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Important notice about MyWikiBiz:


MyWikiBiz has served the public as an openly-edited wiki since January 2008, facilitating an astounding 2.5 million page views since then. However, the 130,000+ pages of the wiki have grown too large to be supported by our server budget. The site keeps crashing every few weeks. At least 85% of the pages are content placeholders for link-spam, which has decimated Google's valuation of our PageRank. We cannot go forward with this model any longer.

Here is the tentative plan going forward:

  1. The 50 User accounts with the greatest number of edits to the site since 2008 will be grandfathered back in as free accounts with full edit rights, except for those accounts that were clearly intended primarily for advertising and link-spam. All other User accounts would be closed.
  2. The 5,000 pages that have the greatest number of page views since 2008 would be preserved. Of these, those pages that are intended primarily for advertising and link-spam may be modified to render the advertising/linking non-functional, or they may be deleted.
  3. There may be another 500 pages and files that the management would personally wish to preserve, or that grandfathered accounts may with to preserve.
  4. All other pages will be deleted from public view. The management will retain a backup database of all the deleted content, if any former users are intent on retrieving their text for use on other websites.
  5. We will possibly shut off Semantic Mediawiki, if that makes rebooting significantly easier. Our developer is evaluating options on this particular front.
  6. New Users will be welcome to register; however, any new User account would be throttled by a one-time payment of $10 to receive editor rights. Ideally, this would all be auto-magically handled by a web form linked to PayPal, but the management might also accommodate other forms of payment manually, if necessary. The idea is that if you want to publish on MyWikiBiz, you have to help defray the server costs (which are now over $500 per year).

Comments? Click the "Contact MyWikiBiz" link in the left sidebar, and let us know.