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Dr. Francine Neago is a Primatologist and Conservationist specializing in orangutans. In addition to her internationally televised films about orangutans she has published several scientific papers in the Journal of Primatology (New York). In 2006 she co-authored a book on humans raising an orphaned orangutan with co-author Esther Kerr.

While at UCLA between 1978 [1] and 1989 she developed a computer system in conjunction with IBM later used by the Smithsonian National Zoo National Zoo to teach language to orangutans [2], and organized and directed the world's first orangutan language study. With the aid of a computer, she taught an ape [3] named Bulan sign language and a method she devised for spelling in a phonetic alphabet alphabet. Encyclopedia Britannica first listed her language program in 1988 [4].

Born in [[Birth City:=Paris|Paris]], [[Birth Country Name:=France|France]] and originally trained as a general practitioner in medicine, she studied the ape and language of Apes at Indonesia's Surabaya Zoological Park from 1965 to 1977. At that time she also volunteered as a park veterinarian, founded and operated a free medical clinic and hospital for 10 years, and pioneered a number of relief projects for Indonesian people. In 1977 she lived for six months inside a cage at the Singapore Zoo with eighteen orangutans to study their behavior [5] and communication.

Between 1978 and 1989 she lectured in primatology at UCLA, and in 1980 she organized the rehabilitation of chimpanzees from cages in laboratories to the Lion Country Safari Country Safari in Florida. Between 1990 and 1995 she rehabilitated local wildlife in the jungle of Costa Rica Rica, and from 1996 to 1997 she organized a site for the rehabilitation of Endangered species while living in a private zoo in Riau Province in Sumatra.

Dr. Neago has lectured worldwide, speaks and writes in French language|French, English language|English, Malay [6], Spanish language|Spanish, Italian language|Italian, Serbo-Croatian [7] and signs in Ameshan sign language.

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