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* [[Sugar]]
* [[Sugar]]
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Discussions regarding Directory listing entries should take place in the respective [[Help:Discussion Namespace|discussion namespace]]s. For example, corporate governance issues respective to publicly held companies; mutual fund performance; intellectual property merits; consumer complaints about a company; etc., can be presented by editors, simply by going to the "Discussion" tab of any Directory listing.

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Directory Space

Directory Space is a protected MyWikiBiz custom namespace that supports advocate point of view (APOV) for "user-owned" pages.

MyWikiBiz uses an entity (person [legal organization or individual], place, or thing) concept to determine placement. The basic rule-of-thumb to determine whether an article should be listed under the Directory Space or be placed within Main Space is: "Would the entity have legal standing in a court of law"?

If the answer is yes as to whether an entity could bring a cause of action as a plaintiff, or respond to a complaint as a defendant, then it should be listed under the Directory Space. Examples:

If the answer is no, then it should be placed within Main Space and follow traditional neutral point of view (NPOV) rules of conduct. Examples:

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