Jan Lindemann

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Jan Lindemann is global managing director, brand valuation, at Interbrand Group, responsible for the company’s brand valuation practice worldwide. He has extensive experience in advising on brands, marketing and financial issues in all major industries and countries, with clients who include American Express, at&t, axa, Bank of America, bbc, bp, bt, Gucci, Fujitsu, GE, Heineken, IBM, Japan Tobacco, L’Oreal, Master- Card, Nestlé, nyce, Olivetti, Orange, Pilsner Urquell, Prada, Powergen, Prudential, rhm, Samsung Electronics, Texas Instruments, tnt, Vodafone and Wells Fargo. His work has been widely published on these subjects and he is a frequent lecturer, commentator and broadcaster on brand related issues, including the creation of the league table on the leading global brands. Previously he worked as mergers & acquisitions adviser for Chase Manhattan Bank.

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Name: Jan Lindemann

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