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Template:Infobox Software Logicle Secretary is a proprietary desktop search software for Microsoft Windows XP on IA-32.

Its main features are search, browse, organize, and preview. [1]

The search feature lets users search for files, folders, and Microsoft Outlook emails on their computers. Searches are facilitated by an index on file names, content, and metadata that Logicle Secretary maintains on the computer. This index is updated incrementally using only idle system resources so that the user does not perceive any impact on the computer’s performance. [2]

The user interface includes a file system browser. This is an alternative to the search feature when users know where the files they want are located. [3] After locating the files, they can then add them to groups (similar to tags, see below), or preview them.

The organize feature lets users group files into logical groups independent of where the files are located in the file system for a more flexible way of organizing files than by using folders. This concept is similar to tagging. [4] Files may belong to more than one group. Groups can be deleted, or files removed from a group without removing the actual file system copies. [5][6]

Logicle Secretary can perform quick, in-application file previews. For example, users can preview Microsoft Word documents within Logicle Secretary without having to open Microsoft Word. [7]

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