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Sygurd Wisniowski

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Sygurd Wisniowski (4/6/1841-4/23/1892) was a Polish 'around the world' adventurer, traveler, globetrotter, author & reporter of second half of the 19th century. One of the most famous Polish novelists ever, Henryk Sienkiewicz (1846-1916) praised his work. He met him in 1878, at the Paris Exposition. Sygurd travelled to North America (published book in 1876: 'Ameryka, 100 years old; a globetrotter's view', highly recommended), Oceania, Australia, New Zeland. In Australia & New Zeland he spent 10 years observing first Polish immigrants there but wherever he traveled he observed the Polish people in new lands. Most of his works are on adventures he had around the world. He traveled around the world at least 2 times. He was also gold prospector, member of Custer expeditions to Black Hills, USA. In 1881, when his father died, he returned to Poland, Galicija for the funeral & soon after opened his own business. He stayed in Poland for good. He married an American woman with a child in 1879, but what happened to them after his death nobody knows.

He caught pneumonia & only 2 days later he died. His funeral took place on 5/1/1892, in Lwow (Lviv), Poland.

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