Travelers Insurance

Travelers Insurance will not write homeowners insurance for you if you own a pit bull or related dog. This ignorant policy simply propagates the myth that these are horrible dogs. In fact, anyone who has ever had such a dog knows they are incredibly affectionate, incredibly intelligent, loyal dogs. Unfortunately, residents of the inner city get pit bulls, torture them, beat them, and then stick them in their yards for guard duty. Any dog subjected to this would be fearful of human beings. Put the ghetto-gang-bangers in jail and torture them, but don’t punish the breeds of dogs.

You can send a message to Travelers by canceling your policy with them and telling them why, that you’re a dog lover. You can, when shopping for any kind of insurance, avoid Travelers until someone with brains changes their ignorant policy.

Response from Travelers

In May, 2019, this letter was sent to Travelers at the above contact:

Comment/Question: We were watching TV with friends when your ad came on. We're looking to switch carriers. My friend, who has a pit mix, said you denied his coverage because you DO NOT INSURE HOMES with pit bulls/mixes? Is this ignorant policy correct?

Travelers' Response:

Inquiry ID: 639377

Thank you for reaching out to us. There are a few dog breeds that will make a policy ineligible with Travelers and many other carriers. This is due to the risk associated with these breeds.


Heather L Ruggiero The Travelers Companies, Inc.

Our Response (slightly shortened):

Dear Heather Ruggiero,

I called my local State Farm, All State, and Farmers' offices. DESPITE YOUR STATEMENT, NONE OF THESE SHARE THE POLICY OF YOUR COMPANY. All will insure homes that have pit bulls and other breeds (that don't have a history of biting).

So it seems that Travelers' ignorant policy of propagating lies about that beautiful breed carries over into corporate lies.

I am sharing your lies with my network, posting it on blogs, and sending it to administrators of pit bull websites, dog rescue websites, and animal shelter websites. I am asking them to disseminate this information to their donors and volunteers.

You lied to the wrong person.

I hope you will soon contact me to tell me that your attitude towards these breeds has changed. At that time, I will send a retraction letter to all of the above.


A pit bull lover.