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Justin G.Godfrey
Justin G. Godfrey with his hang drum
Residence California, USA
Born 1993-02-17
California, U.S.
Known for Unique percussion compositions and performance combining Latin, African, Caribbean and Spanish music styles ("LACS")
Occupation Drummer, percussionist, student

Justin Glenn Godfrey, (born February 17, 1993), is a Belizean/American drummer, percussionist, and composer in the Latin-African classical style. Justin grew up in Belize, Central America before moving to the U.S. at the age of 11. He is classically trained in piano and began studying and performing percussion as a teenager. His unique style of composition has roots in Latin/African/Caribbean/Spanish drum sounds, which he coined "LACS." Justin has performed at Cite International Threatre in Paris, France.[1]

Early Life

Justin Godfrey grew up in Belize until the age of 10, beginning piano lessons at age 7. Once Justin moved to the U.S., he continued taking piano lessons from a Russian music teacher (who influenced his later style) and also at the British School of Houston.[2] At the age of 12 ,13 and 14 he attended Day Jams summer camp in Texas, where he performed in small bands for the music camp three different summers as:

“Hot Pot of Coffee” at 12 years old
“Fire Power” at 13 years old
“Headache” at 14 years old


Justin studied music at IB (International Baccalaureate level) at the British School of Houston. He is currently attending Occidental College in California majoring in Diplomacy and World Affairs. Justin volunteered for two years as a percussionist with the Fort Bend Symphony Orchestra, Houston, Texas.[3]

Notable Performances

Justin performed for a Los Angeles corporate luncheon at the Hilton Hotel, Los Angeles , at the age of 19. At the age of 21, in 2014 he was invited to perform along with Vincent Beaurin, a famous French sculptor, in Paris, France for 4 shows at the Cite International Theatre in the New Settings sponsored by The Hermes Foundation.[4]


When Justin was 15, he started composing a new genre combining Latin/African/Caribbean/Spanish drum sounds together, calling it “LACS”[5] After Justin began playing the Hang Drum at 17 years old, he composed songs that were later released on the albums “Plusative Visions" and “Metallic Clarivoyance"[6] available on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, Google Play and Deezer.


Reminiscent of the background sound of the pan yards during Carnival season of Trinidad & Tobago, the 'stylings' of Justin Godfrey on the hand pan/hang drum hauntingly transfer the listener to the blue waters and caressing trade winds of the islands. Add to that, the North American and Asiatic fusions of melody and harmony he enlists, and any listener is immediately converted to present day tranquility. Justin Godfrey has created a musical buffet for the senses through his magical musicianship, a feast fit for any king or queen. -Ellorenz Records 5 May 2015 [7]

Percussionist Justin Godfrey sets a fine example of world music melodic interpretation through his compositions. His percussion skills are fantastic & driven by his true passion for music. His works are creative and tantalizing to the ear. Music production quality, solid: job well done, definitely an artist to look out for. - Christian Lamitschka 5 May 2015 [8]

I have been privileged to present solo percussionist Justin Godfrey and his music on my syndicated 'Independent Music Show' reaching 200+ International radio stations and feature him in 'The Independent Music Show Magazine' (May 2015). Justin Godfrey is destined to make his mark in the World music genre. I predict a bright future for this versatile and entertaining young man. - Tom Lambert 28 April 2015 [9]

The first time I watched Justin Godfrey perform his instrumental works on the hang drum, I was mesmerized. This is truly an 'experience'. This young man is captivating, a brilliant instrumentalist who will definitely leave his mark in the entertainment business. His original works are creative, well produced and so unique. Prepare to be tantalized. This is music that soothes the soul. - Danie Cortese International Promoter & Celebrity Publicist 7 April 2015


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