Directory:The Wikipedia Point of View/Roger Davies plagiarism

Roger Davies is a Wikipedia administrator and a member of the web site's Arbitration Committee (ArbCom); it is not certain whether his Wikipedia account name is a pseudonym.

On 22 February, 2010, irregularities in numerous editorial contributions by Roger Davies were raised on the Administrators Noticeboard [1]. This formal discussion followed informal concerns raised via conversations in the IRC channels.

The discussion, however, was abruptly rushed into closing when Roger Davies' Arbcom associate Risker (Anne M.B. Clin) wondered aloud if "someone can come up with a way of identifying the concerns and permitting him to respond without keeping a thread open for several days on this noticeboard." Davies set up a new page to discuss the issue [2] but received no comments from the Wikipedia community.

At no point in the discussion did Davies acknowledge plagiarism, nor did he apologize for his documented actions. No effort was made by the Wikipedia community to remove him from Arbcom, nor did Arbcom publicly discuss the matter in its forums.