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{{Infobox_Person | name = Anthony Caruso | other_names = | residence = Template:Country data US Northridge, California, USA | image = | imagesize = 175px | caption = | birth_date = 1955-05-30 | birth_place = | birth_name = | death_date = | death_place = | death_cause = | occupation = | known = I'm known for getting the rockwork done | contact = 323.216.0430 | reference = Anthony (Taz) Lee Caruso , current Director of Rockwork and Water Feature Technologies at KHS&S Contractors, (Anaheim, CA), has been working in the design field for over 30 years. Working as a mechanical designer on a drafting board in the late 70's, Anthony (Tony) began learning mechanical design on the job from all of the veteran designers at Litton Industries Guidance and Control Systems, in Woodland Hills, CA. In the late 80's Tony taught himself AutoCad, a design software program, and began working for Walt Disney Imagineering, in Glendale, CA, as a rockwork designer. From there he took on his first production Field Art Direction project with Splash Mountain, Magic Kingdom, Florida. As an FAD, Tony guided the installation and plaster carving effort for the "show" building. From there Tony went on to guide many other projects for several companies. Tony returned to Disney as a hired gun for the Tokyo Disney Seas project in Japan in 2001. Tony had just come off of a Universal Studios project in Osaka, Japan. While working for 3D Sytems, Inc., then out of Sant Clarita, CA, Tony was certified in world class manufacturing techniques for assembly line development and management. Taking his design experience and combining that with the theme park rockwork design experience and the world class manufacturing knowledge, Tony has been able to quide and lead KHS&S Contractors into the forefront of rockwork design, manufacturing, installation and plastering as a "near" sole source for the Disney Company. The unique combination of what Disney had started on Expedition Everest, Magic Kingdom, Florida, as a departure from traditional rockwork, and his field experience has enabled Tony to guide the KHS&S and the Scenario VPD group to develop software processes and manufacturing techniques that set them apart from any other rockwork and water feature company, world wide. As a martial artist, starting in 1972, with the help of Mike Free, Tony has studied boxing, Shodo Kan, and the Filipino martial art system of LAMECO, under the teaching of Felix Valencia. Tony has participated in over 10 Dog Brothers Martial Arts Gatherings, (bouts) where he managed to get the better of 8 opponents. The last bout was against an 18 year old when Tony was 52, of which he was handily beat and eventually submitted after three submission attempts that should have ended the bout earlier. Tony is living in Northridge, Ca and has children and grandchildren to pass on this legacy.

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