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SloganTrusted Gemstone Experts Since 1984
Type [[Company_Type:=Private|Private]]
Founded [[Year_Started:=1997|1997]]
Headquarters Template:Country data US [[City:=Mill Valley|Mill Valley]], [[State_Name:=California|

California]], [[Country_Name:=United States|USA]]

Key people[[Key_Person1:=Marc Sarosi|Marc Sarosi]], Owner
Industry[[NAICS_Code1_Title:=Web Retailer|Web Retailer]]
ProductsNatural Gemstones, Gemstone Jewelry
Contact 20 Sunnyside Ave, STE A-272
Mill Valley, CA 94941
888-KNOW GEMS (888-566-9436)
[ website]
Reference NAICS:45411

Region: [[Region1:=Marin County|Marin County]]
Latitude: 37° 54' 21.4286"
Longitude: -122° 32' 47.283" is an Internet wholesale gemstone company offering a variety of fine quality natural gemstones to the public, gemstone dealers and jewelers. was founded by owner Marc Sarosi in 1997 when he realized the power of the Internet to bring fine quality gemstones to everyone.


Marc Sarosi was born and raised in Southern California and is the son of well known jeweler Andrew Sarosi. Marc is a graduate of the University of California with degrees in Geological Science and Geography, with an emphasis in mineralogy and satellite mapping, and has a unique background as an American mining for gemstones in Africa. Marc spent several years building on his college degree by first working as a geologist prospecting for emeralds in Africa and then as a miner mining for aquamarine. In the mid‐1980s Marc acquired the mining rights to the famous Kapilinkesa aquamarine mine which he actively mined for 4 years and which produced some of the world’s finest aquamarine. The videos below show some of the difficulties of gemstone mining in Africa and unique techniques developed used while mining in this environmentally sensitive areas. The Kapilinkesa mine is no longer producing.

Marc has been a recognized professional in the colored gemstone field, specializing in fine quality gems from Africa and the world, since 1984.

Marc introduced a rare parti-color tourmaline from Lundazi, Zambia to the gemstone world as well as having a hand in the identification of recently discovered (1997) Namibian demantoid garnets.

Marc has been an advocate for ethical Internet gemstones sales from the beginning. In 2001, Marc, as part of a group of e-commerce gem dealers, spoke out against misrepresentation of gemstones for sale on line in a article. Philanthropy

Donation of 25 extraordinary gems by to the Smithsonian United States National Gem and Mineral Collection – African Gemstone Collection

Press Release – Smithsonian 2002

Smithsonian GeoGallery – African Gems

Zambian Children’s Fund – In the spirit of giving back to the Zambian people who were to welcoming to Marc during his years there, donates 1% of the total purchase price of each sale


Gems and Gemology – Notes and New Techniques - Fall 1997 - Multicolored Bismuth-Bearing Tourmaline From Lundazi, Zambia

Gems & Gemology - Gem News – Fall 1997 – Namibian Demantoid Garnet

Gems & Gemology – Gem News – Spring 1997 – Namibian Tourmaline

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