Siger of Courtrai

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Siger of Courtrai (Sigerus de Cortraco, Siger de Courtrai, Sigerus de Curtraco, Siger von Colterato, Siger von Courtrai, Zeger van Kortrijk). Born about 1283 in Courtrai. ca. 1309 Regent master of arts in Paris. 1310 Fellow of the Sorbonne. 1315 Procurator ofthe Sorbonne. Died May 1341 in Paris.




Primary sources

  • Ars obligatoria
  • Ars priorum
  • Categoriae
  • Commentarius in librum Perihermenias
  • Fallaciae
  • Isagoge
  • Sophismata
  • Summa modorum significandi (De modis significandi)

Secondary sources

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0 1283 1318 France 1314 Paris France