Beverly Hurlock and the Dairy Queen

Hurlock's complaint received the following consumer message on August 18, 2002:

From: Jerry & Beverly Hurlock []

  • RE: Dairy Queen, Iola, Kansas - asked for replacement of Blizzard and treated very, very terribly by a store manager

Last night, 8/17/02, my husband got me a snickers blizzard with extra, extra snickers in it. When he got it home and I started to eat it, I noticed that it didn't have hardly any snickers in it. I put it in the freezer to return today, 8/18/02, because it was closed by then.

Today I called them and told them what the problem was, and said I would like to have a replacement. They said to come up and they would make me one.

When I got there, they had to call their manager. I waited patiently and quietly for the manager to arrive. When she finally did, about 15 minutes later, she asked me what the problem was. I explained about the blizzard not being what I ordered.

The manager grabbed the blizzard out of my hands, shoved it right in my face and said, Are you a crazy blind fool? This has plenty of candy in it!

What the hell are you doing in here? Get the hell out of here and don't ever darken this doorway again. Then she shoved the blizzard into my hand, opened the door and literally shoved me out the door cussing at me.

I was completely surprised and so humiliated. The place was full of people and they were all looking at me. She made me feel like a criminal, a fool, the lowest dregs of the earth.

This is not right. I want something done about this. I did not do anything except ask for a replacement.

Please get back to me about this incident. I live in Iola, Kansas, which is where the dairy queen is also located.

Thank you

Beverly Hurlock