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| Label      = [[Sarey Savy|The Profit Productions]]
| Label      = [[Sarey Savy|The Profit Productions]]
| Producer    = [[Sarey Savy|Jess Conners]]
| Producer    = [[Sarey Savy|Jess Conners]]
| Reviews    = Victory Music-TBR             
| Reviews    = [[Victory Music]]-3.5 out of 5 stars 
Youtube-5 out of 5 stars
Youtube-5 out of 5 stars
| Last album  = ''Gone'''<br>(2009)
| Last album  = ''Gone'''<br>(2009)
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''Black & Gold'' is the second single from [[Sarey Savy|Sarey Savy's]] album [[Black & White]].
''Black & Gold'' was the second single from [[Sarey Savy|Sarey Savy's]] album [[Black & White]]. It is orginally by Sam Sparro, the singer removed it from the album due to copyrights.
Black & Gold is currently the second single from the singer's album although, the single is fighting for it's right. Celebrity Sam Sparro made the song for promotion of his album and the Sam version was continued to become promoted to popular movie Fame. Sparro made the single under his copyright and Savy currently made the single as not only a promotion but, for the spot on the album. The singer is currently trying to contact Sparro but, he never gets a message back. The singer assumed Sparro wouldn't care. Most people think Sarey should just create the single as a promotion so he wouldn't have to through each website's payment. As a result, the singer has the song on stalled for the second single.
Here are the differences. Which do you think is better? Most critics think it's a tie because "Sarey has better effects and his voice is more suitable, more soft on the song, Sparro has a tense voice with a voice that means the words he means what he's saying" says a critic from Allmusic. Youtube celebrity Ellie Goulding is also claiming the single so that makes 3. Who's is better? You vote on Youtube. The first is internet celebrity Sarey, Sparro, Goulding.
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==Youtube Attraction==
critics from Youtube say that the single should be copyrighted for Sparro for he is the original writer. Most fans agree that Savy's popularity seems to be rising and falling on Youtube. Ellie Goulding most people agree it's not an original for the singer.
==External Links==
*[http://www.myspace.com/therealsareysavy Official Myspace]
*[http://www.Youtube.com/SareySavy Official Youtube]
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Black & Gold was the second single from Sarey Savy's album Black & White. It is orginally by Sam Sparro, the singer removed it from the album due to copyrights.

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