shit people will care about who donate to wikipedia

  • tell what their haul so far is
  • list their goal for a endowment so wp can run forever and keep info pollution alive

lol what will your funds go for

  • ineffective
management / mismanagement (ms management?)
  • sue gardner and the 600k[1]
  • sue gardner and sexual harassment
  • 'we admit weve been wasting your donations'[2]
  • pedo material
  • information pollution
wmf engineering
that one about not much of value


  • foreign labor
  • numerous failed projects
  • sexualized workplace
  • 'trust and safety' dept hiring ingraffea lol
  • gamaliel
  • fake resigned from wmdc to keep his sysop
  • member of wmdc despite living in tampa (opportunist/doesnt like the cold dc but wants the $50k slush fund for wikicon sandiego
  • list out the auerbach shit dispassionately and leave it to the reader
  • the host of other material im sure i can get from somewhere :^)
what your donations don't pay for
  • content creation
  • mention the reason (sec 230)
  • mention what portion pays to 'keep the lights on'
they eat their own
corruption will get you everywhere

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