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The London and UK office for Lowe Worldwide

Office Information

CEO- Robert Marsh

Chief Strategy Officer - Rebbeca Morgan

Creative Officer - Tom Hudson

New Business Contact - Robert Marsh

Address - Lowe London, 60 Sloane Avenue, London, SW33XB -

Website www.lowelondon.com

Key Work Lowe YouTube Channel

Phone +44 (0) 207 894 5000

Over 80 Employee's , disciplines covered include Traditional Advertising , Digital Advertising, Social Media, Planning, Sponsorship.

Sister Company RIVET www.rivetglobal.com provides a full retail solution.

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Key Brands and Contacts

Unilever Split into Foods and Home and Personal care - Global Account Directors are .

For more information on this account see Lowe Unilever Account Details


Ciff - Global Account headed up by Tina Smith

Rexona - European Account headed by Sam Yreas

Domestos - Global Account headed by George Willas


Rama and other yellow fats - Global Account Headed by Kyle Somersby

General Motors

For more information on this account see Lowe General Motors Account Details