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"15" is the first upcoming debut album from actor and singer Sarey Savy. The album is to be released under The Profit Productions late 2010. Savy slated himself he is currently writing all of the songs "I want to feel the emotion when i write these songs, my feelings not someone else's" the singer says. The album's first single "Let's Be Friends" is to be released in 2011.

Writing and development

The album's cover was first premiered on social-networking site facebook [1]. During an interview with Cambodia Daily Newspaper, the singer stated his album will be released late 2010 or mid 2011 Template:Fact. "I'm writing these songs with deep thoughts/emotions and this is what i feel. The album is called 15 because, this is the age of How i would change myself or my life at 15 to make things better or what crazy things most teens would do at 15 possibly. Most teens start showing off their sexy side or start making their own decisions and that's what 15 is all about" the singer says. Sarey says "These songs would state something that a 15 year old may have been through or go through the songs also, describe growing up". The album will have many producers as credited in the infobox.


Jess Conners and Shane Wittig also, oher producers are contributing to the album and some of the album's tracks may be free to download because, of the beat's original owner. "Jess has an R&B taste and Shane has the hands up type f music that is a perfect match" the singer states. The triple threat says the album is going to be "Sexy, fun and empowering, expressive". Some of the album's influence are Mike Posner, Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez And The Scene, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and more. "I would like an electro sound with an R&B sound also just to spice those feelings up" the singer slates Template:Fact. The album's songs are not written by any other musician just Sarey himself so far. The album's first track When I Was Loved was originally named "When I Loved You" when he first recorded the track with close friend Viki but, the singer has decided to re-record the track without rapping.


"Let's Be Friends" is the first debut single from the album and has an unknown relase date.

Track listing

# Song title Writer(s) Producer(s) Time
1 "Us Two" Sarey Savy Antonina Armato, Tim James 3:11
2 "Let's Be Friends" Sarey Savy Shane Wittig 3:53
3 "Around" Sarey Savy Tony Maestro 3:40
3 "Cry For Me" Sarey Savy 2deep 5:44


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