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Michael's House
SloganHolidays in an artist's home
Type [[Company_Type:=Private|Private]]
Headquarters Italy-icon.png [[City:=Capezzano|Capezzano]] [[Region1:=Campania|Campania]], [[Country Name:=Italy|Italy]]
Key peopleCarmen Caccavale
Contact Via G. Gigante,19
I-84080 Capezzano (SA)
+39-089-568150, +39-340-6010128
[ Michael's House website]

Michael's House is the home of Michael's faminly a physician being also a painter. You will find his paintings to welcome you. The region promises anything from visits to excavations in the nearby (30 kms) Pompei, the Amalfi Coast with its unique pearl Positano, the Gulf of Salerno, various sports activites are possible. Of course you can also reach the sea in just 15 mins depending on how you prefer to get there.

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