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Spellbinder Games
Type DBA
Founded 1975
Headquarters Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Key peopleMark Williams, Randy Richards: Editor-in-Chief; Project Manager
IndustryRPG & other assorted media.
ProductsDreadmire, Dreadmire: High Adventure at Low Tide, Dreadmire Adventures
ParentApotheosis Publishing
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Spellbinder Games is a Baton Rouge, Louisiana based publishing company that produces game books. Recently they have published Dreadmire by Randy Richards. Upcoming books include the fantasy novel, "Dreadmire: High Adventure at Low Tide" by Elizabeth Donald, and the role-playing game book, "Dreadmire Adventures," an expansion of the campaign setting by various authors. They also run an online retail store selling books and games.

Spellbinder Games' company slogan is, "'Your newest weapon in the war against reality"

In 2007, author Randy Richards became part owner in the company, along with several other undisclosed authors.

Apotheosis Publishing

Apotheosis Publishing produced a trilogy of fantasy fiction novels in the 1980s, The Persnackety Dragon, The Dimadon Lantern, and My Magical Maguffin. There was also a coloring book called Fantasmagoria, and Dreadmire by their subsidiary Spellbinder Games. Their company slogan is, "Old School Style, 3rd Edition Rules"; meaning that while they use the current D&D rules system, they produce a flavor and style that closely mimics that of Dungeons & Dragons in the late 70s and early 80s.

Apotheosis Publishing
Type Partnership
Founded 1986
Headquarters New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
IndustryRPG & other assorted media.
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