Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle

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Fat Burning Secrets Of The World's Best Bodybuilders And Fitness Models

A Shocking Expose of the 12 Added acceptable Scams,

Cover-ups, Lies, Myths and Deceptions in the

Diet, Supplement and Weight Accident Industries!

Simply admission your name and e-mail abode beneath and I will anon advance you a archetype of my FREE 12-part mini course, BIG FAT LIES! I'll additionally accord you a FREE cable to my world-famous, no-hype, no B. S. fat afire tips e-zine, added a 40 folio FREE report, Skyrocket Your Fat Accident Success! All these ability are YOURS Chargeless as a acknowledge you for visiting my website.

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Fat Accident Secrets of Fettle Models and Bodybuilders

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Outlaw Bodybuilder Thumbs Nose At Weight

Loss "Experts" Who Earn Fortunes On The

Sweat And Dreams Of Young Men & Women,

And Assuredly Reveals The Simple Authentic Science

Of Fat Accident No One Abroad Will Acquaint You About...

Lifetime-Natural Bodybuilder, Claimed Trainer, Nutritionist and Success Drillmaster From Fresh Jersey Teaches You How to Turbo-Charge Your Metabolism, Accretion Muscle, Bake Off Analysis Fat and Develop Unstoppable Activity ... Guaranteed! Ascertain How He's Taught Bags of Bodies to Get Bacteria Faster Than They Anytime Anticipation Possible!

Even if You Accept Less-than Boilerplate Genetics... Alike If You've Never Succeeded at Accident Weight Before... Alike If You Accept Adamant Fat Deposits That Don't Assume To Budge... Appropriate Actuality on This Web Folio You've Activate The Fat Accident Success Arrangement You've Been Attractive For!

Dear Friend,

Fat Accident able Tom Venuto at 3.4% analysis fat

Click the comedy button aloft to apprehend a

3-minute claimed bulletin from Tom

You're about to ascertain what ability be the best able fat accident arrangement anytime developed. It's the aforementioned diet affairs fettle models and bodybuilders use to ability distinct chiffre analysis fat levels and accomplish adamantine beef analogue that makes them attending like walking analysis charts.

My name is Tom Venuto and over the accomplished 19 years, through a continued and assiduous activity of trial, absurdity and experimentation, I've developed a sure-fire, 100% affirmed arrangement for accident analysis fat based on the abstruse diet secrets of aggressive accustomed bodybuilders and fettle models.

If you would like to apprentice how to lose analysis fat permanently... alike in your mushiest spots... afterwards drugs, afterwards supplements and afterwards blame up your metabolism, afresh this will be the best important web folio you will anytime read. I agreement it and I've got the after-effects to prove it!

When I started Tom's Bake The Fat diet affairs in January, I advised 317 pounds. As of Dec. 1st, I counterbalance 226 lbs. 91 pounds of fat gone consistently is a appealing air-conditioned thing! And by the way... I angry 40 this year, so if anyone out there is cerebration that you are "too old" - anticipate again.

Chris Brooke,

Marietta, GA

When I started the affairs in September, I was 248 pounds with 24% bodyfat. With Tom's information, I accept been able to lose 43 pounds - all of it fat. My Analysis fat is now 12%. I additionally no best absorb $400 a ages on supplements.

Jerry McBride,

Philadelphia, PA

I bought Bake The Fat aftermost October and I'm now so low in analysis fat you can see the striations. I've generally been angular in the past, but never like this. This is Brad Pitt in Fight Club low! I accept a hip-bone skinfold compression of 2.0 mm, which on the accumeasure blueprint = 4.5% analysis fat. I couldn't be added pleased.

David Samuel

London, UK

I started the affairs at 254 lbs and 36% analysis fat. I am now bottomward to 214 lbs and 22% bodyfat, so I accept absent 44 lbs of fat and acquired 5 lbs of angular analysis mass. "

Dave Mullen,

Gibsonia, PA

Thank God for your affairs because I've abandoned been on it for aloof over a anniversary and I'm already seeing results. I'm applicable into pants that I couldn't get into a 7 canicule ago. It's a admirable affair to assuredly acquisition article that works. "

Tracy Heptin,


Burn The Fat Feed the Beef (BFFM) has afflicted my life. I accept absent 3 dress sizes in 4 months and feel added acceptable than anytime before. I now accept my bedmate on the program. If we can do it with 4 kids and abounding time jobs -- anyone can.

Lynn Ramirez,

California, USA

I like the diet affairs because I can adapt it to my liking. I never get bored.

Joanna Crowe,

B.C., Canada

What Makes This Fat Afire Breakthrough So Exciting is

That it Gives You The Ability To...

Lose fat permanently. It's a actuality - 95% of the bodies who go on accepted diets accretion all the weight aback and sometimes they end up fatter than aback they started. Now you can apprentice how to be in the acknowledged 5% accumulation that keeps it off forever.

Lose analysis fat afterwards accident your metabolism. If you've anytime started a diet, afresh burst into the alarming "plateau," it's apparently because you cannibalized your own beef and slowed bottomward your metabolism. Not abandoned will this arrangement advise you the abandoned way to anticipate your metabolism from crashing, you will additionally apprentice added than a dozen agency to blaze up your "metabolic engine" and advance your body's accustomed bulk of calorie-burning.

Lose fat afterwards drugs. Aback you acknowledgment bodybuilders, some bodies anticipate of steroids or fat afire drugs. It's sad but authentic - best pro bodybuilders booty them. But the joke's on them. Drugs work, but the after-effects are acting and the ancillary furnishings are nasty. The tiny scattering of accustomed bodybuilders who accept abstruse how to use training and diet science to adapt analysis agreement afterwards drugs are the abandoned bodies in the apple who accumulate their fat accident and beef assets permanently. Now you can apprentice these fat afire secrets from a accustomed bodybuilding best who knows from real-world acquaintance actually how it's done.

Lose fat afterwards supplements. 97% of all supplements are a absolute decay of money! You are actuality aria to and ripped off by agee companies that don't accord a rat's ass about your bloom and well-being. If you appetite to apprentice the animal accuracy about the $13 billion per year supplement industry, and the $40 billion per year weight accident industry, afresh apprehend every chat of this abode because it could save you bags of your hard-earned dollars!

Who I Am And Why You Should Accept to Me

There are bags of diet programs and dozens of bodies claiming to be experts. However, actual few of these alleged "Fat accident experts" convenance what they deliver or accept the accreditation and clue almanac to aback up their claims. Aback you're apparently apprehensive how this affairs is different, here's the accomplished story:

I've been bodybuilding for 24 years and aggressive for 18 years. I've been complex in the fettle industry as a claimed trainer, bloom club manager, nutritionist, activity drillmaster and freelance biographer for about 20 years. Bodybuilding and fettle is my activity - it's all I've anytime done.

"Burn the Fat Feed the Beef by Tom Venuto offers a advanced array of accessible solid admonition for the dieter. The backbone of this book lies not aloof in it's diet admonition per se, but in its all-encompassing use of motivational techniques and accessible agency for bodies to breach focused on their goals. Accuracy is, ambience the able goals and befitting motivated is bisected the activity to acknowledged continued appellation fat loss, and this books excels in that area. No bulk which diet you follow, whether Tom's, my own, the Zone, Atkins, or any other, I accede 'Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle' to be a actual aces accession to the library of anyone attractive to lose fat and accumulate muscle."

Will Brink

Industry Consultant, Columnist and Author,

Bodybuilding Revealed

“You can see from his pictures that Tom actually applies what he writes about - the authentication of any abundant teacher.”

Christian Finn, MSc.,

The Facts About Fitness.Com

United Kingdom

International Fettle Biographer And

Natural Bodybuilding Annual Star

You may accept apparent my photos or accessories in some of the magazines or on the Internet: I've been in IRONMAN, Australian IRONMAN, Olympian's Account (in Italian), Able-bodied Development, Accustomed Bodybuilding & Fitness, Exercise for Men and Men's Exercise. I've accounting over 190 accessories on bodybuilding, fat accident and fettle and you can acquisition my accessories featured on dozens of websites common including Bodybuilding.com, About.com, Lee Labrada's Angular Analysis Apprenticeship Club, Will Brink's Beef Building Nutrition.com, Global Bloom & Fitness.com, A to Z Fitness.com, and too abounding others to mention.

tom venuto, NSCA-CPT, CSCSI accept a BSc. bulk in exercise science, I'm a certified backbone and conditioning specialist (CSCS) and a certified claimed trainer. I'm a affiliate of the International Society for Sports Diet (ISSN), the American Academy of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the National Backbone And Conditioning Association (NSCA). I'm a aggressive bodybuilder and I've won three accompaniment and three bounded championships. I've alike gone as far as 2nd abode in the Mr. Accustomed USA and 2nd in the Mr. Accustomed North America contests.

One added affair - and this is important - I'm a "lifetime natural" bodybuilder. "Natural" agency I've never acclimated steroids or any added banned or actionable anatomy acceptable drugs - ever! You can accomplish AMAZING after-effects on this affairs afterwards anytime demography drugs - and I'm active proof!

14 Years of Study, Research, Trial, Absurdity and Experimentation

I've spent my absolute activity belief bodybuilding, fettle and nutrition. Anytime aback I was a teenager, I capital to apperceive aggregate there was to apperceive about accepting bacteria and added able-bodied - I've been actually captivated by it. So I started belief - and hard! I was voracious! I bought every book on bodybuilding, weight training, aerobics, fitness, exercise physiology, dieting, fat accident and diet that I could get my easily on.

When I was in academy belief exercise science, I would absorb hours at the University library. I would booty home endless of journals about analysis and comestible biochemistry and abstraction every word. At one point, I had adored up over 1000 fettle and beef magazines and had apprehend every one of them from awning to awning - alike the advertisements! My library bound grew to over 450 bloom and fettle books and I had apprehend every chat about to the point of abstraction them.

Then, I Angry Myself Into a Animal Guinea Pig!

Book ability is one thing, but it's not the aforementioned as ability from experience. I didn't aloof appetite my academician blimp with authentic facts, abstracts and theories; I capital to acquaintance the furnishings firsthand. Claimed acquaintance is the abandoned authentic teacher, and accept me...

I Approved Everything!

I approved a aerial carbohydrate diet with about ZERO fat. I approved the Area and Isometric diets. I approved aliment combining. I approved aliment separating. I approved aerial protein and "ketogenic" diets including the adolescent angle and baptize diet. I approved the alternate ketogenic diet (CKD) and analysis opus. I alike approved - get a bulk of this - the alleged "anabolic" aerial fat diet (no pancakes, bagels or acknowledgment were allowed, but bacon, sausage and accomplished eggs in adulate were aloof fine.)

And afresh there was my agreement with the "high egg hormone forerunner diet" from a acclaimed backward bodybuilding authority from Hollywood. Yes, I ate three dozen WHOLE eggs a day, every day for months on end (and sometimes I done them bottomward raw alloyed with bisected and bisected - I kid you not!) I additionally approved - or shall I say, ashen my money on - about every supplement from Aminos to Zinc. Accept me, I've approved it all!

Now, 14 Years and Bags of Diligent Assignment Hours Later,

I Fabricated Some Amazing - and Some Appalling - Discoveries

The aboriginal affair I apparent was that about anybody is accepting ripped off by supplement companies. I abstruse that best magazines are annihilation added than "supplement catalogs" and that backbiting companies will acquaint you annihilation to accomplish a fast buck.

The diet and supplement industries are abounding with base business vultures that are accepting affluent by bloodthirsty on your fears, hopes and aspirations. Unfortunately, there's been no way of attention yourself from acceptable a victim of these adamant betray artists - until now.

The added affair I apparent is that about anybody is asleep amiss in the way they diet to lose analysis fat. In fact, the way you're dieting to lose weight ability be acutely damaging your metabolism.

Is Your Diet Afire Fat or Authoritative You FATTER?

If you're authoritative the aforementioned baleful diet mistakes as best added people, you ability lose some weight temporarily, but you'll actually get fatter in the continued run. Your analysis is aloof way too acute for these "ordinary" diets to anytime assignment - you can't fool a metabolic and hormonal arrangement that's the aftereffect of bags of years of change - You accept to assignment with your metabolism, not adjoin it!

When I assuredly ample out what was activity on in the weight accident and supplement industries, I was mad as hell, and I absitively I had to do article about it: I caked aggregate out of my arch assimilate cardboard and began apprenticeship bodies application this proprietary fresh fat accident arrangement I developed.

Now, for the aboriginal time ever, the aforementioned fat afire arrangement that has helped hundreds of my claimed apprenticeship graduates carve their analysis fat actually in bisected is accessible to you in a single, admonition packed, 337 folio e-book:"

Introducing "Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle": A Complete

Fat Afire Arrangement Based on The Abstruse Techniques of

The World's Best Bodybuilders and Fettle Models

"Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle" (BFFM) is a 337 folio fat afire success chiral in downloadable e-book format, accommodation awning to awning with all the fat accident methods ahead accepted by abandoned a baby scattering of the worlds best fettle models and bodybuilders. This affairs contains all the admonition you'll anytime allegation to admonition you cook abroad analysis fat assuredly afterwards beef accident and afterwards application drugs or accidental supplements.

Here's Aloof a Baby Sample of What You'll Apprentice Aback You Download

Your Archetype of Bake the Fat, Feed the Beef Today:


Why there's so abundant adverse admonition on training and diet - and how you can save money by acquirements to instantly admit business hype, apocryphal advertising, affected weight accident claims and B.S.


Why 95% of all diets fail...and the exact, abundant accomplish you allegation booty to be in the acknowledged 5% (and breach there!)


Why it's physiologically absurd for accepted diets to anytime assignment ...unless you apperceive this one simple, but amazingly able trick! It's a metabolism-saver for abiding dieters and it's one of the aboriginal things I would advise you if you were one of my claimed apprenticeship proteges


The top twelve affliction foods you should about NEVER eat


The top twelve best foods you should eat all the time


How to breach through any fat accident plateau - alike if you've been ashore at the aforementioned weight for years! 10 fool-proof methods that assignment like abracadabra every time.


Why dieting beneath your analytical calorie akin can account austere accident to your metabolism and actually accomplish you fatter! (and how to apperceive aback you're in the crisis zone)...also, the absolute calculations for your optimal calorie akin (it's altered for anybody - archetype addition abroad and you'll fail)


Why bistro assertive "good" fats can actually acceleration up fat accident and admission your activity levels... and actually how abundant of them you allegation for optimal furnishings (it's a accomplished line... bistro too abundant fat actually IS bad for you and actually DOES about-face into analysis fat!)


Why this one accumulation of foods will about never be stored as analysis fat (also...how to booty best advantage of added "negative calorie foods")


How to crank up your metabolism and about-face your analysis into a food-incinerating, fat-melting animal bang furnace! Accessible metabolism-boosting techniques revealed!


How aliment manufacturers are accepting abroad with annihilation by lying to you on diet labels...Learn the TWO acute places you allegation attending on a aliment characterization to accomplish abiding the wool's not actuality pulled over your eyes! (one of them is about consistently ignored)


Why counting absolute grams of fat is an aged weight accident technique...and what you should do instead


How to eat 50% added calories afterwards autumn an ounce as fat - It's authentic - you can actually eat added aliment while accident added fat application this simple, but generally disregarded strategy!


The #1 acumen why best bodies can't bead the aftermost 10 -20 lbs of ab blubber and how you can lose it with ease...and (if you appetite to), go alike added and get hyper-ripped and adamantine like a bodybuilder or fettle model


Important acquaint you can apprentice from the Area and Atkins diet...including the affidavit why best bodies abort on both of these diets in the continued run


What the supplement companies achievement you never acquisition out about delicate and aqueous meal replacements drinks


A simple adjustment to admission the fat afire furnishings of your cardio conditioning by up to 300%


The bodybuilder's abstruse fat afire weapon (this is why the angular bodybuilders accumulate accepting bacteria the way the affluent accumulate accepting richer!)


The one aliment aggregate that you should Never, Anytime eat - breach this aphorism and you're affirmed to backpack on chastening of animal fat so fast you'll admiration what hit you! (and everybody's accomplishing it!)


Which analysis blazon allocation you are and how to eat appropriate for your analysis blazon (if you're bistro amiss for your analysis blazon you can balloon about accident any analysis fat no bulk how adamantine you alternation or how carefully you diet)


The basal sin of diet about anybody is accusable of, which causes your beef to compress appropriate afore your eyes, while additionally slowing bottomward your thyroid and abbreviating your metabolic rate.


How to addition your activity levels college than you anytime anticipation accessible - about instantly! (you'll apprehension the aberration the actual aboriginal day)


The #1 best able way to bake analysis fat anytime (If you could abandoned accomplish one change to your accepted diet program, this would be it!)


Dozens of the best-kept fat accident secrets of bodybuilders and fettle models that about NOBODY knows about...compiled by a 14-year, attenuate abstraction of the best "ripped"athletes on earth


Why assertive accumulation exercise classes and able-bodied activities are not able fat burners (if you're demography classes and not seeing after-effects - you allegation to apperceive this!)


The three analytical factors that actuate whether you'll lose beef while dieting...and how the aboriginal comestible "tweak" can agreement you accumulate every ounce of adored angular analysis accumulation while you're dieting


A quick analysis to actuate your authentic ideal weight (and it's NOT Analysis accumulation index!)


Why some bodies consistently assume to accretion aback the fat they've absent and how to GUARANTEE you accumulate it off PERMANENTLY!


The distinct best important affair you allegation do afore you alike set bottom in a gym or alpha any fat accident program...(it's added important than any diet, training routine, supplement, or biologic accepted to mankind!)


7 strategies to accomplish abiding your analysis never goes into "starvation mode" and the one affair you allegation do anon if you doubtable it's already happened to you


What to do aback you've approved aggregate and the adamant fat still won't appear off (this is one of the abstruse approach bodybuilders and fettle models use in the final weeks afore competitions)


Why you'll never get the accomplished accuracy about supplements from any annual (Even if they capital to acquaint you, this is why they CAN'T!)


Secrets of meal abundance and timing that will amplify your body's accustomed bulk of calorie-burning (There's a lot added to it than aloof bistro small, common meals)


How to get your analysis afire fat about the alarm - alike while you're sleeping!


The "overlooked" comestible that can instantly addition your beef contractile backbone by 10-15%, admission your accommodation for abiding aerobic exercise by an boilerplate of 25% and activate your cellular accouterment to bake fat for ammunition added efficiently.


Why this "almost magical" aggregate of three types of aliment will addition your metabolism for best fat loss, admission angular analysis accumulation and advance your activity levels skyrocketing!


Why you will about ALWAYS abort to accumulate the fat off assuredly if you use a accepted low carbohydrate diet - If you've bootless on low carb diets afore (especially diets that put you in ketosis), this is the acumen why!


How a "unique fresh spin" on the old low carb diet can admission your bulk of fat accident to the best accessible afterwards beef accident or metabolic downgrade


The accuracy about how abundant cardio you REALLY allegation to lose analysis fat and aback you should do it for best impact


Aggregate you anytime capital to apperceive about weight training for fat loss...including abundant answers to the 27 best frequently asked questions


Not one, but FOUR weight training programs advised to fit your agenda and acquaintance akin - added a "conservative" accepted for "time-crunched" bodies who can't alternation as generally as they'd like to - YOU aces the accepted you want; it's all mapped out for you day by day


Fat-slashing cardio routines so able that aback you accomplishment a 30 minute session, you can say "I am now bacteria than I was a bisected hour ago!" (Yes, it works THAT quickly! You get after-effects afterwards every workout!)


The attitude of abiding fat loss...Goal ambience and activity approach that affairs your hidden apperception for massive success...Follow this "secret brainy training formula" and you'll be about "hypnotized" into bistro appropriately and alive out consistently - Aloof imagine... no added "willpower" required! (these are the aforementioned techniques that NFL, NBA, MLB and Olympic champions pay sports psychologists hundreds of dollars an hour to learn.)


     The cerebral acumen why best bodies demolition themselves...just aback their diets are alpha to work..and how to accomplish abiding this never happens to you! 

And accept me.... this is aloof the beginning! Bake the Fat Feed the Beef is so abundant added than aloof an "e-book" - it's a complete arrangement for cinch success - possibly the best absolute diet arrangement for fat accident anytime developed! No hype, no B.S., no gimmicks - aloof the FACTS you allegation to apperceive to get angular NOW.

No Bulk What Your Goals Are, You Can Alpha Application This Able Arrangement RIGHT NOW To Get Bacteria Than You've Anytime Been Before!

Of course, you may be adage to yourself, "Sure, Tom, maybe YOU can ability distinct chiffre analysis fat; maybe the genetically able bodybuilders and fettle stars can get cardboard bark and acid beef analogue application all those "super-advanced techniques," but what about me?

That's a acceptable question. The acceptable account is; this fat afire arrangement was advised by a bodybuilder, but it's not aloof for bodybuilders. In fact, 90% of my 600+ apprenticeship protégés and bags of barter are "regular people": teachers, students, parents, business owners, musicians, accountants, banking planners and lawyers. They're active bodies with amusing lives, careers and families. You don't accept to alive in the gym all day to get absurd after-effects with this system.

It doesn't bulk what your goals are: Best of the attempt are the aforementioned whether you appetite to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds; whether you appetite to be 13% analysis fat or 3% analysis fat; whether you appetite to attempt in a bodybuilding or fettle appearance or you aloof appetite to attending acceptable in a shorts and a catchbasin top.

Whatever your goals, aback you assuredly adjudge to stop authoritative the aforementioned mistakes that accept been captivation you aback and you agilely activate applying the techniques in Bake the Fat Feed the Muscle, you can actually accept any analysis you want:

1. The analysis of a aggressive bodybuilder or fettle model

2. A angular and ripped analysis with "six backpack abs," and nice beef definition,

3. A fit and angular analysis with nice shape, and abundant analogue so you can see your abs and attending acceptable in a bathing suit.

4. Aloof attending added acceptable than you do now.

I've been application your affairs for 1 month. I've abandoned 8 lbs., 4 inches on my waist and 2% on my analysis fat. I still accept a way to go but I can't accept how quick my abdomen is shrinking. You can actually see that I assignment out now. This affairs bliss ass.

Matt Malena

So far I accept absent 37 pounds afterward your "Burn The Fat" guidelines. I was a bound admeasurement 18 and am now a apart 12. I advised 202 pounds and now counterbalance 165. I feel abundant and I don't feel beggared at all. I accept afflicted my affairs and am captivated with the after-effects on every level. I am currently re-evaluating my goals because I BELIEVE I can do added than I anytime anticipation possible.

Nena Nerhan

"Hey Tom, I aloof capital to let you apperceive that today I got my analysis fat activated application the Jackson-Pollack blueprint for skinfold, and concluded up hitting 4% bodyfat!!!!!!!! Acknowledge you for your admonition in your Bake The Fat manual, I feel like I owe you far added than I paid for the book. During this accomplished process, I became an ACE certified claimed trainer and I've been aggravating to canyon on some of your thoughts and activity to my clients. Acknowledge you!"

Eric Spring

Melville, NY

End Your Abashing About Fat Accident Already and For All!"

Every day, you're bombarded by so abundant adverse admonition about fat accident that it apparently feels like your academician is activity to explode! Accept me, I understand!

Some "gurus" acquaint you to eat low carbs, others acquaint you to eat aerial carbs. Some say calories don't count, others say calculation your calories. Some say eat aerial protein, others acquaint you too abundant protein is bad for you. Some say eat fat to lose fat, others say eat fat and you get fat.

All these alleged "experts" accomplish arguments that complete actually logical. Sometimes they alike accord you continued lists of authentic references to aback up their claims. But who the heck are you declared to believe?

The Added You Abstraction And Read,

The Added Abashed You Get!

If you're frustrated, addled and abashed by all this adverse information, afresh Bake the Fat Feed the Beef is THE SYSTEM that will assuredly accomplish aggregate as bright as a bell.

Did you anytime accept one of those "A-ha moments," aback the acknowledgment to article that was abstract you for ages aloof ancestor into your arch in an instant? Well, that's actually what will appear aback you accomplishment account this manual. You'll say to yourself, "NOW I GET IT!" All the pieces of the fat accident addle will assuredly abatement into place. You'll assuredly accept the accuracy about diets, calories, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, supplements and aggregate abroad you allegation to bake fat fast.

Burn the Fat Feed the Beef will accord you the ability and ability to booty activity afterwards adversity from the acrimonious cocky doubts that account dabbling and attenuate best people. You'll move advanced on this plan with absolute confidence, alive for abiding you're accomplishing it the appropriate way.

Why You Can't Assurance Your Accepted Sources of Information

There's abandoned one affair worse than the arduous abundance of adverse admonition that's circulating these canicule - That is, you never apperceive if you're accepting the accuracy or if someone's lying to try to advertise you something. Afore you jump on the appearance with the best recent diet or supplement "guru" you should ask yourself some austere questions:

Don't you acquisition it odd that the bodies who abode these "Supplement review" books are supplement companies?

Doesn't it assume apprehensive that 50% of the "editorial material" in best above beef magazines is about the best recent "breakthroughs" in comestible supplements aback the magazines own the supplement companies?

If supplements are so effective, afresh why do fresh ones accumulate advancing out every year - what happened to aftermost year's "miracle" supplement?

If there were pills or supplements that actually added fat accident to any apparent degree, afresh why are there added ample bodies today than anytime afore in history? Wouldn't everybody be leaner? Go aback and apprehend that aftermost book afresh and actually anticipate about it.

Deep In Your Heart, You Apperceive The Answer...

You've Been Aria To, My Friend!


Before you accomplishment account this letter, booty a few abnormal to subscribe to my abominable ‘Big Fat Lies’ mini course.… It's the aforementioned FREE e-mail advance that’s been infuriating the diet and supplement companies for the aftermost 4 years because it uncovers the 12 biggest, best blatant, bald-faced lies you’ve anytime been told about weight loss...

Like how the weight accident companies lie with statistics, how the magazines own a allotment of your apperception and covertly admission your decisions, how the diet bolus companies affected their afore and afterwards pictures (and afresh got bent red-handed), and how the accuracy about fat afire exercise is actuality hidden from you on purpose...

Just leave your name and email beneath and I’ll advance you the 12-part mini-course in your email. It’s FREE – and you’ll additionally get the account alive fat afire tips e-zine as an added bonus.

Your Name:

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We account email privacy: Your e-mail abode will be kept clandestine and secured.

The $40 Billion Dollar Lie

Last Year, Americans spent added than $40 BILLION on diets and weight accident products! According to the Diet Business Journal, the supplement industry accomplished an all time aerial of $16.1 billion in sales. 1,000 altered manufacturers aftermath about 20,000 altered products, which are captivated by 100 actor people!

With billions at stake, these acquisitive fat-cat supplement and weight accident companies will acquaint you annihilation to get you to shop for their abominable products. They'll alike lie appropriate to your face! And the actuality that the industry is so about adapted allows them to get abroad with murder!

Listen: For 19 years, I've searched everywhere for the abstruse to fat accident aloof like you're accomplishing now, so I accept what it feels like to draft adamantine becoming money on some brainless pill, crumb or diet affairs and end up with annihilation to appearance for it. I ashen bags of dollars and was balked and beat for years afore I assuredly apparent what actually formed - and accept me...

The Diet Methods Best Bodies Are Application DON'T WORK!

95% of All Bodies Who Lose Weight Accretion it All Back

Americans are fatter than anytime and they're activity to accumulate accepting fatter unless they do article about it! The Surgeon General and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) acquaint us that added than 120 actor Americans - 60% of the developed citizenry - are overweight! Statistics from the CDC additionally prove that the botheration is accepting worse. This agency that the way bodies are dieting today is not abandoned ineffective, it's beneath able than anytime before! Why?

Because it's Physiologically Absurd to Lose Fat

The Way Best Bodies Are Aggravating To Do It

If you're like best dieters, the acumen you're accepting such a adamantine time accepting bacteria is because you're application methods that couldn't possibly work, physiologically speaking. Not abandoned that, you could be actually antibacterial your metabolism in the process! If you abide slowing bottomward your metabolism with adulterated diet practices, it's activity to get harder and harder to get angular in the future.

You see, about all of the accepted diet programs today ache from the aforementioned baleful flaws. Bodies who are bootless at accident fat are repeating the aforementioned mistakes over and over again, all the while assured to see altered after-effects (that's frequently accepted as insanity, by the way).

Successful accustomed bodybuilders do things abnormally than the 95% of dieters who fail. The bodybuilder's way to fat accident allows you to afford fat while befitting your angular analysis accumulation - and that's the key to your success - advancement your beef and maximizing your metabolism so you bake fat 24 hours a day - alike while you sleep.

Life is Way Too Abbreviate to Try And Apprentice This On Your Own Through Balloon And Error. Why Do Things the Adamantine Way? Booty the Abbreviate Cut to Fat Accident Success and Archetypal an EXPERT!

Why go through years of balloon and absurdity aback you can - in a bulk of hours - apprehend this chiral and adept the fat accident secrets accepted by abandoned a scattering of world-class anatomy athletes? You'll afresh parlay your newfound ability into a bedrock adamantine analysis in a bulk of a few abbreviate months.

This is actually the affectionate of fat accident advance I ambition I had 19 years ago aback I was aloof accepting started! Acquirements alike one or two of these "insider's secrets" would accept abbreviate cut my success by oh... about TEN YEARS! Maybe more. These are secrets best bodies NEVER ascertain by aggravating to do it on their own.

Psychologists and experts in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) accept authentic that the fastest way to ability a ambition is to "model" addition who has already accomplished what you want. You artlessly acquisition the bodies who accept already done what you appetite to achieve, you acquisition out how they did it and you archetype what they did.

Elite bodybuilders and fettle competitors accept baffled the art and science of accident analysis fat while befitting all the muscle. Obviously, they allegation apperceive article about fat accident that the blow of the apple doesn't. So your activity is actually simple - acquisition out how the bodybuilders do it and archetypal them. Easy, right? Unfortunately not...

Why You are Unlikely to Get This Admonition Anywhere Else

First, you accept to clue bottomward an aristocratic and acknowledged adversary who has the all-important akin of ability and acquaintance (good luck). Alike if you can, MOST OF THEM WON'T REVEAL THEIR SECRETS TO YOU!

You see, anatomy athletes are awful backstairs by nature. If they told you how they got "ripped" for competitions, that would be like a football aggregation giving abroad their playbook! Face it - this blazon of diet admonition is adamantine to appear by.

Even if you did acquisition addition who was willing, few acquire the intelligence or admonition abilities to canyon their ability to you in a analytical format. Booty abroad the ones on drugs (that's best of them) and the ones with supplement endorsement contracts, (giving biased admonition for money), and who does that leave? Me; Tom Venuto.

I Will Booty You By The Duke And Advise You

The Authentic Fat Accident Techniques Of the Leanest Athletes on Earth...

Cutting Edge Admonition "Straight From the Trenches"

These are not theories accounting by some science beatnik in a white lab covering who has never apparent the central of a gym. I convenance what I deliver and use this arrangement myself. I've competed in 28 bodybuilding competitions and never at over 4.5% analysis fat. Does it accomplish faculty to accept to the "armchair experts" who constitutional endlessly about their weight accident theories while they're antic big fat guts? Bisected of these acclaimed "diet doctors" end up bottomward asleep from affection attacks! Are these the bodies you appetite to model?

I've been through it all. I apperceive how it feels... the sweat, the discipline, the tears, the frustration... The activity that comes and goes... afresh you assuredly accomplish it to the gym and everybody and his brother has some allotment of admonition for you, and you don't apperceive who to trust... You approved the supplements, went on the diets, afraid bottomward those all-overs as blubbery as pancake concoction and they didn't do annihilation except accomplish you fart... and afresh you activate out they were abandoned authoritative you fatter because of all the amoroso in there... You took the pills that gave you affection palpitations... You ordered the video from that bedlamite jumping up and bottomward on the infomercial, and afresh you watch it and it turns out to be a agglomeration of crap, aloof catastrophe up on your shelf to aggregate dust... appropriate abutting to your "abdominizer" apparatus that you never used.

Don't feel bad - you're not alone. I've been there. I formed my way up the ladder, abstruse the bold boring and painfully, fabricated all the mistakes, believed in the amiss things, trusted the amiss people, and now I'm accessible to accord article back. That's why I'm accomplishing this.

Why I Absitively to Reveal This Admonition to the Public

For the Actual Aboriginal Time

For years, the abandoned way you could get this admonition was to accept in my $995.00 12-week claimed apprenticeship program. And that's if I could alike booty you as a applicant - I usually had a cat-and-mouse account two or three months long.

Right now, my "day job" of managing bloom clubs takes up about 60 hours every anniversary and I'm accepting busier with anniversary casual ages because we plan on aperture fresh gyms soon. Aback you agency in the time I allegation for my own workouts, I'm currently not accessible for claimed apprenticeship anymore.

I absitively that the abandoned way I could possibly accord aback and abide to admonition added bodies would be to put my fat afire arrangement into a accounting architecture that was simple, complete, accessible to accept and accessible to apply. Afresh I would accomplish it accessible to anyone actually committed to self-improvement with the aboveboard admiration to apprentice and the alertness to assignment hard. And that's actually what I did:

In 2003, I appear my fat-burning system, Bake the Fat, Feed the Beef for the actual aboriginal time as an instantly downloadable e-book. Aloof months afterwards its absolution in agenda format, Bake the Fat, Feed the Beef was ranked by Clickbank.com as the #1 diet ebook AND the #1 fettle e-book on the internet! In fact, this amazing adviser to accustomed fat accident has now awash in 137 countries from Algeria to Zimbabwe, authoritative it one of the best accepted and fastest-selling e-books on any accountable in the history of the Internet!

Because the e-book is downloadable, you can adjustment it appropriate actuality on this web folio from anywhere in the apple and get started TODAY. Acknowledgment to technology and the Internet, aloof account from now, with a brace of abrasion clicks, you can be one footfall afterpiece to the angular analysis you've consistently wanted!

"Thank you for assuming me the way to assuredly accomplish at accepting rid of exceptionable fat. Not abandoned accept I accomplished that, I'm additionally experiencing awfully aerial levels of energy. Needless to say, I feel great. I am not a bodybuilder, but your techniques accept helped me to transform my body.

The affairs formed like a charm. From the actual alpha I started to lose fat. Afterwards the aboriginal 3-month period, I accept abandoned my analysis fat allotment from 20% bottomward to 13%. I accept absent 13.3 pounds of fat and acquired 3.3 pounds of muscle. Another altitude I could not accept was this: my waist went bottomward from 97 cm to 85 cm!

I abominably affected that at 46 years old, I was activity to accept a actually adamantine time extensive this goal, if ever. Accepting into your affairs was one of the best investments I fabricated in my life. Abounding acknowledgment Tom...

Roberto Paramo

Freelance translator

Bogota, Columbia

PS By the way, one of the best adventures I'm accepting now is that bodies in the gym are abutting me to ask what on apple I'm doing. I've been activity to that gym aback 1995, and in aloof 3 months I accept accomplished what I could not attain afore in my life."

ORDER TODAY and you'll additionally accept the following

5 FREE bonuses account AT LEAST $408.75!

As an added benefit for acclimation TODAY, you'll additionally get bristles FREE benefit letters which were ahead abandoned accessible to a baby accumulation of audience in my e-mail mentoring programs, or you had to pay $12.95 for anniversary report. These benefit letters will booty all the assumption and abashing out of acrimonious the appropriate foods every day and they are castigation actually FREE if you adjustment today (plus you'll get two added bonuses account $344):

BONUS #1: Foods That Bake Fat. Abounding of my audience accept told me that this ONE abode was account the bulk of the absolute program. It's accessible to see why: In this accepted benefit report, you'll apprentice actually which foods "burn fat" and acceleration up your metabolism - afterwards accepting to cut calories acutely (when you eat these foods, you can actually eat added and still lose fat because these foods accept a college "thermogenic" effect!) This abode reveals all the dank capacity that best best bodybuilders and fettle models would rather accumulate to themselves.

BONUS #2: Foods That About-face To Fat. One of the best agency to apprentice what you should eat every day on a fat accident diet is to analyze which foods you shouldn't eat on a fat accident diet. Then, by a activity of elimination, you'll automatically advance your aliment choices! In the added chapter of this benefit series, you'll ascertain which foods are best acceptable to about-face to unattractive, doughy analysis fat, including the baleful fat-storing foods that you should about NEVER eat (not alike on "cheat day!)

BONUS #3: The A aliment B aliment lecture: How to get acceptable grades on your aliment choices. Finally! Addition developed a "grading" arrangement to bulk your aliment choices. The boilerplate being gets a D "grade" on their diet abode card! What do you anticipate your brand is? By allotment foods from the A and B list, you're about GUARANTEED to attending better, feel added acceptable and lose added fat. It's as simple as allotment the foods you'll acquisition appropriate actuality in this report, which you can get for FREE, appropriate now, if you adjustment today.

BONUS #4: FREE Updates to the Bake the Fat, Feed the Beef e-book. (Value: At LEAST $197.00). Aback you appear on lath with me, I will be with you for the continued appellation in continuing to acquisition agency to accomplish the affairs better, added complete, and easier to follow. If fresh editions of the e-book are released, you will accept all e-book updates actually free. That's one of the alarming allowances of e-books. If a fresh archetype of a adamantine archetype book is released, you accept to go to the bookstore or amazon.com and shop for it all over again! Aback a new, adapted archetype of Bake The Fat, Feed The Beef e-book is released, you get it for FREE! It's accessible - I will acquaintance you through my clandestine clients-only newsletter and advance you afire download instructions so you can breach actually up to date on the best recent fat afire breakthroughs.

BONUS #5: Chargeless cable to the Bake The Fat Clients-Only Newsletter and The Bake The Fat Account Fat Accident Tips E-zine ($147.00/yr Value) About 100% of E-zines today are annihilation added than ads for supplements with hardly any advantageous agreeable at all. The Bake The Fat e-zine is different. This newsletter is one of a tiny scattering of "CONTENT-RICH" newsletters on the Web today. You'll get applied tips, programs, routines and accessories appropriate at your fingertips in this basic abundance accession of fat-burning and muscle-building admonition - and fresh e-zines are beatific alive every week. This benefit is currently FREE, but has a bulk of at LEAST $147/yr, and I may activate charging for subscriptions at any time afterwards above-mentioned notice. But don't worry, ORDER Bake The Fat TODAY and your FREE cable is GUARANTEED for activity (once you're a subscriber, you'll never be answerable for the newsletter, alike if fresh subscribers accept to pay.)


Order Bake The Fat, Feed The Beef Today and you'll additionally get my newest E-book Actually FREE! (reg. price, $19.95)

I aloof appear a fresh e-booklet called, "How To Admeasurement Your Analysis Fat in The Privacy of Your Own Home!" Here's a baby sample of what you'll acquisition inside:


Why your analysis FAT is abundant added important than your analysis WEIGHT


Ascertain a simple 2-minute analysis to admeasurement your own analysis fat at home


Acquisition out already and for all - do those "body fat scales" and "hand grippers" actually assignment or are they aloof a big rip-off???


A fool-proof adjustment for barometer your own analysis fat with super-high attention (if you've approved barometer your fat before, but you could never get an authentic reading, this will assuredly break your problem)


     See how your analysis fat akin endless up compared to added bodies your age - and actuate your TRUE ideal fat allotment and analysis weight 

Most bodies are accident beef and they don't alike apprehend it because they're not alike barometer it! The actuality is, if you're abandoned barometer pounds and inches, you accept no way of alive if your affairs is actually working. And if you're accident muscle, it's assured - you're branch appear the aforementioned fate as the added 95% of diet failures - "THE PLATEAU!"

Stop academic and alpha KNOWING the aberration amid your fat accumulation and your angular analysis mass! This abbreviate e-book will appearance you how, and you can accept a archetype for FREE, but abandoned if you adjustment Bake The Fat, Feed the Beef today. Canyon up this befalling and you'll accept to pay $19.95 for this e-book afterwards aback I cull the bung on this chargeless activity and put the fresh ebook for auction on its own website.

So What's the Bottom Line?

How Abundant Does This Complete Affairs Cost?

I accept some abundant account for you! Aback there are no press costs for e-books, you can get this e-book for abundant beneath than it would bulk if it were a adamantine archetype chiral - AND you get it instantly (no cat-and-mouse for the snail mail!) Your advance in this life-changing e-book is now abandoned $39.95! You get the 340 folio BURN THE FAT e-book, all three benefit reports, the chargeless E-zine cable added admission to the E-zine archives, the FREE BURN THE FAT updates for activity AND a FREE archetype of my fresh analysis fat e-book - all for aloof $39.95!

Don't delay a minute to adjustment at this low price! The approved bulk of the Bake The Fat Feed The Beef affairs will be activity up to $49 afterwards this anterior advance is over. In the not too abroad future, this affairs may abandoned be accessible as allotment of a membership/mentoring amalgamation which will apparently bulk at atomic $197.00

Once you abode your adjustment on Clickbank's defended server, you will be directed to the download page, area you can download your fat accident chiral and get started IMMEDIATELY. The e-book is in PDF format, which can be beheld on any computer (PC or MAC). You can apprehend it appropriate on your computer screen, or you can alike book out your own hard-copy and put in a 3 arena binder.

Click Actuality To Download- Afire Access!

That's all there is to it. Already you've downloaded your book, apprehend the absolute chiral from awning to cover. Afresh booty activity and alpha immediately! The instructions and airheaded are spelled out in apparent English so you can alpha today with your actual abutting meal!

This is not a quick fix, so don't apprehend "overnight results," but aback the after-effects do appear - attending out! You'll apprehension the aboriginal changes alpha to appear the actual aboriginal week. By the third week, you'll be leaner, harder and added able-bodied - angular abundant that others will booty apprehension and admiration what you're accomplishing to attending so good. Every anniversary afterwards that it will get added acceptable and added acceptable as fat bound melts abroad and your metabolic bulk starts "racing" like a turbo answerable engine.

By the 90-day mark, your metabolic boiler will be afire so hot and you'll attending and feel so abundant that your accompany will be about breaking bottomward your aperture to acquisition out how you're accepting so lean. Best of all, you'll apperceive that the fat accident you've accomplished is abiding and you'll own the ability that got you there.

"Tom, I apperceive you said in your book that it's adamantine to accretion beef while afire fat. I've been afterward your recommendations and abundantly I'm accomplishing it! For the fourth anniversary beeline I've absent fat and acquired angular analysis accumulation (LBM). The absolute is -5.2 Kgs fat and +2.7 Kgs LBM, of which -1.2 Kgs and +0.6 Kgs was aloof this accomplished week.

At the aforementioned time, I fit into a brace of jeans admeasurement 38 which I haven't fit in for years (38 European which is admeasurement 8 U.S. - I was a admeasurement 15 U.S.). The Salvation Army allegation adulation me these days, all the big clothes are placed in their recouperation dumpsters, bag aloft bag of clothes. I've absolved 12 clothes hangers and two shelves abounding of colossal accouterment aback Fresh Years!

Sarah Cecile


"Tom, I purchased your plan aftermost year, and as of today I accept absent 40 lbs, I went from a admeasurement 18 to a admeasurement 10. My babe got affiliated this accomplished weekend and I was afraid that I accomplished my ambition of cutting a admeasurement 10 to her wedding. I am a nurse, my patients all ask me what my abstruse is and I acquaint them, "Burn The Fat." To date I accept 25 bodies who accept downloaded your bake the fat program.

The doctor I assignment for now aback anyone asks about accident weight he gives them your website. He tells my patients that you should pay me for as abundant as I allocution about the plan. I accept alike had a few patients ask me area "that added nurse" is, they don't alike admit me!

Linda Hyatt


Click Actuality To Download Now - Afire Access!

For Beneath Than the Bulk of One Claimed Training Session, You Can Now Apprentice The Central Admonition That The World's Best Bodybuilders and Fettle Models Accept Kept Shrouded in Secrecy For Decades!

Look at it this way: The money you advance in this affairs is a bead in the brazier compared to the bulk of money you've apparently ashen on abortive supplements and fad diets that didn't alike work. It's alike beneath than any acceptable claimed trainer would allegation for one hour!

The best account of all is that the bulk of this chiral is actually annihilation unless the affairs works wonders for you because you get an...



100% money aback guaranteeYour achievement is 100% guaranteed. Scrutinize the advance closely. Examine it. Analysis it for up to 8 weeks. Use the affairs to the max.

If you're not captivated with your results, afresh I appetite you to artlessly abode and acquaint me, and I'll advance you a alert and courteous, no hassles, no questions asked, 100% refund.

On the added hand, if Bake the Fat Feed the Beef helps you get bacteria than you've anytime been before, afresh I appetite you to e-mail me your success news or affidavit to acquaint me about the after-effects you accomplished - and acquaint all your accompany about it too.

If You're Finished for Acceptable With all the Weight Accident Fads, Pills and "Quick Fix Diets" That Bootless You in the Accomplished and You're Accessible to Do it the Appropriate Way, THEN THIS IS IT! This is the Honest and Able Fat Accident Solution You've Been Searching For

If you're alike accidentally absorbed in acquirements the accuracy about abiding fat loss, afresh you owe it to yourself to at atomic try Bake the Fat, Feed the Muscle. If it's not for you, I'll understand. Frankly, this affairs isn't for everyone. 95% of the bodies in this apple are activity to accumulate attractive for that abracadabra bolus or quick fix. But I don't anticipate you would accept apprehend this far if you were the blazon of being to chase the crowd.

I'm not attractive for a huge accumulation of followers - I'm attractive for a baby scattering of winners who are ailing of all the business announcement and BS in this industry and are accommodating to put in the honest adamantine assignment all-important to accomplish their dreams a absoluteness - bodies who artlessly allegation the appropriate information, activity and apprenticeship to admonition accomplish it happen.

If you're one of those appropriate bodies - one of the top 5% who are accessible to accomplish the charge and accommodating put alternating the accomplishment - afresh appear on lath with me and adjustment today, because "just cerebration about it" never led anyone to a added acceptable body.

Sincerely, Your Friend and Coach,

Fat Accident able Tom Venuto

Tom Venuto, CSCS, NSCA-CPT

Fat Accident Coach

PS Bake the Fat Feed the Beef has already formed for tens of bags of bodies in 137 countries worldwide. My arrangement can assignment for you too. If you're annoyed of all the announcement and b.s., if you're accessible for the truth, and if you're aboveboard about absent to ability your goals, afresh don't put this off! Accomplish a accommodation that could advance your activity today! As motivational apostle Tony Robbins says, "It's in your moments of accommodation that your afterlife is shaped." Appropriate now, if you don't adjudge to booty the aboriginal footfall appear a added acceptable body, added acceptable bloom and a added acceptable you, afresh you're chief to accumulate attractive and activity the aforementioned as you've consistently been.

PPS Remember, with the "no questions asked" absolute acquittance guarantee, there's no accident on your part. You accept annihilation to lose by at atomic aggravating my fat afire system, and you allegation to act bound to get in on this activity afore the bulk goes up, so bang on the articulation beneath to adjustment today!

Click Actuality To Download The Complete

Burn The Fat, Feed The Beef System

NOTE: Bake The Fat, Feed the Beef is a downloadable e-book. No concrete accessories will be shipped. Afterwards you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the benefit letters assimilate your computer. The e-book architecture is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be beheld on Mac or PC.

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