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The "Recording Explorer Association" is an internet group which represents the underground recording music industry distributors in the United States. It's Members consists of professional record labels and distributors, which the "Recording Explorer Association" says "We control the amount of music and data of all underground music, and record labels. About 85% of the "Recording Explorer Association" have "The Doctor Of Music Degree". They give awards by showing the artist on Seattle's Victory Music an online magazine.

The "Recording Explorer Association" was created back in 1995 to grade music and contribute awards for underground, internet artists and internet musicians that are popular due to their music. They also grade the music depending on the melody, lyrics and rhythm. They are the biggest, most professional music national charts, and graders in Underground Music theory. There are 3 categories, The Highest Teen Charter, All Music Greatest Hits, Best Music Video Of The Year. They support awards for Pop, R&B, Pop, Dance, Club, Soul and Blues. Here are the awards as rated

  • Bronze Award-Song/Album has been downloaded more than 20,000 times.
  • Silver-Highest Chart Topper Song/Album has hitten more than 2 internet radio stations and downloaded more than 30,000 times.
  • Gold-Greatest Song Of All Underground Time, song is popularized by all of one internet site.
  • Platinum-Greatest Album of all time for underground music.

Byfar the three artists below are the first ever to reach these charts.

Chart Toppers & Award Winners 2009

Famecast Votes For The Underground Music Awards. No One Recieved Platinum

Year Theme Song choice Artist Certification/Chart Place
2009 "The Highest Teen Chart Topper" Gone Sarey Savy Silver For Gone Chart Place #5 On Hot Dance/Sad Top 100
2009 "Best Music Video of The Year " "Fireball" (Tie) DEV Bronze Chart Place #1 On Hot Dance Top 100
2009 All Music Greatest Hits Pay For It (Tie) Melissa Jacobs Gold #1 On All Charts