List of medieval manuscripts

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 DateMSCollectionCityCountry NameAuthorSubject
Logic Museum/Worcester 1313Worcester Cathedral LibraryWorcesterEnglandPeter of Cornwall
Roger Bacon
William of Sherwood
Logic Museum/Caius 344/54013Gonville&CaiusCambridgeEnglandJohn de Stycborn
William de Bonkes
Logic Museum/Paris. B. Nat. lat. 1613513Paris Bibliotheque Nationale Lat.Paris, FranceFranceSophismata
Logic Museum/Caius 611/34113Gonville&CaiusCambridgeEngland
Logic Museum/Paris. B. Nat. lat. 1661713Paris Bibliotheque Nationale Lat.Paris, FranceFranceWilliam of SherwoodLogic
Logic Museum/Caius 100/5213Gonville&CaiusCambridgeEngland
Logic Museum/Basel. Univ. F.II.2413?Basel University LibraryBaselSwitzerlandWalter Burley
William of Ockham
Logic Museum/Assisi. B.Communale 17213?Assisi. B.CommunaleAssisiItalyDuns Scotus
William of Alnwick
Logic Museum/Assisi. B.Communale 17413?Assisi. B.CommunaleAssisiItalyRichard Rufus of Cornwall
Logic Museum/Oxford. Merton. 10014Oxford Merton MSOxfordEnglandWilliam of Ockham
Logic Museum/Munich. B. Univ. 5214Munich University LibraryMunichGermanyWilliam of Ockham
Logic Museum/Caius 448/40914Gonville&CaiusCambridgeEnglandWalter Burley
Logic Museum/Florentiae. B. Nat. Conv. Soppr.A.3.80114Firenze biblioteca nazionaleFlorenceItalyWilliam of Ockham
Logic Museum/Caius 325/52514Gonville&CaiusCambridgeEnglandWilliam of Ockham
Logic Museum/Troyes. B. Munic. 71814Troyes bibliotheque municipaleTroyesFranceWilliam of Ockham
Logic Museum/Oxford. Balliol. 29914Oxford Balliol MSOxfordEnglandWilliam of Ockham
Logic Museum/Caius 101/5315Gonville&CaiusCambridgeEnglandWilliam of Ockham
Logic Museum/Caius 199/10515Gonville&CaiusCambridgeEnglandAristotle
Logic Museum/Caius 335/72415Gonville&CaiusCambridgeEnglandDuns Scotus
Logic Museum/Basel. Univ. F.II.25?Basel University LibraryBaselSwitzerlandWilliam of Ockham