List of Jewish American comedians

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List of Jewish American Comedians

  • Dan Ahdoot, finalist Last Comic Standing, 2004[1]
  • Jason Alexander (born 1959), see "Actors" above
  • Marty Allen (comedian)|Marty Allen (born 1922), see "Actors"
  • Woody Allen (born 1935), see "Actors"
  • Morey Amsterdam (1908–96), TV actor and comedian[2]
  • Ed Asner (1929), see "Actors"
  • Dave Attell (born 1965), stand-up comedian; host of Insomniac with Dave Attell[3]
  • Jack Benny (1894–74), see "Actors"
  • Milton Berle (1908–2002), see "Actors"
  • Shelley Berman (born 1926), see "Actors"
  • Jack Black (born 1969), see "Actors"
  • Lewis Black (born 1948), see "Actors"
  • Elayne Boosler (born 1952), comedian
  • Victor Borge (born Børge Rosenbaum, 1909–2000), humorist and concert pianist[4]
  • Alex Borstein (born 1971), see "Actors"
  • David Brenner (born 1936), stand-up comedian, actor, author, and filmmaker
  • Fanny Brice (1891–1951), see "Actors"
  • Albert Brooks (born 1947), see "Actors"
  • Mel Brooks (born 1926), see "Actors"
  • Lenny Bruce (1925–66), see "Actors"
  • George Burns (1896–1996), see "Actors"
  • Red Buttons (1919–2006), see "Actors"
  • Eddie Cantor (1892–1964), see "Actors"
  • Sid Caesar (born 1922), see "Actors"
  • Andrew Dice Clay (born Andrew Clay Silverstein, 1957–), comedian
  • Myron Cohen (1902–86), comedian
  • "Professor" Irwin Corey (born 1914), comedian
  • David Cross (born 1964), see "Actors"
  • Billy Crystal (born 1947), see "Actors"
  • Rodney Dangerfield (1921–2004), see "Actors"
  • Larry David (born 1947), see "Actors"
  • Wayne Federman (born 1959), see "Actors"
  • Totie Fields (born Sophie Feldman, 1930–78), comedienne who poked fun at her weight
  • Larry Fine (actor)|Larry Fine (1902–75), see "Actors"
  • Al Franken (born 1951), see "Actors"[5]
  • Andrew Ginsburg (born 1979), comedian, actor, and three-time champion bodybuilder[6]
  • Elon Gold (1970 –), see "Actors"
  • Judy Gold (born 1962), see "Actors"
  • Les Golden (born 1943), see "Actors", Stand-up comic, gambling writer, astronomy textbook author, environmentalist, political activist
  • Shecky Greene (born Fred Sheldon Greenfield, 1926–), comedian, actor
  • Charles Grodin (born 1935), see "Actors"
  • Christopher Guest (born 1948), see "Actors"
  • Buddy Hackett (1924–2003), see "Actors"
  • Chelsea Handler (born 1975), see "Actors"
  • Goldie Hawn (born 1945), see "Actors"
  • Jonah Hill (born 1983), see "Actors"
  • Steve Hofstetter (born 1979), comedian, author, and columnist
  • Jeremy Hotz (born 1963), stand-up comedian; neurotic Jewish person schtick
  • Kenny Hotz (born 1973), writer, director, actor, comedian, producer, photographer; creator/co-star of TV show Kenny vs. Spenny, and creator/co-writer of the series Testees
  • Moe Howard|Moe, Shemp Howard|Shemp & Curly Howard, the Three Stooges, see "Actors"
  • George Jessel (actor)|George Jessel (1898–1981), comedian
  • Al Jolson (1886–1950), see "Actors"
  • Jonathan Katz (born 1946), stand-up comedian, actor, voice-actor; created, wrote, and starred in animated sitcom Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist
  • Mickey Katz (1909–85), comedian, musician, singer-songwriter, Klezmer clarinetist, director, writer, actor
  • Andy Kaufman (1949–84), see "Actors"
  • Danny Kaye (1913–87), see "Actors"
  • Alan King (comedian)|Alan King (born Irwin Alan Kniberg, 1927–2004), see "Actors (Theater)" above
  • Robert Klein (born 1942), see "Actors"
  • John Lehr (born 1967), see "Actors"
  • Tom Lehrer (born 1928), satirist, musician[7]
  • Oscar Levant (1906–72), comedian
  • Reverend Bob Levy|"The Reverend" Bob Levy (born 1962), stand-up comedian; frequent Howard Stern guest
  • Jerry Lewis (born 1926), see "Actors"
  • Richard Lewis (comedian)|Richard Lewis (born 1947), see "Actors"
  • Bill Maher (born 1956), stand-up comedian; political humor
  • Marc Maron (born 1963), comedian, radio host
  • Jackie Mason (born 1931), see "Actors"
  • The Marx Brothers, (Chico Marx|Chico, Harpo Marx|Harpo, Groucho Marx|Groucho, Zeppo, Gummo Marx|Gummo), see "Actors"
  • Anne Meara (born 1929), see "Actors"
  • Lorne Michaels (born Lorne David Lipowitz, 1944–), comedian, writer, director, producer; the sole creator, writer, director, and producer of Saturday Night Live
  • Bette Midler (born 1945), see "Actors"
  • Larry Miller (actor)|Larry Miller (born 1953), see "Actors"
  • Dan Mintz (born 1981), stand-up comedian; deadpan delivery; uses non sequitur one-liners.
  • Jan Murray (1916–2006), see "Actors"
  • BJ Novak (born 1979), comedian, writer, and TV actor on The Office (U.S. TV series)|The Office
  • Gilda Radner, (1946–89), see "Actors"
  • Harold Ramis (born 1944), see "Actors"
  • Carl Reiner, see "Actors"
  • Paul Reiser, see "Actors"
  • Paul Reubens, see "Actors"
  • Spencer Rice (aka Spenny), writer, director, producer, and comedian; co-star of Kenny vs. Spenny
  • Don Rickles (born 1926), see "Actors"
  • Ritz Brothers (Al Ritz, Jimmy Ritz, Harry Ritz), see "Actors"
  • Joan Rivers (born 1933), see "Actors"
  • Seth Rogen (born 1982), see "Actors"
  • Jeffrey Ross (born Jeffrey Ross Lifschultz, 1965–), stand-up comedian; "The Roastmaster General".
  • Paul Rudd (born 1969), see "Actors"
  • Rita Rudner (born 1953), stand-up comedian; uses Jewish humor
  • Mort Sahl, see "Actors"
  • Adam Sandler (born 1966), see "Actors"
  • Andy Samberg (born 1978), see "Actors"
  • Robert Schimmel (born 1950), stand-up comedian; often X-rated and controversial[8]
  • Sam Seder (born 1966), see "Actors"
  • Jerry Seinfeld (born 1954), see "Actors"
  • Gary Shandling (born 1949), see "Actors"
  • Al Shean (born Abraham Schönberg, 1868–1949), comedian, actor
  • Allan Sherman (1924–73), satirist, musician
  • Sarah Silverman (born 1970), see "Actors"
  • Phil Silvers (1911–85), see "Actors"
  • Bobby Slayton (born 1955), comedian, "The Pit Bull of Comedy"
  • Robert Smigel (born 1960), see "Actors"
  • Kira Soltanovich (born 1973), comedian, actress, writer, star of Girls Behaving Badly recurring on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1992 TV series)|The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
  • David Steinberg (born 1942), comedian, actor, author, writer, and director.
  • Stella (comedy group)|Stella, Jewish American comedy team consisting of Michael Showalter, Michael Ian Black, and David Wain.
  • Jon Stewart (born 1962), see "Actors"
  • Ben Stiller (born 1965), see "Actors"
  • Jerry Stiller (born 1927), see "Actors"
  • Judy Toll (1958–2002), comedian and actor
  • Rich Vos (born 1957), comedic actor
  • Marc Weiner (born 1952), comedian, puppeteer known for TV show Weinerville and the Bizarre (TV series)|Bizarre Show
  • Gene Wilder (born 1933), see "Actors"
  • Ed Wynn (1886–1966), see "Actors"
  • Henny Youngman (1906–98), comedian and violinist; 1-liner style
  • Roy Zimmerman (satirist)|Roy Zimmerman (born 1957), political, satirical singer, songwriter, and guitarist


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