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BigScreenLive ( helps senior adults become active online participants. Utilizing a proprietary software solution, BigScreenLive makes computers easier to use and more conducive to the specific needs of this generation. Employing the latest technology to foster greater collaboration, BigScreenLive improves the quality of life for senior adults by helping them stay connected to family, friends and community making the web more accessible to all.

BigScreenLive provides:

   * Simple email.
   * An addressbook to keep track of names and addresses.
   * Easy picture sharing.
   * Newspapers from around the world with enlarged text.
   * Easy and secure online shopping.
   * A safe way to look at websites.
   * Great online games.
   * Simple way for family and friends to share contacts, pictures, and websites.


301 S Dawson Street

Seattle, WA 98108

Phone: 206-763-1445

BigScreenLive Empowering Seniors - Connecting Families