List of Jewish American playwrights

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This is a list of famous Jewish American playwrights. For other famous Jewish Americans, see List of Jewish Americans.

  • Lynn Ahrens[1]
  • Sholom Aleichem[2]
  • Woody Allen (1935–) Academy Award-winning film director, writer, actor, and comedian[3]
  • George Axelrod[4]
  • Jeff Baron
  • S. N. Behrman[5]
  • David Belasco[6]
  • Saul Bellow[7]
  • Leo Birinski
  • Mel Brooks[8]
  • Paddy Chayefsky[9]
  • Comden and Green|Betty Comden & Adolph Green[1]
  • Norman Corwin[10]
  • Howard Dietz[11]
  • Edward Einhorn [12]
  • Eve Ensler[13]
  • Harvey Fierstein[14]
  • Edna Ferber[15]
  • Herb Gardner[9]
  • Larry Gelbart[16]
  • Les Golden comedy/murder mysteries[17][18]
  • Josh Greenfeld[19]
  • Oscar Hammerstein II[20]
  • Otto Harbach[1]
  • Yip Harburg[21]
  • Moss Hart[22]
  • Ben Hecht[23]
  • Lillian Hellman[24]
  • Peretz Hirshbein[25]
  • Israel Horovitz[26]
  • Sidney Howard[27]
  • George Jessel (actor)|George Jessel[28]
  • George S. Kaufman[22]
  • Sidney Kingsley[29]
  • Tony Kushner[30]
  • James Lapine[31]
  • Arthur Laurents[32]
  • H. Leivick[33]
  • Alan Jay Lerner[34]
  • Ira Levin[35]
  • Craig Lucas[36]
  • David Mamet[37]
  • Donald Margulies[38]
  • Arthur Miller[39]
  • Becky Mode [40]
  • Itamar Moses
  • Clifford Odets[41]
  • Jonathan Rand[42]
  • Carl Reiner[43]
  • Elmer Rice[44]
  • Morrie Ryskind[45]
  • Rod Serling[46]
  • Irwin Shaw[47]
  • Wallace Shawn[48]
  • Sidney Sheldon[49]
  • Martin Sherman[50]
  • Neil Simon[51]
  • Isaac Bashevis Singer[52]
  • Jill Soloway — playwright, television writer[53]
  • Aaron Sorkin (1961–) screenwriter, producer and playwright[54]
  • Gertrude Stein
  • Joseph Stein[55]
  • Jeffrey Sweet[56]
  • Alfred Uhry[57]
  • Wendy Wasserstein (1950–2006) playwright and an Andrew Dickson White Professor-at-Large at Cornell University, also the recipient of the Tony Award for Best Play and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama[58]
  • Jerome Weidman[59]
  • Franz Werfel[60]
  • Norman Wexler screenwriter of "Saturday Night Fever","Joe", "Serrpic", "Mandingo"
  • Turn left at Gilgamesh|Rory Winston Playwright, poet, comedy writer, reviewer[61]

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