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Since the "Chris Brown along with Rihanna" situation, since they call it, this news has been non-stop in regards to the legal fees which Bob Dark brown faces. While it's a unhappy along with unfortunate predicament for both Chris Brown along with Rihanna, my own question for you is how about the particular millions of other people who are misused every day? Of course, I realize the promotion comes from the fact that they are 2 of the most popular designers on earth right this moment, but what about the ladies who're working with this case on a regular basis; in reality almost certainly right with this moment. Rihanna may have strolled out of the circumstance without notice, with no you need to determine her, yet how about ladies who cannot leave? Home-based abuse is not something new, these days that it is two well-known music artists, it really is being a new album release: Joe Brown as well as Mary j * Home-based Violence Ultimately the center of attention. Rihanna [1]