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  • [1] "Nine attempts were made July 20 and 21 to alter the online encyclopedia's entry on the Joint Strike Fighter, including the removal of any information critical of the Conservative government's plan to spend at least $16 billion on the new fighter aircraft".
    • Edits by IP [2] which includes this [3] Removes "Opposition Liberal Party Leader Michael Ignatieff immediately called for the [Canadian] House of Commons defence committee to reconvene as soon as possible and examine the purchase, calling it a "secretive, unaccountable decision to proceed with this contract." Ignatieff has claimed they would put the sole-sourced contract on hold should they form the next government. The purchase announcement has created Canadian media speculation that, with the national opposition parties uniting against the sole-source contract, that this may bring down the minority Conservative government and force an election over the issue. The media have criticized the aircraft as being too short-ranged and far too complex for Canada's needs." with the comment " irrelevent and political and is inconsistent with entries for other countries that all have similar politics associated to the purchase".
    • The talk page for the IP says "Attention: This IP address,, is registered to Canadian Department of National Defence and may be shared by multiple users. If the organization uses proxy servers or firewalls, this IP address may in fact represent many users at many physical computers.
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