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{{OMG250}}<h3>Can You Find A Job With a Degree From A Distance Learning Program?</h3>
Odds are, if you are thinking about taking a distance learning degree program, you are
doing it to further your career, or get your certification needed to start down a completely
different career path. Either way, you need to make certain that the degree you earn from
distance learning comes from an accredited, reputable school, or some employer’s may
not be willing to accept it, and may look over your resume, no matter how good your
grades were. Yes, you can find a job with a degree earned from a distance learning
program, but there are some things that can make it much easier for you to do so.
It is hard to definitively answer the question about distance learning degrees, as it does
depend a lot of the distance learning school that you earn your degree from. If you earn a
degree from a distance learning school that isn’t properly accredited, then odds are, you
are wasting your time, your money, and your effort. It is extremely important to do your
homework before choosing a distance learning school, especially for those who are
seeking a degree or certification that can be used for career advancement.
Most employers will accept your degree if it comes from an accredited institution, even a
distance learning program. Be careful, however, as some distance learning schools are
accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council, which doesn’t hold to the
high standards as the six main accreditation agencies do. Do your homework, and don’t
just believe that the distance learning school you have chosen is accredited without
finding out for yourself.
Different employers view distance learning differently. Some believe that you still
learned and were tested on the information, so that they have no reason not to hire you or
accept your degree. Others think that all distance learning programs are a sham, and that
you don’t know anything that you claim to, and may even refuse to hire you, until you
obtain a degree from a local university. Again, it really does vary. You have no way to
really know what potential employers think of distance learning degrees until you apply
and go in for an interview.
When you fill out your resume and applications for various employers, list your degree,
and the organization you obtained it from, but nothing further unless you are specifically
asked. Some employers may not even associate the school name with a distance learning
degree, and if they don’t out right ask, you aren’t really required to tell them.
Just be well prepared before you go on job interviews, and do your best to impress,
without dwelling on where your degree came from. You are really trying to impress your
employer with your current knowledge and attitude, not with the name of your school. In
most instances, your end result will depend solely on you, and how you conduct yourself
during the interview. So, keep that in mind when you go job hunting with your distance
learning degree!
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