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Andrew W. Morrow is a civics theorist living in East Palo Alto, California. He graduated from RPI in 1983 with a B.S. in Chem. Eng. and has since made his living primarily as a software engineer.


Morrow has worked in a variety of organizations, primarily as a software engineer. He has recently made a startling proposal for the active control of world population which he calls Infantile Lottery Sterilization in which an artificial increase in infertility via a high-tech pharmaceutical or other treatment among perinatal human beings will allow for Earth human population levels to be designed and planned for and which he suggests might lead to a basis for long-term global security and progress in safeguarding the world from avoidable nuclear warfare.[1] For other advances in American Civics, he is attempting to portray Santa Clara and surrounding counties for all of its foibles, in the style of Falkner's fictional Yoknapatawpha County but in a manner more intensely revealing and, as he puts it, "down to the molecules" in accuracy, starting in the style of Buddy Love's Peep Show for Intellectuals and proceeding from there so that there is no place near the planet's surface for the other hairless apes (and their little dogs too) to hide except perhaps the dark side of the Moon until we get some Jennifer Ringley-quality video cams up there as well.

He seems to have had a thing for Elizabeth Morgan now for a while.[2] He seems to own the phrase tracking banned user for some reason.

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Mountain View Map Guy and Microscopic Souljacker


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Female mentors on which he occasionally ponders as he incessantly masturbates on a cold and wintry mountain, alone