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The Need of Home and Business Safes

A basic locking cabinet can secure valuable papers or personal items but it will not protect them from theft or fire damage. Only safes can provide a superior level of protection for documents, jewelry, guns and personal items. Computer data that would be difficult or impossible to duplicate if lost. Home and business security systems require the addition of security safes to eliminate the possibility of data and document loss due to fire and climate disruptions.Please contact Advance Safes to view our complete inventory.Safes at wholesale prices.

The word "safe" has an etymological root in the ancient Hebrew language. The Hebrew word "betah" connotes a sense of well-being and security resulting from having something or someone in whom to place confidence. The word emphasizes the feeling of being safe or secure. The ancient Hebrews saw their security and safety in a Transcendent God. The individual understood that they were devoid of the essential resources of life. Living in a militaristic world and surrounded by powerful empires, to put one's trust in anything but the Divine Sovereign was seen as completely vacuous. Detached from its theocentric root, "safe" and "safety" have come to convey a spatial and emotive result of feeling safe and secure due to governmental, community and individual decisions as mundane as home security systems and safes. These are but emblematic reminders that safety lies beyond our grasp. "Hold Thou me up and I shall be safe." Ps. 119:117