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Centiare is an online reference directory which aims to be a compendium of all commercial, non-profit, and personal enterprises. While Centiare uses the same powerful MediaWiki software used by Wikipedia, it features custom extensions that enhance its functionality in distinct ways:

  • Centiare includes ownership space that can be "protected" by a company, entity, or person who can rightfully claim that space.
  • Centiare supports and welcomes both advocate and neutral points-of-view (APOV and NPOV, respectively) contributions.

The Centiare web space was created and is managed by Karl Nagel & Co., LLC.


The word "centiare" describes an old metric system unit of area, equal to 1 square meter, used in some countries for measuring small land areas. The Latin word "centum" describes "hundred", and the Greek word "centro" describes "center". The Latin "are" or "area" refers to "level ground" or "open space". Thus, from an etymological perspective, Centiare strives to level the playing field by being an open and free center devoted 100% to commercial, non-profit and personal enterprises.