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|  subsid        =  
|  subsid        =  
|  owner          = David Cade
|  owner          = David Cade
|  contact        = [[Address:=17171 Park Row]]<br>Houston, [[State_Code:=TX]] [[Zip:=77094]]-[[Plus4:=0000]]<br>[[Phone:=281.647.0003]]<br>[[Web:=www.collegeforall.com|[[http://www.collegeforall.com College For All website]]
|  contact        = [[Address:=17171 Park Row]]<br>Houston, [[State_Code:=TX]] [[Zip:=77094]]-[[Plus4:=0000]]<br>[[Phone:=281.647.0003]]<br>[[Web:=www.collegeforall.com|[http://www.collegeforall.com College For All website]]]
|  reference      = [[NAICS]]: [[NAICS_Code1:=X]], [[NAICS_Code2:=X]]<br>[[Attribute:Region1|Region]]: [[Region1:=Harris County|[[Directory:Harris County|Harris County]]]]
|  reference      = [[NAICS]]: [[NAICS_Code1:=X]], [[NAICS_Code2:=X]]<br>[[Attribute:Region1|Region]]: [[Region1:=Harris County|[[Directory:Harris County|Harris County]]]]
| footnotes      =
| footnotes      = '''College For All''' is [[Client Description:=a college financial planning service located in Katy, TX]] and client of [[Client Of::Directory:Page Creations|Page Creations]]
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[[Category:Houston Area Business]]
[[Category:Houston Area Business]]
[[Category:Page Creations]]

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College For All
SloganHelping Mazximize Your Financial Aid Potential
Type [[Company_Type:=Private|Private]]
Founded [[Year_Started:=1999|1999]]
Headquarters Template:Country data US [[City:=Houston|Houston]] [[State_Name:=Texas|Texas]]
Key people[[Key_Person1:=David Cade|David Cade]], President
Tom Piche
[[NAICS_Code2_Title:=College Planning|College Planning]]
EmployeesGreen Arrow Up.svg 4 (2007)
ParentAmerican Financial
OwnerDavid Cade
Contact 17171 Park Row
Houston, TX 77094-0000
[http://www.collegeforall.com College For All website]
Reference NAICS: X, X
Region: [[Region1:=Harris County|Harris County]]
College For All is a college financial planning service located in Katy, TX and client of Page Creations

College For All is a college planning service owned and operated by David Cade. Our goal is to show you how to obtain the maximum financial aid package available under law. College For All offers a free consultation with the student and parents to predetermine if we can add value to your situation. If we take you as a client we do a complete financial needs analysis of your finances, and even recommend which of your assets could be repositioned so that you can lower the EFC (Expected Family Contribution) and receive more money in grants, scholarships, and government subsidized loans.


  • Develop methods and strategies to increase the amount of financial assistance a family can receive.
  • Assist in the preparation of all applications for financial assistance.
  • Guide the family in the selection of colleges that offer the best education utilizing financial aid.
  • Review all financial aid documents to insure accuracy and entitlements for financial assisted programs.
  • Provide valuable information to negotiate with institutions for the most beneficial financial assistance for the family.

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