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"Gyeongju post temporarily by the State of Wei as the reputation of the money, so things get to the bottom, then set your guilt." Jun-Wei Chen Huo-containing surface, body side stood Luo Qingcheng and Yu Huchen two Titans, are the valiant brave, money reputation look condensate, also carrying a little <a href=" http://www.savemalls.com  ">  coach purses outlet    </a>Lise. Zhang Ying knew that Prince was assassinated in their own can not get away, but no one thought there Huo Chen is mouth-free state of Wei of the post he meant, although he flustered, still shaking voice: "The state of Wei of the post removal are all His Majesty pro-life, please think twice Highness, no, not overstepped. " Huo Chen smiled: "Zhang Aiqing known clan to assassinate Prince but to punish the crime? This will be nothing to do with you, the crime of dereliction of duty is inevitable, the king did not appoint a new state of Wei, just let the reputation of acting in the money, how is the transgression? If nothing to do with you identification, or official salary is reduced by one year of a product, the post of its own state Wei decided upon His Majesty. " Zhang Ying and then have nothing to say, to hand over the easily intimidated. Luo took Qingcheng came<a href=" http://www.bizonmall.com ">discount coach handbags    </a> easily intimidated, and Huo Chen was. Huo Chen will be easily intimidated in the palm grip, look down the money reputation. Qian Yu immediately lean knees. "Money reputation, Gyeongju safety, Qing and do it. This identification, quick report on the Majesty." "Chen Lingzhi." Huo Chen waved, "Get up." Han Guang Li Mo side, seeing your fingertips, from Howard Chen put a cloud of dust knocked out, are not tan, so nervous the day that he does not in anyway involved, into the other Huo Chen to Beijing, everything is stable, She left the capital, free men to go. Huo Yu Chen left the money, they discuss behind closed doors the moment, after they ordered departure. From the East Gate of the Qing state capital, Han Guang not help, rode to the Huo Chen side, whispered: <a href=" http://www.jerseysauthenticcheap.com  ">  New York Jets jerseys    </a>"Your Highness, bearing his shadow?" Chen Huo Review looked at her. Han Guang see he did not answer, asked the sentence: "Cheng Ying him where?" Huo Chen looked straight ahead, paused, and said: "dead or alive." Chapter 12 Han Guang heart suddenly sank, suddenly Huarong pale. Huo Chen eyebrows looked at her, one clip girth, body moment of the next horse behind the Han Guang. Han Guang's eyes followed his figure, holding his heart was hanging up, bearing shadow Where children? Exactly what happened? Quickly to the suburbs, suddenly from the official Yamaha along the banks of a small road out of Liang Qi troops. Led by one person, Xuan Yi sword and dignified bearing is the shadow. Han Guang Xi Ji, quickly Cuima approached. Another man at his side, looks Seiitsu, gentle temperament, bearing a white gown and wearing a  <a href="  http://www.savemalls.com  ">  wholesale coach handbags  </a>black shadow glorified, such as Wu Jin Baiyu, Zoran side by side, heroic handsome. They dismounted, see Huo Chen. Huo Chen, raising his hand wave: "Get up." And then on the white man: "The Sum of money, you come with me to Beijing it, you are talking about you a long time for my sister."

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