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Anarchopedia is a wiki encyclopedia focused on topics such as the workers' movement and anarchism. It grants moderator privileges to all registered users. It is run by direct democracy. Anarchopedia has wikis in several languages, including English, French, and German.


In the past, anonymity on English and Meta Anarchopedia was temporarily disallowed because of spam. The fact that one had to register to edit had drawn some criticism, but Anarchopedia users would counter with the fact that one can simply login and edit with one of the public user accounts.

Others criticize Anarchopedia for being merely a Wikipedia clone, though Anarchopedia users would argue the project's goals are to make a free anarchist encyclopedia with content that would not necessarily be accepted on Wikipedia. It is not uncommon to find rants, articles that are candidates for deletion on Wikipedia, and other nontraditional encyclopedia articles on Anarchopedia.

And still more, others, especially non-Anarchists criticize Anarchopedia's lack of moderation policy (being their fundamental belief and what distinguishes them from Wikipedia) as leading to Anarchopedia being plagued with vandalism and internet trolls.

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