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Dr. David Orman is a pioneer in the fields of natural medicine , nutrition and anti aging. From small town beginnings, he went on to create the premiere antiaging HGH formula. It was his breakthrough work with 1000's of patients from all walks of life that led to features on TV and radio and cover stories in the Washingtonian Magazine, newspapers and his being the most sought after health provider in S. Florida. Dr. Orman has taught at prestigious universities and lectured to members of Congress.

"Years ago, I had the busiest practice in South Florida at The Institute of Natural Medicine. Along with this were popular weekly radio and TV shows, and a regular lecturing schedule. I loved helping so many people and wanted to do more. Patients were extremely intelligent and very well read. Many patients read the article in the New England Journal of Medicine about HGH and asked about the tremendous benefits.

A long benefits list was presented but so was a major roadblock - price. At $900+/mo., this was prohibitive for most. I received requests to create an all-natural HGH formula. After some 18+ months of research, development and testing, Hgh Plus™ was created. My thought was this formula would be great for assisting my patients. Period.

In 1995, I thought this "Internet thing" would take off and created a site. 2 years later, we were in over 15 countries. Today, it is in 40+ and we continue to receive testimonial after testimonial about the tremendous effects of Hgh Plus™ - the lives it is changing and the health it is improving.

By now, you can see what a success this is. Anti-Aging Medicine is the cutting edge of modern healthcare and Hgh Plus™ is leading the way. I wonder if today is the day you will jump on board. . .

On a personal level, I have been using Hgh Plus™ from Day 1 and have received countless benefits. Since taking my formula regularly for the past decade, I completed 2 black belts, marathons including a half on Saturday and full on Sunday (Disney's Goofy Challenge. Click here for details.) and several 100-mile bike rides. Future events include marathons, ultra-marathons and cotinuation of my martial arts training, this time in escrima. When I say this formula can help you , I know it for a fact!

For all this success, I am so very thankful to patients and supporters alike for their encouragement and many, many years of loyalty. It is both humbling and rewarding. For all of this, I am very grateful to all of you.

I look forward to many more health-filled years in service to you."

-Dr. David Orman

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