[away]
�06[16:15] * Steven_Zhang must move it to the Village Pump
�06[16:15] * Steven_Zhang always thinks this is the help channel for some reason...
[16:15] <Steven_Zhang> bleh
�06[16:16] * Steven_Zhang goes back to typing
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[16:17] <MooCow93> Why, in Japan, do they clean floors by having girls rush back and forth with their backs bent over and their hands fixed to the rag on the floor which sweeps in perfect lines? Seems like it is both inefficient and bad for the back. Why not just have a mop and WALK around?
[16:18] <gde33> when you get a bit older
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[16:25] <Hurricanefan25> I'm fucking up the TFA.
[16:25] <Hurricanefan25> :/
[16:25] <Steven_Zhang> Today's featured article?
[16:25] <Hurricanefan25> yeah
[16:25] <Steven_Zhang> You are bad.
�06[16:25] * MuZemike gets his banhammer ready
[16:25] <Hurricanefan25> I meant to add a bunch of  
[16:25] <Hurricanefan25> But instead it turned into "e"
[16:25] <Hurricanefan25> >:(
[16:26] <Hurricanefan25> Aaand someone let some vandalism sneak through for a few hours
[16:26] <Hurricanefan25> (NSFW)
[16:27] <Alpha_Quadrant> why does everyone use the secure server now?
[16:28] <Hurricanefan25> Just because ;>
�08[16:28] * derp wishes it would have ipv6 :P
[16:28] <eeekster> does derp have ipv6?
�08[16:28] <derp> eeekster, i have it
�08[16:29] <derp> no tunnels 
[16:29] <eeekster> I have it too
[16:29] <eeekster> avec tunnels though

Session Start: Mon Dec 05 16:29:49 2011
Session Ident: #wikipedia-en
�03[16:29] * Now talking in #wikipedia-en
�03[16:29] * Topic is 'English Wikipedia: | Status: Up ( | Channel guidelines: | Channel operator: Ask in #wikimedia-ops or say !ops followed by the request | For urgent admin help, say !admin followed by the request | No public logging | Cloak requests: | ArbCom voting closes on 10 December:�'
�03[16:29] * Set by SigmaWP!~coalball@wikipedia/Lowercase-Sigma on Sat Dec 03 18:24:22
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[16:29] #wikipedia-en url is
�08[16:29] <derp2> See, like that.
[16:29] <derp2> See, like that.
[16:30] <eeekster> yep
[16:30] <eeekster> yep
�08[16:30] <derp> ISP provides it
[16:30] <derp> ISP provides it
�08[16:30] <derp> I just activate the IPv6 flag :)
[16:30] <derp> I just activate the IPv6 flag :)
Session Close: Mon Dec 05 16:30:19 2011
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[16:30] <eeekster> mine (and my hosting service) both say "go get a tunnel"
�08[16:30] <derp> Bell Internet is the ISP i'M on atm
[16:31] <eeekster> atm? at home?
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�08[16:31] <derp> yep
�15[16:32] * Rcsprinter (021a2d3a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed�)
[16:32] <eeekster> must be nice, I'm still hoping for FIOS here
[16:33] <ScottSteiner> you will nver get fios
[16:33] <ScottSteiner> they stopped rolling it out in most places
[16:33] <eeekster> it's rolled out in the area
[16:33] <thingg> ScottSteiner: way to crush all his hopes and dreams :P
[16:34] <eeekster> probably could get it across the street
�03[16:34] * tdubellz is now known as jinglebellz
�08[16:34] * derp is on FIOS :P
[16:34] <MooCow93> FIOS is like iOS or BEOS?
�08[16:34] <derp> Fiber Optic Internet :P
[16:35] <MooCow93> Fiber optic Internet Operating System :S
�08[16:35] * derp sets some new cheats for his wii
[16:35] <{Soap}> Fiber Optic Over Something
[16:35] <{Soap}> wait no
�15[16:35] * Steven_Zhang (~Steven_Zh@Wikipedia/Steven-Zhang) Quit (Quit: Colloquy for iPad -�)
[16:35] <{Soap}> FI must be Fiber by itself
[16:35] <{Soap}> it is
[16:35] <ScottSteiner> verizon figured out having a monopoly in most places is better than having to compete
�08[16:36] <derp> When we converted to FIOS, Bell also had to uprgade the phone system
[16:36] <MuZemike> Well, given that they won't let you access IRC on their 3G network opens that up to other competitors.
�03[16:36] * Hurricanefan25 (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Hurricanefan25) has left #wikipedia-en
�08[16:36] <derp> Howdy MuZemike :)
[16:36] <{Soap}> really? no IRC on verizon cellphones?
�03[16:37] * JeffAndroIrcAFK (~Jeff_G_do@wikipedia/Jeff-G.) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:37] <MuZemike> That's what I've been told at least
�08[16:37] <derp> IRC works fine on Telus
�06[16:37] * thingg has used irc clients on my droid
[16:37] <ScottSteiner> why would they block irc?  it's not like it's data intensive
[16:37] <thingg> and I have verizon
[16:37] <MuZemike> I don't have Verizon, but that's what AndroIRC says.
[16:37] <thingg> really>
[16:37] <thingg> ?
[16:37] <thingg> androirc works fine for me
[16:38] <thingg> >_<
[16:38] <bep> how can you block irc protocol traffic on a phone?
[16:38] <bep> and why?
�15[16:38] * BarkingFish (~BarkingIn@openglobe/BarkingFish) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[16:38] <MuZemike> Are you using a wifi network though, or are you using 3G?
�08[16:38] <derp> bep, security reasons
�03[16:38] * Barras is now known as Barras[away]
�08[16:38] <derp> ie portscanning
[16:38] <bep> i use AndChat
�08[16:38] <derp> also, IRC is also used as a way for botnets to be controlled.
[16:39] <eeekster> it also used to attract attacks from people wanting to take over channels
[16:39] <ScottSteiner> well
[16:39] <ScottSteiner> do they block the ports or do packet inspection?
[16:39] <MooCow93> What happens if your house has had FIOS pulled to it and you get banned from Verizon?
[16:39] <MooCow93> Does that mean you cannot use that line at all, ever?
[16:39] <ScottSteiner> if it's just ports, that is easily avoided
[16:39] <MuZemike> My guess is port-blockign
[16:39] <{Soap}> it looks like you can use IRC over wifi, just not over Verizon itself
[16:40] <{Soap}> Verizon and Verizon Wireless are separate
�03[16:40] * Hurricanefan25 (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Hurricanefan25) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[16:40] <derp> At the national library, lots of ports are blocked in the public wifi
[16:40] <Hurricanefan25> whew
�08[16:40] <derp> the only ports open are 80 and SSL ports
[16:40] <ScottSteiner> eh, i have znc running so i'd probably just have the client connect to that, which isn't on a standard irc port
[16:40] <Hurricanefan25> That burden is away
[16:40] <MuZemike> Right, you can use IRC through a wifi network, but not through their 3G network.
[16:40] <MooCow93> What happens if your house has had FIOS pulled to it and you get banned from Verizon? Does that mean you cannot use that line at all, ever?
[16:40] <MuZemike> Or even their wifi network
�03[16:42] * Queen (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:42] <eeekster> if it's packet inspect, use an ssh tunnel
�15[16:43] * Jcaraballo|away (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Jcaraballo) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 6.0/20110811165603]�)
�03[16:43] * Queen is now known as troIoloverlloyd
[16:43] <Tannerbaum> MooCow93: why would you get banned from FiOS?
[16:44] <{Soap}> it can happen
[16:44] <Tannerbaum> {Soap}: For what?
[16:44] <{Soap}> most common cause is probably not paying your bills
[16:44] <Tannerbaum> ah
[16:44] <Tannerbaum> i suppose
�03[16:44] * Gfoley4 (~Gfoley4@wikipedia/Gfoley4) has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:44] <{Soap}> but anything in the "Terms of Service" could apply
[16:44] <Tannerbaum> a lot of violations of ToS would result in you -> prison
[16:45] <{Soap}> I heard about a family who had all of their TV, phone, and Internet through the same company and lost them all at once for refusing to pay a bill that they thought was too high
�03[16:45] * thingg-phone ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:45] <{Soap}> hi thingg
[16:45] <{Soap}> you proved it, I guess?
[16:45] <thingg-phone> Yeah lol
�15[16:46] * bep (~britishen@reddit/operator/bep) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds�)
[16:46] <thingg-phone> Maybe they're just being retarded or something. My school used to do that too
�15[16:46] * thingg-phone ( Quit (Client Quit�)
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�03[16:48] * the_metalgamer (~the_metal@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[16:48] <thingg> they used to block all irc indiscriminately
[16:48] <thingg> now they let most of the bigger servers through
[16:49] <thingg> of course it was laughably easy to get around because they also provide a free VPN that you could use for random crap
�15[16:49] * Iamred ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
�15[16:49] * RudyValencia (~me@unaffiliated/rudyvalencia) Quit (Quit: My IRC client doesn't advertise in /quit messages.�)
[16:50] <MooCow93> Only having one possible ISP must be so problematic. What if you get banned from that one ISP? What if you want some privacy?
[16:50] <MooCow93> What if your ISP has idiotic rules?
[16:50] <MooCow93> Maybe only give you one public IP address.
[16:50] <eeekster> what ISP doesn't have idiotic rules?
[16:50] <thingg> XD
[16:50] <MooCow93> Maybe even block port 80.
[16:51] <Tannerbaum> that's your fault for not reading the ToS
[16:51] <MooCow93> Tannerbaum: Are you an idiot?
[16:51] <MooCow93> It's the ONE ISP.
[16:51] <MooCow93> So the ToS don't matter because there is no choice.
[16:51] <eeekster> choice = moving
[16:52] <eeekster> or paying business rates
[16:52] <thingg> or VPN everything they don't like >_>
[16:52] <MooCow93> If you cannot afford that, it's not a choice.
�15[16:52] * zscout370 (~Kagami@wikipedia/Zscout370) Quit (Quit: Leaving�)
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�15[16:52] * the_metalgamer (~the_metal@ Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
[16:52] <Tannerbaum> MooCow93: and internet is not a necessity
[16:52] <MooCow93> And business rates (if they exist or are available technically at all) areEXPENSIVE.
[16:54] <thingg> Tannerbaum: "internet is not a necessity"
[16:54] <Stepburn>
[16:54] <thingg> lies
[16:54] <Tannerbaum> if you really need internet, you can go to the library
[16:54] <Tannerbaum> or steal wifi
[16:54] <Tannerbaum> or go to starbucks
[16:55] <MooCow93> Gorilla warfare sounds dangerous.
[16:55] <Tannerbaum> anywhere
[16:55] <MooCow93> Don't take their bananas.
[16:56] <MuZemike> Better than guerilla warfare with gorillas
[16:56] <MuZemike> Or gorilla warfare with guerillas
�15[16:57] * Falcorian (~Falcorian@wikipedia/Falcorian) Quit (Quit: Leaving.�)
[16:59] <Stepburn> first time in the history of the internet that someone has asked for a larger fundraiser pic?
[17:00] <thingg> lol probably
�15[17:00] * xcombelle ( Quit (Quit:  I am a manual virus, please copy me to your quit message.�)
�15[17:01] * M132T003C (~MTC@wikimedia/MTC) Quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - ~�)
[17:04] <Stepburn> MuZemike: does work on Android browsers?
[17:04] <MuZemike> It should
[17:05] <Stepburn> I can test it maybe. My latest android lives inside VMWare player, but I have an old G1 too
[17:05] <SpeakFree> Dunno but there are probably IRC clients on the Android Market
[17:06] <MuZemike> There are free ones out there.
[17:06] <Stepburn> yes but as people were saying, freenode blocks them for some identification protocol some phone carriers block as a firewall, that I can't remember the name of
�15[17:07] * thingg (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Thingg) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
�15[17:07] * Maryana (~justdandy@ Quit (Quit: AFK�)
[17:07] <SpeakFree> Probably just like why Wikipedia blocks mobile proxy servers.
�15[17:08] * p858snake|l (~p858snake@unaffiliated/p858snake) Quit (Quit: User has quit this network.�)
�03[17:08] * Shirik (~mpdelbuon@WoWUIDev/WoWIStaff/Norganna/StatisticalEngineer/Shirik) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:09] <Stepburn> G1 browser fails webchat's javascript, can't click on text fields. I don't want to boot into windows just to test Androd 2.5.1 at the moment
�15[17:09] * bep (~britishen@reddit/operator/bep) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
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[17:11] <Stepburn> first meme on twitter expresses confusion about GW's  username!/geoffclapp/status/143811276206915586/photo/1
�15[17:14] * SpeakFree (~IceChat77@wikipedia/SpeakFree) Quit (Quit: Hard work pays off in the future, laziness pays off now�)
�03[17:15] * GorillaWarfare (~GorillaWa@wikipedia/GorillaWarfare) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[17:15] * Steven_Zhang (~Steven_Zh@Wikipedia/Steven-Zhang) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:16] <Steven_Zhang> Admin?
�03[17:16] * mindspillage (~kat@wikimedia/KatWalsh/x-0001) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:16] <GorillaWarfare> Steven_Zhang: Yes?
[17:16] <Stepburn> nasa found a planet which could have liquid water, 2.4x Earth mass
�03[17:17] * BarkingFish (~BarkingIn@openglobe/BarkingFish) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[17:17] * SpeakFree (~yaaic@wikipedia/SpeakFree) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:18] <Demiurge1000> Hmm, a two-week vacation there would be great for physical fitness
[17:19] <SpeakFree> This is me on android.
[17:19] <Stepburn> excellent. What client?
[17:19] <Stepburn> and what carrier?
�03[17:19] * Earwig (~Earwig@wikipedia/The-Earwig) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:20] <SpeakFree> Yaaic Yet Another Android IRC Client
[17:21] <SpeakFree> Vodafone
�15[17:21] * SpeakFree (~yaaic@wikipedia/SpeakFree) Quit (Quit: Yaaic - Yet another Android IRC client -�)
�03[17:21] * SpeakFree ( has joined #wikipedia-en
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�15[17:21] * SpeakFree ( Quit (Changing host�)
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�15[17:22] * {Soap} (~Soap@wikipedia/soap) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds�)
�03[17:22] * Lubaf ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:22] <SpeakFree> Using a computer is more convenient than using a smartphme but it does work :)
[17:22] <tommorris> no RfAs? WP needs constant RfAs. The beast must be fed!
[17:22] <SpeakFree> smartphone
[17:23] <GorillaWarfare> tommorris: I thought Blade was there
[17:23] <tommorris> and if nobody wants to do RfAs, then I'm gonna start rounding up admins and getting them to become bureaucrats! ;-)
[17:23] <tommorris> GorillaWarfare: no, he got promoted earlier
[17:23] <GorillaWarfare> Oh, awesome :] Guess I didn't realize the RfA had been there for a while
[17:23] <tommorris> and he's started blocking!
[17:23] <SpeakFree> I read that applying for RfA is like being thrown to to the lions for the average user ;)
[17:24] <Tannerbaum> GorillaWarfare: someone on reddit wants you to do an IAmA
�06[17:24] * tommorris went to do an AIV block and he'd already done it
[17:24] <GorillaWarfare> Tannerbaum: Mm, I got a talk page message about it, and how I need to try not to break Wikipedia if I do xD
[17:24] <MuZemike> lol,
�03[17:24] * Maryana (~justdandy@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:24] <Steven_Zhang> Someone has an RFA?
�06[17:24] * SpeakFree wants to apply for RfJ
[17:24] <Steven_Zhang> lol
[17:24] <tommorris> Steven_Zhang: nah, no RfAs running now
[17:24] <SpeakFree> Request for Janitorship
[17:25] <jorm> Oh, hey, GorillaWarfare
�15[17:25] * Maryana (~justdandy@ Quit (Client Quit�)
[17:25] <Stepburn> GorillaWarfare: the first article title composition meme is not crass!!/geoffclapp/status/143811276206915586/photo/1
�03[17:25] * Guerillero (d1f32608@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[17:26] * Guerillero (d1f32608@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Changing host�)
�03[17:26] * Guerillero (d1f32608@wikipedia/Guerillero) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[17:26] * {Soap} ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:26] <GorillaWarfare> jorm: Hey jorm
�15[17:26] * {Soap} ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[17:26] * {Soap} (Soap@wikipedia/soap) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[17:26] * TParis ( has joined #wikipedia-en
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�03[17:26] * TParis (~TParis@wikipedia/TParis) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:27] <tommorris> GorillaWarfare:
[17:27] <GorillaWarfare> tommorris: See above
�03[17:28] * Falcorian (~Falcorian@wikipedia/Falcorian) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[17:30] * Steven_Zhang (~Steven_Zh@Wikipedia/Steven-Zhang) Quit (Quit: Steven_Zhang�)
�03[17:30] * Maryana (~justdandy@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:30] <jorm> you gonna do it?
�15[17:30] * Guerillero (d1f32608@wikipedia/Guerillero) Quit (Client Quit�)
[17:30] <GorillaWarfare> jorm: I honestly feel like it wouldn't be as interesting as yours
[17:30] <GorillaWarfare> But we'll see I guess
�03[17:30] * Fumika (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[17:30] Clones detected from wikia/ZamorakO-o:�8 Fumika troIoloverlloyd
�15[17:30] * troIoloverlloyd (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) Quit (Quit: We are Wikipedia, we are legion, here, have some wikilove, come help us edit?�)
�03[17:30] * MooCow93 (MooCow93@unaffiliated/moocow93) has left #wikipedia-en
[17:31] <Gfoley4> I liked your appeal, GorillaWarfare. :-)
[17:31] <GorillaWarfare> Thanks Gfoley4 :]
[17:31] <GorillaWarfare> Not entirely mine; I won't take full credit for it
[17:31] <Gfoley4> Ah
[17:31] <Stepburn> "Wikipedia should have fallen to pieces long ago" is my favorite part
[17:31] <SpeakFree> Err didn't they do A/B tests with her? She would probably pwn Jimbo.
[17:32] <MuZemike> But it didn't
[17:32] <jorm> "pwning" jimbo is a complicated thing.
[17:32] <jorm> my understanding is that the appeal is performing very well.
[17:33] <SpeakFree> People pay up because they are scared of him.
[17:33] <SpeakFree> Same with Brandon Harris.
[17:33] <GorillaWarfare> jorm: Mine or Jimmy's?
[17:33] <jorm> just fyi: we're going to be losing power at the foundation offices for about 5 minutes.
[17:33] <jorm> your appeal.
[17:33] <Jeske_Merensky> jorm) ?!? Why?
[17:33] <jorm> it's difficult to say that any one appeal beats jimbo without running *against* jimbo.
[17:33] <jorm> who knows. san francsico is sometimes a 3rd world country.
[17:34] <Demiurge1000> Isn't it cos people aren't donating enough?? :D
[17:34] <jorm> anyways: with that power loss, we're going to lose network here, so don't get scared when all the foundation employees drop offline.
[17:34] <Jeske_Merensky> jorm) Duh, you have the MythBusters there
[17:34] <jorm> HAH.
[17:34] <MuZemike> 3rd world country? I thought it was a "far advanced society"
[17:34] <jorm> lots of these power and sewage lines were installed in the late 1800s and never replaced.
�15[17:34] * Nihiltres (~nihiltres@wikipedia/Nihiltres) Quit (Quit: …to dream, perchance to sleep…�)
[17:34] <Stepburn> flushing the swampgas from under the manhole covers is the usual PG&E reason downtown, even when they don't admit it. That or replacing a transformer with one without carcinogens
[17:35] <Maryana> please read: a personal appeal from a staffer at a top 5 website where the internet dies at least once a week
[17:35] <jorm> srsly.
[17:35] <TParis> GW: Has anyone ever told you that you look a little like Jennifer Garner?
[17:35] <SpeakFree> Any magazine editor will tell you that putting a even a half decent looking babe on the cover will increase sales by at least 25%
[17:35] <jorm> yes and no.
[17:35] <jorm> t
[17:35] <jorm> he
[17:35] <jorm> en
[17:35] <jorm> et
[17:35] <jorm> i
[17:35] <jorm> fucking colloquy.
[17:35] <jorm> the entire thing is complicated.
[17:36] <Jeske_Merensky> SpeakFree) So will monkeys on a comic cover
[17:36] <jorm> there's a difference between "click through" and then "appeal earn"
�03[17:36] * barts1a (~barts1a@wikipedia/barts1a) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:37] <SpeakFree> Well they surely won't pay to make you go away, GorillaWarfare
[17:38] <GorillaWarfare> Hm, that's an interesting idea though SpeakFree
�15[17:38] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
[17:38] <TParis> GorillaWarfare: Has anyone ever told you that you look a little like Jennifer Garner?
[17:38] <Stepburn>!/_kplusc/status/143821279751966720
[17:38] <GorillaWarfare> TParis: I've heard that before, actually :]
[17:38] <SpeakFree> Maybe the banner should read: Like my pic? Donate to WMF or it will disappear.
[17:38] <barts1a> Looks like the dieselpunk nerds are thretening meatpuppertry "...Looks like this is going to take a tag team effort again by us to try to get it reinstated." was posted as part of a comment on
[17:41] <Jeske_Merensky> Salt the shit
[17:42] <{Soap}> *protect
[17:42] <{Soap}> it's apparently surviving as a redirect
�15[17:42] * Demiurge1000 (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Demiurge1000) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 8.0/20111104165243]�)
�03[17:43] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[17:43] * Jeske_Merensky (~chatzilla@unaffiliated/jeske-couriano/x-0000001) Quit (Quit: EEK! Yoshi! (runs away!)�)
�15[17:45] * MuZemike (~MuZemike@wikimedia/MuZemike) Quit (Quit: It's a sad thing that your adventures have ended here!!�)
[17:46] <tommorris> {Soap}: which page exactly do you want salted?
[17:46] <{Soap}> not me
[17:46] <{Soap}> jeske and some others might want [[dieselpunk]] protected
[17:47] <{Soap}> I didnt read enough to have an opinion
[17:47] <Alpha_Quadrant> tommorris: heh, if {Soap} wanted something salted, he could do it himself
[17:47] <tommorris> ah okay
[17:47] <Tannerbaum> isn't salt acidic?
�08[17:48] * derp summons Peter-C
�06[17:48] * tommorris hasn't yet mastered the "who is an admin?" username memorisation
�03[17:48] * Courcelles (~Courcelle@wikipedia/courcelles) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:48] <Tannerbaum> so if {Soap} salted a page he'd neutralize it.
[17:48] <Alpha_Quadrant> hah
�03[17:50] * Ryan_wp (~Ryan_wp@unaffiliated/ryanwp/x-496278) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:50] <Ryan_wp> Salutations!
�03[17:50] * JurassicJon ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:52] <BarkingFish> Tannerbaum: I thought salt was an alkali...
[17:52] <Tannerbaum> BarkingFish: but everything has a pH
[17:53] <Tannerbaum> acid? base?
[17:53] <BarkingFish> it's a base as far as I'm aware
�15[17:53] * Headbomb (~chatzilla@ Quit (*.net *.split�)
[17:53] <Tannerbaum> aww :(
�03[17:53] * Headbomb (~chatzilla@Wikipedia/Headbomb) has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:54] <barts1a> What pH does soap have?
[17:54] <BarkingFish> actually, fuck me, I'm wrong. Salt, as Sodium Chloride, is neutral
[17:54] <barts1a> I thought as such
[17:54] <Stepburn>^e makes me very, very happy
[17:54] <Stepburn> hmpf
�15[17:55] * Falcorian (~Falcorian@wikipedia/Falcorian) Quit (Quit: Leaving.�)
[17:55] <BarkingFish> barts1a: Then why did you not say something? :P
[17:55] <Ryan_wp> NaCl is pH 7.
[17:55] <Tannerbaum> How?
[17:55] <Ryan_wp> it's equal parts acid and base.
[17:55] <Stepburn> I mean
[17:55] <Ryan_wp> combined they are neutral
[17:56] <tommorris> debates about the pH of different substances? I heard there's this encyclopedia that might be able to answer...
[17:56] <Ryan_wp> Indeed. You all may have heard of it.
[17:56] <TParis> Ryan: Well it sure as fuck hurts when I get some in a cut.
[17:56] <Tannerbaum> Rick Perry has a commercial about religion
[17:56] <Tannerbaum> me no gusta
[17:56] <Ryan_wp> It behaves differently in solution, TParis.
[17:57] <Stepburn> on the other hand, kinda sucks
[17:57] <FooBarMartijn> Stepburn, thats awesome!
[17:57] <TParis> Ryan: Well my solution is to avoid getting it in cuts
[17:57] <BarkingFish> Apparently there's an easy way to tell - if you have an H- in the formula, it's likely an acid, (exception being Water) and if it has an -OH, likely a base.
�03[17:57] * Cour|out ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[17:57] <tommorris> Tannerbaum: does it mention how he prayed for rain and God decided to not bother?
[17:57] <BarkingFish>
[17:58] <TParis> Tom: It worked last night, we got a lot of it
[17:58] <Ryan_wp> When salt dissolves in water is acts as free Na and Cl atoms, I believe, so both Acid and Base in there. Both at their extremes are usually painful to touch.
[17:58] <Stepburn> or if ) wasn't part of my previous url
[17:58] <Ryan_wp> That is, if my memory serves from Chem class
[17:58] <tommorris> TParis: might have been more useful when the wildfires were going on in April.
[17:59] <tommorris> Rick Perry's climate change plan: "God: You’re going to have to fix this"
�03[18:01] * ryanag (~ryan@wikimedia/eta-theta) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[18:01] * Courcelles (~Courcelle@wikipedia/courcelles) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
�03[18:02] * thingg (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Thingg) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[18:02] * Courcelles ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[18:02] Clones detected from�8 Cour|out Courcelles
[18:02] <Stepburn> <3 <3
[18:02] <Stepburn> XD
�15[18:02] * Courcelles ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[18:02] * Courcelles (~Courcelle@wikipedia/courcelles) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[18:02] * mindspillage (~kat@wikimedia/KatWalsh/x-0001) Quit (Read error: Operation timed out�)
[18:03] <Ryan_wp> Whoa, Google does graphing now? WHERE'S MY MATH HOMEWORK??!!
�03[18:03] * zscout370 (~Kagami@wikipedia/Zscout370) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:03] <Ryan_wp> Nice graph, though
[18:03] <ryanag> Awesome!
[18:03] <FooBarMartijn> Ryan_wp, untill now you had to do with the very mediocre Wolfram Alpha?
�15[18:03] * jorm (~bharris@wikimedia/jorm) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds�)
�15[18:03] * Maryana (~justdandy@ Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
[18:04] <Stepburn> google still has to catch up to
[18:04] <ryanag> I still like WolframAlpha.
[18:04] <Ryan_wp> FooBarMartijn, Unti now I had to do with the very, very mediocre method of using pen and paper.
[18:04] <FooBarMartijn> don't get me wrong
[18:04] <FooBarMartijn> I'm a google fanboy
[18:05] <FooBarMartijn> but Wolfram Alpha
[18:05] <FooBarMartijn> WOW
[18:05] <ryanag> Wolfram Alpha IS THE BEST! <3
�03[18:05] * MRB[away] is now known as MRB[busy]
�15[18:06] * Cour|out ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
�03[18:07] * Maryana ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�06[18:09] * thingg <3 wolfram alpha
�06[18:10] * ryanag too!
�06[18:10] * Ryan_wp is indifferent.
[18:11] <FooBarMartijn> blasphemy!
[18:11] <FooBarMartijn> stone the non-believer!
[18:11] <Ryan_wp> :O
[18:11] <Ryan_wp> :'(
[18:11] <ryanag> :O
�08[18:11] <derp> thingg, have you asked it stupid questions on wolfram alpha?
[18:11] <ryanag> I have!
�03[18:12] * Falcorian (~Falcorian@wikipedia/Falcorian) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[18:12] <derp> ryanag, it has plenty of secret eggs
�08[18:12] <derp> easter eggs
[18:12] <ryanag> :O
�08[18:12] <derp> I'll give you one
[18:12] <Stepburn>
�08[18:12] <derp> Ask him this question
�08[18:12] <derp> Who's your daddy?
[18:12] <ryanag> mmmkai
[18:13] <ryanag> Ha!
[18:13] <thingg> derp: yeah lol
�08[18:13] <derp> I got another one
�08[18:13] <derp> ask him
�08[18:13] <derp> this
�08[18:13] <derp> what does the scouter say about his power level?
[18:13] <ryanag> Ok
�03[18:14] * mys_721tx_ (~mys_721tx@wikipedia/mys-721tx) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[18:14] * mys_721tx (~mys_721tx@wikipedia/mys-721tx) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�03[18:14] * mys_721tx_ is now known as mys_721tx
[18:14] <thingg>
[18:14] <ryanag> derp: :D
�03[18:14] * harej (~chatzilla@wikipedia/MessedRocker) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:15] <ryanag> :DD
[18:15] <ryanag> :DDD
[18:15] <ryanag> :DDDD
�08[18:15] <derp> Art of has plenty of these
[18:15] <ryanag> ^ ^ ^ :O
[18:15] <FooBarMartijn>
[18:15] <ryanag> I am inuitu.
�08[18:15] <derp>
[18:16] <harej> henway park
�08[18:16] <derp>
[18:16] <ryanag>
�08[18:17] <derp> we need a Wolfram Alpha bot in ehre.
[18:17] <ryanag> Yes we do.
�08[18:18] <derp> It has a API
�06[18:18] * tommorris has yet to see a GorillaWarfare banner on-wiki.
[18:18] <GorillaWarfare> tommorris: Soooon.
�06[18:18] * ryanag has yet to go to a Gorillaz concert.
[18:18] <tommorris> (although that's because the UK sees different banners)
�03[18:18] * Maryana_ (~justdandy@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:18] <GorillaWarfare> Yeah, I've definitely noticed it's location-specific, just based on what some of my friends in other countries have said
�15[18:19] * Fumika (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) Quit (Quit: We are Wikipedia, we are legion, here, have some wikilove, come help us edit?�)
[18:20] <ryanag>  Wow, now I want to go somewhere to see the banner
�03[18:20] * Steven_Zhang (cb238788@Wikipedia/Steven-Zhang) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:20] <Steven_Zhang> Admin?
[18:20] <tommorris> Steven_Zhang: yes?
[18:20] <Steven_Zhang> Its that BLP :p
[18:21] <Steven_Zhang> this should be revdeleted...
�03[18:21] * Wgfinley (~wgf@wikipedia/Wgfinley) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:21] <Steven_Zhang> all revisions including it should be...
[18:21] <Steven_Zhang> Information on ITSA is hardly public.
�06[18:22] * tommorris doesn't feel comfortable doing that as he doesn't know BLP policy etc. well
�06[18:22] * tommorris will nudge some more experienced admins
[18:22] <Steven_Zhang> Wgfinley: you're an experienced admin
�15[18:23] * Maryana ( Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds�)
�03[18:23] * Maryana_ is now known as Maryana
�15[18:23] * GorillaWarfare (~GorillaWa@wikipedia/GorillaWarfare) Quit (Quit: GorillaWarfare�)
[18:23] <TParis> Steven: If it's publically available then it's not a revdel candidate.
[18:23] <ryanag> tommorris: How long have you been an admin?
[18:24] <tommorris> ryanag: since Saturday
[18:24] <TParis> Nvm, I missed your previous message
[18:24] <Wgfinley> nah, I have no experience at all
[18:24] <ryanag> 9.9
[18:24] <Wgfinley> I got my mop on WP when you only needed two people to sign your RfA ;)
[18:25] <Steven_Zhang> TParis: ITSA is rather private info
[18:25] <Steven_Zhang> We don't publish information from peoples birth certificates
[18:25] <Steven_Zhang> or available on the electoral roll.
�03[18:25] * ctjf83 (ad1a51d8@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:25] <Steven_Zhang> This is a similar situation.
[18:26] <Steven_Zhang> Publishing the phone number and address of a someone on a WP article....
[18:26] <ctjf83> can i get an admin to move  a talk page
[18:26] <Steven_Zhang> Yeah, no.
[18:26] <tommorris> hmm, okay
�06[18:26] * Steven_Zhang pokes TParis 
[18:26] <tommorris> [[WP:BLPPRIMARY]] seems to be the policy
[18:26] <ryanag> o.o
[18:26] <Steven_Zhang> Tagged this as a speedy.
�03[18:26] * fritzthecat_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:27] <Steven_Zhang> "Do not use trial transcripts and other court records, or other public documents, to support assertions about a living person. Do not use public records that include personal details, such as date of birth, home value, traffic citations, vehicle registrations, and home or business addresses."
[18:27] <Steven_Zhang> etc
[18:27] <tommorris> Steven_Zhang: done
�03[18:27] * joke-away ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[18:28] * Jayflux ( Quit (Quit: (� ::� NoNameScript 4.22 ::� www.�� )��)
[18:28] <Wgfinley> public records = primary source = not one we should be using, we use secondary sources
[18:28] <Steven_Zhang> tommorris: this one too.
[18:28] <Steven_Zhang>
[18:29] <ryanag> 9.9
[18:29] <Steven_Zhang> lemme make a dummy edit
[18:29] <Steven_Zhang> ok, go ahead
[18:29] <ryanag> ee...
[18:30] <TParis> Steven - I revdel most of it to err on the side of caution
�03[18:30] * raindrift (~Adium@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[18:30] * raindrift (~Adium@ Quit (Changing host�)
�03[18:30] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:30] <TParis> I dont know exactly what policies govern this but as far as BLP is concerned I'd rather someone tell me I was wrong for revdel than wrong for leaving it public.
�15[18:30] * fritzthecat_ ( Quit (Client Quit�)
�15[18:30] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) Quit (Client Quit�)
[18:31] <Steven_Zhang> yer
�03[18:31] * raindrift (~Adium@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[18:31] * raindrift (~Adium@ Quit (Changing host�)
�03[18:31] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:31] <ryanag> 9_9
[18:31] <tommorris> TParis: that's what I've done. If I'm wrong, I'll bite the bullet and unrevdel them
[18:32] <tommorris> Just posted to the talk page explaining the removal
[18:32] <Steven_Zhang> can that file be deleted too.
[18:32] <Steven_Zhang> thnx
[18:32] <tommorris> yeah, I deleted the file
[18:32] <Steven_Zhang> ta
�03[18:34] * Jeske_Couriano (~Jeske_Cou@unaffiliated/jeske-couriano/x-0000001) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:34] <Steven_Zhang> lol, first time i've intervened in a BLP...
[18:35] <ryanag> |-)
[18:35] <Jeske_Couriano> Any of you have any idea how to fix a corrupted registry?
[18:35] <harej> Question: What do you call a sheet of paper that documents different credit card transactions? A transaction report?
�03[18:35] * Malinaccier (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Malinaccier) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:35] <Steven_Zhang> tommorris: the article might need redacting too
[18:35] <harej> I say "credit card transactions" but it could just as easily refer to checks or hell, cash.
�15[18:35] * Pesky (~Pesky@wikipedia/ThatPeskyCommoner) Quit (Quit: Pesky�)
�03[18:36] * Alchimista (~Alch@wikipedia/Alchimista) has left #wikipedia-en ("Konversation terminated!"�)
�06[18:37] * Jeske_Couriano whines
[18:37] <tommorris> harej: "credit card statement"
[18:37] <tommorris> or indeed "itemised credit card statement"
[18:38] <Ryan_wp> Jeske_Couriano: Get an experienced person to do it for you
[18:38] <harej> tommorris: I don't mean one prepared by the credit card issuer, I mean one prepared by a company as a sort of expense report.
[18:38] <Jeske_Couriano> Ryan_wp) Not an option.
[18:38] <tommorris> Steven_Zhang: wanna fire me off some diffs to check?
[18:38] <Steven_Zhang> in 5
[18:39] <ryanag> mmm
[18:39] <Steven_Zhang> when im on break
[18:39] <Ryan_wp> Eh, I'm not experienced enough.
[18:39] <BarkingFish> LOL!
[18:39] <BarkingFish>
[18:39] <BarkingFish> Engrish, much fail, yes? Does it?
[18:40] <Ryan_wp> XD
[18:41] <BarkingFish> That was shot from the front of a restaurant in Daegu, Korea :)
�15[18:41] * ctjf83 (ad1a51d8@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed�)
[18:41] <Jeske_Couriano> Please, I need the help... my desktop's screwed otherwise
[18:41] <ryanag> XP
[18:41] <TParis> Jeake: format c:
�03[18:41] * swarfega is now known as swarfega|away
[18:42] <TParis> Or just buy a registry fixer from walmart
[18:42] <Jeske_Couriano> TParis) I've done so already. I don't want to reinstall Windows for the 3rd time in 5 days
[18:42] <TParis> Well then quit dorking with your registry
[18:42] <Jeske_Couriano> I'm not.
[18:42] <tommorris> Steven_Zhang: I'm leaning towards saying this should go to BLPN
[18:42] <TParis> How are you breaking Windows 3 times in 5 days then?
[18:42] <TParis> It must be something you are doing.
�03[18:43] * StevenW (~stevenwal@wikimedia/steven-walling) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:43] <TParis> Windows has a bad rep for many things, but dinking up the registry in 3 fresh installs in a 5 day period isnt one of them.
[18:43] <Steven_Zhang> noticeboards suck
[18:43] <Steven_Zhang> apart from DRN, of course :P
[18:43] <Steven_Zhang> hehehe
[18:43] <StevenW> Anybody around do any AFC reviewing?
[18:43] <TParis> No YOU suck....sorry...dont know where that came from
[18:43] <TParis> ;)
[18:44] <Steven_Zhang> no u
[18:44] <BarkingFish> Jeske_Couriano: What happened?
[18:44] <Jeske_Couriano> Nothing.
[18:44] <Jeske_Couriano> All I did was shut down to apply updates.
[18:45] <TParis> Did you enable restore points?
[18:45] <TParis> Why not just back up to a restore point?
[18:45] <Jeske_Couriano> I can't get to them because I can't boot Windows up period
[18:45] <TParis> Well you had to when you applied updates
[18:45] <TParis> Are you doing updates during the install?
[18:45] <Earwig> StevenW: yes?
[18:46] <StevenW> I was just wondering. Is it pretty common for submissions to get declined because people didn't respond to comments within 7 days?
[18:46] <StevenW> The current onhold template warns people about it.
[18:46] <Jeske_Couriano> No
[18:46] <Jeske_Couriano> This is ~24-48 hours after the fact
[18:46] <Earwig> StevenW: depends
[18:46] <TParis> Ok, so you must have a restore point then...restore to it
[18:47] <Earwig> StevenW: it does happen, but it's not advisable if the submission is acceptable otherwise
[18:47] <StevenW> Okay
[18:47] <Jeske_Couriano> TParis) I can't do that because *I cannot log on to Windows at all to get access to restore points.*
[18:47] <TParis> Jeske) You can do that because you have a Windows DVD
[18:47] <Earwig> I assume by "onhold" you mean the "submitted draft" template? Yeah, I don't think we ever implemented the "auto-decline if not handled in a certain amount of time"
[18:48] <TParis> Pop in the DVD, use the recovery tools to return to a restore point
[18:48] <StevenW> okay cool
[18:48] <StevenW> We are drafting new versions to test, and I wondered if could take it out
[18:48] <TParis> If you can't do that then you need to stop dorking with your computer and take it to a competent repair technician with an A+ certification.
[18:49] <Ryan_wp> Or your local 16 year old computer geek. Both will do the same thing. ;)
[18:49] <TParis> Yeah that too
[18:49] <StevenW> Thanks Earwig
[18:49] <Earwig> m'hm
[18:49] <TParis> Geek is cheaper but work is probably not guaranteed
[18:49] <BarkingFish> Jeske_Couriano: Which version of windows?
[18:49] <Jeske_Couriano> XP SP3
[18:49] <Ryan_wp> Hey, I stand behind my work.
[18:49] <TParis> Sure: Until you suddenly move
[18:50] <Alpha_Quadrant> StevenW: the 7 days was arbitrary to prevent CAT:DRAFT from getting filled up with inactive requests
[18:50] <Alpha_Quadrant> StevenW: it hasn't been enforced though
[18:50] <Jeske_Couriano> Dammit
[18:50] <BarkingFish> Does the system tell you which file is corrupted or missing?
[18:50] <Alpha_Quadrant> because we have so many pending
[18:50] <Jeske_Couriano> Fuck you, TParis.
�03[18:50] * Maryana (~justdandy@ has left #wikipedia-en
[18:50] <Jeske_Couriano> I *CAN'T fucking log onto Windows EVEN WITH THE GOD DAMN CD YOU STUPID SHIT.*
�03[18:50] * Maryana (~justdandy@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:50] <Ryan_wp> Chill there.
[18:51] <TParis> *sigh* Obviously you don't have a damn clue so take it to someone who does.
[18:51] <Jeske_Couriano> BarkingFish) Windows\System32\Config\System
[18:51] <Jeske_Couriano> I'm reformatting. Again.
�03[18:51] * Ironholds (~oliver@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[18:51] * Ironholds (~oliver@ Quit (Changing host�)
�03[18:51] * Ironholds (~oliver@wikipedia/Ironholds) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:51] <Jeske_Couriano> TParis) Not an option.
[18:51] <Jeske_Couriano> Do you think I *have* that kinda scratch?
[18:51] <BarkingFish> Jeske_Couriano: this might help
[18:51] <BarkingFish>
[18:52] <Jeske_Couriano> BarkingFish) Does not.
[18:52] <TParis> Jeske: Then do a car wash and save some cash
[18:52] <BarkingFish> Jeske_Couriano: which part doesn't work?
[18:52] <Jeske_Couriano> I can't copy \system, \software, or \sam
[18:52] <BarkingFish> fuck
[18:52] <BarkingFish> ok, one moment
[18:53] <BarkingFish> Does your system say why you can't copy it?
[18:53] <Jeske_Couriano> No
[18:53] <Jeske_Couriano> It just says in recovery console that it can't be copied.
[18:53] <TParis> Have you run a scandisk?
�03[18:53] * fritzthecat_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:54] <Jeske_Couriano> Yes, and it says there's an unrecoverable problem on the disk.
[18:54] <Ryan_wp> Perhaps there is.
[18:54] <TParis> The next time you format, run scandisk before you install windows
[18:54] <TParis> Format the drive, partition it with fdisk and then run scandisk
[18:54] <TParis> Let it mark the bad sectors and then install Windows
[18:54] <Ryan_wp> If the drive is busted then that's a quick answer to your poblems.
[18:54] <Ryan_wp> *problems
[18:55] <TParis> And disable the "Run updates" on the installer
[18:55] <Jeske_Couriano> I'll do that, since I have no other choice.
�03[18:55] * Logan_ (~Logan@wikimedia/Logan) has joined #wikipedia-en
[18:56] <BarkingFish> Jeske_Couriano: there's 2 possible problems I can see.   The procedure in that KB article is only if your Windows install is actually at C:\Windows (which I'd assume it is, since I'd be surprised if it's installed anywhere else)
[18:56] <Jeske_Couriano> TParis) I was restarting from a Windows update.
[18:56] <Ryan_wp> Do you have any important files you would like to recover?
[18:56] <TParis> You can usually get a 500gb for $40 at your local computer store, you might be better off with a new HDD
[18:56] <Jeske_Couriano> Ryan_wp) It's all backed up.
[18:56] <TParis> Ryan: He's formatted 3x already.
[18:56] <Jeske_Couriano> TParis) Again, no money.
[18:56] <Ryan_wp> Brilliant
[18:56] <BarkingFish> The other is that the Disk error you mentioned affects the area of the disk that those system files are stored at, which is probably what's preventing you copying to the disk
[18:56] <TParis> Jeske: Try a goodwill
[18:56] <Jeske_Couriano> TParis) No, this will be my third time.
[18:57] <Jeske_Couriano> TParis) None of the Goodwills up here have ever had any in stock.
[18:57] <Stepburn> NPR is reporting that creativity is correlated with dishonesty :-/
[18:57] <TParis> BarkingFish: That's why I think running a scan disk between a partition and installing windows might work
[18:57] <BarkingFish> I'd go with the suggestion you had about letting windows mark the disk's bad sectors, or damaged areas, and then have a go at reinstalling.
[18:57] <tommorris> Stepburn: big news - ability to make shit up is correlated with ability to make shit up.
[18:57] <Jeske_Couriano> TParis) Do that in Recovery Console?
[18:57] <TParis> Jeske: Use the command prompt in the recover console
[18:57] <BarkingFish> Chances are once the areas of the disk are marked as bad, windows will avoid them during install
[18:57] <Jeske_Couriano> Okay
[18:57] <TParis> Look up fdisk and scandisk and how they are used
[18:58] <TParis> Make sure when you use fdisk that you make your C: partition a system partition
[18:58] <Steven_Zhang> tommorris: ok
[18:58] <TParis> Or else it will be an unbootable partition
[18:58] <Steven_Zhang> lol fdisk
[18:58] <Jeske_Couriano> TParis) Mind giving me a bit of a step-by-step?
[18:59] <Steven_Zhang> tommorris: found lots
[18:59] <tommorris> Today I learned: [[Gary Null]], creator of "Gary Null's Ultimate Power Meal", was poisoned and almost died from one of his "Ultimate Power Meals". ;-)
[18:59] <Stepburn> ability and inclination, sadly
[18:59] <tommorris> Steven_Zhang: send them to me in /msg
[18:59] <TParis> I really can't be buggered to do this.  It's not a dick thing, it's that I just have better things to do and I normally get paid $30/hour for this kind of stuff.
�15[18:59] * KP13|mobile (~Kingpin13@Wikipedia/Kingpin13) Quit (Quit: quit�)
[18:59] <TParis> I've given you a lot of information if you just google it
�15[18:59] * fritzthecat_ ( Quit (Quit: Nettalk6 -�)
[18:59] <Jeske_Couriano> Alright.
[19:00] <TParis> Also, I dont mean to volunteer BarkingFish when I am dodging this but he seems to know what he's talking about if you have more questions.  I'll be around if you have any too but I can't guarantee I am always watching this channel
[19:00] <Steven_Zhang> wow
[19:00] <Steven_Zhang>
[19:01] <Jeske_Couriano> Format, then Diskpart and then chkdsk?
[19:01] <Steven_Zhang> ^that needs an article
�15[19:01] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@wikipedia/LikeLakers2) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[19:01] <TParis> Yes Jeske
[19:01] <BarkingFish> TParis: I might be going soon, but I'll help as much as possible
[19:01] <Jeske_Couriano> Danke.
[19:01] <Jeske_Couriano> Right now I'm formatting.
[19:01] <Steven_Zhang> ah it has one
[19:01] <Steven_Zhang>
[19:01] <TParis> Steven: I saw that and it looks cool
[19:02] <BarkingFish> Jeske_Couriano: I was gonna suggest in the recovery console, that you run chkdsk first, it can recover information from damaged areas of the disk
[19:02] <BarkingFish> but since you're already formatting, it's a little too late for that
[19:02] <TParis> BarkingFish: He said he tried that and it said it's unrecoverable.
[19:02] <BarkingFish> ah, ok, apologies - i missed that
[19:02] <Jeske_Couriano> Barkingfish) chkdsk tells me it's unrecoverable.
[19:02] <TParis> So I figured if he runs it after a format, at least it can mark bad sectors in the partition table
[19:02] <TParis> So when windows installer goes to install the files, it'll avoid those sectors
[19:02] <BarkingFish> yeah, that's likely to do some good at least
[19:02] <TParis> Although I'd think the CRC would've ensured a good install
[19:03] <BarkingFish> rope the areas off and let Windows work round them
�15[19:03] * harej (~chatzilla@wikipedia/MessedRocker) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
�15[19:03] * StevenW (~stevenwal@wikimedia/steven-walling) Quit (Quit: StevenW�)
[19:04] <Jeske_Couriano> Ryan_wp) Everything I want to retain is on other media (and thus replacable) or on f: (which isn't touched.)
�03[19:05] * GorillaWarfare (~GorillaWa@wikipedia/GorillaWarfare) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:05] <Ryan_wp> Jeske_Couriano: Got it. Smart.
[19:05] <Ironholds> Ryan_wp, thanks for your email!
[19:05] <Ryan_wp> Ironholds: Anytime!
�03[19:05] * jorm (~bharris@wikimedia/jorm) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:05] <Ironholds> we'll get stuff together when I'm back from this smokey american hellhol- I mean, this glorious city filled with wonderful people who should give me a pay rise. Or something.
[19:06] <Jeske_Couriano> Ryan_wp) All I lose are IRC logs, which I can regain.
[19:06] <Ironholds> Ryan_wp, really? Okay, bringing up the list of open WMF projects...
[19:06] <Ironholds> Narodnik, were you in office hours?
[19:06] <Ryan_wp> Jeske_Couriano: Okay.
[19:06] <Narodnik> Ironholds: which?
[19:06] <Jeske_Couriano> I also have the installers for SP 2 and 3 on a CD.
[19:07] <Ryan_wp> Ironholds: Well, anytime when I'm not busy, which is quite often with school and two jobs. ;)
[19:07] <Narodnik> I was in Geoffs and StevenWs/Maryanas, snored through most of yours though :D
[19:07] <Ryan_wp> being busy is quite often, rather.
[19:07] <Ironholds> Narodnik, but were you in the channel? :P
[19:07] <Ironholds> Ryan_wp, two jobs? Overachieving bastard :P
[19:07] <Narodnik> Aye, you need the logs?
[19:07] <Ironholds> indeed; my xubuntu instance died and took x-chat with it :(
[19:08] <Narodnik> I'm using Colloquy, not sure if that's compatible?
[19:08] <Ironholds> like I give a fuck, I just need to upload it to the intertubes :P
[19:08] <Narodnik> send you the file or copypaste contents or what?
[19:08] <Ironholds> the latter, if pos :)
[19:08] <BarkingFish> I definitely want this in Wiktionary - best definition of the word "Poor" I've ever seen...
[19:08] <Narodnik> ok, I'll have a look
[19:08] <Ironholds> BarkingFish, oh?
[19:08] <BarkingFish> "Poor - The state of having too much month left at the end of your money"
[19:08] <Ironholds> hahaha
[19:08] <Narodnik> Ironholds: any keywords specific to the conversation? search ignorant, me
[19:09] <Ryan_wp> Ironholds: They're both part-time 2 days a week jobs though, not like I'm working 24/7. Saving to get myself some sort of transportation.
�03[19:09] * pm27_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:09] <Ironholds> Narodnik, it should be the most recent entry in #wikimedia-office, unless you're some jobbing hack who spends all day in there like a saddo.
[19:09] <Ryan_wp> I am governed by child labor laws, after all. 44 hours a week and all that nonsense.
[19:09] <Ironholds> Ryan_wp, ahhh. Still, 1 more job than I have :P
�03[19:09] * Queen (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:09] <Narodnik> Ironholds: the latter is a given!
[19:09] <Ryan_wp> Touché!
[19:09] <Ironholds> Narodnik, of course
�06[19:10] * Narodnik doesn't understand why anyone would ever want to leave the delights of #wikimedia-office,
[19:10] <Steven_Zhang> its teh ironholds
�15[19:11] * pm27 ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
�03[19:11] * pm27_ is now known as pm27
[19:11] <Ironholds> Steven_Zhang, indeed!
�03[19:15] * mindspillage (~kat@wikimedia/KatWalsh/x-0001) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[19:16] * DarkoNeko (~udontcare@wikipedia/darkoneko) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:16] <Ironholds> yo, mindspillage. Fancy seeing you.
[19:17] <mindspillage> indeed, imagine that.
�03[19:17] * Resfirestar (sam@wikipedia/Res2216firestar) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:17] <BarkingFish> right guys, I have to go. I have an early start tomorrow, and it's now 12.17am.
[19:18] <Ryan_wp> Cheers, BarkingFish!
[19:18] <BarkingFish> Jeske_Couriano: if you do get stuffed anywhere, try ##windows - there may be someone there who can help you :)
�03[19:18] * StevenW (~stevenwal@wikimedia/steven-walling) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:18] <BarkingFish> If you don't get on, I'll see you tonight and help you get finished
[19:18] <BarkingFish> bbfn guys
�15[19:18] * Grashoofd ( Quit (Quit: Oogjes toe!�)
[19:19] <Ryan_wp> AS for me, I've go to get going too.
[19:19] <Ryan_wp> Good night (or good morning/afternoon) everyone!
[19:19] <Ryan_wp> *got to
[19:20] <Narodnik> Ironholds: ygm
[19:20] <Ironholds> Narodnik, yglh
�15[19:20] * BarkingFish (~BarkingIn@openglobe/BarkingFish) Quit (Quit: My internal batteries just hit zero: time for me to go recharge. Night all!�)
[19:21] <Narodnik> eloquent.
�03[19:22] * russavia_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:23] <{Soap}> what do those acronyms mean>
[19:23] <{Soap}> google directs yglh to "black girl with long hair"
�03[19:23] * russavia_ ( has left #wikipedia-en
[19:23] <Narodnik> that's me
�03[19:25] * Narodnik_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:25] * Narodnik_ ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[19:25] * Narodnik_ (~Severin@wikipedia/Skomorokh) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[19:25] Clones detected from wikipedia/Skomorokh:�8 Narodnik Narodnik_
�15[19:25] * Narodnik_ (~Severin@wikipedia/Skomorokh) Quit (Client Quit�)
�15[19:26] * Courcelles (~Courcelle@wikipedia/courcelles) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
�03[19:26] * Narodnik_ (~Severin@wikipedia/Skomorokh) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[19:26] Clones detected from wikipedia/Skomorokh:�8 Narodnik Narodnik_
�03[19:26] * Courcelles ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[19:27] * Courcelles ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[19:27] * Courcelles (~Courcelle@wikipedia/courcelles) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:28] <{Soap}> maybe 'young girl with long hair'
�15[19:29] * Narodnik (~Severin@wikipedia/Skomorokh) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds�)
�03[19:29] * Narodnik_ is now known as Narodnik
�15[19:29] * Gfoley4 (~Gfoley4@wikipedia/Gfoley4) Quit (Quit: Too many trolls in here.�)
�15[19:30] * Vito (~quassel@unaffiliated/vito) Quit (Quit: - Chat comfortably. Anywhere.�)
[19:31] <methecooldude> Ironholds: Poke
[19:31] <Ironholds> methecooldude, indeed!
[19:31] <methecooldude> Ironholds: Mind if I PM you?
[19:32] <Ironholds> sure
[19:32] <Ironholds> (that is, no, I don't mind)
[19:32] <Stepburn> I used to think I was fast with typing references, but it took 45 minutes to do the two sentences and five references at but I feel a lot better now
[19:32] <Stepburn> at least three of them are secondary literature reviews
�06[19:33] * Stepburn checks for new GorillaWarfare memes
[19:33] <GorillaWarfare> xD
�15[19:33] * Ryan_wp (~Ryan_wp@unaffiliated/ryanwp/x-496278) Quit (Quit: Allons-y!�)
�15[19:33] * mareklug (~mareklug@wikipedia/mareklug) Quit (Quit: mareklug�)
[19:33] <GorillaWarfare> If you find any, send them my way
[19:34] <Stepburn> will do
�03[19:36] * Dagny (~missrain@wikipedia/OohBunnies) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[19:36] * Dagny (~missrain@wikipedia/OohBunnies) has left #wikipedia-en
�15[19:38] * thingg (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Thingg) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 7.0.1/20110928134238]�)
�15[19:41] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
[19:41] <mindspillage> GorillaWarfare: I admit I was really surprised to see the face belonging to "GorillaWarfare" was female! (Good luck in the battle of the banners.)
[19:41] <methecooldude> Stepburn: Woah... I just read though my logs and found "[16:43:52] <Stepburn> Kingpin13: "this is due to me not being able to pay for the server" -- Now do you believe me?" - FYI... Cobi authored it... I just run the thing
[19:41] <GorillaWarfare> mindspillage: Yeah, people tend to be a bit surprised haha. Guess the username doesn't fit the face.
[19:42] <Stepburn> sorry, methecooldude, I haven't ever looked at ClueBot very closely
[19:42] <mindspillage> (and this coming from someone who gets referred to as "him" all the time...)
�15[19:42] * StevenW (~stevenwal@wikimedia/steven-walling) Quit (Quit: StevenW�)
�03[19:42] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:43] <methecooldude> Stepburn: That was a bad copy :P
[19:43] <methecooldude> "[16:51:56] <Stepburn> Ironholds: should the Foundation hire Cluebot NG author Rich / User:Methecooldude? Cluebot is down because he couldn't afford to pay for its server"
[19:43] <methecooldude> That one :P
�15[19:43] * ryanag (~ryan@wikimedia/eta-theta) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds�)
[19:44] <Stepburn> I know AbuseFilter has to have oversight-level security on its rules what makes it harder for people to collaborate on logs and false positives, so it shouldn't really be folded in to AbuseFilter if you want to keep that advantage
�15[19:44] * Earwig (~Earwig@wikipedia/The-Earwig) Quit (Quit: Earwig�)
[19:44] <Stepburn> but I just assumed it was less of a collaboration than I obviously should have known
[19:44] <JeffAndroIrcAFK> That's a great idea, methecooldude!
[19:45] <Jeske_Couriano> Shit
[19:45] <Jeske_Couriano> I can't flag the bad sectors.
[19:45] <Stepburn> dd_rescue (with the underline)
[19:46] <Jeske_Couriano> Stepburn) Using WinXP Recovery Console; not available.
[19:46] <Ironholds> GorillaWarfare is on a banner?
[19:47] <GorillaWarfare> Ironholds: Yessir
[19:47] <Ironholds> Stepburn, you may be misunderstanding what is meant by "folded in"
[19:47] <Stepburn> it will still work if you pull it out, and now I can't remember for sure if you want the underscore or not, but it will approach bad sectors automatically from both directions with consecutively decreasing sector sizes and just keep trying for days without manual intervention
[19:49] <Stepburn> Jeske_Couriano: sorry, you want ddrescue without the underscore, and it will work on Windows drives as long as the new one is the same capacity or larger, without regard to geometry
[19:49] <Stepburn>
�15[19:49] * erikhaugen (~erikhauge@wikipedia/ErikHaugen) Quit (Quit: erikhaugen�)
[19:50] <Jeske_Couriano> I'm using Windows XP, Stepburn, NOT Linux.
[19:50] <Jeske_Couriano> DDrescue is unavailable to me.
[19:50] <Stepburn> understood. it still works. It accesses the drive at the hardware level. You have to take the drive out and put it and a new one on a Mac or Linux box
�15[19:50] * pm27 ( Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds�)
[19:50] <Jeske_Couriano> ....
[19:50] <Jeske_Couriano> Not feasible whatsoever, Stepburn. Fuck you.
[19:51] <Stepburn> sorry
[19:52] <Stepburn> the thing that makes it work across OSes is "LBA"
[19:52] <Stepburn> no idea what that stands for
�03[19:52] * pm27 ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:52] <Peter-C> Who pinged?
[19:53] <Stepburn>
�03[19:53] * matrillox ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:53] <barts1a> Jeske_Couriano: Your hard drive has some bad sectors?
[19:53] <matrillox> greetings wikiheads
[19:54] <Betacommand> Jeske_Couriano: whats your computer issue?
[19:54] <barts1a> Jeske_Couriano: Have you tried running scandisk?
[19:55] <Logan_> Jeske_Couriano: Get an SSD.
[19:56] <Stepburn> Jeske_Couriano: "SystemRescue CD has ddrescue, ntfs-3g, and ntfsprogs" --
[19:57] <Stepburn> ==
�03[19:57] * matrillox ( has left #wikipedia-en
[19:57] <barts1a> Jeske_Couriano: You still there?
[19:58] <Jeske_Couriano> barts1a) Can't boot up WinXP.
[19:58] <Stepburn>
[19:58] <Jeske_Couriano> I tried Scandisk, but it just tells me the HD has some unrecoverable problems.
�03[19:58] * pticochon ( has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:58] <barts1a> damn...
[19:58] <barts1a> Do you have backups?
[19:59] <Jeske_Couriano> Stepburn) I can't get onto Windows to burn a CD. (My lappy doesn't have a burner.)
[19:59] <Jeske_Couriano> barts1a) Yes.
[19:59] <Jeske_Couriano> However, I need to swap out HDs.
�15[19:59] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
[19:59] <Betacommand> Jeske_Couriano: do you have a flash drive?
�03[19:59] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) has joined #wikipedia-en
[19:59] <Jeske_Couriano> Betacommand) I do, but it does me no good.
[19:59] <Betacommand> why?
�03[19:59] * SigmaWP (~coalball@wikipedia/Lowercase-Sigma) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:00] <Jeske_Couriano> Because I just formatted my HD again.
[20:00] <Betacommand> ah
[20:00] <Jeske_Couriano> And it won't flag bad sectors on it for me.
[20:00] <Jeske_Couriano> Stepburn) Not to mention *I DON'T USE LINUX.*
[20:00] <Betacommand> is this an ongoing issue?
[20:01] <Jeske_Couriano> Betacommand) Aye
[20:01] <SigmaWP> petan: Hi
[20:01] <Betacommand> Jeske_Couriano: you need to replace the hard drive, as its going bad
[20:01] <Jeske_Couriano> That's why I'm going to swap it out for a 16GB HD.
[20:02] <Jeske_Couriano> Most everything I use is on my 160GB F: drive.
�03[20:02] * Gfoley4 (~Gfoley4@wikipedia/Gfoley4) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:02] <barts1a> Good
[20:02] <Gfoley4> yay, new How I Met Your Mother
[20:02] <Stepburn> the flood in Bangkok set hard drive prices back 14 months
�06[20:02] * barts1a has a system image on a 1TB external HDD
�06[20:03] * Peter-C eats barts1a and Gfoley4
[20:03] <Jeske_Couriano> Stepburn) I have some old HDs I can use.
[20:03] <Gfoley4> Peter-C: do you watch that show?
[20:03] <Peter-C> what show?
�06[20:03] * barts1a causes Peter-C to be violently ill
[20:03] <Peter-C> How I met your Mother?
[20:03] <Peter-C> Nope
�15[20:03] * Maryana (~justdandy@ Quit (Quit: AFK�)
[20:03] <Gfoley4> You should aspire to be like Barney.
[20:04] <Gfoley4>
�03[20:04] * IShadowed_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:04] * IShadowed_ ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[20:04] * IShadowed_ (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[20:04] Clones detected from wikimedia/IShadowed:�8 IShadowed IShadowed_
[20:05] <methecooldude> Ironholds: Can you pop over to Erik again and tell him I've just popped an e-mail into his and Ryan's inbox :)
�03[20:05] * Maryana (~Maryana@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:07] * IShadowed (~IShadowed@wikimedia/IShadowed) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
�15[20:08] * jorm (~bharris@wikimedia/jorm) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
�15[20:08] * Ironholds (~oliver@wikipedia/Ironholds) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds�)
[20:08] <slon02>
[20:08] <slon02> sock attack?
[20:10] <Gfoley4> it's 4chan, bud.
[20:11] <barts1a> appears to be a sock attack
[20:11] <barts1a> possibly 4chan
[20:11] <Steven_Zhang> hmmm
[20:11] <Steven_Zhang> anyone here good with FAs?
[20:12] <Gfoley4> not possibly. It is.
[20:12] <Gfoley4> Grawp, to be specific.
�15[20:12] * MBisanz (~MBisanz@wikipedia/MBisanz) Quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds�)
[20:12] <barts1a> Gfoley4: how do you know?
[20:13] <Gfoley4> PM'd
[20:13] <SigmaWP> Grawp's good with FAs? O.o
[20:13] <barts1a> No
[20:14] <barts1a> Two differant threads of discussion
�03[20:14] * DQ|sleepz (~stfltcmd@TechEssentials/DeltaQuad) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[20:15] * marienz (marienz@freenode/staff/marienz) has joined #wikipedia-en
�06[20:17] * barts1a is not classified
[20:17] <barts1a> *now
�03[20:17] * DQ|sleepz is now known as DeltaQuad
[20:18] <Fluttershy-EN> Rest in peace, ED.
[20:19] <Stepburn> the 2003 Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to Sir Clive Granger for figuring out a formula for causation instead of just correlation
[20:19] <Jeske_Couriano> *RAEG*
[20:19] <Fluttershy-EN> Whole IRC is going to the dogs.
�06[20:19] * Jeske_Couriano kills FLuttershy-EN
[20:19] <Fluttershy-EN> *kills Jeske*
�06[20:20] * SigmaWP sets Fluttershy-EN on fire
[20:20] <Fluttershy-EN> *flew away*
[20:20] <Fluttershy-EN> Giggle at the ghostie.
[20:20] <Fluttershy-EN> Giggle at the Sigma.
[20:21] <Jeske_Couriano> Fluttershy-EN) Nothing there says ED is dead.
[20:21] <SigmaWP> ^
[20:21] <Fluttershy-EN> The ED IRC has something different to say.
[20:21] <Fluttershy-EN> I would copy it, but they have zero tolerance for Operafags using the IRC.
[20:22] <Jeske_Couriano> What's the IRC saying?
[20:22] <Fluttershy-EN> ever since Ryan got vanned, budgets became an issue.
[20:22] <Fluttershy-EN> that whole LulzSec craze, anyone remember that?
�06[20:22] * Jeske_Couriano nods
�06[20:22] * barts1a too
[20:23] <SigmaWP> Why
[20:23] <SigmaWP> is everyone I need to talk to
[20:23] <Jeske_Couriano> You mean to tell me they hoist themselves on their own petard?
[20:23] <SigmaWP> not responding?
[20:23] <SigmaWP> LikeLakers2-1: Ping
[20:23] <Fluttershy-EN> They have gotten by on donations so far.
[20:23] <Fluttershy-EN> but it won't sustain the site forever.
[20:23] <SigmaWP> They don't have jorm
[20:23] <barts1a> And advertisers won't touch them with a barge pole
�03[20:24] * Resfirestar_ ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:24] * Resfirestar_ ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[20:24] * Resfirestar_ (sam@wikipedia/Res2216firestar) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[20:24] Clones detected from wikipedia/Res2216firestar:�8 Resfirestar Resfirestar_
[20:24] <barts1a> Apparantly even the less than legal advertisers don't want anything to do with them
[20:24] <Fluttershy-EN> You'd be surprised how much advertisers touch the old ED with a pole.
[20:24] <Jeske_Couriano> Would you want to associate with someone known for raiding other websites, barts1a?
[20:24] <barts1a> Yeah... since they became the SFW Oh! Internet
[20:25] <Fluttershy-EN> ED doesn't raid shit, they only poke fun at it.
[20:25] <Jeske_Couriano> Barts1a) I wouldn't be surprised if they became Oh! Internet as a CYA measure
[20:25] <barts1a> no
[20:25] <Fluttershy-EN> you're confusing us with 4chan and Ebaums.
[20:25] <SigmaWP> Us?
[20:26] <Jeske_Couriano> Fluttershy-EN) You once counted Jeremy David Hanson amongst your number.
[20:26] <Fluttershy-EN> yes
[20:26] <Jeske_Couriano> You can't say you did not participate in raids since that's all he ever fucking does.
[20:26] <SigmaWP> Hm... we have a traitor in our midst
[20:26] <Fluttershy-EN> yeah, but that's one user
[20:26] <Fluttershy-EN> not an entire site.
[20:26] <SigmaWP> Good coal balls
[20:26] <SigmaWP>
[20:26] <SigmaWP> And you'd think that's G3 hoasx
[20:27] <Fluttershy-EN> also, Jeremy needs new material. Ever since the goatse table got blacklisted, he's been shit lately.
[20:27] <Fluttershy-EN> we need some originality put back into vandalism.
[20:27] <SigmaWP> Fluttershy-EN: :|
[20:28] <Jeske_Couriano> FLuttershy-EN) At this point my gaydar's going off on Jedh.
�15[20:28] * Resfirestar (sam@wikipedia/Res2216firestar) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
[20:28] <Jeske_Couriano> I want no part of his desired JarlaxleArtemis/NawlinWiki ship, however.
�15[20:28] * LikeLakers2-1 (~LikeLaker@wikipedia/LikeLakers2) Quit (Quit: *insert generic Quit Message here*�)
[20:29] <Fluttershy-EN> Think he actually graduated from Cambridge like a few month ago. said he was going to Canada or some shit.
[20:29] <SigmaWP> Gwarp gradiating?
[20:29] <SigmaWP> *graduating?
[20:29] <Fluttershy-EN> I know many trolls on skype.
[20:30] <SigmaWP> Impossible
[20:30] <Jeske_Couriano> Who, Jedh?
[20:30] <Fluttershy-EN> whoever the hell he calls himself.
[20:30] <Jeske_Couriano> I don't buy it, largely because his name's connected with Grawp now.
[20:30] <Fluttershy-EN> been two weeks since I contacted the guy.
[20:31] <slon02> would it be possible to have a list of pages that experience the most IP/new editor edits each day?
[20:31] <Fluttershy-EN> sion02: like a log?
[20:32] <slon02> yes
�06[20:32] * slon02 wonders if one exists and he just didn't notice yet
[20:32] <SigmaWP> Fluttershy-EN: Beware
[20:32] <SigmaWP> Release the clones!
�03[20:32] * AmerikajinDesu (~Coolnesse@wikia/Coolnesse) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:32] <Fluttershy-EN> You might be able to do that with just an individual.
[20:33] <Fluttershy-EN> but I don't think you could with multiple people at once.
[20:33] <Fluttershy-EN> The only logs I read are the user creation and deletion logs.
[20:33] <Fluttershy-EN> that's it.
�03[20:33] * Fluttershy (~chatzilla@wikia/Callofduty4) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:33] <Fluttershy-EN> OH BOY.
[20:33] <SigmaWP> Fluttershy-EN: See?
[20:33] <Fluttershy> check these dubs
[20:33] <{Soap}> I thought Grawp lived in southern California
�06[20:33] * Jeske_Couriano kills Fluttershy
[20:33] <Fluttershy-EN> Hell no, he lived in England.
[20:34] <Jeske_Couriano> *RAEG*
�06[20:34] * SigmaWP has an extensive connection with the Pony Cabal
[20:34] <{Soap}> oh
[20:34] <Fluttershy>
[20:34] <barts1a> Did I miss something... when did I jump into 4chan?
[20:34] <{Soap}> so by Cambridge you mean the other Cambridge then
[20:34] <Fluttershy-EN> yes.
[20:34] <AmerikajinDesu> I can second that, SigmaWP
[20:36] <Fluttershy-EN> OH GREAT, an .svg
[20:36] <Fluttershy-EN>
[20:36] <SigmaWP> SVG is the future
[20:36] <Fluttershy-EN> Hate .svg files. You can't zoom them in with one click of the mouse.
[20:36] <Fluttershy> i shouldnt even be laughing at this
[20:36] <SigmaWP> SVG is even better
[20:36] <Fluttershy> poor Wikipedia donation ads
[20:36] <SigmaWP> You can zoom in infinitely
[20:36] <Fluttershy-EN> Fluttershy: lmao
[20:37] <Fluttershy>
[20:37] <Fluttershy-EN> Funny story, I actually think those ads are racist.
[20:38] <Fluttershy-EN> Everytime I go to a controversial article, it always has an asian or a black guy.
�15[20:38] * Jeske_Couriano (~Jeske_Cou@unaffiliated/jeske-couriano/x-0000001) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
�03[20:38] * Guest49856 is now known as LoganCloud
[20:38] <Fluttershy> AHHHAHA
�15[20:38] * LoganCloud (u938@gateway/web/ Quit (Changing host�)
�03[20:38] * LoganCloud (u938@wikimedia/Logan) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[20:38] Clones detected from wikimedia/Logan:�8 Logan_ LoganCloud
[20:38] <Fluttershy-EN> That one doesn't fit as well though.
[20:38] <{Soap}> ED says he lives in California
[20:38] <Stepburn> I'll see it and raise you
[20:38] <SigmaWP>
[20:38] <SigmaWP> hm.....
[20:39] <Fluttershy> we've got the big boys over here
[20:39] <Fluttershy-EN> Yeah, based on doxing proxies, they think he lives in CA
[20:39] <SigmaWP> He does live in California
[20:39] <Gfoley4> Fluttershy / Fluttershy-EN: stick to one nick please?
[20:40] <Fluttershy-EN> It's Sigma being an ass.
[20:40] <Fluttershy>  /whois
[20:40] <Fluttershy-EN> I don't own the other Fluttershy.
[20:40] <SigmaWP> Fluttershy-EN: Better be an ass than a WMF traitor
[20:40] <Fluttershy-EN> Alison is also a WMF traitor, I see her ass patrolling ED all the time.
[20:41] <Fluttershy-EN> the mirror version included.
[20:41] <Fluttershy-EN> i don't know about the OHI one.
[20:41] <Logan_> there's an AMA request for GorillaWarfare?
[20:41] <GorillaWarfare> Logan_: Yeh
[20:42] <Logan_> interestin
[20:42] <Logan_> +g
[20:42] <Logan_> can't type today
�15[20:42] * barts1a (~barts1a@wikipedia/barts1a) Quit (Quit: My IRC client has instructed me to shoot it if it ever advertises in a quit message�)
[20:42] <{Soap}> cute
[20:42] <Gfoley4> Logan is, yes.
�03[20:42] * GabrielF (~GabrielF@wikipedia/GabrielF) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:42] <Gfoley4> Good guess!
[20:43] <Logan_> Gfoley4, don't be weird
[20:43] <Logan_> oh wait
[20:43] <gde33>
[20:43] <Logan_> I guess that's outside of your inherent capabilities ;P
[20:43] <Gfoley4> :>
[20:43] <Logan_> GorillaWarfare: thinking of doing it?
[20:43] <GorillaWarfare> Meh, I'm not averse to the idea
[20:44] <GorillaWarfare> I just don't think I'd be particularly more interesting than Brandon
[20:44] <GorillaWarfare> And I feel like, judging from the rest of what I'm seeing on Reddit, there'd just be a lot of "LOL TITS"
[20:44] <Logan_> haha
[20:44] <Gfoley4> that's 4chan, really.
[20:44] <Logan_> well, there were some similarly immature comments about Brandon
[20:44] <Gfoley4> they'll be down voted hard!
[20:45] <Logan_> but some really thought-provoking ones as well
[20:45] <Stepburn> too bad there aren't donation messages this year. You could arrange to take questions that way so they only come from actual donors
[20:45] <Stepburn> or are there?
[20:45] <Gfoley4> no one likes a hard downvote
[20:45] <gde33> I was wondering, that new SOAP crap the americans want so badly. Wouldn't it be best to just block all US traffic? Just to be sure?
[20:45] <Logan_> haha, SOAP
[20:45] <Fluttershy-EN> SOAP won't pass.
[20:45] <{Soap}> *SOPA
[20:45] <Logan_> don't drop the SOPA
[20:46] <Fluttershy-EN> Soap, no one cares about you, you worthless bill.
[20:46] <Fluttershy-EN> :S
[20:46] <gde33> just block all US traffic? not a good idea?
[20:46] <gde33> give them some time to sort out their copyright delusions :D
[20:47] <Steven_Zhang> frogs are frogsd
[20:47] <Steven_Zhang> are frogs
[20:47] <gde33> My idea was to dig a big hole and just shoot everyone who thinks copyrights are a good idea.
[20:47] <gde33> that would fix everything
[20:48] <{Soap}> there wouldnt be many people left
�15[20:48] * Fluttershy (~chatzilla@wikia/Callofduty4) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 11.0a1/20111127031032]�)
[20:48] <gde33> nonsense, most people are starving thanks to copyrights.
�03[20:48] * Jeske_Couriano (~Jeske_Cou@unaffiliated/jeske-couriano/x-0000001) has joined #wikipedia-en
[20:48] <Steven_Zhang> A frog is a frog.
[20:49] <gde33> those people at monsanto can go on the bottom of the pit
[20:49] <Logan_> That was one of the most intelligent things I've heard you say this week, Steve.
[20:50] <Gfoley4> :>
[20:50] <gde33> should have them dragged out of their house first ofc
[20:50] <Gfoley4> You have to win tournaments to win tournaments
�03[20:51] * Alpha_Quadrant (~opera@wikipedia/Alpha-Quadrant) has left #wikipedia-en
[20:51] <Jeske_Couriano> No shit
[20:51] <Gfoley4> J.A. Adande on Tiger Woods
[20:52] <gde33> preventive bombing of potential copyright trolls
�03[20:53] * MBisanz (~MBisanz@wikipedia/MBisanz) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[20:53] * Fluttershy-EN ( has left #wikipedia-en
�03[20:55] * Fumika (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[20:55] Clones detected from wikia/ZamorakO-o:�8 Fumika Queen
�03[20:55] * Fluttershy-EN ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[20:56] * GabrielF (~GabrielF@wikipedia/GabrielF) Quit (Quit: GabrielF�)
[20:56] <Jeske_Couriano> *RAEG*
�06[20:56] * Jeske_Couriano kills Fluttershy-EN
�15[20:56] * Seahorse (~Seahorse@wikipedia/Seahorseruler) Quit (Quit:�)
�15[20:58] * Queen (~Ty@wikia/ZamorakO-o) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
�03[21:01] * AmerikajinDesu (~Coolnesse@wikia/Coolnesse) has left #wikipedia-en
[21:03] <Stepburn> Mexican migrant workers decide to stay home
�03[21:04] * Alpha_Quadrant (~opera@wikipedia/Alpha-Quadrant) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[21:04] * SigmaWP is now known as SigmAway
�03[21:05] * Demiurge1000 (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Demiurge1000) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:06] * Malinaccier (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Malinaccier) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
�03[21:06] * Stepburn is now known as Stepburn|afk
�15[21:07] * GorillaWarfare (~GorillaWa@wikipedia/GorillaWarfare) Quit (Quit: GorillaWarfare�)
�15[21:08] * Moe_Epsilon (~David@wikipedia/Moe-Epsilon) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer�)
[21:08] <Fluttershy-EN> Guys, give me a good torrent client that can download a Debian ISO quick.
�03[21:08] * SigmAway is now known as SigmaWP
[21:08] <slakr> utorrent
[21:09] <Fluttershy-EN> I hate utorrent.
[21:09] <slakr> ok
[21:09] <slakr> then don't use it
[21:09] <slakr> google for another one.
[21:09] <slakr> or ask in another channel
[21:09] <Jeske_Couriano> Vuze
[21:10] <SigmaWP> bittorrent
[21:10] <SigmaWP> Demiurge1000: Hello :D
�06[21:10] * SigmaWP scrolls up
�03[21:11] * Bsadowski1 (~dabtd@wikipedia/Bsadowski1) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:11] * SpeakFree (~IceChat77@wikipedia/SpeakFree) Quit (Quit: If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you�)
[21:12] <Jeske_Couriano> SigmaWP) Vuze *is* bittorrent. (It was formerly called Azureus.)
�15[21:13] * petan (~kvirc@wikimedia/Petrb) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds�)
[21:13] <SigmaWP> Hmm, gorillawarfare is on the new banners
[21:15] <Peter-C> pic or it didn't happen
[21:15] <SigmaWP> Peter-C: Traitor
�06[21:15] * SigmaWP is paranoid now
[21:15] <Peter-C> I disabled the ads :P
�03[21:16] * GorillaWarfare (~GorillaWa@wikipedia/GorillaWarfare) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:16] <Peter-C> GorillaWarfare
[21:16] <Peter-C> We were just talking about you
[21:16] <GorillaWarfare> Oh?
[21:16] <Demiurge1000> SigmaWP: yes, hello
�03[21:16] * Fumika is now known as Jagex
[21:16] <Peter-C> GorillaWarfare - aparently you are on Wikipedia
[21:17] <SigmaWP> GorillaWarfare: Good job getting on the banners
[21:17] <Peter-C> as in all over it
[21:17] <GorillaWarfare> I am, haha
[21:17] <GorillaWarfare> And thank you
[21:17] <Peter-C> I want a damn screenshot
[21:17] <Peter-C> I don't think it happened without one
[21:17] <Bsadowski1> I don't see the banners...
[21:17] <Bsadowski1> LS
[21:17] <Bsadowski1> I didn't disable them
�15[21:18] * raindrift (~Adium@wikimedia/raindrift) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds�)
[21:18] <Peter-C> Same...
[21:18] <JeffAndroIrcAFK> Bsadowski1, try logging out. :)
[21:18] <SigmaWP> Bsadowski1: Log out
[21:18] <GorillaWarfare> They disabled them for logged-in users
[21:18] <GorillaWarfare> But alternatively
[21:18] <GorillaWarfare>
�03[21:18] * JeffAndroIrcAFK is now known as JeffAndroIrc
[21:18] <Peter-C> WTF
[21:18] <Peter-C> There are no girls on Wikipedia
[21:18] <Peter-C> WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!
�06[21:18] * Peter-C rage head explodes
[21:18] <Bsadowski1> Looks nice. :}
[21:19] <SigmaWP> Congratulations to Sp33dyphil and his TFA!!!
[21:19] <SigmaWP> :D
[21:19] <GorillaWarfare> Peter-C: Did you forget I was a girl again?
�15[21:19] * Narodnik (~Severin@wikipedia/Skomorokh) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[21:19] <Peter-C> No :P
�06[21:19] * SigmaWP hands out cookies
[21:19] <Peter-C> RfA?
[21:20] <SigmaWP>
[21:20] <JeffAndroIrc> Girl? Beautiful woman is more like it. :)
[21:20] <Peter-C> GorillaWarfare - check your talk page :)
[21:20] <SigmaWP> And remember, everyone, we will die!!!
[21:21] <GorillaWarfare> :D
[21:21] <Peter-C> Holy crap, with JeffAndroIrc's comment this chat room because of Chat Roulette quality :s
[21:24] <Peter-C>
[21:24] <SigmaWP> Where's petan?
[21:24] <SigmaWP> Peter-C: ?????????
[21:24] <Peter-C> Read the link
[21:24] <Peter-C> It is a national tragety
�03[21:24] * Narodnik (~Severin@wikipedia/Skomorokh) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:25] * Narodnik (~Severin@wikipedia/Skomorokh) Quit (Client Quit�)
[21:25] <Steven_Zhang> YES :DDDDD
[21:25] <Steven_Zhang> CorenSearchBot is back online
�03[21:27] * Malinaccier (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[21:27] * SigmaWP_ (~coalball@wikipedia/Lowercase-Sigma) has joined #wikipedia-en
�08[21:27] Clones detected from wikipedia/Lowercase-Sigma:�8 SigmaWP SigmaWP_
�15[21:28] * Malinaccier (~chatzilla@ Quit (Changing host�)
�03[21:28] * Malinaccier (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Malinaccier) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:29] * Malinaccier (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Malinaccier) Quit (Client Quit�)
�03[21:29] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@ has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:29] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@ Quit (Changing host�)
�03[21:29] * LL2|JedIRC (~LikeLaker@wikipedia/LikeLakers2) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:29] * bep (~britishen@reddit/operator/bep) Quit (Quit: God Save Her Majesty�)
�03[21:30] * thingg (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Thingg) has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:30] * mindspillage (~kat@wikimedia/KatWalsh/x-0001) Quit (Read error: Operation timed out�)
�15[21:30] * Maryana (~Maryana@ Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
�15[21:30] * SigmaWP (~coalball@wikipedia/Lowercase-Sigma) Quit (Disconnected by services�)
�03[21:30] * SigmaWP_ is now known as SigmaWP
�03[21:32] * foks ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:32] * foks ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[21:32] * foks (~joseph@wikipedia/fox) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:33] <SigmaWP> foks: Hi
�03[21:33] * Malinaccier (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Malinaccier) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:34] <foks> allo
[21:36] <Peter-C> jorm and GorillaWarfare should make a club! :D
[21:37] <Peter-C> Oh, and Jimbo
[21:37] <SigmaWP> And that snail person
�03[21:38] * quanticle|away is now known as quanticle
[21:38] <Peter-C> The people who have had their face on Wikipedia club!
�15[21:40] * TParis (~TParis@wikipedia/TParis) Quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - ~�)
�03[21:40] * Jagex is now known as UnicornTy
�03[21:41] * RudyValencia (me@unaffiliated/rudyvalencia) has joined #wikipedia-en
�03[21:41] * UnicornTy is now known as Maid
�15[21:42] * Keegan (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Keegan) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds�)
�03[21:44] * JeffG|PidginAuto is now known as Jeff_G
[21:45] <SigmaWP> Attention: CorenSearchBot is ALIVE!!!
[21:45] <SigmaWP> YAHOOEY
[21:45] <Steven_Zhang> yea
[21:46] <Steven_Zhang> I drank 1.8L of milo today
[21:46] <foks> This would be impressive if Milo didn't taste of shit
[21:46] <Steven_Zhang> that's 60.9 ounces for you yanks
[21:47] <SigmaWP> Steven_Zhang: All the shit in the atmosphere eventually goes to the southern hemisphere
[21:47] <SigmaWP> Prepare your gas mask.
[21:47] <Steven_Zhang> lol
[21:48] <{Soap}> our soft drinks are measured in liters for some odd reason
[21:48] <Steven_Zhang> eh
[21:48] <foks> It's the right thing to do.
[21:49] <Gfoley4> mL
�15[21:49] * Jeske_Couriano (~Jeske_Cou@unaffiliated/jeske-couriano/x-0000001) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds�)
[21:49] <foks> Afaik, Milo is chocolate milk or something
[21:49] <Gfoley4> o.O
[21:49] <SigmaWP> WMF should've blackmailed Yahoo
[21:50] <Jeff_G> Some of our drinks are measured in mL now (or L if >999 mL)
[21:51] <Jeff_G> Coca-Cola products in 2L, 1L, and now 1.5L
[21:51] <Jeff_G> water bottles in 500ml
�03[21:55] * Jeske_Couriano ( has joined #wikipedia-en
�15[21:55] * Jeske_Couriano ( Quit (Changing host�)
�03[21:55] * Jeske_Couriano (~Jeske_Cou@unaffiliated/jeske-couriano/x-0000001) has joined #wikipedia-en
[21:55] <quanticle> {Soap}: Not even all soft drinks, though. Cans are measured in fluid ounces, whereas bottles are either 20oz., 500ml, 1l, 2l, and, in rare cases, 3l.
[21:56] <{Soap}> gotta love those 3 liter bottles
[21:57] <Jeff_G> The water bottles are interesting, they start with 16.9 fl.oz., but they translate that to 500ml.
[21:57] <MRB[busy]> Sugar in carbinated water, yum ;D
[21:57] <Steven_Zhang> 10L
[21:57] <Steven_Zhang> 10L of coke
[21:57] <Steven_Zhang> yey
[21:57] <Tannerbaum> 10L?
[21:57] <Tannerbaum> psh
[21:57] <Tannerbaum> get a whole keg
[21:58] <Jeff_G> 3 liter bottles are difficult to pour from one-handed.
[21:58] <Tannerbaum> what is that, 50 gallons?
[21:58] <Jeff_G> most of the cases of water I see are 24x500ml, or 12L
�03[21:59] * Jeff_G is now known as JeffPidginAFK
[22:00] <Steven_Zhang> SigmaWP: theres only a few left in those categories
[22:00] <Steven_Zhang> apart from Nov
[22:00] <SigmaWP> oh
[22:00] <SigmaWP> so now you tell me that
[22:00] <Steven_Zhang> 0 in july
[22:00] <Steven_Zhang> 1 in aug and sept
[22:00] <Steven_Zhang> 4 in oct
[22:01] <Steven_Zhang> a bajillion in nov :P
[22:01] <Steven_Zhang> 	244
�03[22:01] * Seddon (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:01] <Steven_Zhang> Seddon!
[22:02] <SigmaWP> Seddon: Hi
�06[22:02] * Seddon acknowledges in a very tired fashion
�06[22:02] * MRB[busy] hands Seddon a gallon of Coffee
�06[22:03] * Seddon chugs on the coffee
�15[22:03] * slon02 (6c102366@wikipedia/slon02) Quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds�)
�03[22:05] * jorm (~bharris@wikimedia/jorm) has joined #wikipedia-en
[22:07] <SigmaWP> jorm: Hi
[22:08] <Fluttershy-EN> By the way guys, I recently got a reply from my application to live in a Vault-Tec vault.
[22:08] <Steven_Zhang> hm, if one reference says a frog grows to 25mm and another says up to 30mm, its not synthesis to say it can range from 25-30mm is it?
[22:08] <Fluttershy-EN> apparently it was denied.
[22:08] <Fluttershy-EN> what do?
[22:09] <SigmaWP> LL2|JedIRC: Are you here
[22:09] <SigmaWP> Steven_Zhang: Right
[22:09] <Steven_Zhang> am i right?
[22:09] <SigmaWP> Yes
[22:09] <SigmaWP> What's this about frogs anyway?
�03[22:11] * JeffAndroIrc is now known as Jeff_G
[22:12] <Steven_Zhang> SigmaWP:
�06[22:12] * SigmaWP is off to take advantage of CC BY-SA
�06[22:12] * SigmaWP copies it to article space
[22:13] <Steven_Zhang> :|
[22:13] <Steven_Zhang> Please don't.
[22:13] <Steven_Zhang> this is not easy for me :)
[22:14] <Fluttershy-EN> Cophixalus ornatus (more commonly known as the Ornate nurseryfrog) is a species of frog in the Microhylidae family.
[22:16] <Steven_Zhang> yeah, its short
[22:16] <Steven_Zhang> work in progress
�15[22:16] * Resfirestar_ (sam@wikipedia/Res2216firestar) Quit (Quit: Leaving�)
[22:16] <Fluttershy-EN> Steven. how do I open the vault?
[22:16] <Fluttershy-EN> I don't wanna die from nuclear warfare.
[22:17] <jorm> Sigma, I have a big enough interview getting published soon that you'll have your sources.
[22:17] <SigmaWP> Yay!
[22:18] <SigmaWP> Flutternutter: Bad idea to A7.
�15[22:23] * AzaToth (~azatoth@wikipedia/AzaToth) Quit (Remote host closed the connection�)
[22:23] <Seddon> Always A7 :D its such a great catch-all SD
[22:23] <Seddon> :)
[22:23] <SigmaWP> No, that's G2
[22:23] <SigmaWP> Carte blance, or something like that
�15[22:23] * Demiurge1000 (~chatzilla@wikipedia/Demiurge1000) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 8.0/20111104165243]�)
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