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[http://www.theatrgroup.com/showbiz/foto/index.html Theatre Group]
[http://www.theatrgroup.com/showbiz/foto/index.html Theatre Group]
{http://www.dcolegrovephotography.com/headshot-faqs.html Theatrical and Commercial Headshot Photography Information]
[http://www.dcolegrovephotography.com/headshot-faqs.html Theatrical and Commercial Headshot Photography Information]

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Every actor needs a photo, or headshot, whether just starting out, or at that point when every one knows him by the name "Robert DeNiro". Photos are your business cards. They are usually your first introduction to someone, anyone, who might be interested in using your talents to further line their pockets with profit.

That someone might be an agent, a casting director, a director, a producer or some paper pushing account executive who doesn't know anything about how you function as an artist, but who is in charge of making an "industrial" (a corporate video) explaining to a dreary workforce what happens when dirty water enters the storm drainage system of the town you live in. Yes, that executive will look at your photo and say, "This actor looks just like someone from the EPA. Clean-cut. Friendly. Wears a jacket and tie."

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Theatrical and Commercial Headshot Photography Information