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Centiare is a brand created in 2001 by Huntington Beach, California accountant and consultant, Karl Nagel.

The brand has gone through three distinct phases:

Sarbanes-Oxley database

The first phase was part of Nagel's proprietary database containing corporate data and requirements for meeting Sarbanes-Oxley Act obligations.

Wiki directory

In late October 2006, Nagel retooled the domain, creating a wiki directory running a Semantic extension of MediaWiki software. Nagel reached out to Gregory Kohs to form a partnership that resulted in Kohs promoting and marketing the wiki directory at Centiare. This effort gained strength through early 2007, but ultimately began to fade. When Nagel decided to pull the plug on the site, Kohs negotiated a transfer of the entire contents of to Kohs' own site, Thus, MyWikiBiz itself underwent a substantial re-branding and re-purpose from its original mission.

New horizons

In 2008, Nagel intended to release a new, non-wiki community site at, but this did not materialize.

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