Name: Astrology/Cancer

Cancer traits

Cancer is the 4th sign of zodiac. They are symbolized by crab. If you were born between June 22 and July 22 you are a Cancer. Their birth stone is Moonstone. The image of crab shows a vulnerable and oversensitive nature. They are also very possessive. They are usually attached a lot to their family. They are dedicated workers. They keep their home-life and work-life separate. They nurture others well. They keep an eye on what people are thinking about them. They don’t need a change in their lives. Relationships mean a lot to them. They mostly love and care about those people who respects their family, specially their mother. If anyone show disrespect to their parents then they will simply withdraw themselves from that person. They are so mean by it that even their most intimate relationship can end at this point. So if you are having an objection to their parents so you should say it in an indirect manner. They like physical contact. They do not like those people who stand far away from them. Holding hands, pressing shoulders and other small physical contacts are very common amongst them. Discipline is an important factor in their life. They grow in their career steadily. They are very ambitious in this case. They make extra efforts for their certain project.

Cancer characteristics

They are very much emotional. In most of the situations they remain calm and collected. Generally speaking they are very pleasing ones. They dress neatly. They get excited easily. They do not like to take risks as they are protective in nature. They are very cautious and play safe even in their daily life routines. They never hesitate to express their feelings and expressions. They are very loyal, faithful and sympathetic. They take much care about their health. They arrange a balanced healthy diet in their daily routine. Family matters a lot for them. They are very much responsible. They don’t like to be pressurized by anyone. They like privacy in their lives. Their lives are very symmetrical. They do not bear any kind of asymmetry around them. They are very consistent in their nature and they don’t like adopting new paths and ideas. They can’t live alone. Usually they are proved to be fast friends. They are very sympathetic, shrewd and amongst those who play safe in their lives. They are very moody and clinging. At the same time they are very kind, loving and caring. They need a smooth pattern of life. They do not like taking risks.

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